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#abusive parents

it hurts so much to realise as a trauma survivor that youll probably never get justice. it fucking sucks having your trauma denied or belittled because you dont have enough evidence to go to court. people in your community and shit not believing is bad enough, but when its the people whos job it is to protect you? police? medical workers? fucking cps? other family members? thats straight fucked. to have police, doctors, nurses, whatever authority supposed to protect abuse/rape victims not giving a single shit off the bat and denying your claim without looking further into it? that. fucking. hurts. family and neighbors who have witnessed the abuse not doing anyhting or pretending they dont know? cps whos only job is to protect abused children not caring at all and dismissing your case before it starts? its fucked up.

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I receive the highest levels of anxiety whenever I’m in anticipation of calling one/both of my parents. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to move out as soon as I did, but having to return to any form of contact with them is terrifying.

Leaving from an abusive household, I convinced myself that that was the end of it. And I understand why they need to hear from me, especially during the pandemic.But I’m so worried they’re going to pressure me to visit them. And I can’t. I live with someone that is immunocompromised. I can’t threaten my living situation just for dinner and a chat with my family.

Ugh why is this so stressful

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reasons why i hate my dad because i need to remind myself that i’m not overreacting:

  • he makes sexual comments about random womens’ bodies (specifically minors)
  • he’s a trump supporter
  • he talked about and made “jokes” about my breasts & 😺
  • he doesn’t understand when someone tells him “no”
  • he doesn’t respect my privacy/boundaries
  • he said that the only reason he joined the army was to kill black people and that it’s a shame that he only killed a few poc
  • replied to my mom after she said it’s sad to see poc be murdered for breathing with “as they should” (implying that poc shouldn’t be allowed to live)
  • he’s manipulative & emotionally/verbally abusive
  • talks to my mom like she’s less of a person than him; after being confronted about this he continued to yell at her and tell her she’s overreacting (thus proving her point)
  • mocks my weight and tells me that i eat to much while being fully aware of my eating disorder
  • has made rape jokes before
  • hit my sister through the face when she was 3 (as a punishment)
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I’ve just watched The VVitch and, let me tell you, I FUCKING LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! I can relate so much to Thomasin. After all, her “parents” (especially her “mother”) have abused her and did not love anybody. However, the only difference is that while Thomasin was raised as a Puritan, I was raised as a Russian Jew and, fuck, that really harmed me too!

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why cant abusive parents just cease

??? like fuck off no thanks I hate them

I’ve never had parents or whatever this is is just some terrible nothingness or gross stuff

just give me a comfy house to live in and money to get food etc i dont need much else

i can’t work very well so :/

why is society

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When you have toxic/abusive parents- it’s always about them. Everything is about how they feel, what they want, when they want it and why they want it. It always comes back to them. You are never considered or valued as a person with their own wants/needs/feelings. You are never given basic respect (yet you HAVE to give to them regardless of what they do to you). All they do is take from you and make it all about them. As much as you want a relationship with them since they are you parents- it will never happen because they aren’t capable of it. They are capable of giving you basic respect or treating you with such. They don’t see you as anymore than their property- their to please them and make their life better. It will never be about you no matter how hard you try.

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Bagjwi Sayug  

Description: Park Min Gyeom is a human with a disease that makes him produce excess blood. Kim Chun Sam is a half-vampire who needs blood to live. So begins an unusual symbiotic relationship between “predator” and “prey.”

Note: This series contains additional (optional) 18+ scenes.

Chapters: 86 Chapters + Extras

Status: Completed

Tags: Vampires, Supernatural, Highschool, Abusive Parents, Blood, Slow-Burn

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should i just stay with my mom??? bc like,,, she’s honestly nice to me most of the time and idk maybe im just being dramatic and ungrateful bc she honestly does so much for me and im just sitting here bitching about how she’s abusive etc. but maybe she isnt?? idk I’m just really doubting myself again

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I will be deleting my post Moving Out From an Abusive Parent: A Crash Course For Minors.

I 100% want every minor to escape their abuser. But recently I’ve come to the realization that it might be being misinterpreted. 

I do not support minors breaking the law. The whole point of that post is how to legally and safely move out. I want people to know their rights as minors. I want people to find the loopholes in laws that can help them. I don’t want anyone’s family and friends being charged with harboring a minor, or minors to be charged with status offences. 

I get 5-10 messages per week that I cannot reply to, because I am not comfortable giving minors one-on-one advice that may lead to them breaking the law

If you have questions about McKinney-Vento laws, filing the FAFSA, how to find legal information for your state, how to request legal documents etc., feel free to ask me! I have a lot of experience with the ins and outs, and I WANT to helpBut do not message me asking how to break the law.

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i honestly feel uncomfortable wearing short sleeves, even before i had scars/noticeable scars

i think it’s kinda a sensory thing to me, like I just like the slight weight of a sweater yknow?? it kinda feels like you’re being hugged constantly

and like, i sorta want to be hugged but i don’t want a hug from my parents, but im more okay with my friends hugging me and honestly i think that really does say smth about the way my parents have/are treating me

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Me: (in my head) Actually, Mother Dearest, when you see something wrong with me, you’re supposed to do your best to help me, not tear me down, put me down or treat me without respect! I was feeling sick because of one of those stupid vitamins that you keep making me take everyday and I needed help…and I can’t get it because of your narcissistic, shitty, abusive attitude!
Me: (IRL) No I didn’t! Stop blaming me for everything and start knowing the whole story!
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I need to.leave this house but I can’t. My mum needs me, she needs me to do everything she can’t do or doesn’t want to. The cooking and cleaning, looking after her two year old son while she naps and has alone time. Looking after the house and kids while she shops and meets friends.

I can’t leave because as much as it effects my mental and physical health- she and I can’t make her stressed.

And the other thing is,.I don’t know how to get out of here.

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I hate living at home with my toxic, verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive family. Being alone at college gave me a little bit of space and breathing room but being back is bringing all of those problems back too. They are all more abusive and toxic than before with violent mood swings that turn on the flip of a dime. I consistently feel attacked and nervous, walking on eggshells, and when their anger flares up, I feel anxious and naseous- on the verge of throwing up. I am always the one at fault somehow for all the trouble and the times that I try to find some rational solution to a problem by telling my mother (although equally abusive she is an adult and supposed to be a mother and currently out of the country) in the hopes that she can convince my sister to respect my stuff and ask for permission before using it, it causes a mountain of problems in which one of the barbs lashed out at me is that I need to “grow the fuck up”. So apparently I just need to bite my tongue and just let everyone walk all over me. I hate being here. Every second. I have never felt more unsafe in my life than around these toxic humans I happen to be related to.

I moved today to a guest room off the garage and separate from the main house in the hopes for some physical distance but I don’t think it’s enough physical distance.

I hate these people with every ounce of my being and I can’t wait to never see them again. Ever.

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