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#ace culture is
ace-culture-is · a day ago
Aspec culture is knowing you're somewhere on the ace-spectrum but not actually knowing where and deciding to just refer to yourself as ace rather going with any micro label since you know trying to figure out an exact label would just stress you out and just saying ace feels more comfortable anyway even if it doesn't necessarily fit (metaphorically) word for word.  
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
Closeted ace culture is seeing people wear black rings and wondering if they are ace too or if it's just aesthetic for them, but being unable to ask outright
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ace-culture-is · 8 hours ago
Ace culture is thinking that the song Cake by the Ocean is actually about eating cake on the beach for *years* and then realizing that it is, in fact, not about that
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ace-culture-is · 13 hours ago
(sex indifferent) ace culture is listening to very sexually explicit songs without being flustered at all 'cause you like the tune
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
Ace culture is thinking the most unrealistic part of any mythology is how fast the people in here fall in love and marry.
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ace-culture-is · 21 hours ago
asexual culture is getting EXTREMELY uncomfortable when a song mentions 'sex' and then having to debate whether it's worth it, continuing to listen to the song
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
sex-averse grey ace culture is looking at that weird undefinable blob of Attraction you’ve experienced and wondering ‘what is the point of this’
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ace-culture-is · 15 hours ago
Ace culture is wanting to get a black ring but only able to find giant ones for guys that would fit my brother not me (also I’m not the worlds biggest online shopping fan so that makes it hard)
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ace-culture-is · 11 hours ago
Ace culture is not understanding fictional crushes and why people have them and why they exist
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ace-culture-is · 19 hours ago
touch repulsed demiro-ace culture is (very specific ik) being uncomfortable with the slightest bit of skin touching yours but being clingy to the one you truly love
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ace-culture-is · 6 hours ago
Ace culture is everyone in the discord server asking you to pass out some non-horny so they can focus on the raid😂😂😂
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ace-culture-is · 2 hours ago
Ace culture is almost getting discouraged from working out??? I’m an artist so I don’t get to be very active most of the time so my general exercise pre pandemic was that I walked EVERYWHERE because I didn’t have a car. My therapist told me ages ago that I should simulate a commute to sort of trick myself into getting ready for my day so that I don’t just wallow and it really helped me! I walk like an hour or so in the morning and I have alarms that force me to stop working and move around more. And I definitely needed to go out in the sun for a few minutes a day. But lately, I guess it’s that my workout is more stationary than before (I mean I have to do like squats or something and I can’t just rely on walking all day), my body is changing and I’ve been getting more objectifying comments from ppl who think it’s a compliment and it just makes me almost want to stop even though Ik it’s helping my mental health. I just don’t wanna be perceived sexually and it’s frustrating.
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ace-culture-is · 22 days ago
Ace culture is thinking that "slipping into something more comfortable" meant getting into pajamas/comfy clothes
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ace-culture-is · a month ago
Ace culture is begging marvel to keep Yelena as asexual as she is canonically.
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ace-culture-is · 3 months ago
aroace culture is constantly asking "wait, that's real? that's not just made up for romcoms?"
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ace-culture-is · 3 months ago
Ace culture is calling a person or celebrity „hot“ because its easier than explaining that „yes, i am ace, but this person is very aesthetically pleasing to me and their energy is very catching and i would love to spend time with them and look at them, but no, i do not have the urge to fuck them, but yes i have eyes“
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ace-culture-is · 5 months ago
Ace culture is getting this in your fortune cookie
Tumblr media
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[ID a fortune cookie paper laying on a hard white surface reads “A good friendship is often more important than a passionate romance” End ID]
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ace-culture-is · 2 months ago
Ace culture is seeing a sexualized ad and feeling a sense of power over the advertisement gods because you are immune to their tricks.
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ace-culture-is · 2 months ago
Ace culture is getting internally irritated and slightly murderous every time someone equates giving compliments to one’s physical appearance to “oooooh you’re attracted to them!! oooOOOOOH YOU’RE BLUSHING YOU LIKETHEEEEeeEMMm!!1!!” No, no no no. “Blushing” is the body’s natural response to receiving unwanted/embarrassing attention. So no, you cockshit, I’m blushing because you’re embarrassing me, not because I have a “”crUush”” on the person I am complimenting.
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