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#abuse tw
captainmjolnir · 3 hours ago
My mum did something even more next level emotionally abusive today
I just needed to say that to someone. Anyone.
I need it out in the universe in some tangible way so it exists somewhere else other than just my brain.
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bambino-muses · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
//Okay I felt like I needed to make this post real quick, just so that y’all know what to expect if you see me doing threads involving my latest muse; Drayton Sawyer.
- Trigger Warnings for threads that involve Drayton: mental illness, abuse, cannibalism, and violence.
- It is confirmed by Tobe Hooper that Drayton either has Schizophrenia or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD); however, with enough analyzing and research, I have come to confirm that he actually has MPD - based on all of his personalities we see in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
- Drayton is not a nice guy to his family; it is shown in the films that he physically abuses his younger brothers (especially Bubba aka Leatherface) if they slip up or do something that pisses him off. Note: The only family members he is not abusive towards are Grandpa Sawyer, Mama Sawyer, and Babi Sawyer (Leatherface’s daughter).
- According to the non-canon comics, the comics portray Drayton as the father of Nubbins, Chop Top and Leatherface. In actuality according to the official canon of the films, he is not the biological father; he is the eldest son of seven children.
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bobateastay · 3 hours ago
only now realising that i'm going to have to spend my entire summer reading papers on abuse.......................
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sunflowers-and-frogs · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
which is more like a pendulum: an actual pendulum or the popular opinion about jensen ackles every two weeks
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qkle · 4 hours ago
bae how would makki abuse me🥺
Tumblr media
CW unhealthy relationship, scumbag!hanamaki, neglect, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, suggestive themes, Incel!makki, just makki giving the bare minimum in the relationship.
Hanamaki is obviously not as invested in the relationship as you. He spends most hours on his phone, scrolling away at twitter while you try to get his attention, just for him to finally acknowledge your existence for once and that is shoving you away calling you a clingy whore.
He makes you hump his leg when you're horny usually calling you a dirty mutt while you desperately try to get yourself off. Hanamaki uses the least amount of effort to fuck you but once he wants it, oh you have to jump, lick, and suck his dick and of course always reminds you "don't forget the balls".
He's not just neglectful; he almost never cleans up after himself; he's always 'searching' for jobs while you work your butt off trying to provide for him, yourself, and rent. Yet he still calls himself the man of the house and he makes all the decisions. Always expects dinner to be ready whenever he asks but you can't make anything new or something he doesn’t want. He'll throw the plate at the wall and walk down the street to the closest fast food place to get some ‘real food’.
You keep telling yourself it’s all going to be worth it in the end because one day he will start to acknowledge and praise you for everything you do and maybe even start to chip in with the rent. Hey, maybe he’ll even start saying he loves you!
Tumblr media
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Srry about that shithead. Abusers suck ass and I will happily throttle them for you :)
Apart from that, I was wondering what yt meant in that other post. I gathered it had something to do with race/ethnicity but was thoroughly confuzzled
They're the absolute worst and I hope they get hit by a hot metal fence so pain temporarily inconveniences them (:
And, yt means white! personally I hate it because yt means YouTube not white and my autistic ass brain with dyslexia sprinkled in suffers lol
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One of their asks talked about "exposing" us.
Oh fucking boy.
God do I love getting into drama with our abusers. yknow. the people who sent death threats, tracked us down multiple times including now, and one of em even raped me!! And attacked us using triggers multiple times, including now! Oh joy what fun.
I hope you both choke on mud and can only solve it by drinking from a rusted hose in ur creepy uncles backyard. 🖤
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guyofgisbourne · 6 hours ago
Am I literally the only one that doesn’t think John and Mary Winchester were abusive towards Sam and Dean?!
With the news of the prequel going around, it seems a good majority of the fandom is losing its shit saying “It’s gonna focus on the absuive parents” and “I hope they don’t make me like John and Mary.”
I know Dean and Sam had moments with their parents (especially John because of the kind of life he made his kids live for their protection and his unresolved trauma), but how exactly are John and Mary abusive? Are we watching the same show? Am I missing something? Is this just the same usual group of John Winchester haters doing their thing since 2005?
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mor-beck-more-problems · 6 hours ago
@inbextween [x]
[pm from burner phone] For now. She’s not happy.
[pm] Your mother really isn’t as smart as she thinks she is.
Maybe tell Kyle to bring you ginger ale on his next visit.
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scrubbe · 6 hours ago
This is absolutely terrifying and batshit crazy. This is grooming right? They're super vague and frankly this is frightening. I tried looking up a selfie they posted but got nothing. Fuck
Tumblr media
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dynaspotless · 6 hours ago
Buried Treasure
For the longest time, I’ve been trained to think some child-like things I’ve done was evil, and I was evil. 
For the longest time, I’ve been demonized for wanting a lot of things other children can simply have. 
For the longest time, I’ve been taught that this was the normal - a way to protect us from ourselves and the world
but little did I know. It was them I needed protection from. 
The first time I’ve been genuinely nice to someone was a girl often bullied kid in my class. Being told I was being nice felt validating and liberating from the piercing darkness that’s been consuming me. For the first time, I actually believed I was capable of doing good. 
The first time I raised my voice with my new strength, I was met with a fist and a grip that would rival my weight tugging the noose. I couldn’t break free. It wasn’t his regret that broke me free, it was guilt for hurting a child - being seen as a child’s demon was something that stopped him from pulling me away from consciousness, but it was already too late. 
Along with the scars and that new strength, that boy was closed off in a tiny chest inside the wilting husk of a trauma survivor, waiting to be free again. 
The battle now is whether the kid will ever break free before he is crushed by the closing walls of the buried treasure.
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you-can-be-a-spectator · 6 hours ago
6 o clock in the fucking morning. Got a beating, because, well, I still don't know why. At this point I just dont fucking know why. And I'm dreading the Saturday night and next week when I'm alone with her.
Im genuinely actually scared
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opulencewanted · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
alan [last name utp]… hundred and twenty-one...vampire…[utp]
[ “quote utp” ]
Not much is known about Alan outside of when he met Viola, she does recall him speaking about how he came to America via the Titanic at just the age of 12. His father perished in the sinking but he and his mother and younger sister Abigail survived and though Alan's family remained in America and lived out their mortal lives Alan's life had been changed drastically. He was turned just before his 40th birthday, it had been a sabotage actually. A woman he had been romancing had decided she wanted him for herself, but the turning was not an easy feet for him and after he was turned the woman that had turned him didn't survive long enough to see Alan grow into the vampire he was becoming. Roughly a couple of years later Alan had been out for a walk in the night and suddenly was enthralled by violin music coming from a house with a single candle lit in the window, in the window he saw a girl playing the violin and he made it his duty in that time to get this girl for himself and that's exactly what he did. Gradually over time he began to get possessive of her, seeing her interact with other people and a small jealous nature came shinning it's head in on the couple and he began to get aggressive with her claiming she cheating, and lying. Viola finally got fed up  with the abuse and decided to run away. Now that Alan has come into the picture, he wants to show Viola that he has changed, but is that enough to mend their relationship?
this wanted skeleton character is…open
they are connected to @viola-winters, please note no wanted connection is a guaranteed ship.
suggested fcs include: tom hiddleston, michael fassbender, or cillian murphy, utp.
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feelin-woozy · 7 hours ago
Bo + "this is the part where you apologize."
argument sentence starters | @backyardbats
Under the cut bc tw for parental abuse
Stars swirl around Bo’s head like a halo, confusion, and disorientation seeping into every one of his five senses. It takes a few blinks before his vision focuses, and reality begins crashing down upon him once more. The sting of his cheek radiates with a dull thrum that travels from his cheek to his jaw and down his throat. Bo grits his teeth at the thought of a bruise forming, another reminder of what a rotten child he was.
Blue eyes fall onto dirt covered work boots that his father dons. His palms sweat as he clenches them at this side, swallowing the lump in his throat. Bo slowly lifts his head to stare up at the man through thick brown curls that fall over his eyes.
“This is the part where you apologize.” His father’s jaw is clenched as if replaying what Bo had said prior over and over again just to keep the flame of his anger burning hot. Just another excuse to lash out on the boy, to decorate his skin in welts, scars, an aggregation of purples, reds, and greens. Silence hangs heavily over them for a moment, broken only when his father turns his head to spit chew into the tall grass around them. “Don’t wanna have to tell ya again, boy.”
Bo bites on his cheeks, hard enough that a warm copper coats his tongue. It’s all he can do to fight off the snarl and to keep down the words that sit on his tongue like a loaded gun waiting for the trigger to be pulled. With fists clenched at his sides, he stares at his father with an icy look. “Sorry Sir, won’t happen again.”
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bonbonkittybomb · 7 hours ago
Ughh my father has been shooting raccoons that come in the yard with this stupid slingshot he bought. I can hear how loud it is and can’t imagine how painful it is for the raccoons. He’s such a sociopath it makes me sick. He gets so happy hurting animals. I hope he gets rabies and dies. He’s such an abusive piece of shit.
A couple years ago three baby raccoons fell from a tree and he just left them sitting there while he was practicing golf swings. And was talking about burying them alive and shit. Fortunately when he left I quickly grabbed them, put them in a box, and drove them to the nearest vet. Luckily they helped them free of charge. My Father blew up my phone threatening me to bring them back so he can kill them. I ended up driving and hiding at my grandmas house for a while. Found out later only two survived, but they took them to a wildlife rehab place.
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sxance · 7 hours ago
Me, pressed up against the ceiling for dear life: HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
My dad, beating me with a broom: Get down from there, you little shit!
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sally-pale-blue-bones · 7 hours ago
I wish my bully understood what it's like to be something other than a straight cis man. The way he treats women like shit but all the girls in my old school are friends with him anyway. I wish he knew how dangerous it feels to be a woman rejecting a man because we're afraid of him. I wish he knew half of the terror we feel when we are right.
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perhapspearl · 7 hours ago
this is something that's been bugging me for a while, but it makes me so irritated that people complain so much about maddie/madney fans writing about maddie's life with doug and the abuse she went thru when there's like.... a million tsunami fics, a million lawsuit fics, a million street fighting fics. like damn.
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faeriwinkle · 7 hours ago
so these past 3 months i've been in therapy trying to process that my relationship of almost three years was actually like super emotionally abusive & i developed cptsd from it (among other things but this certainly didn't help lol) :)
i'm saying this bc i've been sleeping like 10-14 hours every day lately & i'm like "why am i so sleepy lately" and then i remember... i'm trying to heal from an abusive relationship while i'm still stuck in the lease w my ex for another 1.5 months :) maybe my brain thinks that sleep will make that time move faster :) :)
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