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For me, the show is about the fact that ACD couldn’t make his characters gay so he put in code that queer audiences of that time fucking ate up. It’s basic queer theory. The show is brilliant because they wrote it the way ACD had to, by riddling it with subtext. We’re engaging with the show the way that queer people engaged with the canon stories.

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omg so im excited for tonight & im getting ready, walking around wondering why i got a headache. tmy i haven’t eaten today & i barely drank water like i really forgot to live for a hot minute 🤦🏽‍♂️

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idk when i went to sleep exactly, sometime after 12 tho. woke up at 6 then 7 now im just up. im nervous & excited, almost forgot what good nervous felt like. this is a nice start to my week off. the last 2weeks ive been just running on all cylinders trying to make it so that no one from work would need to contact me, next week. i got almost everything i needed turned in early. gave my manager my work email password (i’ll change it later) for if ppl don’t read my away msg… which i know they won’t

like i have a whole week off lol last year i took a bunch of Fridays off to have 3day weekends, & I mostly slept, so idk what to do with myself… especially during a pandemic. so im gonna do all my upkeep today, aka all the shit i don’t wanna do lol, wash clothes, clean the apt, dishes. idk if i wanna do my hair yet, i wanted to go for another week with the twists but im meeting up with someone later today & I wanna make a good second, first impression.

Things to do: clean basically everything, look for/buy stuff that makes the apt look/feel more home-y, plant shopping!!!, find a halloween costume 😈, try to figure out what everyone wants for xmas (mostly all my niblings), drive around & explore the city while it’s light out, get take out from restaurants i haven’t been to, more biking, at-home mani/pedi day bc i neeed it, start my skincare routine back up bc my acne scars are taking over my face, try some recipes i found on tiktok lol, catch up on my shows, AND SLEEP!

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Hey guys! I’m reaching out because I feel like I heard once that Holmes’ cocaine use can be seen as evidence for queer coding bc homosexuals in the 19th century used cocaine as a way to suppress their homosexuality - has anyone heard this before and does anyone have any evidence to support this? I’m in the process of writing a research paper. 

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‪(i keep reading depicting sherlock holmes as misogynistic is in character. where does that come from?)‬

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did anyone else buy classic books bc of the hype and romanticism around it? because i did! thankfully I only bought a few

  • (two Sherlock Holmes books, Pride and Prejudice, and last year I got The Picture of Dorian Gray and a tiny Emily Brontë collection of poems)

I mean thankfully I liked them well enough that I’m definitely not gonna try and sell them

  • (except I got bored in the lengthy part of Dorian Gray when the book described everything he did in the long years of his life before he slashed the portrait)

but I definitely didn’t buy them bc I was very interested in the first place

that was just me trying to expand my reading genre from YA Fantasy novels 🤧 I have some chick lit and idk some mystery thingies that aren’t classics in my tbr pile

  • (i bought them at a low price because of this big book sale and the blurbs seemed promising)

and I’ll read those first because they’re the ones likely without a huge fanbase which means I’ll be able to let go easily and proceed to the next book without a hangover and therefore further dent my pile 😫✊🏽

hopefully I will have read a considerable amount of books and have written a lot of fics before this week ends and school starts again so wish me luck! ✨

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“There is nothing in which deduction is so necessary as in religion,” said he, leaning with his back against the shutters. “It can be built up as an exact science by the reasoner. Our highest assurance of the goodness of Providence seems to me to rest in the flowers. All other things, our powers our desires, our food, are all really necessary for our existence in the first instance. But this rose is an 6 extra. Its smell and its color are an embellishment of life, not a condition of it. It is only goodness which gives extras, and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers.”

Sherlock Holmes, The Naval Treaty

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“I could not sleep that night. A vague feeling of impending misfortune impressed me. My sister and I, you will recollect, were twins, and you know how subtle are the links which bind two souls which are so closely allied.”

Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Speckled Band

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Okay the main goal for right now is calmness in public places, such as my job, pet stores, etc. As a puppy we worked a little on settling in the house but not to the degree I’m going to try and take it to now.

There’s a video on youtube by kikopup that I’m using as a guide, and will try to routinely keep up with the lessons for 5-7 days before proceeding to public places.

What we worked on today was settling ( laying down, chin on paws, relaxed body etc) and calmly treating for said behavior. I cheated a little by immediately throwing the frisbee when I got home until she was tired.


I wasn’t rewarding for this, as I felt she was too fixated for my liking here ( facing/watching me) as she is used to offering me behaviors until getting it right.


This is what I was mainly rewarding and looking for from her. She’s used to the game being: chin on paws = treats. But I also didn’t want to keep witholding treats and cause frustration. We did this for maybe thirtyish minutes while I “watched” youtube and pretended to do nothing

Here you can see her getting confused why she wasnt getting a treat and offering a different position while focusing her attention on me. Again any advice, input, two cents or what have you that you have to offer I’m all ears

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I was tagged on that lengthy post about whether Sherlock S4 is Like That due to copyright rather than queerbaiting, but (again!) my response got lengthy, so I’ve made it a separate post. I agree with many of the OP’s points; I’m not responding point by point, just felt like a numbered structure. ;)

1. BBC Sherlock is not queerbaiting. It’s fundamentally a queer story, based on a queer interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories.

2. “Sherlock Holmes is gay!”, as a startling reveal, is not what makes Sherlock groundbreaking. The more you read about Sherlock Holmes analysis, the more you realize that this interpretation is not new; it has been discussed repeatedly in different forms over the past 120+ years and will continue to be brought up and either embraced or rejected pretty much forever. Also, Granada genuinely did already produce a gay Sherlock Holmes adaptation; they just didn’t speak its name. I wrote a pretty decent piece of meta about that here, which also contrasts the ways Granada and Sherlock approach the canon. In saying this, I don’t mean to downplay the importance of Sherlock being gay; it is vitally important, and it’s the reason why the Sherlock Holmes saga still isn’t understood, despite a truly ridiculous amount of effort. But if the only rug Mofftiss pulled at the end of the series were, “Surprise, Sherlock is gay!”, it would really not be that impressive; it’s not a new idea.

3. What does make Sherlock groundbreaking is Mofftiss’s “so audacious, so outrageous” aim of re-creating The Great Game (aka The Grand Game, aka The Sherlockian Game) by i) Retelling the story that Doyle told in subtext, only largely as text, ii) Incorporating exactly the same types of inconsistencies and parallels within and between stories that drove fans of the original Doyle stories mad enough to spend 120+ years trying to make a single, logical narrative from it, thereby inspiring their present-day audience to do the same, iii) Incorporating the multiple layers of narrative that Doyle used to both hide the truth and inform the audience that he was hiding the truth, iv) Lying constantly about the nature of their series, both to ensure that it is a true puzzle and to demonstrate in the only way possible that Doyle could have done exactly the same thing. The consequence of this technique is to force the modern audience to re-examine and re-interpret Doyle’s stories, and inevitably his life, through a new lens.

4. Nothing “happened” to Sherlock in S4. The darker turn taken in S4 recreates the darker turn taken in the Sherlock Holmes subtext narrative, which is largely ignored by readers who seek only lighthearted adventure in the canon. The fact that S4 appears to be derivative of other media recreates the experience of reading many of the later Sherlock Holmes stories, stories which are so “bad” and so “out of character” that past and current critics have suggested that Doyle copied or bought them from other writers and simply changed the names. They’re wrong; these stories are an important part of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes saga and are both as original and un-original as the other stories. The use of Brechtian techniques in S4 is also a natural fit for elements of Doyle’s own writing, particularly in the later stories. But fundamentally, the text and subtext themes of S4 are present in canon also, as I began to cover here and have been continuing to write about in, well, everything else I’ve written since then.

5. As things stand now, the subtext narrative of the Sherlock Holmes stories is presented in Sherlock, but not resolved. To complete the story, we require several specific events, including the “I am Birdy Edwards” moment, which Moffat has called his favourite, and the Garridebs moment, which Gatiss has called his. Readers of canon will notice that in Sherlock, several of the big emotional moments of the original stories have been held back, leaving key emotional themes in many episodes unresolved—for example, The Hounds of Baskerville adapting both The Devil’s Foot without “I had never seen so much of Holmes’s heart before” and The Valley of Fear without Watson answering ‘Not in the least’ in astonishment. A final series is required for resolution to be reached. Mofftiss have made this as plain as they can, given the constraints of their narrative form. So, it’s unnecessary to look for reasons why the show has “changed” or “been shut down”. It’s still very much in progress and on track.

6. Because Sherlockian studies have been going on for 120+ years, many parts of the puzzle have already been revealed by now. However, very few people have had the nerve to put them all together as a grand unified theory of Sherlock Holmes, I think entirely because it requires a queer interpretation of Doyle’s work. For a reader to recognize queer themes in the Sherlock Holmes stories is to invite that reader to question the sexuality of the writer, and ultimately, that of the reader himself. This is why old-school Sherlockians fight it so hard: the latent fear that their homosocial societies will be interpreted as homosexual. It’s classic gay panic. The people who forcefully reject the idea of a queer Sherlock Holmes more or less dominate “Sherlockian studies” at present, but that is changing as they age out of the fandom and as academics begin to look more closely at Doyle’s work. We presume that the two Doyle estates also reject it, but frankly they appear to be motivated more by money than by anything else. Sometimes these groups overlap, since one of the Doyle estates is closely associated with old-guard Sherlockians.

7. As far as I can tell, the estates are the only groups who could conceivably threaten Mofftiss’s big gay Sherlock project, and only until the end of 2022. BBC/Hartswood appear to have some kind of licensing deal with one of the estates; perhaps that allows them to do what they want, perhaps not. Regardless, as others have mentioned, all of the stories that remain under copyright have already been folded into Sherlock, at least in subtext. For example, The Blanched Soldier (copyright expires at the end of 2021) contributes important elements to ASIP and TSOT, stretching all the way back to 2010. By the end of S4, all of the Case-Book stories (i.e., all of the stories in the final book) have been referenced at least in subtext. Again, perhaps importantly, the subtext of the Case-Book stories (and many others) remains unresolved in the show. We need one more series to complete the narrative, and it’s going to deliver all of the emotional impact that’s been held back so far, which is why those of us who are reading along expect S5 to be devastating (in the best possible way). Until that happens, only the closest viewers will understand how deeply the later stories have already been referenced in the show.

So, ultimately, it is not a question of if but when S5 will appear. Any number of things can influence the the length of the post-S4 hiatus (i.e., scheduling conflicts) and the pandemic may further affect these. If Mofftiss are concerned about a copyright suit, then S5 would not air before Jan 1, 2023. I don’t see any evidence that they care about it, but who knows. I doubt that they would design a puzzle and tell us to solve it if they were afraid that we might actually solve it. The inclusion of late canon stories in early episodes of Sherlock suggests to me that they don’t mind being caught at it.

Tagging a few people on the other thread below the cut.

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