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#abuse mention
cronusamporaofficial · 13 hours ago
I am still consistently almost 300$ behind on my rent in my transphobic and abusive household. I've been trying so hard to catch up but every week is more that I owe and it's hard to keep up at all, especially because my hours at work got cut and I didn't have all that many to begin with.
in addition, I have a variety of dental issues that need urgent attention, and I have no insurance. I'm not sure how much getting my teeth taken care of will cost yet, as it varies from place to place I'm not not sure what procedures I'll need.
if you're able, anything you donate is appreciated more than I can put into words, and I am so grateful for the bit of money that was already sent my way a few months ago.
$notEriX on cashapp
please don't donate if you're a minor or if you're also in dire straits
thank you.
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latinposeidon · 11 hours ago
I talked about this in the tags of my last post but I’m gonna go into it again because I absolutely think Caleb was planning, or at least expecting, for Willie to turn against him.
The HGC is very clearly a cult-like situation, with Caleb as the charismatic, ruthless leader. We’ve seen that he’s extremely good at manipulation and isn’t afraid to punish dissenters. He would know the easiest way to prevent dissent in the first place is by preventing exposure to opposing views, it’s the whole point of the club.
The club is a fun, incredibly exclusive environment with an apparent time dilation effect. By making it so difficult to gain access, it endears people towards Caleb and makes them feel indebted, while the fun environment and time dilation make it extremely easy to lose track of time while there. It’s designed to make people stay there for as long as possible to ensure they give their soul to Caleb.
So why is Willie allowed to leave? Caleb seems to be at least somewhat familiar with them, he would absolutely know how kind and compassionate he is. Willie is clearly intimidated by Caleb and expresses discomfort towards his tactics. Caleb knows Willie isn’t anywhere near as convinced as the other ghosts are. But instead of drawing them back to the club, he lets him skate whenever he wants. He’s allowing Willie to be exposed to opposing ideals and making it more likely for them to betray him.
Normally you’d expect someone like Caleb to love bomb them, and you do see him doing that in episodes 4 and 5, but that’s different. He’s love bombing him to make sure he brings the boys in, not to sway them to his side. Him reserving a table and calling Willie his friend is clearly an uncommon thing to do. Because he wants the boys, not Willie.
Look at Caleb’s face when Luke tells him they know about the stamp. He isn’t angry, he’s just kinda ‘hm’. Someone with such a focus on power would be pissed or at least emote more when he finds out he’s been betrayed, but he didn’t care. He knew Willie was the weakest link in his club and that it was just a matter of time before they turned against him. He separated Willie from the guys at the club to buy himself some time, because he knew he’d warn the guys if he knew what was happening.
Willie going to help the boys wasn’t unexpected for Caleb. Hell, he probably knew Willie would help save them in one way or another. Them breaking free from the stamp isn’t them getting ahead of Caleb, I think they’re playing right into his hands. I think it was a test of their power, at least partially.
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moriphyte · 12 hours ago
something about “i’m so sorry…i could have saved you” “yeah…but you didn’t” hits so fucking hard for me. when i was a kid and bad things were happening to me, things i still dream about, things i can’t forget, things i am scarred from, no one saved me. the people who were supposed to help me either hurt me or simply looked away. and that is something i see so much of in tubbo. i think a lot of people forget that wilbur wasn’t just tommy’s big brother, he was tubbo’s too. and like tommy, tubbo did everything he could for wilbur. he spied for wilbur even though it put him in danger every day from a man that was already abusing him and he died a painful and traumatic death because of it. and wilbur, his brother, the one he was doing all this for, the one he died for, the one that was supposed to protect him, just stood there and let it happen. even after that tubbo held on, he believed tommy when he said that wilbur was still in there somewhere, that he was just hurting. and when wilbur destroyed the home they fought and died for, when he left tubbo to inherit a nation in ruin when he was still only a child, tubbo did everything he could to keep that country and wilbur’s memory alive. and now here wilbur stands, alive and apologizing for not saving him, and what can tubbo say but the truth? yeah, wilbur could have saved him, wilbur should have saved him, wilbur could and should have done a lot of things, but he didn’t, and to tubbo that’s what matters. that despite everything tubbo had done for him, in the end wilbur died and left tubbo standing alone on his grave, the grave of their home, to pick up the pieces of what he left broken.
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unsenttextsuggestion · 7 hours ago
i shouldn’t be jealous. i shouldn’t miss you. i shouldn’t be hoping to run into you in public. i was doing so well moving on. i don’t even love you anymore - i just miss the way you made me feel when you weren’t abusing me.
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1eos · 19 hours ago
That KS video is so funny because it made fujos SO mad. Like they were legit calling it racist because it’s criticising Asian media and misogynistic for criticising what what essentially fujoshi culture.
huhhhhhhh? ppl are so weird nd ik they hadn't even watched the video bc the guy was actually v fair nd talked abt how ks literally wouldn't be as hated as it is if it weren't marketed as gay romance in the same vein of fucking yuri on ice. ppl really throw around racism nd misogyny when the guy talked abt how abusive relationships being romanticized nd seen as sexy is quite literally an ongoing facet of our culture.. every genre every generation there's some 'iconic' toxic couple. commentary yters are so brave bc ppl will see their thumbnail nd go into attack mode nd just be loud nd wrong
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dsmpstuff · 7 hours ago
There is no system of law. There is no 'manipulating the minors', like yes c!tommy was manipulated and traumatised by c!dream, not because of his age, but because dream is a manipulator and tommy was fucking exiled from the country he fought and died for. He endured physical and mental abuse, okay? That shit would happen to anyone without age ever being in question. If things like that did exist, they couldn't have held positions of power, Ranboo and Tubbo couldn't have been married, let alone have an adopted son. There are no consequences for thievery, griefing, robbing, even manslaughter in many cases. (Only coming for characters like Dream and Techno because they have been deemed "villains") So like saying ohhh Wilbur is "manipulating the minors", "Quackity leave the minors alone" has no weight in the rp. They are characters without age related consequences.
Obviously you as a viewer can hc whatever you want. People hc SBI family dynamic to be true, doesn't make it so, but you enjoy media like you want to. However the character analysis posts that are protective of benchtrio characters especially, just because they are minors is cringe. Its a story in Minecraft. Time isn't real there. Chill out with the abuser statements.
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orchidlyhere · an hour ago
Divorced him, he still calls me wife. I just wish him and his abusive mother would stay the fuck out of my life. I don't want to be reminded what they did to me when I was 13 or 18.. I just want to move on and forget the physical pain I had dealt with, but because of him and my ex fiance who lied and cheated on me the entire 7 years together.. my depression has doubled.. I may seem happy but inside I'm hurting and find it hard to trust people.
I'm always going to have these moments where I lock myself out from the world. I will probably delete this later because I don't want it up for too long. I try everyday to get up out of bed and live as a human. A hurt human infact.
I know not many will care but writing this makes me feel a little better knowing I can share my struggles on here and know I am not alone. Today has been a bad day and tomorrow might be still but I am still here.
Thank you if your read this.
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eugeniaslongsword · 9 hours ago
Alastair and Cordelia were equally bad AND good to each other. Stop acting like he was always a fucking angel, or like she's a terrible sister.
They aren't, y'all just want an excuse to hate Cordelia. And to misinterpret Alastair, the character you claim to love so much yet can't even understand.
Alastair ignored, was cold, and didn't emotionally support her for years even though he was protecting her. He wasn't emotionally there for her until the end of CHOG. He became distant and closed off because of the abuse he suffered.
Now Cordelia is dismissive and isn't defending him but is still protective over him... y'all seem to forget she tried to stab a prince of hell to protect him. She's not defending him to her friends because she's a people-pleaser due to the abuse she's suffered.
It's not as black and white as you try to make it seem.
I'll post about this every single time I see a shitty post misunderstanding their relationship! No Cordelia slander will be tolerated in this blog, in any shape or form <3
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quietrainfan · 13 hours ago
I think Patton would disapprove of Orange. Janus is the only one of the Others that he even somewhat tolerates, and he actively dislikes Remus. I think he'd try to paint him as the bad guy, even when Orange is making a very valid and true point. To the point that everyone else gets sick of it.
Logan slightly dislikes/isn't fond of him, but even he can tell Patton is just being ridiculous. He's never been one to ignore someone's point just because he isn't fond of them, and it would seriously irritate him to see Patton being so petty. Out of spite, he starts listening to Orange more and realizes; yeah he's a bit... odd, but he means well. And is a pretty decent companion.
Remus is just watching from the shadows, rolling his eyes at how long it took them to realize Patton is full of shit.
Virgil is just quietly in the sidelines. He knows Orange. He grew up with Orange, for God's sake. He isn't like Remus or Janus. He may still be one of the Others, but he's never been like them. He was always more gentle than the tree of them, kind, caring and soft spoken. He still knows his way with words, he still knows how to tease and joke, still knows how to be serious and solemn. What is Patton playing at?
Roman starts doubting because even he can see Patton is just making things up. Orange is still a "Dark Side", but he makes valid points, and is overall a nice guy. He's kind and helpful, cheery and doesn't have the snarky demeanor of Janus, Remus and Virgil. He's quiet and well spoken as well, never aiming to hurt with his words, and rarely does. He can see Orange is nowhere near what Patton paints him out to be, and starts doubting whether Patton truly has anyone's best interests in heart except his own.
Janus is scoffing.
Orange is just straight vibing. He knows Patton is being ridiculous and he knows everyone else sees it too. He'd enjoy seeing Patton back himself into a corner, and the others start giving him a fair chance. He sees Logan start spending more time with him, sees Virgil get less distant. He sees Remus get less dangerous and more playful with his pranks, sees Roman hesitantly and slowly get less cold. He sees Janus get more happy. Not what he expected, but he'll take it gladly.
Yes, yes, and yes! Also, since Janus is a protective big brother, you know he's ready to raise hell (literally) if he catches Patton trying to take advantage of Orange being soft spoken. Our snake boy, along with Remus, very much has the "protect the cinnamon roll" tag team going on.
Orange use to have really bad tantrums when he was younger, I mean really bad. Added with the fact he's a Dark Side and....yeah. A lot to handle would be an understatement. His abilities would go haywire during his outbursts. Like, we're talking things like hellfire, demonic cords playing, and cackling fireballs with faces bouncing in every direction imaginable. Janus always knew how to calm him down and comfort him when his outbursts turned into quiet sobs, Orange always clung to him because of this. Instead of being angry, Janus tried to understand him and why he reacted so extremely.
Patton uses the fact Orange had such horrific and scary tantrums in the past against him and as reasons why they shouldn't bother letting Thomas be anywhere near him. Orange hated those tantrums he threw and feels guilty that Janus and the others had to deal with it.
"He really should be sealed up somewhere. Wouldn't you agree? I mean we don't know what may set him off. Need I remind everyone of that one Christmas Eve he was let out."
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pokemon-breeder-breeze · 11 hours ago
Hey can I ask for help. I found a abandoned Primarina on the road and it was hurt. I think he was probably from a circus near by. He isn't native to my region (Kanto) but I learned a lot about helping pokemon so I was able to help him out. He is really attached to me and never wants to leave my side. The bad this that he is really afraid of my other pokemon, Arcanine and Venusaur. My other pokemon are really friendly but got the message to leave him alone. Is there anything I can do to help my team out and help Primarina?
When it comes to the interaction with the rest of your team, the issue comes from possibly years of mistreatment and neglect. Most circus’s don’t really treat their pokemon properly and they usually only interact with other pokemon in one of 3 situations: Same act, punishment, and reproduction. As a result, being around other pokemon when not currently on stage has been known to make most circus rescues antsy. This, more than anything, takes patience and re-socializing.
Caring for a Primarina can be different in most areas for each one, but be sure he gets enough exercise via swimming and more than enough throat lubrication. Their voice is very important and they need to keep it in top shape!
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gayarsonist · a year ago
the whole “i’m an evil monster because i have to kill and eat innocent people to survive :’(” angst in ‘regular human gets turned into supernatural monster’ stories is so stupid. like how is that even a problem??? there are also plenty of corrupt billionaires, abusers and cops out there for you to snack on
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passionpeachy · 2 years ago
In Moomin, children who are abused turn invisible. Ninny was abused by her former caretaker so much she lost her voice and faded away, so the Moomins take her in and slowly help her heal and regain her confidence through love and compassion. Tove Jansson wrote “Thank you for making me visible again” in Tuulikki Pietilä’s, her wife, copy of the novel
This story will be getting adapted in Moominvalley 2019 as well
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I love how baby boomers will talk about child-rearing like "I was beaten and repressed as a kid and turned out fine" and then like fifteen minutes later they'll be like "A cashier at a clothing store wouldn't take my expired coupon, this is a PERSONAL AFFRONT and you have to help me get them FIRED."
Like. Are you sure you turned out fine, though? Cuz like. It seems like maybe you didn't.
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its-so-traumatizing · 3 years ago
Something people don't understand about child abuse
One of the things that I really hate is that people don't understand that survivors act differently and respond to their traumas in different ways.
I'm a survivor of csa and so is my friend. Her trauma made her extremely hypersexual while I could literally cry if someone even touched me.
My bf is a survivor of csa, I can talk for hours about my trauma if I felt safe enough while he NEVER brings it up.
A friend of mine is a survivor of emotional abuse and so am I. Her trauma made her angry while mine made me soft and defenseless.
My bf remembers every little detail about his trauma, while I repressed most of my childhood and traumas.
There's no special "criteria" that you should fill in order to be a "valid" survivor, and there's no specific way you should act if you were abused.
People respond to their traumas differently and it's okay, your abuse is STILL valid no matter how you respond to it.
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mainflopgirl · 3 years ago
gamora and nebula both have such tragic backgrounds? i mean, thanos kidnapped these girls from their homeworld, blew up half of their planets and murdered their families... if that’s not enough he  then raised them as his human weapons which included making them fight each other and kill people and he modified (tortured) them to be “better” like...... just look at nebula he dismembered her so much that she literally is more robot than person at this point because of him
these two girls have had such a sad, abusive upbringing and never really knew love for most of their lives because thanos took that away from them. literally nothing about their situation with their “father” is fair  and i am so tired of it being so overlooked whenever anyone on this stupid site talks about thanos. he was a MONSTER to both gamora and nebula and no two people deserve justice more than them
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prokopetz · 2 years ago
There’s something naggingly familiar about the Catra fandom that I can’t quite place. Like, I’m sure there’s a reason acrimonious discourse about whether identifying with a melodramatic schemer sporting mismatched eyes, big hair, and a complicated relationship with her abusive spider-themed mother figure makes you a bad person is ringing a bell, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
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samdyke · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
deans heaven sure is perfect and not missing anything!
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israfelart · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
!!! Read right to left !!!
First // Next
What if... The oldest Todoroki sibling planned and waited and when he saw his father find a ‘successor’ he finally took things to court. The signs of abuse/training were fresh on Shoto and obvious on his own body. If this went public, even if most of the public didn’t believe it, it’d be bad for the number 2 hero’s reputation, bad for the hero industry. The settlement allowed emancipation and allowed the oldest son to take the youngest with him. As long as they didn’t ever mention any of it nor used the family name, Todoroki.
So, another AU. I’m not sure how long it’ll be. But I’ll try to make the main part short.
If you like my work consider commissioning me and/or buying me a Ko-Fi so I can keep drawing and posting regularly! Thank you!!
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its-so-traumatizing · 3 years ago
Do you know how abuse feels like?
A friend asked me to make her a cup of peppermint tea. After making it I realized that I accidentally made chamomile tea instead of the one she asked for.
I stood in the kitchen, panicking, shaking and crying, thinking that she'd throw the cup at my face, calling me a stupid bitch.
I'm 20 years old and I don't live with my abusive parents anymore.
Our bodies may grow, but the abused little child will always live within our hearts.
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