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buckactuallys3 months ago
For sleepover weekend perhaps:
Tumblr media
Would you be willing to expand on clingy!Eddie?
@ace-diaz asked: Pia, please, go on about clingy Eddie, I live for that man being a huge softie when no one is looking.
you both asked, and i shall deliver:
so we all know eddie's had some trouble expressing his feelings and though he's working on that (and getting a lot better!), it's still hard for him to show affection sometimes - unless it's chris of course, he's never had a problem with that. he and shannon weren't super affectionate with each other. they kissed, they had sex, eddie put his arm around her shoulder, and eddie always thought that was it, that's how normal couples were with each other. but it's different with buck, because buck has always been affectionate, but once he stops holding back, he just touches eddie all the time, shoulders bumping, hands brushing, long warm hugs, holding hands, so much cuddling, kisses to any part of eddie he can reach, whether it's in bed or when he's just walking by in the kitchen. and it gives eddie something he didn't know he could have, but now that he knows he can, he's insatiable: in the mornings, he puts his head on buck's chest and holds tight until buck has to push him away so they can get to work on time. in the car, he holds buck's hand over the middle console and when buck has to pull his hand free to shift gears or use both hands to steer, he puts his hand on buck's thigh instead. when buck's cooking, eddie will come up behind him and wrap his arms around his middle, chin on buck's shoulder when he's feeling good, or pressing his whole face against buck's back when he's not feeling great. he leans his head against buck's shoulder when they're standing next to each other in the bathroom brushing their teeth. he lies down and puts his head on buck's lap when they're watching tv, or reaches over the back of the couch to scratch buck's hair when chris is sitting in between them. when they've had a tough call at work, he'll pull buck into the bunk room and they'll just hold each other close for a while, forehead against forehead. he's the little spoon in bed and he'll interlace their fingers so buck can't pull away. he holds buck's hand at the park, at the grocery store, out on the street. when they're picking chris up from school, he leans against buck's chest who's leaning against the car while they're waiting. he used to think he had to be strong, the man of the family, the one who holds. but with buck, he gets to be held too, and he's not afraid to ask for it anymore :)
sleepover weekend
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deareddie7 months ago
Hi, Kate!! For the kiss prompts, I humbly ask for number 47 (feather-light kisses), just... non-sexual fluff, pretty please??
ao3 link
Eddie winces as he peels back the blood-soaked cloth, revealing a bright red gash in the middle of Buck鈥檚 palm. He looks up to meet Buck鈥檚 eye.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e an idiot,鈥 he says.
鈥淭he knife slipped. It could happen to anyone.鈥
鈥淎nd yet these things always seem to happen to you,鈥 Eddie muses, a small, teasing smile on his face. He looks back down to inspect the cut more closely. 鈥淒oesn鈥檛 look that deep. Alright, let鈥檚 get you patched up.鈥澛
Eddie leads him down the hallway to the bathroom, instructing him to sit down on the toilet lid while he rummages around in the cupboard underneath the sink for the first aid kit. It takes him a minute to find it, and Buck bites back a grin as he listens to Eddie grumble about how 鈥渋t was just in here,鈥 and 鈥渉e should really keep better track of these things.鈥澛
Eventually, he pulls it out and crouches down in front of Buck, taking the injured hand in his.
Buck looks down at him. 鈥淚 could do this myself, you know,鈥 he says.
鈥淚 know,鈥 Eddie responds, not looking up.聽
There鈥檚 something about knowing Eddie wants to take care of him that does a funny thing to his heart, so he doesn鈥檛 argue. Just sits there quietly and watches Eddie work; feels the warm, cautious press of a washcloth against his skin as he cleans up the wound.聽
It fascinates him, sometimes, how gentle Eddie can be. Eddie, who so many that don鈥檛 know him see as rough edges and brooding stares, measuring each movement so carefully and precisely so as not to hurt him. It鈥檚 a side of him that many people don鈥檛 seem to see, but Buck notices, and being on the receiving end of such a soft touch gives him a warm feeling inside of his chest.聽
Eddie places some gauze on the cut, then pulls out a bandage, wrapping it slowly, snugly, around Buck鈥檚 hand.
鈥淵ou鈥檇 make an excellent nurse,鈥 Buck says.
Eddie snorts. 鈥淵eah, well, considering how often you hurt yourself, I guess you鈥檙e lucky to have me.鈥
Buck pauses for a moment, before nodding, a soft smile on his face. 鈥淵eah, I am.鈥澛
Eddie鈥檚 gaze flicks up to meet his for a fraction of a second, and Buck notes the small upturn of his lips, before he blinks and looks back down again.
鈥淎lright,鈥 he says, tucking the bandage in securely. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e all fixed.鈥
Buck feigns indignance. 鈥淲hat? You鈥檙e not gonna kiss it better?鈥
He expects an eye roll, maybe a snarky comeback before Eddie stands to leave the room.
What he doesn鈥檛 expect is for Eddie to breathe out a soft laugh and raise Buck鈥檚 hand to his lips. It鈥檚 a light thing, barely there, but it makes Buck鈥檚 heart flutter all the same when he feels the gentle press against his palm.聽
鈥淭here,鈥 Eddie remarks, lowering the hand back down. 鈥淎ll better.鈥
He smiles and pats Buck鈥檚 knee before rising to his feet and exiting the room, leaving Buck to digest the interaction.
He certainly feels better.
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mistmaraudera month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here are my babies, since you're on the receiving end of pet pictures.
The Collie mix was Shakira, and the curly Llasa Apso was Apollo
And yeah, unfortunately, they both died last year. Shaki of old age at 12 yo and Apollo from an infection at 7 yo. Sorry to dampen the mood, but I love them dearly still.
You're not dampening anything.
It's always good to remember them! 馃挊
They both look absolutely PRECIOUS!!
I bet they were the best babies. All my love for them both!!
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fleurdebeton2 months ago
"It can't possibly be that hard."
鈥淚t can鈥檛 possibly be that hard,鈥 Margaret Buckley chastised as she absently passed the salad to Hen.
Buck visibly winced as if the words were a slap across his face and Eddie saw a flash of regret in his blue eyes before Buck could push it down; including the Buckley parents in family dinner was a mistake, but he knew Buck was trying to make an effort.
He just wished Margaret and Phillip had gotten the memo and extended their empathy past this morning, but wishes are for suckers.
鈥淎h, actually it is, Mrs. Buckley,鈥 Captain Nash interjected, saving Buck from having to explain the maneuver to two people who wouldn鈥檛 appreciate how dedicated their son was to helping people, saving lives, their family business.
A chorus of yeahs and yeses filled the loft as each 118 family member agreed, while Chimney explained he wasn鈥檛 even allowed to do the maneuver and had to work the winch instead; it was the last question Margaret directed at Buck the rest of the meal and Eddie had to smile at that.
send me the first sentence and i鈥檒l write the next five!
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alwayseddietrash2 months ago
For the first sentence thing:
He never thought he'd be jealous of an animal.
hopefully, we are thinking of the same sort of shenanigans 馃槀
Can be read as a continuation of 鈥渁re you seriously having a staring contest鈥︹
He never thought he鈥檇 be jealous of an animal, Dinah had been curled in his boyfriend鈥檚 lap for hours.
Eddie hadn鈥檛 even really wanted a cat, Buck and Chris had begged for months and months until he had finally reluctantly caved. Eddie had tried to be more indifferent towards the animal, but it had seemed that Dinah had just as much adopted Eddie as the family had adopted her.
And now it had been hours and Eddie had started to doze off on the couch, with Dinah resting on his chest, purring happily, while he gently rested his hand on her. Buck would be more annoyed if the scene in front of him wasn鈥檛 so goddamned cute. He settled gently onto the couch next to Eddie, trying not to disturb him, and wondered if a second cat might solve this problem.
Send the first sentence and I鈥檒l write the next 5 (or more)
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paranoidbean3 months ago
I don't think I have opinions to share, just a headcanon that refuses to leave my mind, so that's what you are gonna get!
Between his time in the army, working three jobs, then taking care of Christopher (and now firefighting), Eddie's just used to waking up early/not sleeping as much. He doesn't necessarily like it, but he'll live as long as there's coffee in the very near future. His "sleeping in" often ends up being just two or so extra hours.
Buck on the other hand? Maybe there's some form of habit there too, but he actually enjoys starting his day early. He feels like he gets more done when he's up as early as he can. And sometimes, he's up early enough for the sunrise. And... Honestly, that's as early as he gets because otherwise, it's just night.
Either way, the point is, reluctant morning person + genuine morning person = cute.
And you know Buck would have Eddie's coffee ready ok? Ok.
Sorry for the randomness of this ask, Cam.
Dont apologize I love it 馃槀 I love the trope in pairings where one is a morning person and the other is just absolutely baffled by that but goes along with it anyways.
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fangkinkdiaz2 months ago
Hi there! I just read once bitten, twice shy (which, really, is everything to me right now) and it made me realize...
I think I've read most of your 911 fics, and I gotta say, I love them. Just wanted to let you know, in case I haven't commented often.
ahhh thank you, i鈥檓 really glad you鈥檝e enjoyed them!!
also i鈥檓 really glad that once bitten, twice shy worked for you because the whole time i was writing it i was sort of terrified that it was gonna be too specific to my experiences (except the ending, which, i wish) and people wouldn鈥檛 really find it relatable
and also like, are you ever worried that you鈥檙e doing asexuality wrong, somehow? because i worry about that constantly, like i鈥檓 having imposter syndrome about my own sexual orientation, and so it鈥檚 also really cool to see that people are reading it and responding that it mirrors their own experiences and feelings. like maybe i鈥檓 not doing it wrong after all lmfao
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madamewriterofwrongs8 months ago
Series: Show and Tell聽Part 8
Eddie realizes, after a year and a half together, they鈥檇 never talked about marriage. No time like the present.
In which Eddie doesn鈥檛 propose but Buck thinks he does and somehow, everything turns out all right in the end.
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nymika-arts5 months ago
Tumblr media
What is going on is that we are all on the verge of insanity, Meg. That's what's going on.
yeah that checks out
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ghostbuckley7 months ago
鉂わ笍 (don't ask.)馃А馃挏 I mean, I'd send the green, but I wouldn't say I don't know you well? But you are definitely cool.
鉂わ笍 Scary mutual, intimidating. 馃А Baby mutual, needs protecting 馃挏 Funny mutual, posts are great
sir????? 1. i鈥檓 a goober, 2. I鈥橫 OLDER THAN YOU????, 3. yeah that one鈥檚 accurate i鈥檓 hilarious
send me a heart based on what kind of mutual i am
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buckactuallys8 months ago
Piaaaaa! Hi dear :D For FFWF: What do you do, if anything, to get the writing going? Y'know, focus and stuff... (am I shamelessly asking for advice? Yes.)
tyler, hi!!! thanks so much for sending this!
i wish i had a better answer for this because that would mean that i would write a lot more 馃槀 my inspiration strikes at the most random moments and when it does i can sit down and write for a pretty long time (provided the time, which is an issue a lot haha, full time jobs suck). when i plan on writing, i usually have to do something do get out of my head - a walk or run works pretty well for me, cause i can also think through what i want to write while doing that. cleaning my place has a similar effect sometimes 馃槀 i also have to put my phone away, cause otherwise i just distract myself...
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deareddie4 months ago
Tumblr media
'cause you're nice.
omg stop you're nice
Tumblr media
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mistmaraudera month ago
About the header/icon:
It's just nice to look at, damn it.
I said it before, I'll say it again, I'll probably end up being obnoxious about it, but damn it, I love it.
I love how you're all indignant in my inbox as though I'm not one of the ones using it as a header. 馃ぃ
I never said otherwise, Ty! It's very pretty! 馃槀馃挊
@tulipintulle Pls collect Ty and go cry to @djdangerlove about how pretty her edit is. 馃槀馃拃馃槝
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fleurdebetona month ago
"i don't think that works the way you think it does."
"I don't think that works the way you think it does,鈥 Eddie challenged their wouldbe bank robbers without taking his eyes off Buck, who was struggling to breathe through the pain of a GSW to the abdomen.
鈥淲hat the fuck does that mean?鈥 The shorter robber fisted his meaty hand in Eddie鈥檚 hair forcing him to bring his attention solely to the man brandishing a weapon; anxiety clawed at Eddie鈥檚 stomach as he broke eye contact with Buck as if that was the only thing keeping them tethered to one another, he replaced the panic with rage as he met the man鈥檚 eyes.
鈥淢aking a deal with the police only works when nobody is injured or dies; there鈥檚 no way they just let you go 鈥 you already fucked up,鈥 Eddie said as adrenaline fueled him into boldness; but it was true, they鈥檇 shot a Buck and ruined any chance at a Hollywood getaway with a bag of unmarked bills and a helicopter.
A verbal response wasn鈥檛 required as the robber slammed Eddie into a partition, then flung him back onto the marble floor with a splat; he landed few feet from Buck.
鈥淓ds,鈥 Buck mewed and inched his fingers out to reach Eddie鈥檚 hand, only to come up short with a wet gasp of agony.
The world narrowed to just the two of them as Eddie ignored his own pain and kicked his foot out to slide his body across the cool tile to Buck.
Buck鈥檚 hand fell away from the wound as Eddie reached him; on autopilot, Eddie rolled up to sitting and applied pressure as Buck groaned and shook beneath his hands.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, Buck, we gotta do this, okay?鈥 He pressed down harder to stem the blood flow. 鈥淛ust stay with me鈥elp鈥檚 on the way鈥 just a few minutes, okay?鈥 Eddie pleaded and hoped he wasn鈥檛 lying.
Chaos engulfed the bank to shatter the narrowness of their world as 鈥楲APD, put your hands up!鈥 rang out.
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alwayseddietrash4 months ago
馃挮 You know what I like so I'm just gonna be shameless here 馃槀
okay i feel like maybe this is cheating just a little bit but i saw an opportunity and i took it (and these are really my favorite lines from the song-im just real bad at choosing)
Belladonna by Ra Ra Riot When the dawn began to break You took my hand and we escaped As the sunrise lights up my face... ...You've erased the world outside Nothing left but only you and I
"Do you trust me?" Buck whispered into Eddie's ear, waking him from his much needed rest.
"Of course Buck, what? why are you asking me that at 5:30 in the morning" Eddie whisper shouts as not to wake the rest of the bunks.
"Okay, close your eyes and take my hand."
And Eddie did.
Buck carefully guided him up the stairs. and then up a ladder, which was nerve wracking but no more so than a intricate rope rescue.
"Buck, where are we going?"
"It's a surprise. I've got you okay. Just trust me, and keep your eyes closed. "
Eddie heard a door creak open and then he was surrounded by fresh air. The best kind too, cool and not already warmed to a blistering heat from the sun. He then felt the gravel beneath his feet. And then Buck guided him through getting himself up onto a concrete slab of some kind.
"Can I open my eyes yet?"
"No, you will know. Should be just a couple minutes."
Buck positioned him in a particular direction.
And they stood there together in silence. Breathing in the air. Feeling free of the grueling shift that was nearly all behind them now.
And then, Eddie felt it. The first rays of sun falling on his face, and he slowly opened his eyes.
After taking in the city, he glanced over at Buck, and my god was he beautiful in the fresh sunlight. And they only could look at each other. The whole world melted away.
"Thank you." Eddie whispered, worried that he could wake all of LA if he spoke too loud.
There was a beat of heavy silence,
"I have been so afraid to admit this to myself. But after last night, I never want to face another day without you by my side." Buck said, a tear reaching the corner of his eye.
"I don't think I do either." Eddie replied catching the tear with his thumb as it rolled down Buck's cheek, glistening gold.
send a 馃挮 and I鈥檒l write a drabble based on a song
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paranoidbean3 months ago
So, the sleepover posts includes the "make me choose", right?
Between Buck and Eddie, who would you choose? :)
That... is a very good question.
Edit: I'm too much like Buck already, so more often than not, the answer is Eddie.
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vampirebuckley8 months ago
I mean, yes. I just don't like not writing, generally. Gotta justify my bumming around on the pc all day, and I tend to do by writing. If I could just go back to the docs at this point, I think I could get something done 馃槀
oh i get that lmao if i go a few days not writing i鈥檓 like聽鈥渙h, so i鈥檓 a failure鈥
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zainclawa month ago
one of my favorite things in the world: people recognizing themselves in their favorite fictional characters and deciding they have the same identities and/or disorders as they themselves do. deciding they are trans, ace, bi, autistic, that they have ADHD, PTSD, depression, or literally whatever they want them to have. finding comfort in applying some of themselves to their favorite character. it鈥檚 so good. it鈥檚 amazing. I love it.
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