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After Dora being sick last week I was really wanting to spend this week catching up, but also wanted to be caught up enough that I could take the weekend off. It feels like such a luxury because I feel like everyone around me isn’t trying to find the time to do that… But I honestly think it’s necessary! I don’t know why academics are so very bad about taking time off consistently but I don’t want to be that kind of academic. So yesterday was another busy day in my pursuit of getting caught up and being done with enough to have a relaxing weekend. Here is all of the things I did yesterday:

1) cooked breakfast

2) attended a meeting about possible access to data for my dissertation (it wasn’t news that I wanted to get, but I got some recommendations of others to reach out to)

3) emailed some of the people the meeting attendees suggest I talk to

4) attended a check in for the MN team and took aggressively detailed notes

5) attended a check in for the cross state team and took aggressively detailed notes

6) updated several spreadsheets for use for a new part of one our team’s research project

7) responded to emails

8) sent email reminders to the masters RAs about updating our tracking system

9) did laundry, including all the bedding

10) folded/put away the laundry immediately

11) vacuumed

12) mopped

13) dusted

14) deep cleaned all of the cats’ bowls and water fountains

15) picked up a prescription

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There is nothing more acdemic than visiting the church. You get to think, to hear beautyfull music and you can learn about the world. You do not have to belife in God in order to enjoy this experience. You can understand the ground ideas of the western world and maybe, this form of meditation helps you, to finde a new side to yourself. The archtecture is so extraordinary and in my hometown there even are services in latin. I feel like Iearn so much by just listening to these words spoken and the atmosphere that churches have, it is astounding . 

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“In strokes of fresh blue, pink and orange dispersed with soft white kisses, the sky writes letters to me.”

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I can never tell people my age who my celebrity or famous crushes are because 99% of them are historical geniuses who are long since gone. And when I blurt out Alan Turing for example every single person asks if he’s an internet star (mostly Tiktok, sigh) or just who he was. Then get extremely disappointed and weirded out when I tell them.

Honestly I think the real reason it’s an awkward situation is because after that conversation neither of us can really figure out who the weird one of us is-

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That back thing I reblogged earlier…It works wonders. My back just cracked 15 times. New idea? Study breaks will now include ten minutes of exercise then yoga and tea while listening to a cool podcast.

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The fault in IQ tests is 100% the fact that not everyone is given access to the same resources as someone else or the specialized resources they need. People need an education that can fit to their learning type and adapt to their needs. And because the school system rarely caters to that and for the most part only caters to a specific type of learning. People aren’t on the same playing field to begin with. This is also why a lot of notable high IQ people called IQ tests complete bullshit. To sum up what most of them said: If you give any person the resources they need to succeed and instill them with great passion and drive- they too will be just like I am.

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I’ve ultimately decided i’m going to be pushing this blog completely away from aesthetics and instead using it as a place to collect and research arts based, historical, psychological, scientific and technological topics that shaped the world to make it is what it is today. I want to ultimately use that knowledge to then move onto what is shaping the world of tomorrow. In short I want to understand how everything works in complete detail and why. I will also include the material I can find to understand these topics better and grab the best science backed study tips I can find….As well as add anything else to this blog that will fuel true academia in its purest form.

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Mutiple choice questions on tests are so vague and I swear they are made that way on purpose. I always end up going to teachers to explain my reasoning and give a speach of impractical grandeur on whatever subject it was to show them I understand the material completely. And that the question itself was just written poorly as there could have been multiple answers. OR none of them truly apply at all. Now those are my favorite to find and talk about. It’s always a good time because the teacher and and I end up bonding over the material and I end up getting the marks that were docked back in the end.

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If y’all don’t have Notion yet- you are seriously missing out. I made a fantastic daily planner and it brings me sheer joy.

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Graduates Stories of Learning and Living Agile shhHow can students be prepared for an agile working environment by teachers?

Looking for story-tellers…

Given that more and more workplaces are

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people on here be like “oh man let me just base my entire self worth on a construed capitalism based idea of academia and what being an academic is”….yall einstein and didn’t have fancy stationary at all and was a fucking genius because he put a ton of effort into something he was passionate about. so start basing your academic self worth off of how hard you try and how passionate you are about your goals instead.

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“I think the probability of us discovering another top-one-hundred-type invention gets smaller and smaller,” Huebner told me in an interview. “Innovation is a finite resource.”

Huebner predicted that it would take people about five years to catch on to his thinking, and this forecast proved almost exactly right. Around 2010, Peter Thiel, the PayPal cofounder and early Facebook investor, began promoting the idea that the technology industry had let people down. “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters” became the tagline of his venture capital firm Founders Fund. In an essay called “What Happened to the Future,” Thiel and his cohorts described how Twitter, its 140-character messages, and similar inventions have let the public down. He argued that science fiction, which once celebrated the future, has turned dystopian because people no longer have an optimistic view of technology’s ability to change the world.

-Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

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