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Yo like emotional abuse fucking sucks. From parents who struggle with narcissism or other mental health issues, it means a child is probably going to grow up thinking that everything is contractual, that their worth is defined by what they can give other people, that their own health and happiness is worth sacrificing if it means they’ll be less of a strain on others. It’s a toxic mindset and unfortunately takes years of therapy and good support systems to heal the brain’s patterns of thinking from a survival situation.

But goddammit today I asked my dad if there was anything I could do to help out while he’s been covering shifts at the hospital and he said that just knowing I was happy took a load off his mind. And I really actually believe him.

It’s not going to be horrible forever you guys.

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the scene in which ozai crownz himself the phoenix king revealz so much abt azulaz character n i needed 2 gather my thoughtz on it so here yall go

  • azula blaming the palanquin bearerz 4 her late arrival already showz so much abt her az a person. it cant be her fault, bc if it iz, she knowz shell receive punishment, therefore it must b some1 elsez fault.
  • when ozai revealz that azula will no longer b coming w/ him 2 burn the earth kingdom 2 the ground, you can tell how hurt she iz. itz 1 of the 1st timez that we, az an audience, see azula in a genuinely frantic state. the pain in her voice when she sayz “but…i thought we were going 2 do this 2gether” iz rlly what getz 2 me the most.
  • thatz when she beginz 2 lash out. “u cant treat me like zuko!” just…sayz so much abt how shez distanced herself from her older brother. all her life shez desperately kept herself up 2 her fatherz standardz, alwayz tried to keep hiz approval n honor…n even then, ozai still brushez her off like the dust on hiz armor. n it hurtz her.
  • not 2 mention that u can tell that azula knowz shez in deep shit when ozai raizez hiz voice @ her in return
  • in the end, tho, azula letz herself b manipulated. when ozai christenz her the title of firelord, you can see how she genuinely believez shell have control. despite that, tho, all it rlly waz waz a title, something 2 pacify her w/, bc then ozai crownz himself the supreme ruler of the entire world.

so, what all can we gather from this?

  • azula haz major abandonment issuez, something thatz also displayed during the betrayal scene. whenever she feelz az if shez being abandoned, she lashez out bc she doeznt want 2 experience that pain again, like she did when her mother left her when she waz only like. 9 yearz old or something
  • azula both trustz n fearz her own father
  • azula iz so incredibly desperate 4 ozaiz approval @ all timez bc itz the closest thing shez ever had 2 love in her life, even tho itz far from actual love
  • ozai fucking suckz

i could go on abt this scene 4 hourz, but 2bh i rlly dont want this post 2 turn in2 me rambling abt y azula iz such a great character n y i would drop kick ozai 4 a single corn chip so

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Do you hesitate to ever get food out from the pantry/fridge without permission or have someone else do it before you because you grew up in a household where food was strictly monitored and the parents had several food items to themselves that only they were allowed to eat and you’d get physical punishment if you were seen getting something without permission even or are you normal

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you know youve done a bad job parenting when your child is more terrified to buy a video game that they have wanted for over a year than thousands of dollars worth of dildos 

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Bold whatever applies to your muse; italicise the ones that can only happen in other verses. REPOST, DO NOT REBLOG.

been cheated on  | been bullied  | had your heart broken  | broken someone’s heart | told a horrible lie | been betrayed |  been framed / set-up |  stolen something of value | overdosed on drugs  | been drunk  |  cheated  |  bullied |  been publicly humiliated  | punched someone in the face | been beaten up  | broken a bone  |  been admitted to a hospital | put someone in the hospital | had a near - death experience | been drugged |  done drugs  |  smoked | been arrested  | been homeless | been forced to commit a crime | died and come back to life | kissed someone you weren’t attracted to | bled severely | killed someone |  been forced to kill someone | had an attempt on your life |  made an attempt on your own life | lost someone  | loved someone | watched a loved one die| failed to save / help a loved one | felt helpless  | watched your world die / disappear |  had your life’s work stolen / destroyed |  gone without food for over three days  | gone without sleep for over three days | been tortured | been shot | been stabbed  | been poisoned | been held prisoner  |  been trapped  | been buried alive | been held hostage | held someone hostage  | been stuck in a different world / universe / time | been slapped / punched by a parent or higher up | been abused by someone who should have loved / appreciated / valued you  |  had a panic attack  | had night terrors |  been in a car accident  |  lost your job | lost a fight  |  had sex with a stranger  |  been divorced |  been abandoned | passed out from pain | cried yourself to sleep  |  spent a whole day in bed  |  hurt yourself  |  taken your anger out on yourself | taken your anger out on someone you love  | been used | been manipulated | felt used |  manipulated someone else  |  had your memories / mind wiped / stolen or tampered with  | been taken over by a hostile force | been terrified |  played a cruel game on someone | been forced to smile | felt too many things at once | laughed when you felt like crying | been in denial | been denied  | faced your demons

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My Mom: transphobia is bad

My Mom: beating kids is bad

My Mom: antivaxxers are dumb and dangerous

My Sister, Brother in Law: say transphobic shit, misgender and dead name me, are antivaxxers, and have been to court for beating one of their kids.

My Mom: Family is family, gotta stand by them.

Me: wut

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I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to this earlier, nonnie. I don’t know how things are going now, but I completely understand why you’re scared of how your mother will act after the court case. I really hope your dad doesn’t side with her in the end, but if the worst happens, is there any chance you and your sibling can live with your nana?

Sending hugs ❤️

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I like the idea of Jschlatt genuinely liking and appreciating his cabinet but the longer he falls into his alcohol addiction the worse he treats them

In conclusion, I like the idea of the cabinet being happy at least one point. They said they trusted him and had faith in him and did actually work with him. I like the idea of them being happy lmao

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HOW is that experience exclusive to sufferers of “narcissistic abuse”??? how??? literally how is that an experience other abuse survivors cannot connect to??? because they didn’t armchair diagnose their abuser??? gaslighting and ptsd and trauma are narcissistic abuse only traits everyone you heard it here first!!! /s

there are no answers to any of the questions because y’all are lying through your teeth and you know it. y’all just hate people with npd

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you’re really asking me to tell you sensitive information regarding my trauma just because your tiny little brain can’t comprehend a trigger because is slightly different than your stupid little idea of what is an acceptable trigger? really? well i can tell you this anon: you are an asshole, you are insensitive, you are embarrassingly thickheaded, and you are rude

here’s is all of the “explanation” that you get:

i went through multiple traumatic events caused by one person who used emojis like their life depended on it. so much, in fact, that my brain now links any and all emojis to them. now, seeing an emoji causes me to think it’s them and that causes an extremely dangerous and visceral reaction in me which has previously caused me to self-harm, throw up, pass out, or lose time.

now, shut the fuck up and never speak again in my presence if you know what’s good for you.

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[ anya chalotra, cis woman, she/her ] OLIVIA SHARMA has been spotted in beacon hills. the 25/500+ year old VAMPIRE is known for being ALOOF and GUILEFUL, but they can also be ADAPTABLE and SHARP-WITTED. it’s said they are currently a BAR OWNER at ELYSIUM, and that they are INDIFFERENT TO supernatural integration.

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The Hound saw a dreamy, naive little girl, and he thought he’d do his best to contribute to her disillusionment. But I just don’t see the intent of helping her anywhere in their interaction. He helps her by saving her physically, but all of their conversations really come across as him lashing out, and Sansa trying to the best of her abilities to figure out how to respond to this.

The world made Sansa see the real world. The Hound doesn’t get credit for that.

What the Hound did was verbally abuse and humiliate an 11-12 year old child. The fact that people are willing to romanticize this… I think it says a lot about what people have been conditioned to perceive as romance, and the kind of abuse people can accept if they can only somehow try to justify it with “actually it just shows that they care.” There are much larger issues at play her imo than just misreadings of a text.

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