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whiskedthought · 2 days ago
fall in love -- with that one poem which has made you cry a lot, fall in love with someone or something , that last sip of coffee , those empty bottles of whiskey , those half written letter and those color changing skies. Fall in love with the unpredictable weather and the ground which might not always stay stable. Love your best friends nose when she scrunches at smell of half cooked food and the way she never fails to hug you a little tight every time you leave. Fall in love with your moms tantrums and your dads way of care. Fall in love with everyone and everything , cause life is a little less painful with you're in love with it.
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wuziartnotes · a day ago
Tumblr media
Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910)
《The Post Room》1859
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blushingwildflower · 3 months ago
That intimate moment between you and the book you have just read the last words of, where you sit there taking in the enormity of what you have just finished.
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ancientoptimism · 7 months ago
Why did people stop wearing lockets with their love’s photograph inside? I’d love to bring that back.
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desi-deadpoet · 8 months ago
There is something so intriguing, so fascinating about library cards, the ones that are kept inside the books, with the list of people who issued it and the return dates. Like yes, show me who read you before me and let my mind imagine unrealistic scenarios for them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ancientoptimism · 10 months ago
You need motivation to study? Let me introduce you to spiteful studying. When you study a subject to prove someone wrong. When you spend hours writing up notes so that you can get that grade and smile smugly at the teacher who predicted you a lower grade. Find someone to prove wrong, it can be a teacher, a parent, friend or just to prove society that you’re so much more capable then they say you are!
Trust me, it works.
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