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snailsnfriends · a day ago
c!tommy being able to have materials for himself is incredibly important, actually. he's had almost everything he loved taken from him. he's lost his items, his discs, his house on multiple occasions. being able to label something as your own gives you some sort of autonomy and control over your life. tommy being able to have any sort of autonomy is good when so much of that was stripped from him during exile and again now. tommy didn't believe that his life was his own for a while. "it's not your time to die yet, tommy. / it's never my time to die." comes to mind. I'm more than okay with him being attached to objects if it means he can have something that's really his own when he barely has autonomy over his own life.
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filmnoirsbian · a day ago
Tumblr media
Joan Tierney
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daggryet · a day ago
In honor of the exile anniversary, here’s c!Dream breaking the netherportal in Logstedshire in attempt to cut c!Tommy off from everyone and make sure he doesn’t leave.
And more importantly: c!Tommy escaping his clutches both times.
DREAM: Tommy, it’s time for you to start over.
TOMMY: Why- but, Dream!
DREAM: Tommy, I thought- I thought that we were friends. I thought that-
TOMMY: No, we are, we are! You’re my best friend! You’re my best friend!
DREAM: No, no, you were lying to me! You were lying to me!
TOMMY: He was just here so he could watch me.
TOMMY: He almost had me... for a little second there.
TOMMY: Why’s it gone? Why’s it go-?
DREAM: Hey Tommy. You looking for something? You came- you came to get your stuff?
TOMMY: I came to get the axe
DREA; Hey! Welcome back to exile! Welcome back! Welcome! You’re back at home!
TOMMY: OH! Phil’s- Phil’s house! PHIL! PHIL! He’s gonna kill me!
TOMMY: I can’t go through this again!
PHIL: Tommy?
PHIL: Tommy!
TOMMY: It’s Dream! He’s out! He’s out! And he’s trying to-
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Short Prompt #223
Warning: abuse, violence, dehumanization.
Whumpee fell to the floor, a fresh bruise coloring their face as Whumper snarled down at them. "Worthless mutt."
The whumpee just barely saw the cane appear out of the corner of their eye before-
"Say, Whumper," another voice interrupted, Master's friend who had come to visit today, "Do you even want this thing still?"
The whumper turned to face them, taking their attention off their pet as they growled out, "Ugh, the stupid thing is more trouble than I thought it would be."
They looked at the cowering form at their feet again. "I'm never getting one of these damn things ever again."
Their friend hummed in acknowledgment, rising from their chair and walking over. "So, what are you going to do with this one?"
A heartless shadow fell over Whumper's eyes. "I'll get rid of it. What else would I do?"
The other smiled, something akin to worry shining in their eyes for a split second, not long enough for Whumper to see it. "Why don't I take it off your hands then, hmm?"
"You want this whore?" - the whumper asked, sounding genuinely surprised.
"Well, of course! No need to waste a well-trained pet, after all!" - their friend explained, approaching Whumpee and kneeling down next to them. "Someone took the time to teach it, so why should we put all that hard work to waste?"
Whumper rolled their eyes, muttering, "You always were weird."
Still, the whumper didn't even think twice about their next words. "Whatever, you can have it."
The other grinned as they gently pet the shivering whumpee's head with unexpected gentleness. The pet was unused to such caring touch. And it somehow felt worse to them than the rough handling they received on the regular.
"Wonderful!" the friend exclaimed before getting back to their feet and pulling out a piece of paper from their coat pocket. "I just need you to sign your ownership of it over to me."
Whumper snorted. "You just keep that on you at all times?"
Their friend chuckled. "You know I'm not one to waste an opportunity."
While the two of them walked back to their seats and took care of the document, Whumpee remained in place, shaking fearfully on the floor as tears spilled from their eyes. They didn't know much about Master's- Master's friend? Whumper's friend? They supposed it was Whumper's friend now, and...
Either way, the whumpee knew almost nothing about their new Master. They had visited Whumper a few times before and admittedly hadn't hurt Whumpee, but still... Based on everything they had said just now, their mannerisms and attitude, the whumpee truly feared everything was about to turn worse for them.
"Get the hell up." - Master's The whumper's voice demanded, but they didn't even bother to give the pet a chance to obey as they reared their leg back in a kick-
"Now, now!" - their friend interrupted, blocking Whumper's leg with their own. "It's my property now, and I'd rather you didn't damage it."
Whumper scoffed but begrudgingly stood back. They watched as the other knelt down once more, pulling out a leash from their coat. "They really were prepared to take this bitch home, huh?"
Whumpee shook in terror at the close proximity but put up no fight as the leash was attached to their collar. Their new Master got back up, lightly tugging on the leather in their hands, signaling the pet to get up. "C'mon, up on your feet."
The whumpee scrambled to get off the ground, standing next to their new Master and quietly following after them as they began to walk out of the room.
"Well, I'll be going then. Until next time, Whumper!" - they called over their shoulder and hastily led their new pet to their car.
The trek was short, made even quicker by Whumpee's frenzied thoughts distracting them completely. They barely even registered being pulled into the car and onto their Master's lap.
"Take us home, please."
The driver was quick to turn on the car and drive off. And with that, the attention was back on the whumpee. They shivered as their Master softly pet their head again, one arm wrapped around their waist to keep them in place.
"Do you know what my name is, pet?" - their Master asked oddly quietly, and in their stressed state, Whumpee struggled to remember the answer, even though they had overheard it multiple times.
They gulped nervously, praying this wouldn't hurt too much. "N-No, Master. I'm s-sorr-y."
"Shh, It's okay, pet. You won't be punished for it." - their Master assured, the whumpee not believing them in the slightest. They held back a whimper as their chin was gently grasped and tilted, making them lock eyes with the other.
"My name is Caretaker, and I promise I won't hurt you."
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nightferns · 2 days ago
Hi hello! Have an animatic bc im very fucked up about sunday still!!!
And some frames:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flypaw · 16 hours ago
Why does this fandom have an obsession with things being Okay as long as characters Dont Mean It.
I saw a take about how c!Sapnap betrayed c!Dream, the usual nonsense. And I'm like,,, but c!Dream Said He Only Cares About The Discs. And c!Sapnap is allowed to be hurt by that?
It doesnt matter if c!Dream Meant it or not he still said it. If you say something dick-ish it's not up to other people especially those it hurts to decipher whether you meant it or not lmao.
This also applies to like. Everything else about c!Dream. The whole "he's not actually obsessed with c!Tommy it's a facade he puts on!!", while not even true, hinges on c!Dream being sympathetic Only because "he doesnt mean what he's saying guys 🥺 it's Not His True Self!!!" This isnt even going into the Abuse LMAO
I absolutely despise the talk about what is or isnt c!Dream's "True Self". Whether it's how he acts around his friends or how he acts around c!Tommy WHO CARES??? Have you considered if you say or do something that's. That's You. You Did That. There's no "that wasnt me guys :/ didnt mean it I'm putting on a facade". He doesnt become an entirely different person depending on who he decides to talk to 😭
Have you also considered actions speak louder than words and it doesnt matter how nice he is to other people (even though he literally Isnt?) if he's beating c!Tommy behind the scenes. Good Lord.
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moriphyte · 2 days ago
c!dream: *taunts tommy by faking out that he’s gonna hit him again after he begged him to stop just to watch him flinch*
Tumblr media
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ptsd-culture-is · a day ago
cptsd culture is waiting and expecting and wondering when the good will be ripped away. living with a non-abusive guardian and waiting for them to hit you, but it never comes. dating a healthy partner and waiting for them to get sick of you, but they never are. waiting for the food to disappear from the cabinets, waiting for the wifi to run out and for the the ultities to shut off. But it just won't happen. You're safe now and your brain refuses to accept it
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snailsnfriends · a day ago
I'm watching tommy's lore stream for the first time now, and as tommy was leaving phil's house the first time, I knew his excitement and courage was not going to last, because phil's advice doesn't apply to tommy's situation. tommy can't just fight dream. he can't just make it stop. he doesn't have the power to do that as the victim in this relationship. dream is tommy's abuser. the amount of trauma tied to dream makes it hard for tommy to just fight back or calm down. he's not in a situation where he can save himself (and he shouldn't have to this time, but I digress). phil's advice doesn't work because it doesn't attack the main issue, dream abusing tommy, and instead puts the focus on tommy and what he should do, when the reality is that there's very little he can do at all. it's putting the focus on the victim, not the abuser, when the abuser is the problem.
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knifefightscene · 2 days ago
Being abused is like I don’t think I’ll ever get over it it’s just some really bad things and then it’s never leaving you it’s always in the back of ur minds. even setting boundaries feels like you’re breaking some unspoken rules and you’ll be punished for it. and u will feel guilty for doing mundane things nobody feels guilty about doing... and when people get quiet around you you feel like you’ve done something wrong... and whenever something bad happens you’ll feel responsible for it like somehow you are responsible for other people’s mistakes and your own :/
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crystallos-sol · 2 days ago
Imagine not recognizing that all Dabi wanted was to be loved by his father for more than endeavor had. He just wanted his father to love him as his son but Endeavor decided to push his own desire on Dabi and Dabi now realizing that the only way to get Endeavor to love him is to accomplish this goal. That shit hurts. To know your own fucking parent doesn't love you and instead just wanted you to fill an idea they had? A fucking dream? Fuck endeavor rights because I don't think he could ever love Touya or change. Especially with the recent chapters.
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metal-alphonse · 2 days ago
// discussions of abuse, mention of nazism
people can definitely not like steven universe, but the misinterpretation of its themes is really irritating. you can disagree with the show, i do wish su could've done some things better, but claiming that su forces you to "forgive" the people who hurt you or others is ignoring the core message of the show.
steven universe is about the cycle of abuse. everyone is affected by it - some more than others, of course. but it shows that the diamonds are also deeply affected by their perfectionism and the loss of pink/rose. what a lot of people seem to forget is that steven universe does not, at any moment, force anyone to forgive whoever has hurt them. lapis and jasper are not expected to be "good buddies". rose is not criticized nor blamed for leaving homeworld. spinel is not forced to forgive rose, either! and most importantly, steven is not forced to forgive anyone. he didn't forgive his mother, and he didn't forgive the diamonds, despite what everyone loves to complain about in 2 hour long ass rants on youtube.
just because steven universe doesn't kill the villains, it doesn't mean the show defends nazism or abuse. steven universe does the exact opposite. it offers alternatives (in a very similar way to undertale, which is a whole other post on its own). it gives everyone a second chance. no su character is flawless, but they're not entirely defined by their flaws. steven universe allows its characters to change and break the cycle of abuse. and no one needs to forgive each other.
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moonlit-imagines · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
guess who just came out as transgender! i hope we meet elliot with nothing but love and support! isn’t that right? congrats to him!
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flypaw · a day ago
The whole "Put your items in the hole" thing got me wondering. What do c!Dream Apologists think about it Why do they think c!Tommy is so afraid of putting his items in the hole. I'm talking about the c!Dream Apologists who dont believe/deny physical abuse happened. Like the reason its traumatic is along with the sentence "Put your items in the hole" came a beating with c!Dream's axe and the threat of death
Do they think he's just really scared of being told to give up his items
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headspace-hotel · a month ago
fuck so earlier in one of my classes a prof was talking about this community service thing people do with a juvenile detention center and they were like "yeah we've never had any problems with the kids. there was this one time where a pencil went missing and they were gonna do a strip-search and they would have done a body cavity search if they couldn't find it but then a kid admitted he had it"
And I was just. Looking around the room trying to see if anybody else found this to be horrifying
and when i was like "???????" they were like "well they could use the pencil to stab someone" Ummm so could I??,
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venka · 4 months ago
according to the economist, domestic violence in england will increase by 38% if they lose and 26% if they win/draw against italy in this weekend’s euro finals. here’s a thread of domestic violence hotlines that you can call if you/a loved one needs help, and i’ll write the information below for anyone who doesn’t have access to twitter or can’t read the images. most of these hotlines also have chatting options if you can’t call them. 
england (refuge’s national domestic abuse hotline): 0808 2000 247
northern ireland (domestic and sexual abuse hotline): 0808 802 414
scotland (domestic and forced marriage hotline): 0800 027 1234 
wales (live fear free): 0808 80 10 800
uk-wide (men’s advice line): 0808 801 0327 
specifically for male victims
bright sky is a mobile app and website for people experiencing abuse or for those who are worried about others
available for free from most app stores
women’s aid have a directory of domestic abuse support services across the uk
live chat is available 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm
victim support:  08 08 16 89 111
if you are experiencing abuse and need immediate help, ask for ANI (action needed immediately) at a participating pharmacy 
the pharmacy will have a logo on display
you’ll be provided with a private space and a phone if you need one
they’ll connect you to any more support services that you need
safe spaces are available in boots, morrisons, superdrug, and well pharmacies
they’ll provide you with specialized support and connect you to services for more help
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snailsnfriends · a day ago
what I really appreciate about exile and how it was done was how On The Nose it was. there is no way to debate if it was or wasn't abuse. it's clear physically and emotionally. you can see tommy get worse and worse. if you couldn't pick up on the emotional damage, his skin was there to provide enough explanation. tommy repeatedly stated how he wanted to die. he said it very clearly, multiple times, and we got to see his multiple attempts. there's no room for ambiguity here. I'm glad it wasn't framed as a "well maybe but maybe not!" kind of thing. both cc!tommy and cc!dream knew what they were doing and went for it.
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moth-mailbomb · a month ago
How to hide things online from abusive parents.
(A post by someone who is currently going through this.)
note: this is just from my experience. These tips may not help everyone, as privacy-invading abusive parents have so many different tactics and i probably won’t be able to cover all of them.
Here are some tips and tricks.
never fucking do anything in a public browser. You don’t know how many times I’ve gotten in trouble and they’ve found out shit bc they installed a tracker I didn’t know about. Private browsers block most trackers and make me feel more secure in what I’m doing.
If youre forbidden to use apps but can still download them, make sure to hide your tracks. Redownloading apps at night to use is a lifesaver.
If you can’t download apps without your parents’ permission (through some sort of parental controls on your device), most social medias can be accessed through a web browser. You can use Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter and Instagram through browsers. If you can’t download the app, it’ll work just as well.
Turn notifications for forbidden apps off. This will make sure you won’t get random pings from your phone, because if you do, it’s likely these types of parents will ask where that’s from/who’s texting you/etc.
If you’re on social media that they don’t follow/alt accounts/etc, never use your real/legal name on them, ESPECIALLY not your last name. They can search you online by searching your name, and they can find you. This is one of the easiest ways that they can get access to your accounts that you cant have them see.
If you’re texting people you shouldn’t, like online friends or people your parents don’t know you know, change their contact name to someone “safe”. I don’t have many irl friends now, so I change most of my contacts, which are online friends, to people I used to be friends with. This helps because its a foolproof way to tell your parents “no, I’m really texting [insert known friend here]”, and they can’t question you because you can literally show them the contact name. They have no way to prove it’s a lie.
Delete all messages that could make them suspicious. Even if you think your parents don’t go as far as reading your texts, they might without telling you. Delete anything that they could deem “bad” or “suspicious” ESPECIALLY messages about their abuse or your mental illness you may suffer because of their abuse.
Adding on to that, if youre talking to online friends and have set their contact name as something else, make sure to add ”filler messages”. For example, I made one of my close online friend’s contact name someone who I go to a DnD club at school with, so I added a filler message of “Hey are you coming to Dungeons and Dragons?” and told him to respond with “Yeah”. This way, you’ll have covered your tracks even more, and they’ll have every reason to think youre just talking to this guy from DnD, or an old friend, or someone you’ve met at school.
If you have irl friends who follow your social media, never post anything concerning. This includes venting, details of past trauma, mental illness things, anything that would make them go “Oh wow, I need to tell an adult.” Because guess what they’ll do? They’ll tell their parents, who will tell yours. That means: you get hurt.
Never fucking leave your device out in the open!!! I added the exclamation points because this is something that can very much fuck you up so easily. Make sure your device is on you at all times, or you have view of it. As much as you’re being sneaky to get around your parents, abusive parents, especially this type, can get very sneaky as well. Privacy invasion is usually something done without you knowing. They could even quickly grab your device and look at it while you’re in the bathroom or taking a shower! I promise this tip is one of the most important. Unless they have a tracker on your device that they can use without seeing your device/having it close by, this is how you avoid them searching your device without you knowing.
Lastly, don’t ever believe you are safe here. You’re looking at this post for a reason. Privacy-invading parents are often very fucking sneaky and snake-like about what they do. You may not even know it’s happening. They create an illusion of a safe, trusting environment with no invasion, but there could be so much more they are doing behind your back. Always have your guard up. Always be ready for a search.
These are my tips, as someone whose blog is a whole secret from my parents. I’m so sorry if this doesn’t work… this situation of no privacy is incredibly hard to be in, and I’m proud of you for making it this far.
Please stay safe.
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