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ilovetvtoons · a day ago
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Fans waiting for news on Amphibia Season 3b and The Owl House Season 2b release dates.
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gravityfallsrockz · 26 minutes ago
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Anne and Eda is me and the fandoms waiting for their shows' return announcements
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tommyplum · 2 years ago
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[ unfortunately i couldn’t locate the artist to give attribution to so if anybody who sees this knows whose art it is, plz let us know <3 ]
It’s enzoart! 
Thank you mucho for the info, @queuebird <3
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boydswan · 9 months ago
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Anthony Perkins in ON THE BEACH (1959)
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swaymans · 4 months ago
idk how to explain this but 2x08 was not the first time coach beard threw a dad out of the locker room. there’s something uniquely american about the dynamics between ted and beard coaching d2 college football because they’ve dealt with parents just like james tartt before and coach beard has the uniquely american position of being ted’s “get back coach” which also means he’s an enforcer and he does things like ‘accidentally’ throw guys into doors.
i know jason sudekis and brendan hunt grew up playing sports and you can tell. the most accurate sports-related part of the show isn’t american football, the fans, the players, or soccer, but ted and coach beard
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asianshep · 7 months ago
im aware that most me fans probably conflate all asian cultures so im gonna be talking to myself a bit but i do think about how me leaned a little bit into the yellow peril trope, also how japanese characters and things are all portrayed positively and the few other barely portrayed asian cultures are portrayed as greedy or evil wannabes who threaten your success which essentially tastes super heavily of japanese supremacy attitudes (also western ! but i want to highlight this) stemming from their imperialist and racist history// ie where japanese culture and people are treated like perfect innovators, iconic and can do no wrong but the rest of asia is backwards, evil, immoral, or hungry for power hmm
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bulkhummus · a month ago
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buzzfeedunsolvable · 29 days ago
The more I think about the lore in Puppet History, the more I believe couple’s counseling would have been a better answer
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theriddlerisanerd · 22 days ago
“Bruno doesn’t have ocd he’s just superstitious!!!”
Sure sure the knocking on the wood COULD just be superstition but he also does it consistently and repeatedly everytime someone mentions something that scares him so he can “Avoid bad things from happening” and the fact that he has Multiple rituals really adds to the ocd theory. Also come on - it matches his superpower perfectly??? OCD stems from being scared of the future basically. What is better for a character that can see the future???
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ourravenboys · 3 months ago
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—Sex Education 3x08
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demonboyhalo · 11 months ago
Techno: Us rich people only commit financial crimes.
Karl: Yeah! It only counts if we let it!
Techno: I’m in the electoral college :)
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ilovetvtoons · a month ago
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Amphibia, The Owl House, and The Ghost and Molly McGee Fandom during Hiatus.
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gravityfallsrockz · a year ago
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Time to face 2021
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dobythealpaca · a month ago
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@four-bastard-bustle how dare u make me feel so emotional so late a night with ur boys like that's so rude how dare
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rukafais · 2 months ago
snatcher really just was like “look ok she fucking murdered me in a fit of jealous paranoid rage after starving me in a dungeon indefinitely but it’s complicated, okay”
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coconut-cluster · 3 months ago
sometimes, and especially lately as people have migrated from this fandom en masse and I feel less pressure to adhere strictly to my blog theme, I find myself really wanting to do like deep analytical breakdowns of my own fics
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sothatwassomething · 18 days ago
the sos madness cast: shaking, crying, curled up fetal on the bathroom tiles having full on mental breakdowns
the storyteller: okiedokie time for jenga :)
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enderspawn · 7 months ago
everyone: omg!!!!! techno got locked in prison I’m so nervous what’s gonna happen next??
me, based, who doesn’t give a shit abt c!techno:
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not-actually-smart · a year ago
toph and aang being bad parents makes sense
i hate the discourse that aang and toph wouldn't be terrible parents. like obviously it's shit that these beloved characters are so bad at parenting but it makes sense when you think about it properly.
aang's father figure was a monk, a man who's first job wasn't raising aang, it was teaching him. aang grew up around peers who could bend and none of them had a biological family either - his childhood was far from ordinary. he didn’t know what a normal family looked like, with two parental figures in a loving and kind household. so yeah, he loved his kids, definitely, but it’s only logical that he struggled when it came to raising them. he had katara to help, of course, but also consider: when he had kids, he knew it was the only chance he could ever have to rebuild the air nomads. so obviously he paid more attention to his one singular airbending child. does it suck that he paid less attention to bumi and kya? yes it does. does it make sense? absolutely. aang loved his culture, and he made sure that he did everything he could to pass it on to his airbending child, so it wouldn't get lost. even if he unintentionally lost his other children along the way.
toph grew up with overprotective parents who never let her do anything. she literally left them when she was 12. her family through her teenage years were her friends: she was never raised properly by parents in a loving and healthy manner. her default, when it comes to children, is to give them all the freedom they want, because it's what she never had. so when lin and suyin beifong grow up resenting their mother for always leaving them alone, it's because toph thinks it's for the best. that her distance is what her children want, not her love and affection. toph's childhood is what makes her a bad parent: she fears becoming her parents so much that she instead becomes the complete opposite, and alienates her daughters in a different way.
sucks that our favourite characters are shitty parents, but in terms of their character, it makes complete sense, and furthermore, it makes them flawed. they aren't perfect, and i think that's more beautiful than making them be absolutely healthy parents. the writers might have disappointed the audience, but they didn’t disappoint the story.
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closet-keys · 12 days ago
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