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I know the excitement comes form a god place, but please, especially when it comes to scientific/academic achievements stop saying “the first woman to” b/c there is a very good chance is basically the first women we know of to have achieve x. Besides, it’s barely a one-man work. Focusing on one woman, while erasing the rest won’t really help.

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running away - it was the only thing i was every particularly talented at. it held a sort of freedom; not just the beating of my feet against the solid earth, but the distance it put between me & an issue: a person, an idea, a thought. i had so many issues that they tended to blend together. i used to try & fight it, to stand my ground.
now, i just run from bad feelings. sometimes i feel like i never stop to see if they’ve gone away; it’s easier to just keep running.

𝒑𝒊𝒄𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒏𝒐𝒕 𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒆

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Out in the country it was not uncommon to discover that she had slipped away, alone, out to the lake, maybe, or down to the cellar, where once I found her sitting in the big marooned sleigh, reading, her fur coat thrown over her knees.

Donna Tartt, The Secret History (1992).

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the way getting a journal has revolutionised my life tho,,, i’m about to finish my first ever journal and it makes me so emotional to flip through it. when i first started it, i was a mess and many pages were blank. i wasn’t doing the things i was supposed to be doing. but i now realise that as the year progressed and school had started again after the winter break, i had more responsibilities so i naturally started to use the journal more. at first i was just scribbling down how much i studied that day but a few months later i was filling out nearly every page with something! i was writing down quotes i liked, drawing, putting photocards of got7 in between the pages, brainstorming on those pages. it was like slowly falling into a rhythm with the journal and becoming friends with it. slow, but fun.

and it’s almost been a year, so i’m starting to see the benefits of this habit. i’ve come to realise that recently i have been getting better at the skill of time management, i can plan a week ahead without hesitation now (which is wild compared to last year), i can keep track of what i did weeks ago, i remember things i used to always forget and i’m overall way more organised!! even my mind is less crowded because like i said, i can plan a week ahead now! i don’t stress over what i’m going to study in a specific day anymore, i plan everything out on thursdays and do not think about these again throughout the whole week; i simply don’t need to. i can relax and focus better because i know this is precisely what needs to be done today so i’m not stressing over the possibility that i might not be doing enough work.

all these benefits- and all i do is just,,, make boxes and tick them off. literally. i will recommend this to everyone i ever meet until i die, please please try keeping a journal about whatever you need to do/learn/accomplish right now! it helps so much, i especially recommend it to people who are overwhelmed by work and have a lot going on inside their heads. write down what you want to do (concisely or in detail- whichever suits you best), tick them off when you’re done with them; and if you weren’t able to do a task you wrote, write down your excuse instead. “i was sleepy,” “i procrastinated,” “i had a story idea so i ran off to write instead,” write all of these down so you can see how you’ve spent your time and visualise what you will do if this happens again next week. it has helped me a great deal and i wanted to put this out here, so one last encouragement from me (especially for people who are considering getting a journal): please do! it may feel daunting at first, but please give it a go anyway- there’s a high chance you’ll grow to like it more and more!

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100 Days of Productivity : 41/100

  • Did a practise paper 1 question for English
  • Edited my EE to try and get it under the wordcount (only 46 more to go!)
  • Hung up the Christmas wreath that I bought for our classroom yesterday
  • Finished editing my EE at home! Finally under 4000 words!!
  • Finished the appendices of my EE
  • Reviewed and corrected grammar for a couple of my classmates’ EEs too
  • Tried a new recipe! It turned out well!
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I remember, back in Ye Olden Days when I was in high school and undergrad, what absolute torture it was to write a whole five-page paper.  How could I ever come up with enough Ideas to fill Five Whole Pages?

Fast-forward to today.  I have accepted an invitation to take part in a colloquy (essentially a collaborative academic journal article) and contribute a mere 1000 words on developments in synagogue music in the past twenty years with a focus on women.  1000 words is about the equivalent of four pages, maybe a little less.  And it’s still as much torture to do it, except it’s completely different, because how can I trim down all the Ideas so that they fit in Only Four Pages?


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I lowkey want to get my PhD but I feel like I’m not smart enough/committed to actually make it work :/ what to do what to do…

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Does anyone know podcasts in russian on spotify?

I’ve been listening to the same podcast over and over and I would like to find something new, I’m interested in lifestyle, motivation, health, self development

I am learning russian and my level is intermediate, it’s time for me to stop listening to podcasts for beginners 🤔

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