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twst Incorrect quote #197
Ace: “As everybody knows, the first child is more of a prototype. We younger siblings are the best version our parents could make!”
Trey: “What?”
Jamil: “Excuse me?”
Idia: “H-Huh?”
Vil: “I’m an only child, meaning my parents are artists for making a masterpiece on their first try.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
☆! Short scenarios of my favourites that plagued my mind for a while now.
☆! barely proofread, fem!reader implied (Floyd), fake pregnancy (floyd), inappropriate staring(floyd), rook getting a little invasive, sorta ooc.
— He isn't sure if you have already found out yet but Malleus likes to give you tiny inconveniences sometimes. Oh? The book that you need is too high up in the shelf, well, leg him get it for you since he's tall. You haven't had your dinner yet? Come to Diasomnia for they welcome you with open arms and a nice warm meal (cooked mainly by Silver). There's homework you haven't completed yet? Then he'll gladly assist you and help you finish them before the due date. Basically, he'll do anything to be with you if he gets a little too lonely or maybe jealous.
— Since there's limited places in college where he can't get any soft cushions or pillows, Leona makes use of well.. you. He often uses your lap whenever he's out of his room and in public; most likely will push Grim out of the way so he can indulge himself with a nice nap on your lap (haha it rhymed-). Out of all the pillows he owns in his room, you're his favourite. You're warm, soft, there's a scent he likes about you, he gets a kiss sometimes when he wakes up, etc. It also means no one screws around with you in a way he won't take kindly to.
— No matter how much he denies it, Ace loves being little spooned, he says he always wants to be the big spoon but once you wake up from your nap or in the morning; he's always in your arms, his head on your chest while you get a whiff of his cherry scent. You would say, "denial is just a phase away from pure bliss~" whenever he says he doesn't like being coddled, he shots a pout at you while you roll your eyes.
— It was a lovely day out for teaching how to teach your lover how to use a bow and arrow, Rook thought how fun it would be if his partner, too, knows how to hunt like him. You were at a field, there were targets set up in front of you while Rook hands you his bow and arrow. He instructed you on how to hold it properly, where to put the arrow, and what posture to take but he noticed how you slightly struggle with some parts of his instructions so he decided to help you. You feel his chest at your back, his hands over yours, and his breath next to your ear; he whispers his instructions once again before you felt his lips kiss the shell of your ear. You were surprised by the gesture and let go of the string of the bow causing the arrow to hit the target, a few inches away from a bullseye. Rooks praises you for your effort, though it may not be a bullseye but "it is a wonderful start towards a new hobby!", he says.
— His confusion grows big as well as his blush whenever you smother your face on Jack's chest. What's so special about the, that you shove your face in it when you get every chance? Jack just pats your head while you stay in that position for quite awhile; he does find it adorable when he sees your cheeks smushed when you look up on him. Finds it strange that you squish it too but let's you be as long as it does no harm.
— While on a convenient store run with your boyfriend, Floyd, he saw some creep eyeing you down, as if they were undressing you with their eyes so he decided to change that. Floyd crawled his arms around your stomach, caressing it softly, he says he can't wait for his little one to see the world outside once you reach your estimated due date. Floyd stares directly into the strangers eyes with the same eerie smile he gives to his classmates when he gets mad; eventually the creep got uncomfortable and left the store with their goods. Meanwhile, you scold Floyd about his behaviour after he let go of you, he laughed it off and teased how cute you are when you're angry.
Tumblr media
☆! when u drank 2 mugs of chamomile tea with a oatmeal cookie with chocolate to fall asleep but instead made this to save ur blog from looking inactive: - also thanks 4 @sanctum-of-ramshackle (rook) & @honey-milk-depresso (leona) fo sending in rqs <33
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Twst EN translations is causing too much chaos 🤣🤣🤣
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Happy EN release!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Let's manage our keys better this time ( ´ ▿ ` )
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Tumblr media
Heartslabyul 🍰🥧🥚🍜☕️
First drawing of 2022 ✨️✨️✨️✨️ ^^
Im back :D
Thank you for still following me even i lately i getting less active :")
I have alot unfinished drawing from last year and this is of my old wip from last year and i just finished it now :")
Anyway the Heartslabyul gang + chenya fanart ✨️💗💕💗💓💕💗 :D this was inspired by one of the twst merch the chara peko one which base by their favorite foods (?)
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Tumblr media
happy english release ヾ( ˃ᴗ˂ )◞ • *✰
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Tumblr media
heartslabyul gang 
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Tumblr media
happy twst english day have some art I did of the heartsyawhatchamcallit boys (and chenya) I made around a year ago!♥️
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Tumblr media
So how is everyones TwstEng experience going? Whose hand did you take?ヾ(•ω•`)o
you can already guess who I chose
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Tumblr media
Okay but like this is a GREAT line ya’ll.
The next time someone tells me I’m digging my own grave I’m gonna say this. Hells yeah. “I’ve got a shovel and I am DIGGING.” Ain’t gonna stop me.
Though… no one’s actually said this to me in, like, ever, sadly, so… yeah…
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Really? Cause En Twst seems to think otherwise
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💔 How to Ace a Broken Heart 💔
(Ace Trappola)
Summary: Shamelessly, you’ve got a crush on Floyd Leech and Ace is nothing short of worried sick when he finds out.
But despite his advice to pursue someone else, he nevertheless agrees to trying to help you woo the eel. Only, things don’t quite go as planned.
Ace collapsed as soon as the whistle blew. He couldn’t remember a time he’d pushed himself so hard. Amongst all the heat, adrenaline, and squeaky basketball shoes that made the court sound like it had a mouse infestation, he felt like a cat that had been outrun by its prey. Defeated. Exhausted. Wasted.
“Nee~ little crab,” Floyd called from across the court. “Are you gloomy because I won again?”
Ace groaned. Floyd skipped towards him, his long legs clearing the length of the court in under a dozen strides. How was he skipping? How was he still standing? Throughout the whole match, Ace had to fight to dribble the ball past Floyd. The eel’s arms were so long all he had to do was lunge to intercept all his shots and passes.
“Has the little crab gone back into his shell?” Floyd nudged Ace with his shoe. “Come on, get up. We can still squeeze another ten minutes of practice in~”
“Leave him alone, Floyd! He’s almost dead.”
Floyd and Ace jerked their heads around, and were surprised to see you up in the stands. Your grin was so broad it threatened to tear your face in half. Ace watched as you made your way down to the court, he had to distract himself from his aching muscles somehow.
“You both played so well today,” you said. “Ace, your bounce-pass to Jamil was some quick-thinking. It’s a shame Floyd intercepted it, or else it would have been perfect. You’re definitely not slowing down, are you Floyd.”
‘Nope?’ thought Ace. Is that really all he’s going to say? Rude.
You began to nervously twiddle your fingers. It was then that Ace noticed you were blushing. He would have burst out laughing if breathing wasn’t so strenuous. Really? Floyd Leech? You were blushing at Floyd Leech? Ace had seen it all before: the desperation to impress and flatter a crush.
“G-Glad you know you’re good at something,” you said.” I’m more of a jack of all trades. I tend to dabble in a lot of things, but I’m not particularly incredible at anything.”
“Yeah, you are mediocre, Shrimpy.”
With that, Floyd headed for the locker room. Ace was left alone with you – which he wouldn’t have minded were it not for the look of complete hopelessness on your face.
“I saw the way you looked at him,” he wheezed. “And you’re wasting your time.”
You cocked an eyebrow. “Meaning?”
Ace sighed. “I had a girlfriend once. Didn’t work out. Moved on. Feel better because of it. Floyd only commits himself to things that he finds interesting, so snap out of it before you get hurt.”
Ace’s words tumbled around your head like a poltergeist was smashing them against your skull. Floyd didn’t find you interesting? You refused to believe that. You’d had a crush on him for so long you couldn’t bear the thought of not being with him. Ever since he’d begun teasing you, calling you ‘Shrimpy’, you’d had an eye for him. It was surely just a matter of time before he would look your way with a genuine smile, engage in a conversation, hang out. But when? You weren’t getting any younger.
Then it hit you.
“Hey, Ace. Can you do me a favour?”
Ace groaned. “Sure, if you carry me back to Heartslabyul-“
“Could you help me get with Floyd?”
The boy jumped to his feet, his face aghast.
You went akimbo. “What? You spend loads of time with Floyd at basketball club. The only person I could think of who would know more about him is Jade.”
“So ask Jade.”
You shuddered. “You seriously want me to ask Jade for dating tips on his twin brother? You’re a factory for bad ideas. Imagine if a girl had a crush on your big bro and came to you for help.”
“Point taken.” Ace’s eyes flitted to the locker room. He could always just leave. Escape. He didn’t know what to say. If he agreed to help, would he be throwing you to the wolves? He had been sent to the infirmary, because of Floyd, more times than he had years to his name. But if he declined, would he be a bad friend for neglecting you in your time of need?
“Fine. But you’ll owe me.”
You clapped your hands together excitedly. “I have a coupon for the local bakery. I know how much you liked cherry pies.”
The mention of his favourite food did nothing to stir Ace. He just wanted to get this over and done with.
To describe the following days as ‘hell’ would be an understatement.
You got Ace to pretend to be Floyd so that you could practice love confessions. To add insult to injury, you made him tie back his hair, except for one long streak– which he then coloured black with a permanent marker. He even stood on a chair to emulate the eel’s gargantuan height, which only reminded him of how futile scoring against him in basketball would be.
Then, when the confession tumbled from your lips, your hand in his, Ace couldn’t help but break character. His heart boomed inside his chest; his nerves frayed; his face burned so red it was like he was impersonating Riddle instead.
Why had he suddenly felt that way? Giddy and excited. He knew it was all pretend. Fake. Practice. Your confession wasn’t meant for him, so why had it unravelled him so much?
Secondly, kissing practice. You weren’t taking any chances. If you did manage to get with Floyd, you didn’t want to be caught unawares when it came to the nuances of romance.
You and Ace had gone into the Heartslabyul maze for privacy. Sat beneath a rose bush, everything was perfect. The freshly-cut hedges were kissed golden as the sun set behind the dormitory. Ace’s hands were shaking with anticipation. He tried his best to still them as he cupped your face, steering your lips towards his. Your cheeks were hot beneath his palms. Once again, his heart jumped in his chest. You closed your eyes as you leaned in. Ace looked you over, his gaze lingering on your lips. They looked so soft. But he forced himself to remember that the emotions you were feeling weren’t for him.
“I…think you’ve got it,” he said, his hands slipping from your face.
“Do you think I did alright?”
“Yeah, sure.”
Your lip twitched. “What do you mean just ‘yeah, sure?’ That’s the sort of thing Floyd would say. Are you still impersonating him now?”
“Look, Ace, I need you to act like you’re in love with me. I need this to feel authentic so I have the best chance of getting the real thing right-“
“You want me to act? Fine. I can act.” Glaring, Ace got to his feet, untucked his shirt, loosened his tie, and pulled down the fading black streak of hair. “Nee~ Shrimpy, I’m Floyd Leech and you’ve wasted all your time. You’re like the opposite of the Little Mermaid~. Even with your voice, you still didn’t get your true love.”
“Where’s this come from? You’re supposed to be helping me!”
“I am helping you! You think I want to see you get your heart broken? You said it yourself, I know Floyd Leech. None of this will change anything.”
“You were just doing this all for a cherry pie.”
“You always do things to benefit you. Here, take it!” You plunged your hand into your pocket and threw the coupon at his feet.
Before Ace could retort, you stood up and trudged off into the hedges. You weren’t even sure you were headed the right way, but it didn’t matter. Ace had been acting strange with you all week. He never seemed to fully commit to impersonating Floyd. He always felt too ‘himself’ whenever you roleplayed.
Perhaps he’s just a bad actor, you thought. Or perhaps he has a crush on me, too. No, that’s insane. He’s Ace. Since his last girlfriend, he’s sworn off love altogether. He was just in it for the pie. He’s always looking for ways to benefit himself whenever he does favours for anyone else. Selfish bastard.
Ace hadn’t spoken with you for a week since your disagreement. It didn’t feel appropriate. Both your hearts felt sore after what had transpired in the maze and neither of you were prepared to break the ice. However, an opportunity arose.
NRC’s basketball club had a match against RSA. It was just a spontaneous match, no trophy or titles at stake, but that didn’t make it any less important. Jamil, Floyd and Ace had trained for this moment, and they weren’t going to leave anything on the bench.
The stands were alive with cheers as the teams took the court. On one side, NRC raised their black banners almost as high as their voices. RSA applauded their team far more gently. Their banners were white, with sweet little messages like ‘We Believe In You’ painted across them. You were helping Deuce hold a banner saying ‘The Ra-Ven is Mightier Than the Sword’.
As soon as Ace caught sight of you, an excited chill swept down his back. You were beaming, cheering, waving right at him. Had he been forgiven? He raised his hand to wave back, but then he followed your line of sight and realised you were focussing on Floyd. Ace decided to detach himself right then and there. If you wanted this – wanted Floyd – he wasn’t going to put up with what happened afterwards.
The start whistle blew and the players burst from their positions. Floyd was playing defence, Ace was a wing. For once, Ace was grateful to be on Floyd’s team. RSA was excellent at making interceptions, but NRC had the ball the most thanks to Floyd’s reach. The auditorium roared each time he blocked a goal. Meanwhile, Ace wasn’t having the best time of it. Marked by a cheetah beastman, he could barely keep up. By the time the half-time whistle blew, Ace had made no interceptions and only a handful of passes. He was quickly substituted off.
Ace trudged to the bench, gritting his teeth so hard it felt like he could crush them.
Teams spent the half-time break drinking water and exchanging tactics, whereas Ace spent it trying to slink off to the changing rooms. Not only had he failed to be a part in defeating RSA, but you and Deuce were probably whispering to yourselves about how pathetic his performance was. He glanced up at the stands one last time, searching for you to prove himself right, when suddenly, you ran past him. It was only for a moment, but he could have sworn you had your hands over your face.
Floyd was staring after you, a surprised grin plastered across his face.
“Is (Y/N) alright?” Ace asked him.
Floyd threw his head back and let out a laugh. “She said she loved me! How silly is that!”
Without hesitation, Ace took off after you.
The NRC corridors were cool, quite, dark. Compared to the roars and adrenaline in the auditorium, it was like the world had been inverted. You knew you shouldn’t have gotten your hopes up. Ace had been right. Ace had always been right. And you had done the foolish thing of following your heart without fear of the consequences.
Clueless of where to go, you just let yourself run. You didn’t register that you were in the Heartslabyul maze until you curled up under a rose bush and let the tears flow. Your chest heaved as you sobbed, hating yourself, hating Floyd, hating all the time you’d wasted.
Ace eventually caught up with you. It wasn’t difficult to track you down. The hedges had been trimmed again and their leaves still covered the maze’s pathways. All he had to do was followed the disturbed foliage. With each step, Ace debated whether to turn back. You deserved to feel the way you did. He gave you advice, his time, and you’d turned your nose up at it like a fussy child.
But, as Ace rounded the corner, the sight of you, trembling with sobs, made his friend instincts kick in. He crouched down, not saying a word, and gently wrapped his arms around you.
“Ace?” you sniffed.
“No, it’s your Fairy Godmother.”
That got a light chuckle out of you.
“Don’t cry over him, (Y/N),” Ace said, squeezing you tighter. “You never know unless you try, right?”
You shook your head. “Don’t make excuses for me. I’ve been an idiot.”
“Well, if you insist.”
You nudged him.
“What? You told me not to make excuses for you-“
You nudged him again.
“Alright, fine. If you don’t want me to be the best friend you ever had and cheer you up I suppose I’ll leave-“
It occurred to you then that perhaps you had gone into the maze for a reason. This was the last place you had been with Ace; your first friend in Twisted Wonderland and someone who had been through thick and thin with you. It felt familiar, safe.
The pair of you stayed like that for a while, huddled close and bantering until it started to get cold. Then, Ace reached into his tracksuit pocket and pulled out the bakery coupon.
“Why do you still have that?”
“You could say I was saving it for a rainy day.” Ace prodded your face, a tear coming off on his finger. “Wanna share?”
“I don’t deserve it.”
Ace pulled the black streak down again. It was almost completely gone, so he only had one last chance to make a joke out of it. “Don’t be sad, Shrimpy~,” he said. He tried to copy Floyd’s voice, but it felt like he was rubbing a cheese grater against his larynx. “There are plenty of other fish in the sea~.”
That made you blush.
“Y-You’re like a brother to me, Ace,” you joked, shoving him with your shoulder.
“A brother who still has the pie coupon and could change his mind about sharing it with you.” And with that, he took off running into the maze. You pursued, laughing mirthfully as you tried not to get lost. And as you caught up, you could have sworn his face was just as red as yours.
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“Eyes on me” [Twisted Wonderland]
Tumblr media
Based on the prompt: “no need to impress me since my attention is always on you anyways.”
Characters Included: Ace Trappola, Cater Diamond, Deuce Spade, Riddle Rosehearts, & Trey Clover + GN! Reader.
Notes: This came to my mind when silver (in my game) kept stealing the spotlight, and i mumbled those exact words and boom xD im sorry if trey's and riddle's started to sound like im on crack or smth but i was already rushing it since i accidently made azul's first and it's late for me- i was supposed to do every boy but decided to do the heartslabyul boys first. yes silver is coming dw, this prompt started with him afterall- hope ya'll like this!
Warnings: Mild spoilers here and there. And some swear words.
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
This boy LIVES for your attention. Would whine if you ever avert your attention away from him even for one second when you two are together, in his (chaotic) mind, your attention should solely be his and his alone. Ace would definitely do something stupid just to gain your attention. Smiles cheekily at you when you start to reprimand him for doing such actions (and tagging along poor deuce), but one swift kiss on your cheek would definitely shut you up (he find this amusing and abuses it everytime just to get away from the scolding).
Even before dating, he craves for your attention. So one day, during a boring class day of learning history of magics, he noticed that your attention was on Deuce. Ever the kind soul you are (no matter how many times Ace insisted you were a devil disguised as an angel), you were helping the poor boy in understanding the lessons being taught to you all by Professor Trein.
Huffing in exasperation, he nudge the back of your head with his pen but was disappointed when you didn’t even glance in his direction. He huffs, pouting childishly, and starts to annoy you by poking his pen on your head constantly. It isn’t until Trein reprimands him that he stops. Huffing once more, his glare filled with annoyance shifted to you. “hey! what’s the deal? You’re ignoring me!” Ace whispered-shouted at you.
The instant you turned around to him, he lets out a victorious grin that shifted to a smirk quickly. Quirking up a brow at him while smirking yourself. “You do know you don’t need to annoy me so much just to make me notice you, right? I mean, you’ve always have my attention.” Boy was he the same color as his dormhead’s hair as he buried his flustered face in his hands. “that’s uncalled for!” he mumbles whilst you laugh. Safe to say, you two were promptly kicked out of Trein’s class after that.
But hey. At least he knows your attention is only for him :D
Tumblr media
Cater Diamond
Though not as touch-starved as the previous one, he would also want your attention solely on him. Would whine pitifully when he notices your attention was taken from him, especially if it’s a random faceless student he doesn’t know. He understands if it’s Riddle or Trey or Adeuce, though he would still pout about it. Though he whines and pouts, he doesn’t really make a big deal out of it. But do expect him clinging to you for the next few hours or so. Also, he would definitely post his misery.
*picture of you talking with a fellow Heartslabyul student* LOOK AT THE AUDACITY OF MY DARLING TO PUT ALL HER ATTENTION TO THIS STUDENT AND NOT ON HER BOYFRIEND #betrayal
Before you started dating, he would always use the “selfie time!” excuse to bring your attention to him. Always does this out of the blue too so you would always whine at him for taking it so suddenly. Complaining to him that you don’t look good in the picture and he would always object to that sentence by saying; “WHAAAT? You always look cute y/n-chan!” Trey and Riddle always noticed this and can’t help but conceive a heavy sigh, feeling second-hand embarrassment for their friend.
Determined to help him, Riddle and Trey decided to make a plan to hook you two together (let’s face it, you two have a thing for each other and everyone in the school notices it except for the bloody couple themselves). By forcing Cater to paint the roses red, the duo forced the Adeuce to help them in the plan by bringing you over to help the diamond-based man. Cater didn’t expect to see you there but was happy nonetheless.
As you two worked together to make every rose red (which Cater swore were red earlier but now were all white for some reason), you two chatter about mindless things. He often jokes to bring the sweet sound of laughter out of you just to hear it. Then falling into a comfortable silence, save for the painting splashing around whenever you dip your brush in the cannister. Cater almost drops his wand at your sudden words, effectively breaking the silence around you. “So I noticed how you always grab my attention whenever I gave it to another student.” You giggle. “You shouldn’t worry too much since my attention is solely reserved for you.”
How the hell did he get so lucky for such a cute partner-
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade
Wholeheartedly believes he’s not like Ace, but he’s even worst. He’s just not that outright unlike his other braincell. He keeps silent whenever your attention isn’t on him, but it is noticeable how he gets sad and disappointed when your attention was stolen. The rest of the First-year gang can attest that he looks like a kicked puppy (and we all thought Jack was the dog here but apparently not- look out Jack, your title of being the dog in the group is being stolen-). But he does get clingy afterwards with you, pouting and mumbling incoherently. His mood would shift tremendously if you peck his cheeks-
Before you two dated, he would look like a lost puppy following you around, trying to grab your attention. It’s honestly a pitiful sight, Ace and Grim attested. Definitely uses his lack of academic brain to his advantage by asking you to tutor him, that way, your attention would be on him right? He brightens up whenever you accept his proposal of a study session, but ignores and flat out rejects his fellow friends if they tried to join in. It’s strictly for you and him only!
One day, Ace has enough of seeing his other braincell being a lost and hopeless puppy that he decided to be a good friend and helped him out. He suggests showing off in front of you so that you’ll see how amazing he is despite being stupid in terms of academics. Deuce, being an innocent beanie he is, decided to believe in Ace and followed him (Sebek, Jack, and Epel all shakes their head at their poor friend). Deciding to show off his skills in riding a magical wheel, he decided to give you a ride on one.
Ortho and Iida, feeling generous, decided to let him use one of theirs, after thanking them profusely he began his journey to you. After agreeing to his ride, he starts the motor and steers his direction in a specific road, his mind already knowing where to go. His smile grows wide when he hears your laughs and your arms tightening around him, making him go faster. Once you two arrived on the beach, he nervously asked how was it, only to be beet red by your answer. “It was so cool! You really know how to ride these things! Though I didn’t think you were this desperate for my attention hehe. Deuce, precious baby, my attention is always on you!”
He doesn’t know whether to kick Ace or thank him (he did both dw)
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Would certainly pout and be grumpy if your attention isn’t on him, I mean, he already has little time to spend with you since his dorm leader’s duties, only for your attention to be taken away from him?! The audacity. Sulks about it very obvious and has the courage to even deny it when everyone can see and feel it. During these times, make sure Ace is far away from him or else it’s collar time. Would only forgive you if you give him more kisses and cuddles when you two return to his room. Would also try to find a rule in the Queen of Hearts rulebook about one shifting attention from their partner to another (much to his dismay there wasn’t, but he did find some interesting stuff).
Before you two began dating, everyone can already tell he was soft for you. Ace and Deuce can testify that they see Ryoucho’s (dormhead’s) eyes soften when they land on the said-person. And adding to the fact (or rather wound) is that Riddle never uses his Unique Magic on you. He just reprimands them and reminds them to never do that again, maybe if he’s in a good mood pats their head. (Adeuce searched up “how to be y/n” more than once).
RIddle always love to impress you, whether inside the classroom or outside. He loves giving you trivia’s about topics in the history of magics, teaching you the correct way in potions, etcetera. Another good use for his knowledgeable mind. So when you two were partnered up in Crewel’s Potions class, he wasted in no time to impress you with his knowledge behind the ingredients of the potion you were tasked to make.
“Did you know that these fungi were actually found in-“ Riddle goes into a rant as he added them in the cauldron, watching it shimmer down the boiling murky waters. Hearing her humming in response to his trivia, he looks up to see her gaze shifted to Silver, their fellow classmate, who managed to drift off to sleep. Watching her shake him awake, something nasty stirred within him as he looks away to focus on their task. Hearing you chuckle at him, he looks up to see you looking at him rather adoringly which makes him flush pink.
“What?” he huffs. “Nothing. Just found it cute how you became jealous when I shift my attention to Silver.” Blushy blush Riddle time. “Don’t worry though, since my attention would always be on you.” You winked at him only to watch him fall to the ground. “R-RIDDLE??” “HOLY SHIT YOU KILLED HIM-“ “WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU COME FROM ACE-“
Tumblr media
Trey Clover
This guy is so basic, so that means he’s neutral. He dislikes that your attention was taken away from him but what can he do exacty? He just kind of accepts it. But, if he feels extra cheeky, he would sneak his way in the conversation, complete with his arms around your waist while talking to that person casually. Does he care that it makes the other person uncomfortable? Heck no. Besides it’s their fault for trying to steal his s/o so it’s only right that he tries to steal it back :)
Before you two started dating, he would watch from afar as your attention was on the Adeuce combo. He believes it’s for the best so that they won’t cause much trouble, but then again, since when did your attention stop them from causing trouble? He shakes his head fondly before deciding to insert himself in your mini friend group. With his usual friendly facade up, he greets you all normally, his distance between you two was close which made the Adeuce raise their brow.
Step 1: Insert yourself into the conversation smoothly check. Step 2: get you to focus on him. Easy said than done unfortunately-
One day, he decided to invite you over to help him bake some goodies for the next unbirthday party that Riddle would host. Whether you know how to bake or not doesn’t matter, just keep him company or better yet let him teach you! He would happily teach you the basics of baking while excitedly instructing you what to do next. Would definitely do the thing where he holds your hand that is stirring with his own to help you, smooth mf.
While you waited for the first batch of cookies, he struck up a conversation with you while starting to prepare for the next batch. Starting the conversation with a topic he knew you liked rambling about, just hearing you ramble rather adorably makes him want to coddle you with hugs and kisses but he has to refrain himself since you two aren’t yet official. As you two started to decorate the cookies, you decided to strike just when he started to squeeze the icing, making him accidentally squeeze it too hard. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed you trying to divert my attention, Trey. It’s kind of cute though. But next time, if you want my attention, just tell me. Though I would beg to differ since my attention is always on you anyways…”
ha ha what 😄
Tumblr media
[x] Main Page || [x] Heartslabyul Page
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twistedhearts22 · a day ago
When Ace and Deuce reunite with MC
Mc/ Y/n: so...how mad do you think Ace and Deuce will be?
Epel: It's Ace and Deuce so maybe a little mad?
A loud slam is heard
Ace and Deuce: MC!
Epel: ...run
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squid-god-supreme · 6 hours ago
Ayo, I love your writing!
If its okay to you, may I request how would be Riddle, Adeuce, Leona and Jamil with a reader whos latina?
It can be female pronouns :D
Aaaaa i hope i did well on this and i hope that You like it! sorry for the wait
Sfw, fem!reader, latina!reader, no tw only fluff
Enjoy! As of time posting requests and interactions are open but matchups are closed
Tumblr media
Riddle :
Ah he's so shy
Your his first girlfriend and he's so nervous and red in his face <3
Definitely interested in your culture and your favorite parts of it
Big fan of the desert- what can he say, he doesn't eat many sweets so when he does he's gotta make it count
Absolutely adores you
As always the tomato tyrant is a protective bf to the very end lmao 🤣
Also a lot more lenient on rules (still strict )
Overall very cute, very curious
Tumblr media
Ace :
Probably the most interested in your cultures music, the beat and the way colors seem to pop in the notes people play, he's a big fan
Still an absolute menace, I hope you have some sense because he's going to drag you into every shenanigan he comes up with
Asks his brother for dating advice (it's not good lmao please stop him-)
Mf always has a cocky grin on his face, you should totally kiss it off him
Overall great, a menace tho but what's new
Tumblr media
Deuce :
Immediately has you meet his mom
It's a must
She's the most important thing to him and since you are also very important to him you gotta meet her
Mamma Spade stamp of approval on you
You know that part where he threatens people if they don't apologize 100 times to some eggs? Yeah ok that's him with you lmao
Overall amazing and very sweet
Tumblr media
Leona :
The only thing that has changed is that he now has a warm pillow (read : you)
Drinks respect women juice from a travel flask hidden in his bag-
Sleepily points out different flowers to you when he drags you to the botanical Gardens for naps
Has definitely gifted you a blanket to cuddle
Overall great (despite not liking him much)
Tumblr media
Jamil :
Malewife supremacy™
Jamil is honestly not only boyfriend material but also husband material
Come get your man girl
Jamil Cooks a lot and if you decide to help him he's very happy
Your now his taste tester I don't make the rules he does
11/10 put a ring on this man
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queen-ofsunflowers · a day ago
Tumblr media
Honestly one of my favorite lines so far--
I'm gonna use it.
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sana-shy-shy · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
twst en definitely knows what they’re doing.. 😭 adeuce beating the lubog allegations 🤩
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phantasmiafxndom · a day ago
Oooh could you do Ace and Riddle lashing out in frustration at their new handler who is the opposite of the previous abusive ones and panicking when they realize what happened? Rather then get mad though MC just waits patiently until their rant is done and pull them into a hug because it’s obvious the boys need one.
Since he's the definition of impulsive choices and bad decisions, Ace is bound to lash out sooner or later. When he gets a handler who's soft, he doesn't know what to do at all. You're weirdly nice to him, and compared to always waiting for a beating or worse, it stresses him out for life to be so different. So eventually, he snaps. Ace is the type to scream and rant at you, frustrated because you won't treat him like everyone else does. When it's over and he realizes what he's done, he's ready to bolt before you can hit him (and wait for the punishment to come later), but then you're hugging him and he's more confused than ever. Why?
While he's normally very good at keeping himself obedient and in line, Riddle does have a short temper that's bound to boil over when he gets too frustrated. And frustrated is exactly what he's feeling when you won't enforce the rules he's used to. Even though his old handler was cruel, Riddle knew what to expect. Your way of doing things is much too new. Instead of a drawn-out rant, Riddle has just a brief moment of snapping, demanding that you treat him properly and go back to the right rules. He realizes what he's done quickly enough to shut himself up, and is spiraling into a full-on panic when you hug him... which makes it worse.
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krysaart · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday Horny boi
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spiderling-space · a day ago
This idea has been on mind since last year but life happens. Previously I've done What if MC was Rogue? and similar titles such as that. Now I have another one in mind. Let me tell you, I love Wanda since AIW when she was holding off Thanos with one hand and destroying an infinity stone with the other. After that WandaVision made me a huge fan of her. That show was so amazing that I had theories after every episode. After that, I read the whole House of M event, was amazed by Zombie!Wanda and again made countless theories about her in Multiverse of Madness. After watching the MoM trailer both at the cinema and on YouTube plenty of times, I got the inspiration for this list of headcanons and short scenarios. To be honest, I wanted to write a full fic of Wanda being MC and experiencing the whole main story but I don't have patience for it so I just imagine it and write it in this format. This Wanda will be a mix of comics/cartoons/MCU with my twist. She is so OP and I love her!!! It will be in parts because it's longer than I thought.
What if MC is Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch?
Wanda, wake up... Wanda came to her senses when she heard a faint whisper. The next thing she knew she was sitting on the floor and met with a cat lookalike thing demanding her outfit, she didn't react at first. She was so confused, and fatigue took over her body. She just wanted to lay down and rest. 
The little creature talked about who he was, how and why he wanted her outfit, what would happen once he had it, how great he was, and how he would look once he wears the goddamn outfit over and over again. She was getting a headache because of his non-stop repetitive talk.
She rubbed her temples, "I don't want to hear you anymore," she whispered to herself. The moment she said it, silence adorned the room she was in. The creature no longer was speaking.
Wanda looked up to the creature, seeing his dumbfounded face. He moved his mouth but no sound got out. He did again and again yet kept failing to speak. She had no idea why he was no longer speaking. Tilting her head in confusion, she tried to figure out what he was doing. Seeing her nonreactive response, the creature furrowed his burrows and inhaled. When he exhaled, blue fire came out of his mouth. 
Seeing the blue fire, Wanda panicked, "No, get away from me!" She yelled, running away. She didn't look back when she heard a loud crashing sound. She just wanted to be by herself. She didn't look where she was going until the moment she felt tired from running. She found a room and hid there.
Being alone and staying in silence calmed her down and she could finally think. She only recalled her name and some basic information about herself. Her name was Wanda Maximoff and she's from Sokovia, an Eastern European country and she had no family. No, that doesn't seem right... She tried to dig deep into her memories but it just resulted in an excruciating headache. 
Before she realized it, that creature, Grim, found her. He looked angry and moved his mouth but no sound came out again, making him angrier. They were interrupted by a strange man using his whip on Grim. He was talking a lot but it was less chaotic than Grim. Since he seemed to be knowledgeable, Wanda followed him as he explained where she was, who he was and more. Going to a school for gifted children seemed strangely familiar. 
Soon they reached the Mirror Hall as Wanda's headache started again. Upon entering, her headache got worse as she heard every single person talking. "Why are there over 600 people in this place?" she asked Dire as she rubbed her temples. He said it's a tradition to have every student attend the welcoming ceremony.
Her head felt like it was about to explode. Even though she just walked in, people were calling her an idiot, weirdo or an annoyance who caused the ceremony to be disrupted. Why isn't the principal saying anything to them? 
Before she reached the end of the aisle, she had heard one person making fun of how she walked, the state of her outfit and more degrading things. She had had enough of it and glared at that person. He didn't stop talking even though she spotted him but she saw that his mouth was shut as if he wasn't making any sound. If he isn't speaking then what am I hearing? Just the thought of it was giving Wanda chills down her spine. 
Thoughts... Her question was answered by that voice again. Although she didn't know whose voice it was, her guts were telling her that the voice was right. I don't want to hear thoughts anymore. The moment she made a wish, she couldn't hear people intensely anymore. There were just faint whispers but none of them was echoing in her head nor gave her a headache.
Getting rid of the pain, Wanda fixed her posture and listened to the instructions. She told her name to the talking mirror. She was curious about the talking mirror, she was gazing into the face alike looking shape in the mirror. 
Then it spoke "The nature of your soul is D..." it abruptly stopped. "The nature of your soul doesn't belong here. Therefore, no dorm would be appropriate." People started to talk between themselves about how her soul was unnatural to not belong there, how a girl was admitted to an all-boys school and how the magical carriage made a mistake.
Among the chaos, Grim freed himself. He looked like he was speaking but he remained silent. Allow him... said the voice before Wanda whispered "You can speak." The moment those words let out of her mouth, Grim was able to talk.
"What did you do to me?!" is what he said when he realized he could talk again. She didn't react to his question, only observed him. Hearing no response from her, Grim went on his rambling. "I'll be a student in her stead. I'll show you how powerful I am!"
"Everyone back down!" someone yelled as Grim blew fire again. Wanda closed her eyes, blocking her face instinctively.
Yet something strange happened. Wanda didn't intend to move but her body was like on autopilot. She arched her back as her hands made a sphere shape on air, her fingers bending on their own; her left hand indicating under the sphere while her right hand indicating top on it. She opened her eyes, only to see the blue fire being contaminated in a large magenta coloured transparent sphere in the air. There was absolute silence in the room not that she noticed it.
Her hands moved on her own again. Her left hand moved up simultaneously the magenta sphere moved up. When high enough, she released the sphere and the fire turned into dozens of butterflies.
Everyone was shocked to see what happened, including Grim, as no one was able to turn the non-living object into a living one. 
No... When Wanda was in charge of her body once again, she dropped her arms to her sides as the butterflies turned into dust. There were weird feelings on her hands, something so familiar yet so foreign. She glanced at her hands, only to see strange magenta coloured mist around them that soon disappeared.
People who looked at her mockingly and doubted her now looked at her in awe and some in fear. The principal dismissed everyone. He was about to send Grim away too but Wanda stopped him, assuring him that she'd take care of him. After explaining the situation shortly, he took her and Grim to the library then started to look through the books. When there was nothing, he promised to look into her situation and offered her to take classes in NRC as her magic was different but powerful. She agreed to take classes if Grim joined her. She just didn't want to be alone and thought the first person she was the closest thing to her in the new world.
Wanda and Grim were escorted to the Ramshackle Dorm that lived up to its name. Dire went to get essentials for them, leaving the duo alone. While Grim and Wanda were chatting, ghosts appeared. Defeating them was easy for the duo, Wanda was telling him where to strike when she heard it again. Materialize them... The voice inside her told her. The first thing she thought was to shift their density so they won't phase through anything. Her hands moved automatically, magenta mist covered the ghosts and they weren't able to phase through Grim's attacks anymore. Again it felt as if she did it before.
The classes she took was strange; while everyone was able to show their magic casually, she wasn't. When everyone was able to fly on brooms, she couldn't levitate. Still, the classes were interesting and different than she thought. Some theorems were strangely familiar as if she learnt them once. Some of them were unnecessary in her opinion. The voice inside her was telling her that she didn't need to say those magic words to cast the spell.
Her relationship with Grim was good too. Their situation reminded her of a sitcom she knew from her world, a teenage witch and her cat. The thought of that sitcom warmed her heart as if watching sitcoms had a different meaning to her but she couldn't recall it clearly.
She was once involved in a fight - no - more accurately, she was involved in multiple fights. The first one was caused by a jerk insulting Grim, her only companion, saying that he was only able to enter NRC because someone as powerful as Wanda wanted that he didn't have any merit. Their fight resulted in one of the statues getting burnt. She was thinking of reversing it but Dire showed up and gave all of them punishment despite that he cleaned up the statue with his magic. Later on, since that jerk skipped the punishment, Grim and Wanda went to find him. They met Deuce, tackled Ace while Grim escaped. When trying to get him down, he fell along with the chandelier. Wanda instinctively reacted to Grim falling and somehow made him land softly.
This resulted in them going to mines to get a magic stone, only to meet a huge monster. Wanda was afraid first and escaped with others but when they were faced with it again, her body moved on its own. As if she had done it before, she sent him flying into the mine, crashing and breaking into each wall of the mine.  Grim, Ace and Deuce were too shocked to say anything. They were all mesmerized by her power. They returned with the magical stone and going through such endeavour made the team bond together. 
She got involved in fights when Grim's temper got better of him but after one of them, people avoided fighting when they spotted Wanda with them. She involuntarily made the bullies unable to move with a wave of her hand. No one was sure if she really used her magic or if she had some defensive magic on her. Teachers were able to undo it after hours working on it and it only happened when Wanda went sleeping. Her reputation from the ceremony and rumours about the fights she got involved in made her notorious in the NRC. No one messed with her nor people she called her friends.
Despite her having powerful magic, she wasn't able to use them whenever she wanted. Only when the voice inside her whispered or when she was in danger. She was researching why her magic was different from the others, why she didn't need a magic pen and why when in danger her body was moving on its own.
Of course, her research was interrupted when Ace the dumbass knocked on her door one night.
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