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It is extremely inspiring to see women like Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles, women currently at the top of their games, take a step back during career defining moments that can give them olympic medals or grand slam titles, for mental health reasons.
These women didn't get to the top without hours and hours of practice and endless rigorous training. No one can accuse them of not having done enough or worked enough, no one can say 'you're not pushing hard enough' or 'maybe you should try harder'. Because they did. They do.
It goes to show that even pushing yourself can only take you so far and if your mental health is taking a hit because of it, then you deserve to rest.
Everyone deserves mental health breaks when they're struggling to cope.
So to anyone who feels like they're not doing enough and thinks they should do more, should sacrifice their mental health for a prior obligation... remember, that its okay. You can still be at your best.
A time out. A self care day. Whatever it is that you need to do to cope, you're allowed to have. It doesn't make you a failure. It doesn't make you lesser.
We all deserve to take care of ourselves.
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land0fmilkandhoneyy5 days ago
Just wanna wake up to the love of my life and hot morning sex and then go to a farmers market and buy fresh fruit and flowers and give them tongue kisses that taste like strawberries 馃槱
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ruubesz-draws3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Exercise well; stay fit and healthy!
(Note to self, keep anything that looks like a ring away from Ultima, he WILL shoot)
Would you guys believe me if I say I drew this comic just because of the Olympics?
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adeledazeeeema day ago
adding simone biles prioritizing her mental health to my list of simple secret tests i use to figure out if someone is a garbage human being or not
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beacon-lamp5 days ago
i think for next mcc captain should get to dodgebolt but right before hes about to lose crumb cuptoast shows up with a steel chair and finally secures the captains win
oh looks like the captain's curse has struck once again as his team is now down 0-2 in dodgebolt. but whAT'S THIS?????
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compassionatereminders6 days ago
Disabled people shouldn't have to do extraordinary things to be considered worthy of respect. Yes, it's cool when someone beats the odds and does something amazing despite being disabled, but we shouldn't have to. We should be considered valuable people regardless of our achievements.
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zivazivc5 days ago
Guys, I think I finally understand why Adrien acts like that聽when he鈥檚 Chat Noir! If his cat ears have actual functioning ear canals and his human ears have ear canals then that boy must have a draft going through his brain whenever he鈥檚 transformed
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kelasparmak5 days ago
Star Trek episode where the crew gets stuck in ancient Mesopotamia and to get their ship working and able to get back to their time there鈥檚 only one thing they lack: refined copper. They check historical documents and are only able to identify Ae-Nasir as a source of copper. But the catch, he does have good copper, but to maintain the timeline, they must take his good copper and replace it with poor quality copper ingots.
all this time ea-nasir鈥檚 name has been unfairly slandered.... absolutely disgraceful
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ykz12 hours ago
if you hate children ur a freak n there r no exceptions. even the lukewarm "its ok to not like children 馃憠馃憟 just be nice to them" sentiment is weird. children are just fucking ppl. they are human beings who are at a younger age than you n if that is somehow too much for your pea sized brain to handle then you need to go to therapy! develop social skills! grow up! understand that there are going to be ppl at different ages than u in ur community and those ppl do not deserve for u to unanimously decide u hate them. this is YOUR problem and YOU need to better YOURSELF.
and im not saying u need to have children, im not saying u need to babysit them, im not saying u need to do anything other than treat the ppl around u with care and respect especially when those ppl r already so vulnerable. and if u cant do that, u need to learn.
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blueskittlesart6 days ago
i simply think u should attempt to draw sonic the hedgehog
Tumblr media
i have never played a sonic game in my life but anything for you
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compassionatereminders6 days ago
Would you drop a friend for getting a bad grade? For getting fired? I seriously doubt it. So try not to let things like that affect your self worth too much. Your success or lack of same isn't what defines you
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birkholtzlovebot3 days ago
Tumblr media
Does this mean that in canon, since Jack was the first player to come out, Elton John would have called Jack after the Cup Kiss?
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