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4. Who loves sweets most?

Logan. Definitely Logan. They’ve had to wrestle the jam away more than once.

7. Who regresses the oldest?

Patton and Janus. Patton is usually older more often, but Janus regresses to a 14 year old sometimes, which is older than Patton, who’s only got to 13.

19. Is Remus still gonna eat deodorant?

No one can stop him, so yes.

22. How long do they usually regress?

It depends on why. Just a random regression? 2 hours at most. Parents shouting again and they’re in bad bad pain? Probably a whole day.

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Why I like TFTM Galvatron (a small essay)

So I really like Galvatron, but he’s a character that tends to get the short end of stick a lot. Both in the main show and being overlooked by fans. He’s often remembered as just being violent, crazy and mad. But I think there’s a lot more to dig into with him, especially his appearance in Transformers: The Movie. So I’m gonna discuss that here. TFTM Galvatron, from beginning to end.

SO! Megatron is betrayed by Starscream, pretty much dies, then makes a deal with Unicron to be reborn in a more powerful body and also to get revenge on the seeker that just murdered him (which is the first action he takes upon being revived).

(Controversial opinion as a Starscream fan, but I actually quite like Galvatron murdering Starscream. It establishes that, unlike Megatron who clearly should have killed Starscream but never did, Galvatron won’t tolerate that sort of thing and will be more ruthless and efficient. He won’t tolerate traitors at all. It’s a great mission statement for how different he’ll be from Megatron. What a shame season 3 didn’t actually do any of that at all.)

Anyway! Megs/Galvs has done it! He’s finally gotten rid of that thorn that’s been in his side the whole time. But then the moment he starts stepping out of line Unicron starts violently punishing him for it. Suddenly Megatron has found himself in the exact same place he has put Starscream all these years. He’s helpless as the cycle of abuse continues but onto him this time.

So he does precisely what Starscream did and starts looking for a way to kill his master. He gets the Matrix and tries to use it against Unicron, only to be unable to open it. And Unicron decides to punish this action by deciding to destroy Cybertron (Also just… how much would that mess you up if you felt your home being destroyed was entirely your fault for ‘stepping out of line’).

So what does Galvs do next? This clearly isn’t going to work, and he’s got to do something to stop Unicron. So he offers an alliance with his oldest foes, the Autobots.

I think people tend to overlook this scene (possibly cos it is over quite quickly), but a lot of happens in a small amount of time. He offers an alliance with Hot Rod: “Like it or not, we are allies now against a common foe”. It’s at that point Unicron decides to take over Galvatron’s mind completely and forces Galvatron to fight against Hot Rod. But that point in the film I basically headcanon it’s mostly Unicron controlling Galvs mind and stoking his anger (like when he has his “it’s a pity you Autobots all die so easily” speech).

Then after that Hot Rod becomes Rodimus, he punches Galvatron and chucks him out of Unicron and into a plasma pit where he’ll be left with horrible injuries that’ll scar him for the rest of his life. Never mind he was that close to offering an alliance with the Autobots and maybe also having an ending where Rodimus fully offers peace to the Decepticons could have been a really nice way to end the film and even the war (seeing as Rodimus declares at the end “Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian Wars as we move forward to a new age of peace and happiness!” only for them to carry on fighting in season 3 when you could have established peace properly and had the Quintessons be the main villains of season 3). Sorry Galvs, no redemption for you, into the lava pit we say.

I just find it disappointing Galvs arc didn’t go differently and a shame that more of this stuff couldn’t get explored in other media with him, instead he is just remembered for the violent and crazy side of things when he could have been so much more.

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I think my aim with ozai here is to show how a character who arguably has a somewhat sympathetic backstory (abusive father, cold mother, less favoured than his sibling due to not being a total prodigy, has 0 support with this) can just be an incredibly heinous and unsympathetic person who hurts others frequently, who probably won’t change, and whose change of heart we shouldn’t wait for while they hurt others. and we can recognise both of those things as true.

not all abusers are survivors of course – and I feel comfortable doing this since there are clear examples (zuko, most obviously) of survivors in canon who do not become their abusers, but the cycle of abuse is a thing and it’s implied to be present in the fire nation royal family.

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(HeHO..NH is @alex-fa-ch ‘s..)

It took Montana about a day and a half to arrive at New Hampshire’s, as he knocked on the door. New Hampshire promptly opened the door, and Montana sat down on the couch. It didn’t take long for him to notice the strong smell of cigarettes in the room, and he had some suspicions about who would’ve made that smoke.

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When I was younger, I *had* to be “Kind”. Generous with my time, Forgiving of others’ infringements upon me. I had to bend over backwards at every conflict. I had to twist myself into knots to see things from the perspective of my abusers, to empathize with them, in order to protect myself from them. Even now, finding myself faced with someone who has power to harm me and demands “Respect” from me is deeply, deeply upsetting (But I’ll perform, because it’s that or be hurt).

But also, there is nothing in the world that makes me feel *more* in control of myself than to use these same defense mechanisms when I’m *not* being threatened. When I use the skills I developed to avoid harm to Better Understand someone *else* who is scared and hurting? When I can make them feel safe and welcome and like they’ve been Seen?
It feels like I’ve taken back those parts of myself I sacrificed.

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I still think it’s dumb that the Soul Eater anime censored the bunnies Crona is forced to kill to dragons because 

1. implying killing baby dragons is less upsetting than killing bunnies 

2. bunnies are intentionally supposed to resemble Maka, someone “weak” they’re also being forced to kill and they even nickname her “usagi-chan” in the manga 


3. literally saw a skinned man put his skin back on in this show??? why does no one ever talk about how scary that was

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I’m in such an odd place. I woke up this morning at 4:45am and just sat outdoors and cried for a while. I think I’m just overwhelmed because I found out a lot about my mother’s trauma history, which really helped me understand things, though it doesn’t justify her abusing me. It gave me a lot of hope and determination to break the cycle, but it’s also a lot.

And I’ve come to a lot of realizations about myself, in regards to addictive tendencies.

I dunno. I’m just… It’s weird. I’m struggling, but I’m not. I’m ok, but I’m not. Parts are definitely part of this of course, and I want to help them feel heard and honored.

There’s not much point to this post. I think I’m gonna email my therapist and list out a few things I wanna focus on next session.

Anyways thank you for reading. Take care everyone.

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dabi not caring if natsuo dies is not out of character in the slightest, especially for a victim of parental abuse and neglect. People in situations like his who get out of that abusive situation are very likely to feel ill will towards even those who did nothing wrong.

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When I was growing up my dad would complain/scream/jeer at me about something I did wrong , which could literally be anything bc it was all based on his mood which he took out on me, and when I was younger (like 9-12) I would try to apologize even though I really had no idea what he was mad about and he would almost always respond to my apology with something like “yeah, you are sorry” and that’s literally exactly what a customer did to me over the phone prior to last week — in our training we are scored if we don’t apologize we lose points so this lady complained, I said my apology, and she immediately was like “yeah you’re sorry you’re always sorry” and I think it awoke a part of my brain like a sleeper agent. I don’t know if I ever really processed my trauma from my dad, I know I haven’t about my ex, and I’m just lost like where do I start lmao. I should probably at least look into some literature I can download and read or something, just some kind of guide to help me not lose my mind again.

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tbh i was worried it would be the opposite (that sacha would turn abusive) but its not like i like this way much better :/// i like jac supporting sacha tho so at least that’s smth to look forward (???) to

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I’m confused how swtor thought they could make a “villain” character who struggles with extreme mental illness as a result of her father’s abuse, and expect people not to relate to her and want her to get a chance to heal. (And kick her father’s ass)

I’m also confused how they didn’t think that making said character be “irredeemable” and just have to die as a result of said childhood abuse might be hurtful to some people.

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There is this understanding in families of “that’s just how they are, you have to forgive them” or “we don’t talk about that” in order to keep the peace. But fuck that. Nothing about this is normal, this is Abuse and it hurts to see my brother going through the same stages of shit I went through with our mother. This is the same woman who tried to perform an exorcism on me when I was thirteen. This isn’t a one-off incident, this is a pattern of abusive behavior. Stop making excuses for her.

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