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usurperss · 2 days ago
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two more studies of Eivor
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amisthiosintraining · 2 days ago
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12.26.2021 | Ledecestrescire
Camera tools by Frans Bouma. Captured using ReShade.
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ilikedetectives · 2 days ago
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bisexualmisthios · 12 hours ago
The way I’ve seen gamer boys complaining about both female eivor and kassandras voices saying that Eivor sounds like she smokes 3 packs a day and kassandra sounds too bitchy but fail to mention how both male Eivor and alexios both completely lack any emotion or depth or personality in any of their dialogue and also don’t care to even realise the reason female Eivor sounds like she “smokes 3 packs a day” and male Eivor doesn’t (imo rlly shitty choices on the voice actors part like literally Eivors whole throat was ripped by a wolf why would you not think hmmm maybe eivors voice might be a bit fucked up after that???) and don’t think about maybe the reason kassandra sounds bitchy is bc she has to put up with stupid men who undermine her constantly, a cult that is on her ass 24/7 that she has to deal with all on her own, an annoying old man that can’t stop thinking of ridiculous schemes and sends her off to do mercenary work and almost gets her killed daily, her lack of family AND childhood trauma! Melissanthi Mahut and Cecilie Stenspil did an absolutely amazing job and gave their characters so much personality with just their voices and really used their characters traits and backstory to their advantage, I unfortunately cannot say the same for the men that voiced male Eivor and alexios but of course game bros don’t care about that bc they are stupid and all they think about is tits no wonder none of u can get any pussy go cry
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deadly-flourish · a day ago
may i request eivor, hurt and comfort please 🥺maybe recovering from a battle or eivor taking care of f!reader after a battle. or maybe we're both beaten up pretty badly. thank you these are amazing!! ❤️‍🔥
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💙 Eivor x Reader ;
Once upon a time I wrote Eivor being patched up on her ship after a fight so I think maybe the other way around would be sweet with her taking care of a wounded lover this time! It ended up a bit longer than intended but hopefully you enjoy this 💙
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🔹 Warnings for mentions of choking, death, violence, blood, bruises, wounds, hurt/comfort, mostly fluff
🔹2,897 words
Requests are closed for the moment!
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It all happened so quickly…
The weight of an armored man drove into your side with the strength of a bull to make your body hit the floor and hand loosen its grip on the large axe, metal scraping across the floor, out of reach.
You barely had time to register the sudden impact and the sharp stinging of your arm and ribs before he was on you, holding neck in his gloved hands, squeezing hard to try and shatter your wind-pipes, stealing the bit of air you had left in your lungs, the world around you becoming fainter, blurrier by the second, bloodshot eyes full of rage the last thing you saw before everything went dark and silent…
It felt like the end but no Valkyrie came…
Warmth enveloped you when you eventually regained your senses, the taste of iron on the tip of her tongue making you cringe, something soft touching your temple and then, a familiar voice…
"You're awake, my love…"
Eivor sighed, relief evident in her tone, the sight of your eyes open making strong arms squeeze you closer and a bit tighter, careful to avoid the spots you were slowly becoming aware were sore and most likely bruised -- your right arm drooping at one side, a place above your ribs making it painful for you to move anything above the neck...
Turning your head, the only part of you that hurt a bit less, you slowly tried to understand where you were and what had happened before you passed out in the middle of a raid with your clansmen...
Blinking your daze away and recovering from the initial mental fog, you took a look at what was in front of you first; a few motionless bodies on the floor with their weapons poking out from several parts of their corpses. Then you noticed the man that had ambushed you, his rich green cape one you merely saw a blur of before your body hit the ground and his hands were around your throat...
He had been impaled by a long spear, skewered like meat over a fire, the gruesome sight of its pointed edge protruding from his bloody mouth one that made you glance up at Eivor, wondering if she had been the one to do that in a fit of rage at seeing you out cold and him towering over you…
You parted your lips to speak but choked on a breath when she squeezed you again, pressing a kiss to your forehead. Listening to footsteps echo throughout the room, you glanced at your side to see Eivor's warriors pillaging whatever seemed to be of value, collecting gear, weapons, decorations, anything and everything that could be of use, their movements slowed down by evident exhaustion.
"Eivor, I…" you felt the need to make yourself useful and forced yourself to move but the stinging on your side pulled a hiss from you and the blonde urged you to settle back against her, holding you with one arm, hand from the other wiping away the sweat and crimson that had dried on your cheek.
"You mustn't move. I fear you may have a dislocated shoulder. You seemed to have hit your head quite hard as well…" calloused fingertips touched a spot on your scalp that pulled a hiss from you, the sound softening Eivor's features.
"It's nothing…" you murmured, feeling guilty that everyone else was working around you while you just sat in your leader's lap like a child, coddled by her as if your wounds were worse than the ones' on the women and men going back and forth…
"I want to help. I have to do...something." it made you frustrated sitting idly and forever the stubborn soul, you pushed yourself up, feeling Eivor try to grip at your clothing but letting you go at the sight of your determined expression, not wanting to be disrespectful towards your resolve and wishes.
Still, the blonde offered her shoulder as support, carrying you until your feet felt stable enough for you to stand alone. You started to drift towards a wide entrance to a nearby room, squinting at the familiar bodies on the ground, pale faces making you lower your head, a bittersweet feeling forming in your heart at the loss of such good warriors…
They would go to Valhalla, a fate you knew they wanted and had accepted with pride...but it still saddened you knowing the ship carrying you back home would be emptier, quieter, more gloomy…
When you finally opened your eyes after murmuring a prayer, your vision was hazy and your head was heavy, pulling you towards the floor and had it not been for Eivor's quick reflexes, you would have hit the stone with your poor face…
"My love, please, you need rest…" the drengr picked you up and this time there was no protest from you. "We ALL need a breather." Her voice was louder then, making the warriors look at her, their stiff postures loosening at those words.
"Start a fire. We will take a moment to catch our breath before leaving. Fill our bellies with some of the rations." Eivor smiled, the cheer from the men making you press closer to your lover, staring up with eyes full of pride and admiration. Despite her tired features, she still grinned and tried to lift the spirits of those around you and that was one of the many reasons you adored the woman so much.
To say that everyone was ravenous was...an understatement. You listened to loud chewing and chatting outside of the small tent -- which was really just a large curtain to hide you from view so Eivor could undress you to assess the severity of your injuries -- the sounds occupying you for the duration it took the shieldmaiden to get supplies.
You had told Eivor that you could wait until everyone was back home and a proper healer could take a look at you but she insisted on taking care of you, the concern mixing with affection deep in her eyes making you unable to refuse…
Your head felt strange, most likely something on your skull had been bruised from the fall. Your arm hurt too but not as badly as your ribs which you feared might have fractured. If that was a case then there would be no fighting for a while for you, something that made you pout in frustration…
Being a burden to others was awful but being completely useless in battle, unable to join Eivor and her men, that just made you really pissed…
"Someone looks a little sour…" raspy voice made you look up from the grass at the blonde, the cute smile on her face making you feel better, though it was a brief moment of relief, ruined by the sharp stinging below one breasts when you shifted to try and sit, a pain that kept you on the ground, having to lie like some kind of miserable, hurt animal…
"So incredibly stubborn even after I told you to rest…" Eivor sighed, taking a seat in front of you, placing a warm palm on your cheek. "That fire in you still burns bright, I see…" she chuckled, her thumb caressing your skin before a hand moved to the side of your neck and then to a shoulder.
"Is it really messed up?" You asked, glancing towards your shoulder. "Will you pop it back into place?" There was a nervous swallow from you, knowing that would not be a pleasant experience.
"I can...I should…" Eivor gave you a little smile, helping you sit up, using her as support. It hurt to have your back straight but you supposed it could be worse. You would toughen this out...there was no other option. It was either do that or embarrass yourself in front of someone who had suffered far greater than you, who had seen good people die and kept herself together for those who survived.
You wanted to be strong like Eivor…
You had always looked up to her and you wanted to make sure you were worthy enough to be at her side, too focused on that mission to realize she felt you already were worthy of walking by her side…
"Just...get it over with." You cringed at the mere thought of her popping the limb into place, a face that did not go unnoticed. Something poked your lips and you snorted, accepting the alcohol with a forceful swig from the flask she held up to you.
"Liquid courage, uh?" A soft chuckle left you, the strong drink still clinging to your mouth and throat, the taste distracting you enough for her to turn you a bit, taking hold of your shoulder, a palm on your back, adjusting you into position before stopping.
"I will give you a pass if you wish to swear." Eivor smirked at you, her attempt at making the situation lighter never reaching the worry in her eyes. You appreciated she was trying to comfort you and you did find her offer a bit amusing. Maybe you would take up on the blonde's offer if you needed to...
Well, you did once hands moved quickly to pop your limb into place, the wave of pain pulling a nasty curse from you that was sure to be heard by everyone around the campfire. It hurt like a bitch but not for long...after the initial shock that forced you to breathe heavily, you started to feel better.
Strong arms came to wrap around your waist, pulling you closer to her chest as your breathing slowly returned to normal. Eivor cooed at you to relax for a bit, pressing a kiss to the back of your ear and for a moment you sat there, enjoying the warmth of her body and those sweet little kisses.
"Can you move your arm?" She asked and you raised it with a bit of effort, opening and closing your hand, turning the arm one way and another.
"Good as new, I would say…" you chuckled, the sound making your body shake slightly, reminding you of the pain on your side. A hiss left you and Eivor urged you to lay down on your good side so she could rub some ointment on your wounds.
"You must have taken quite the hit. I saw the man who hurt you. Big as an ox." She murmured, her fingers fumbling with your layers to loosen them enough for them to be raised, revealing the dark bruise all over your side; from the curve of your breast down to your hip, a bit was even spreading to your stomach but much fainter than the rest.
"Ugly like one too." You snorted, trying to mask a sour mood. You kind of hated yourself for worrying Eivor like this -- that soft expression she gave you making you feel guilty for being a faster fighter.
"Oh darling…" the drengr sighed, caressing your bruised skin ever-so lightly with her fingertips, her features hardening and you were sure if she could kill the man who did this to you again, she would have given him a slower and more brutal death.
"Your neck too…" she noticed it earlier while touching you, the color peeking from underneath the collar and fur. Oddly enough you barely felt any pain there, your side being the only problem for you at the moment and you guessed your mind could only really focus on so much all at once…
Like right now when you only seemed able to focus on Eivor's fingers tracing the curve of your breast down to your hip again and then on a quite pleasant warmth pressing against your skin, her soft lips offering bruises affectionate kisses that made you feel safe, like you were back home.
"My love...how I wish I could take away your pain and make it my own…" she whispered against the lighter color lingering on your stomach, teal eyes watching you with a sense of comfort and love…
"You're too sweet, Eivor…I owe you a kiss for being so kind..." you chuckled softly, watching her features relax a bit with relief at knowing your wounds looked much worse than they actually wear, perhaps thanks to the gear you had on.
"I will eagerly accept as many kisses as you wish to give, my darling." She hummed, removing the round cap of a small wooden container, the pasty mixture making you brace yourself for the balm...
You still hissed slightly at the feeling of the cold mixture touching your side as she spread a balm all over your bruised skin, the strong herbal smell making you cringe. It was potent stuff and reeked of something like pine-trees, good if you happened to have a clogged nose but rather mean on your nostrils compared to the scent of rations coming from outside of your shared little improvised tent.
A loud growl from your stomach made your cheeks gain some color, looking up at Eivor who smiled from ear to ear at you. You looked away with a little pout, feeling a bit embarrassed she heard it, though she regarded you with a smile.
"Never thought you would like these balms so much they would awaken your belly." She teased you, pressing her fingertip against your nose, the bit of cold sticking to the skin, a soft laugh leaving her, genuine and pure and unfairly adorable...it made you forget about the pain and exhaustion.
"Do you think there's anything left for me to sink my teeth into or am I too late?" You mumbled, knowing from everyone's noisy eating that you could be out of luck with the rations most likely devoured by now and if anything remained then it should be for the journey back to Ravensthorpe.
Looking up at the handsome drengr with shiny eyes, you felt her fix your clothing and help you sit up, softly caressing your cheek, going to spread the balm on your neck but you refused, the smell already too strong coming from your torso would surely make you feel sick if it was that close to your nose...she sighed but conceded with a pout.
"I will fetch you something to eat. Stay here and try not to move too much." Eivor pecked your lips and wiped the bit of ba forgotten on the tip of your nose before getting up to search the camp ground.
You did not have to wait long as she soon returned with a smile and a cloth over her hands, the blonde settled next to you, placing a generous sized loaf of bread and dried pieces of meat over the fabric she set on your lap, your eyes widening almost instantly and mouth watering at the food.
"Surprised there was anything left…" you murmured, taking hold of a piece of meat, tearing it in half with a ravenous pull from your teeth.
"I suppose being jarlskona comes with some perks. The moment I asked if there were rations left, everyone was holding what they had in their hands out to me. Mostly half-chewed food but..."
Eivor let out a tender laugh and spoke with a deep softness that made you stop eating, studying her proud eyes, feeling like she appreciated that gesture a lot more than anyone would ever know...
The kindness her people had for her was justified but somehow you got the impression gestures like these still caught the shieldmaiden by surprise…
It made you stare down at the rations in your lap, thinking about the woman that sat next to you…
Always so firm, so strong, so kind, so composed...and yet, you knew there was more to her than just trying to be a good leader. Above all, Eivor tried to be a good person to those around her and that was inspiring and deeply moving…
You tore the loaf in half and set some dried meat onto it, turning towards the blonde with a proud grin, reaching out for her hand to place everything on it, knowing she must have been hiding her own hunger so you could eat until you felt satiated…
"Oh, I don't--" she stopped talking by a press of your finger against her lips, teal eyes widening at you as you squirmed closer, touching shoulder to shoulder, knee pressing against her strong leg.
"You deserve to eat too, Eivor…" you moved your finger away from her lips and picked up your half of the bread-loaf, glancing towards the blonde with a smirk before sinking your teeth into the crust.
"Are you sure?" She had to ask, not wanting you to still feel hungry in case she ate those halves, it would make her feel guilty for the rest of the day.
"Yes, I am. Please, I want to eat with the woman I love. You won't deny me that pleasure, will you?" A soft chuckle left you and you gave her hand a little pat on the knuckles to urge her to dig in...
What could she even say to that?
Eivor smiled at you, pressing her head to yours for a moment, feeling you nuzzle her back. Then she joined you, taking a bite from the bread and from a piece of tough meat, feeling her heart skip a beat.
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Raven's Tango
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Attempted a more polished style of lighting this time, and didn't shy away from Color Dodge ✨
Close-ups time!
Decided to make a tattoo design from scratch. I made it super personal to her by combining the Hidden Ones symbol, ravens, and some knots and braids.
Tumblr media
Also them. Just them ♥
Tumblr media
Y'all really liked my modern/fancy interpretation of them, so I'll definitely do more, as it's way easier to find references for contemporary clothing >.>
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azimedes · 3 hours ago
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Quick Eivor update. I’m about 50% done with the embroidery now that I’ve finished the sleeves. I expect the bottom hem will be wrapped some time this week and then it’s on to the gambeson! …which will cover most of this embroidery anyway but isn’t that always how this goes. 🤪
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dikastes-of-atlantis · 11 hours ago
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“It'll sadden me to see my new friend part.”
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usurperss · 7 hours ago
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and today I am offering you more Eivor studies 😳
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amisthiosintraining · 2 days ago
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12.26.2021 | Ledecestrescire
Camera tools by Frans Bouma. Captured using ReShade.
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Assassin’s Creed Crossover Stories - Announcement Trailer
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AC Odyssey x Valhalla Crossover Preview
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humlors · a month ago
VERY happy to see that the dynamic between kassandra and eivor was exactly what i predicted which is just
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assassin’s creed crossover stories | announcement trailer
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ezioauditore-s · a year ago
yes i play assassins creed no i don't understand the lore we exist
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“You look... uneasy.”
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