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Can we just talk about how the Ace Ops let Jaune and Ren walk around freely but Yang wasn’t allowed to and it took both Elm and Vine to hold her down?

Because, I kind of want to know why they decided that Yang was the only threat between the three. Yes, she did fight and beat Elm and Vine, but that was also with Blake around, and they had ‘all’ the Ace Ops there, so they could have defiantly subdued her easily. Especially since she basically has no aura.

And they all saw Ren and Jaune fight, and they know that they’re good fighters, and really smart, and yet they have no personal guard.

I’m sure that there is a very simple reason as to why they did that that I’m probably just blind to, but seriously, why did they just pick on Yang?

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Harriet: One of my idiots is mad at me.

Ren: Do you mean… one of your friends?

Harriet: Huh, yeah, one of my-

Harriet: One of my f-

Harriet: FUCK.

Ren: It’s okay take your time.

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If I could talk with RWBY writers and maybe Barbara I would totally ask like really stupid and random questions.

Like, did Yang bought her bike or did she got a part time job while in Signal to be able to buy pieces so she could do Bumblebee?

Who the fuck taught Yang to drive? Does she have her license for like cars as well?

Does Blake eyes just glow in the dark?

Faunus just have physical characteristics of animals or they can have their animal behavior? Aka does Blake actually land in her feet no matter what? Does that mean she’s like super flexible? And that she doesn’t really like water? Or that she hiss?

Can Marrow eat chocolate? I would be sad if he can’t.

Who told Harriet that hair was a good idea?

Is Blake tan or not? Her skin is in a totally different tone in V4 and V5 because of the sun, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Does Winter dyed her hair? Her eyebrows doesn’t match her hair 🧐


Salem needs to dyed her hair to be that white or that shit is natural? Like she’s pretty OLD so idk I feel she should have grey hair but there’s like old people with white hair so I’m in confusion.

Does this mean that when Ozma and Oscar emerge as one Oscar would have grey hair or? I mean Ozma is like old OLD.

Does Taiyang give allowance to the girls or the money they can spent in like stuff is just Yang part time job doing?

Is that is true then wtf is Yang’s part time job? Selling fucking cough syrup?

Can y'all confirm already if Ruby and Yang are basically engineer prodigies?

Did Blake made her own weapon? And if she did what where her processing thoughts about it? Did she just said “YEET” And that’s how she thought of the whole thing?

How did Weiss not became blind in one eye after that damn Grimm cut her damn eye? Or that was just her Aura doing? Can you expand a bit the part where her dad made her fight a Grimm based on her granddad? Cuz that’s pretty fucked up.

Does Yang prefer Street Fighter or Tekken? Does Ruby even like games like COD or PUBG or she just prefers shit like Mortal Kombat?

Why in the fuckity fuck we haven’t got a scene with Ruby and Weiss talking about WHAT HAPPENED IN VOLUME 5? WEISS ALMOST DIED FOR NOT SAYING SHE WAS LIKE DEAD FOR A FEW SECONDS.

Does Blake purr? Does she likes when Yang scratch her ears or just play with her hair? LISTEN SHE’S PART CAT I’M SO FREAKING CURIOUS ABOUT THIS.

Be honest with me, how many times have Blake broke some stuff or interrupted Yang when she’s in her scroll because she wants attention?

Can Nora just electrocute someone when she activates her semblance? Did she try to do this before? And why did she try it on Jaune?

Does Ren just like dyed a part of his hair pink or that’s just… Ren being emo?

Can Jaune actually play guitar? Does Yang plays guitar too? I actually need to know the last one for scientific purpose.

I could continue but it just to much…

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Start of War

I’m wondering with the massive risk in going into the giant whale Grimm that Yang, Jaune and Ren are taking I got a bit of a growing suspicion someone isnt going to make it back. I mean we got a rescue mission, a team planting a bomb, Salem and Cinder under one roof and a wounded Oscar. Its all a Powder keg just waiting to blow. I mean the character conflicts that can happen are boundless. Are some of Salems crew going to betray her for Oscar? Is Neo a wild card? Will Jaune be facing Cinder? Is Ace ops going in and if they go in are they going to meet Salem? Will someone stay behind to turn the bomb on like all those cliche tropes? How will this end? I have no idea. Maybe I’m wrong and my suspicions are unfounded. Maybe everyone makes it back safe and sound. Maybe they rescue Oscar with help from some of Salems crew. Maybe Ace ops drops the bomb off and it kills the whale. Maybe its a victory. I gotta feeling though that may be not the case.

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Janurwby day 7! Favorite side character! I love Marrow so very much and I hope he defects from the ace ops!

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I agree with you. There IS a difference between growth and plot armor *nod* but RWBY beating the Ace Ops has nothing to DO with plot armor. It has to do with the Ace Ops not being a cohesive team. Through out the whole fight they were digging at each other and bickering between themselves because of their whole “we’re not friends” BS. If the Ace Ops WERE an actual good, COHESIVE group, then yeah they would’ve won. But we’ve seen, and it’s been confirmed, that the Ace Ops aren’t used to not having Clover’s luck around. And we’ve also seen they haven’t worked on their teamwork .-. Because they LOST to Penny one v four. They got the sword from her but Harriet herself says “Good work would’ve been capturing Penny”, thus admitting their loss.

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I’ve already thought of so many possibilities with this ask and AU suggestion! @alexsuperstar is a creative genius! He came up with this in like 30 seconds! Absolutely incredible!

I introduce to you all, the Arc Ops AU!

(Loooooong ask ahead! BEWARE!)

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The Ace Ops don’t really have a “partner” concept, but operatives Vine and Elm tend to pair up together. This may be due to the amazing synergy between their plant-like Semblances. Vine’s ivy like arms, and Elm’s root like feet give the duo the flexibility as well as the steadfastness to combat any situation.

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Ace Operative Elm Ederne, is an excellent agent with a peerless track record. She is the pillar of the team and only second in performance to Clover, who has “luck” on his side. Elm is the quintessential, immovable object in the old adage about it and the irresistible force.

Now that being said, Elm has caught the attention of a certain someone who also uses a hammer and shoots explosives. We’re not sure if we heard correctly, but we think it was something about thunder… and thighs?

“Hi~! Do you need a new best friend?” -Nora

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Marrow Amin is one of our Elite Ace Ops. He is a faunus, but unlike much of the riff raff, he is loyal to our general and Kingdom. His semblance is also extremely powerful as it is capable of slowing down entities with a word.

As the latest addition to the Ace Ops, Operative Amin still leaves a lot to be desired compared to the more veteran members like Clover or Elm. This was most salient during interrogation resistance training where his poker face was continually betrayed by his tail.

“STAY!” -Marrow

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There’s nothing subtle about what the Ace Ops leader Clover is about. He walks into any situation with a four leaf clover on his lapel, rabbit’s foot on his belt, and while twirling a horseshoe. This man exudes the confidence of a leader that knows he can beat any odds… literally.

Which… puts him at the opposite end of the spectrum with our friendly neighborhood Qrow that brings misfortune to all those around him. With these two mystical Semblances colliding, this is the first time we hope Qrow is defeated by someone else, because this might be the only chance for him to catch a break.

“I was honestly expecting things to go a lot rougher.” -Qrow (moments before meeting Clover’s Bolo Ties)

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So The Ace Ops, prior to their ACTUAL introduction, was Harriet, Vine, Elm, Tortuga, and our good luck charm, Clover. We don’t know how different the dynamics were, but it COULD be inferred that Tortuga and Harriet were partners and that they worked pretty well together. And it can also be pretty easily concluded, that Tortuga was the Tortoise to Harriet’s Hare. Because… Ya know… Tortuga literally MEANS turtle lol. AND if we look at the Tortoise and the Hare story, we can maybe guess what happened to him? 

The Tortoise and the Hare, we all know the story, the Hare mocks the tortoise for being slow and the Tortoise says “I get around faster than you’d think and I’ll race you to prove it.” so the Tortoise and the Hare begin their race and the Hare gets cocky and decides to take a nap on the side of the course. When the Hare wakes up, he discovers the Tortoise is almost to the finish line and takes off to try and catch up, but he can’t and the slow Tortoise won the race. Slow and steady wins the race :3

Now in RWBY, I doubt Harriet and Tortuga LITERALLY raced lol. Though I wouldn’t put it past Harriet to challenge him to one 😗. But no I think something darker happened, because it’s RWBY and they always twist the stories in some way. What I think happened is Harriet is, somewhat, responsible for what happened to Tortuga. Harriet, we’ve seen many times, is VERY confident in her abilities and does NOT take defeat well, like the Hare. Tortuga was probably the opposite. Tortuga, I think, was cautious and didn’t take a lot of risks. That lack of risk taking probably woulda grated on Harriet because her EVERY instinct IS to take risks. And Harriet would WANT her partner to match her. Also a possibility of a workplace romance, but I’m not gonna get into that lol.

So Harriet is a risk taker, Tortuga is not. A simple dynamic, but one that would fit, I think. So Harriet would probably continue to push Tortuga to take more risks. And because Harriet is so cocky… I think Tortuga DID take a risk. That risk being, saving Harriet’s life. Finishing the race, as it were. And I don’t think Harriet took it too well. But, because in the military showing emotions makes you weak, she just… didn’t grieve properly and let this new kid replace her partner and dealt with it. She didn’t deal with it WELL mind you, but she accepted it and just… never got over the death of Tortuga properly.

Conclusion: This is obviously speculation Tortuga might not even be dead lol. This is just a possibility of what COULD have happened 😗. 

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Harriet Bree of our Ace Ops is undeniably one of the fastest Huntresses to ever exist. Speed Semblances are fairly common, but one of this caliber is unheard of. We have conducted many exams on her, and cross referencing her results with what is already known about Semblances helped us create a hypothesis.

If Semblances are reflections of who you are, your soul, then perhaps Harriet’s speed has something to do with her incredible impatience? Because nothing in this world moves quickly enough for Operative Bree.

“I had you kids pegged right from the start.” -Harriet

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Salem, when she showed up while RWBY, Ironwood and the Ace Ops argued: Hello, everyone. I know you’re struggling right now, but I’m here to tell you that everything will get worse.

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Jaune: We need to distract these guys.

Yang: Leave it to me, I’ve got this.

Ren: What are you gonna do-

Yang: Centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. Discuss.

Harriet, Elm and Vine: *start arguing immediately*

Winter: What the fuck-

Marrow: Shhh. Let’s defect and join the kids while they’re not watching.

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Day 8: Favourite trailer- Confession time… Although I seriously love the show, I’m a very recent fan, having been roped in back when the Vol 7 season finale was about to be released, so I never really watched any of the trailers (until now due to this challenge). However, although they were all awesome, Vol 8 trailer is a winner for me because, considering the epic cliffhanger we had at the end of vol 7, I couldn’t wait for vol 8 to begin!

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Weiss: We can’t keep sneaking off like this, Marrow! People are starting to talk.

Marrow: Who cares? Let them talk.

Sometime later….

Weiss: *petting Marrow* Who’s a good boy?

Marrow: *tail wagging* Me!

Ruby: *walks in* Hey Weiss, the team and… I…

Yang: What’s going on- Oh.

Blake: Well… this is… unexpected.


Yang: Don’t feel bad! It’s a faunus thing, right Blake?

Blake: *flustered* Yang! It’s also kinda private!

Yang: What? I thought everyone knew you liked having your ears rubbed?

Ruby: Um… let’s just… leave. *shoves Yang and Blake out of the room.* Bye! *closes the door*

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