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#abuse mention
strandedcrow · 6 hours ago
and he fucking deserved it. look at the shit he's pulled with scott and hbomb.
so this is literally about mcc? you literally think someone deserves to be abused and doxxed to the extent of their medical records and ssn being included because of literal jokes abt a minecraft tournament? i mean this legitimately, what the fuck is wrong with you?
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behind-closet-doors · 18 hours ago
My closeted experience Is being out to a part of my online friend group and absolutely loving my chosen name!
My closeted experience Is also looking forward to moving away in 2 years so I can go and live life the way I want it away from my abusive mother.
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drabbles-of-writing · 4 hours ago
Adopted AU
Same anon as before, let us see that post of Hunter and King as brothers
Eda pops in with a very traumatized child who may have left Belos at 11, but was still covered in physical and mental scars, and puts him in the same general area as a three year old demon with a napoleon complex. cue Hunter occasionally sneaking up behind King and curiously poking him until the demon gets annoyed and starts trying to grab him and Hunter scurries back to the corner to hiss at him, meanwhile King just wants to know Who The Weird Witch Is. its like trying to introduce cats but you forgot they gotta smell each other through the door first.
more under the cut
Hunter was very much Not on board with King calling him a minion or a subject, because you know, Belos trauma with him feeling like a lesser pawn in his plan, and after yelling at the itty bitty boy a few times and King feeling kind of bad when Eda scolded Hunter for doing so since King is Young and Hunter has no other idea how to express his emotions since he had no real healthy outlets at that point, King settled on calling him "the vagrant witch who remains in my kingdom but at a Price" and that price is the two of them teaming up to steal cookies, stuffed animals for King's kingdom, and hiding in small impossible spots around the Owl House which ends up in Eda whacking them with a broom to get 'em out. Hunter may have used King as a stuffed animal to sleep with in random spots around the house before he realized he had an actual bed now and King may have been forced to put up with it. kids went from mortal enemies to best partners in crime in the span of like 6 months. Hunter I imagine also would've felt he and King could bond over the fact they both have scars, Hunter's being literal and King's being his broken horn. he assumed King never brought it up because it was hard for him like how Belos was a tough topic for Belos but by the time he was like 13 he realized King just. didn't know
King also grew up with Hunter having night terrors and some ptsd. kids messed up as all hell and has had moments where he wakes up freaked out or starts suddenly shaking and falling to the floor seemingly out of the blue. took him a few years until he stopped getting terrified if someones voice raised even a little at him but even at 16 he still gets visibly nervous and his hands can shake sometimes. King didn't understand what was happening when those happened or why Eda looked so scared for him. first few times were a nightmare, and Hunter would curl up in the furthest corner where nobody could reach him and shrink away from everyone. King could almost always get to the same places as Hunter, so eventually he just started. crawling up to Hunter. wouldn't touch him, but he'd sit there quietly until Hunter calmed down or decided he Did actually want to hug the fluffy demon. King never really completely understood it because he only ever asked when he was like 4-5 and Eda has no idea how to explain to him that Hunter went through a lot of shit. so she best explained it as that certain things scare Hunter more than others because he had a bad experience with them, and thus he needed some help with it. worked enough for King. its also due to this and Hunter's aversion to any topics on Belos that King doesn't know Eda or Hunter's backstory. He grew up believing that most witches were like Hunter (not all, but a good few) and would go out of his way to not do certain things in public or to other witches he knew that upset Hunter. he thought that Hunter's scars were normal and that they were the coolest thing, because they meant he'd been in a lot of battles and he had to be really powerful to get that many scars. and he told Hunter as such, and it helped, just a bit.
Hunter and Luz have a 'god you annoy the hell out of me but unfortunately we also bond over similar things and I love you' sibling bond whereas Hunter and King is a 'we don't understand a thing about each other but we work well in crime and doing our best. also mildly bullying each others failures' sibling bond. King was more than a little shocked to learn that Emperor Belos was Hunter's uncle, and was 100% ready to dethrone him on the spot when he realized Belos was the cause of his trauma. he absolutely claimed that Hunter clearly must've beat Belos hard to come out alive after getting all those scars and Hunter wasn't going to dispute him. Hunter also didn't much get why King was so insistent on finding his father, what with Hunter having a pretty iffy bio family, but it was important to King, so he added research on demons like King to his never ending list of things to study for hours on in the dead of night. don't even get me STARTED on when King legally changed his last name to Clawthorne.
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theurbanspaceboi · 11 hours ago
So that TikTok person has a few things incorrect FYI. Like the Tommy Lee stuff? Do some more research please. And, yes, what he did was wrong but it's not like he beat on Pam all the time and I don't know why people act like it. It was that one unfortunate incident that he did serve jail time for. Plus, Pam got back together with him twice after divorcing him the first time. So how "abusive" could he really have been? I don't really see what that has to do with Sebastian playing him either.
hey, friend.
i want to tell you that i'm happy for you. genuinely. i am genuinely happy that your life has so far been safe and free of abuse. i'm happy that you have been able to enjoy the privilege of being so far removed from abuse that you've never witnessed, been involved in, or been aware of an abuse situation. you, like everyone, deserve to live in a safe, comfortable environment free of abuse, and i'm glad that you do.
unfortunately, your lack of experience as well as a failure to think critically has left you frighteningly uninformed and naive. your ask is thoughtless, uninformed, and frankly, extremely immature.
i'm going to break this down a bit.
right off the bat, you asked me to do more research on the topics discussed in the tiktok i shared. a careful reader of my original post would have noticed that i mentioned researching the claims, and i even dismissed some of them on the grounds that i couldn't confirm them through my research. i assure you that i take accusations of bigotry and the like very, very seriously, and i did my homework. however, per your request, i did further research on the subject of tommy lee. 
this article is a quick read and gives an overview of tommy lee and pamela anderson's relationship. while they seem to have had happy times, and as anderson said they shared "true love," it is also clear that lee was an abuser. his toxicity and alcoholism, which may have fueled the abuse, eventually brought their marriage to an end. according to anderson, lee is "narcissistic." 
you also said that "what he did was wrong but it's not like he beat on pam all the time." i want to be clear: the acceptable amount of beating within any relationship is none. zero. there is never, ever a scenario in which violence against a partner is acceptable. even "one unfortunate incident," as you put it, is abusive, disgusting, and unacceptable. further, the judge who sentenced lee to six months in jail for spousal abuse, said that he saw a disturbing "pattern of conduct in which otherwise resolvable matters are handled with violence."
"plus, pam got back with him twice... so how "abusive" could he really have been?" is a terrifying, massively uniformed, and tasteless statement. a victim returning to their abuser is not, by an means, an indication that the abuse wasn't real or wasn't serious. this article from psychology today talks about why victims of domestic violence often return to their abusers. 
what does all this have to do with sebastian stan? good question. as i talked about in depth in this post, i have no issue with anyone portraying abusers. my primary problem with "tommy & pam" is the romanticization of a toxic, abusive relationship. additionally, i feel that it is in poor taste to make a show about a sex tape scandal that occurred not even twenty-five years ago, involving still living people, without their consent. anderson definitely did not give the project her blessing, and as far as i'm aware neither did lee.
this ask was a response to this post, in which i discussed sebastian stan and his documented bad behavior. 
if you or anyone you know is in an unsafe situation, don't hesitate to reach out for help. abuse is never okay and you deserve better. here are some domestic violence resources. 
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First chapter of the immortal prime boys au is out! or, under the cut (tw: abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, references to past character death)
There is no such thing as a fate worse than death.
That’s what Dream says, at least, and Tommy’s learnt it’s so much easier to just go along with what Dream says. He’d grown tired of fighting even before his hair had faded fully white. He wasn’t even sure why he ever bothered. Dream was his friend- his older brother in all but blood, really- and he’d always been. He’d reassured him of that over and over again when he couldn’t help but think through the Wrong Memories. Maybe back then he believed them.
Tommy hated the Wrong Memories. No matter how many times Dream told him the truth, they still remained stubbornly stuck in his head, even more vivid than what was real. He knew it wasn’t his fault, he was too trusting, too naïve, but he still despised it. He hated being weak like that, even though he knew in truth he was a silly child who foolishly insisted he was more.
Still, he couldn’t help but blame himself for screwing up so much. He couldn’t help but blame himself for falling for Wilbur’s lies about Dream being corrupt, somehow believing Tubbo cared. They just wanted to use him, Dream had made that clear. That’s all anyone wanted from him but Dream.
He understood that. He wouldn’t go as far to say he was fucking grateful or anything- Prime no, Dream could be as annoying as shit and was always as overprotective as fuck- but he understood. Big brothers were meant to be like that, right? He certainly knew little brothers were meant to be a fucking pain, and he certainly hoped he counted as that.
(Not because he’d ever want to hurt Dream, of course, he learnt his lesson on that front so long ago. But that was the role Dream had him play, and it was far easier to let the strings be pulled than try and dance your own tune away from the puppet master’s grasp.)
If there was one thing for Tommy to be proud of, it’s that he could play his role excellently. Sometimes, even he couldn’t tell when what he was saying was him playing along because not doing so only led to pain or things he genuinely, earnestly believed. It didn’t matter anyway. It didn’t make a difference to Dream, and he was the only person who cared.
So, Tommy sat as motionless as a doll, fake (fake?) smile plastered on his face as Dream delicately braided Tommy’s hair. It was part of the delicate, unchanging routine that’d end up shattered and forgotten sooner or later like the last however many routines the two of them had, rearranged into something similar but wrong. Nothing was a constant, not their routine, not their home, not even the colour of the sky. Nothing, of course, but Dream.
Tommy’s hair was styled in the way it always was, however Dream decided it would look for the next however long. Tommy didn’t have a real say in it anymore. He hadn’t, even back when the memories were Wrong. He pulled it out in chunks, hating the white slowly clouding out pale blond, hating how long it was getting. It touched the floor by the time he and Dream became immortal, so that’s how it would be forever. It was annoying as fuck, but that’s just how things were and always would be.
The main braid at the back was what took the most time, but the smaller braids pulling at his hair, keeping his curly fringe barely any shorter than the rest of his hair from constantly being in his eyes, weren’t exactly quick either. It was nice, though, the touch, no matter how much the pull of the braids stung. He could tell Dream, and Dream would probably listen, but the pain was grounding, made him feel almost mortal again, and Dream still got anxious when Tommy hurt himself- which was fucking ridiculous, he literally couldn’t kill himself anymore even if he wanted to, but Tommy supposed it was natural for big brothers to be overprotective.
Tommy was resigned to his immortality, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t fucking hate it. The glimmering gold crackling over his body like a web, replacing the familiar pale peach and raw red of his scars, the heavy unhealing bruising around his neck the same gaudy shade, made him feel more like a doll than a person. Even his freckles had turned the same metallic shade. His eyes, too, but he didn’t mind that. It was better than the ghostly pure white glow they had after the first dozen or so resurrections.
Back then, whenever he looked in the mirror, they reminded him of the Wrong Memories. About Eret, the only one to realise the lies of L’Manburg, and Ghostbur, the mangled version of Wilbur he made up in his head unable to comprehend he hurt him and ruined his mind. Thinking about them in that way made Tommy want to bite his tongue until he bled, even though he knew it was true because Dream said it was true.
(He missed when his blood was red. Now, it was the same shimmering gold that everything but his hair was.)
(Was his blood even ever red? He couldn’t quite remember the shade.)
Tommy had been good recently, so Dream had allowed him to listen to one of the battered and broken music discs he treasured so much. He didn’t know why he did, but it made Dream laugh, and that was good. He thought they might have been something important from back when he was in the server. A gift from Dream, maybe? No, Dream didn’t talk about it, so they must have been from bad times, when he was brainwashed by Wilbur and Tubbo and the other L’Manburgians. His only source of comfort in those dark times, he supposed.
He should be glad they’re dead. Dream made sure of that, made sure they suffered for what they did to his Tommy. He didn’t, though. He just felt numb, and a bit sick.
The music disc was the one with a striped purple sheen, delicately and painstakingly repainted many times before whoever had been doing it gave up. It was once a melancholy tune, but now it skipped and stopped and started so much it was barely recognisable. That didn’t matter, though. Tommy had the song memorised, and that was a memory he knew was real and felt was real, and that was so few and far between he knew he’d treasure it forever. He’d have to.
At least he’d have Dream. That was terrifying at first. He wanted nothing but to be free. That just seemed ridiculous now, though. What would he be without Dream?
(“Yourself,” some traitorous voice from a false memory whispers. The “nothing,” he’s been trained to respond with all but drowns it out.)
“Tommy?” Dream’s voice snapped Tommy out of his thoughts.
“What’s up, big man?” Tommy said. Fuck, his voice was all dumb and raspy again. He had some water like, what, at least like five sleeps ago? His throat shouldn’t be dry yet, should it?
“We’re moving again. Don’t worry, it’s going to be fun!” Tommy rolled his eyes. Dream’s definition of fun involved other people too much for Tommy to do much more than tolerate it. He almost hoped this form of fun was the violent type. It made him feel sick and awful, and he’s pretty sure it’d make him cry if he hadn’t forgotten how to do it except on command anymore, but it wasn’t the all-consuming terror that having to be around people other than Dream gave.
After all, Dream was the only person that cared. He was the only person who was ever kind to Tommy for reasons other than just manipulation. Dream had told him horror stories of how people could be, and the ugly gold-tinted brand roughly scratched just above his hipbones he’d seen while taking Dream’s measurements to sew for him made Tommy wonder if any of them were personal.
Dream hurt him, sure, but it was either just play or punishment. If it was play, then Dream would stop if Tommy asked, and it wouldn’t be that bad, he didn’t even use the axe, and Dream would spoil the shit out of him after. And if it was for punishment, Tommy deserved it anyway, and he needed discipline. He was a brat, and Dream was just being a good big brother.
Still, he swallowed his fear. Dream wanted him to be excited, so he forced as much enthusiasm as possible into his voice. “Fun?”
Dream laughed. “Oh, absolutely. The most fun the two of us might have in a long while! See, I’ve heard rumours about the Goddess of Death. There’s a village in the wilderness that worship her, and they say she protects it.”
“And that means we can investigate,” Dream said, in a tone like he was talking to a fucking little kid. Tommy hated it when he did that. He was sixteen, not six. Honestly, he was pretty sure Dream just did it to fuck with him. “She could be the only thing that could pose a risk to us anymore, and you know there’s no such thing as a fate worse than death.”
Tommy nodded. Honestly, he was pretty sure this wouldn’t go anywhere. He’d continue his existence like always, hiding behind Dream’s cape like a fucking pussy and hating what he’d become. He was resigned to that being the constant state of his existence, now.
This, it turns out, wouldn’t be the case.
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gayarsonist · a year ago
the whole “i’m an evil monster because i have to kill and eat innocent people to survive :’(” angst in ‘regular human gets turned into supernatural monster’ stories is so stupid. like how is that even a problem??? there are also plenty of corrupt billionaires, abusers and cops out there for you to snack on
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passionpeachy · 2 years ago
In Moomin, children who are abused turn invisible. Ninny was abused by her former caretaker so much she lost her voice and faded away, so the Moomins take her in and slowly help her heal and regain her confidence through love and compassion. Tove Jansson wrote “Thank you for making me visible again” in Tuulikki Pietilä’s, her wife, copy of the novel
This story will be getting adapted in Moominvalley 2019 as well
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I love how baby boomers will talk about child-rearing like "I was beaten and repressed as a kid and turned out fine" and then like fifteen minutes later they'll be like "A cashier at a clothing store wouldn't take my expired coupon, this is a PERSONAL AFFRONT and you have to help me get them FIRED."
Like. Are you sure you turned out fine, though? Cuz like. It seems like maybe you didn't.
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its-so-traumatizing · 3 years ago
Something people don't understand about child abuse
One of the things that I really hate is that people don't understand that survivors act differently and respond to their traumas in different ways.
I'm a survivor of csa and so is my friend. Her trauma made her extremely hypersexual while I could literally cry if someone even touched me.
My bf is a survivor of csa, I can talk for hours about my trauma if I felt safe enough while he NEVER brings it up.
A friend of mine is a survivor of emotional abuse and so am I. Her trauma made her angry while mine made me soft and defenseless.
My bf remembers every little detail about his trauma, while I repressed most of my childhood and traumas.
There's no special "criteria" that you should fill in order to be a "valid" survivor, and there's no specific way you should act if you were abused.
People respond to their traumas differently and it's okay, your abuse is STILL valid no matter how you respond to it.
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mainflopgirl · 3 years ago
gamora and nebula both have such tragic backgrounds? i mean, thanos kidnapped these girls from their homeworld, blew up half of their planets and murdered their families... if that’s not enough he  then raised them as his human weapons which included making them fight each other and kill people and he modified (tortured) them to be “better” like...... just look at nebula he dismembered her so much that she literally is more robot than person at this point because of him
these two girls have had such a sad, abusive upbringing and never really knew love for most of their lives because thanos took that away from them. literally nothing about their situation with their “father” is fair  and i am so tired of it being so overlooked whenever anyone on this stupid site talks about thanos. he was a MONSTER to both gamora and nebula and no two people deserve justice more than them
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prokopetz · 2 years ago
There’s something naggingly familiar about the Catra fandom that I can’t quite place. Like, I’m sure there’s a reason acrimonious discourse about whether identifying with a melodramatic schemer sporting mismatched eyes, big hair, and a complicated relationship with her abusive spider-themed mother figure makes you a bad person is ringing a bell, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
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samdyke · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
deans heaven sure is perfect and not missing anything!
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israfelart · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
!!! Read right to left !!!
First // Next
What if... The oldest Todoroki sibling planned and waited and when he saw his father find a ‘successor’ he finally took things to court. The signs of abuse/training were fresh on Shoto and obvious on his own body. If this went public, even if most of the public didn’t believe it, it’d be bad for the number 2 hero’s reputation, bad for the hero industry. The settlement allowed emancipation and allowed the oldest son to take the youngest with him. As long as they didn’t ever mention any of it nor used the family name, Todoroki.
So, another AU. I’m not sure how long it’ll be. But I’ll try to make the main part short.
If you like my work consider commissioning me and/or buying me a Ko-Fi so I can keep drawing and posting regularly! Thank you!!
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its-so-traumatizing · 3 years ago
Do you know how abuse feels like?
A friend asked me to make her a cup of peppermint tea. After making it I realized that I accidentally made chamomile tea instead of the one she asked for.
I stood in the kitchen, panicking, shaking and crying, thinking that she'd throw the cup at my face, calling me a stupid bitch.
I'm 20 years old and I don't live with my abusive parents anymore.
Our bodies may grow, but the abused little child will always live within our hearts.
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gayarsonist · 4 months ago
"the message of carrie is NOT to kill your abusers with fire but to consider how you treat other people" those 2 things are not mutually exclusive
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samdyke · 7 months ago
i just rewatched 1.14 nightmare, the episode where sam is parallelled with max - the first of the other gifted children we see, who was brutally abused by his father and uncle his entire life. by the end of the episode, sam is saying that even though he and max were clearly linked, sam is the lucky one, because he and dean had john and not max’s dad. “well, it could have gone a whole nother way after mom. a little more tequila, a little less demon hunting, then we would’ve had max’s childhood.”
dean doesn’t say, “dad? he never wouldve hurt us”. he doesnt say “dad was nothing like max’s dad”. he doesnt try to distance john from the comparison or try to tell sam off for implying that maybe a john that was just a little more drunk wouldve been hitting his sons. he doesn’t say anything, actually, just does this
Tumblr media
and them sam continues on to say, “all things considered, we turned out okay...thanks to him.” dean STILL says nothing here, face pretty blank. he looks back at max’s house over his shoulder, and then back at sam, to say “all thongs considered,” before he gets into the car and the WHOLE time his face is just....sort of stony. and theres a tiny pause where hes clearly thinking about something in the middle shot here before he looks back at sam:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and im just. it seems uncharacteristic to me that dean has nothing to say about sam saying their dad wouldve hit them if he was just a little farther gone, OR about sam finally saying that john was a decent dad to them (which. he wasnt, but thats beside the point). theres no anger response or attempts to separate john from max’s dad despite the fact that sam is saying, he was one shot away from it, one level of breakdown away from it, we wouldve been bruises and broken bones like max. and there isnt any i told you so, no “exactly, sammy, i told you, dad was always good to us” moment of victory or satsifaction from dean. just a blank silence, a sniff, a shrug, and the conversation is done.
there are moments in the series where the way dean trails off about john can be read as implying violence, and moments about john being prone to alcohol as a coping tool, and i just.....the way dean says “all things considered” is just a bland agreement with sam. he doesnt even say, “yeah, we were lucky we had dad, huh” or anything like it. he just looks at that house and theres a MOMENT where he pauses before he looks back at his little brother and says yeah, we sure did turn out alright, this conversation is over. and i cant help but overanlyze the intentional steady emotionlessness of dean’s face, his silence about the comparison, the way he looks over his shoulder at the house where max’s abuse happened just after sam says “thanks to him”......we know that sam and dean werent treated the same way by john, and werent subject to the same exact sorts of abuse and i cant help but think of that in this scene
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rimurutempest · 2 months ago
well, this is concerning. re: carrd’s privacy policy -
Tumblr media
[transcript: “5. Children (line indentation) The Services are not intended for use by children under 18 years of age. If we learn that we have collected Personal Information through the Services from a child under 18 without the consent of the child's parent or guardian as required by law, we will delete it. (line indentation) In addition, parents or guardians can contact us to: (line indentation) (bullet point) Request copies of the Personal Information we collected about their child; (line indentation) (bullet point) Direct us to delete the Personal Information we collected about their child; and (line indentation) (bullet point) Direct us to stop collecting or using Personal Information regarding their child.“]
idk if this was already here, i’ll be honest. i didnt really look through this stuff before being prompted to accept recent changes just now.
but i don’t like the position this puts a lot of queer, lgbtq+, disabled, etc kids in. & i’ve seen a LOT of minors putting their bios on carrd in the past year or two.
please, please, please be careful if you’re under 18 & use carrd. if there’s any information you’ve posted there that you do not want your parent/s or guardian/s to know, PLEASE take it down while you still have control over it.
honestly, if you’re in an unsafe situation at home, please don’t use emails your guardians/partners/roommates know about to sign up for services (this could apply to other living situations, but those 3 come to mind first)
Tumblr media
[transcript: “(B) In order to publish your Site, you will have to become a registered user. You need to be 18 years or older to register. Registration data and certain other information about you are governed by our Privacy Policy. If you are under 13 years of age, you are not authorized to use our products and services, with or without registering. In addition, if you are under 18 years old, you are permitted to use our Products or are permitted to publish a Site, with or without registering, unless only with approval of your parent or guardian.“]
this bit in the Terms of Service (sect 2. “How the Website Works”) is so confusing & the last bit seems to be.......gibberish? it contradicts itself really sloppily, & in conjunction with the section from the privacy policy above, it does not instill great confidence...
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portraitoftheoddity · 3 years ago
is it ok to like darkfic if you've never been abused?
First off, darkfic as an umbrella term encompasses a lot of subjects and ‘dark’ topics, abuse being only one of many. It may be therapeutic for people who’ve endured abuse, but it can also be helpful for people who’ve struggled with other forms of trauma, or with mental illness, or other negative things. Depictions of intense, dark experiences can serve as a catharsis by being a direct analog for one’s own experiences, but they can also function more indirectly as a parallel, or a metaphor. Someone who has not been assaulted, but who has struggled with mental illness, may find a story about an assault victim resonating with them as they can identify with the fear and lack of control. And someone who has never been through a specific traumatic experience, but has a lot of fear of it and cultural anxiety around it, may feel bolstered by stories of characters surviving and recovering from that experience.
So for many people, with many different experiences, there can be a direct, therapeutic/comforting benefit to darkfic. 
But darkfic doesn’t need to be therapeutic.
There are, of course, other kinds of benefits. Someone who has never been abused might read a story featuring abuse (and clearly tagged for it) and because of it, identify potential warning signs in a real life relationship down the road and know to get out early before things get worse. Or, they might develop a better understanding of what abuse victims go through and as a result, have more empathy for real-life survivors they encounter. 
But it’s also 100% ok to like darkfic purely for entertainment value! It is, after all, fiction. 
Dark stories challenge us – and we can really enjoy that challenge. They take us to extremes of emotion and the human experience. They plumb the depths of the human id. Even someone with the most charmed life still lives in a world where bad things happen, and even the sweetest, naive person has the capacity for darkness in them. Darkfic lets all of us explore those in relative safety. It makes us feel, and can thrill and horrify us as much as any thriller or horror movie. It can make us consider our own darkness, and be more aware of it. And it can take us to a place so much worse than our reality, that when we resurface into our mundane lives, there’s a sense of relief; we’ve escaped from our escapism, and our hum-drum lives seem so much better and more manageable by comparison. 
Plenty of people create dark content who aren’t abuse survivors. There are books with very dark themes that are written by, edited by, published by, and consumed and made popular by people who have not been abused, but which may prove a lifeline for a survivor – one that might not have existed if the entire genre was limited to only people with lived experience. And by accepting that anyone can produce or consume dark content, we allow survivors the protection of anonymity, by not forcing anyone to disclose and reveal their trauma in order to justify liking a work without being harassed and shamed for it. Creating an exclusive club of heavily-scrutinized creators and readers who have to be ‘this traumatized to ride’ helps no one. Hell, trying to pass moral judgement on anyone by scrutinizing the potential reasons they may have for enjoying certain kinds of fictional reading material, rather than looking at their actions toward real breathing human beings, is utterly inane. Especially when fiction – including, and sometimes especially dark fiction – can be used to expand our horizons beyond our own lived experiences and make us more thoughtful, empathetic people on the whole. 
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