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And I’ve been taking chances
I’ve been setting myself up for the fall
And I’ve been keeping secrets
From my heart and from my soul

Lover to Lover by Florence + Machine

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72: When the Chips are Down from Hadestown

Wherein our heroine succumbs to peer pressure by choosing to die.

send me a number between 1 and 100 and i’ll tell u what that song is on my playlist

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100% road trip! I love driving, and I love taking weird detours, and setting my own pace - when i drove cross country with my parents on the way to a speedskating meet, we stopped in Idaho and took a little hike & found a hot spring, which was a magical moment

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Orion! for many sentimental reasons but also because it’s the only non-Dipper one I can reliably recognize. 

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AAAAAAAAAAA I HATE QUESTIONS LIKE THIS. Physical perfection is the most subjective thing in the known universe and one person’s ‘physical imperfection’ is someone else’s “I wanna hit that”. Also it fosters a culture of body shaming and I HATE IT.

But I will answer as best I can, on the understanding that this is based on an oppressive and frankly disgusting beauty standard and I resent having to call someone - ANYONE - physically imperfect just because they don’t conform to those standards and I think she’s perfect just the way she is even if she’s not freakin’ Charlize Theron. (Who some people probably think has the ‘physical imperfection’ of too strong a jawline; so there.)

  • Scars - yes, she has them. Yes, she hides them. They’re around her wrists, ankles, and torso. They are burn scars in about the right configuration for smouldering rope. They exist for reasons (she was a pyrokinetic and a town full of really scary religious people decided to try torturing the demon out of her in a fucked-up form of exorcism and her powers basically erupted and she burned the whole damn church down with most of the town still in it).
  • Freckles - so many freckles. Some people think they’re endearing, but there are an awful lot of freckles.
  • Eyes - honestly, some people would call it ‘pretty’. Her eyes are an odd shade of hazel-brown that’s closer to amber, and because of her nature, they literally glow, very faintly but more strongly when she’s angry or scared. The reason these really do qualify as a physical imperfection is that they leave no room for doubt that she’s not of the ‘natural’.
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this is really silly - the beginning of it is actually on Ao3 and the summary is 

Cleopatra VII has, with the help of aliens, figured out how to locate a spaceship outside of time. With the help of Lucrezia Borgia, inter alias, she runs a rescue service for women throughout history.

There are some solid jokes but I need a real plot, which is hard


There is a blinding white flash. When Jeanne can see again, the castle is gone. Instead she and the woman are standing in front of a large plate glass window that looks out on the stars. A small blonde woman is waiting for them.

“Cleopatra, I see you got out of there without blowing anything up,” she says.

“I’m sure Jeanne wouldn’t have appreciated it.”

Jeanne looks at the darkhaired woman dumbfoundedly.


Cleopatra bows. “Cleopatra VII Philopater, at your service.”

“But aren’t you supposed to be beautiful?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be a witch?”

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This is a very silly answer:

I made a Tagine the other day with Cauliflower, and a bunch of other stuff. It was great. When I made it I served it with rice, but I was running low on long grain rice, so I ran out of leftovers of that before I did the tagine.

Desperate for any starch to eat it with, I made french fries and ate a big batch of tagine fries. It was so silly but it made me feel so happy and ridiculous.

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38 - What treasure/item/artifact that your character has collected during the adventure is the most important to them?

Erwyn has a little penannular-style cloak pin that was given to him by Bramble, a 13 year-old sorceress that we helped out in one of the earlier arcs of the campaign. She gave it to him because after he died for the first time, in order to resurrect him the party (who were very low-level at the time) ended up needing her help harnessing a powerful source of wild magic she was tied to in order to bring him back. Some of the same wild magic ended up getting channeled into him during to process, and she was thrilled when he started exhibiting wild magic surges of his own, saying they were tied together now. 

The reason he treasures it so much, though, is that pin itself has the ability to cast Sending to its twin – which Bramble has – once a day, and she asked him to keep sending messages to her and her twin sister even after the party had to leave. For Erwyn, who has a complicated relationship with the idea of family, it was pretty emotional for him to hear her to go on about how he was kind of like a brother to her now, and to be given such a heartfelt gift from someone who wanted to stay in touch.

(And as a fun fact, my DM made me a replica of the pin as a gift! At the time she and I were long-distance friends and it was a pretty emotional present for me to receive, too!)

81 - What does your character’s name represent to them? (Or: why as a player did you choose your character’s name?)

Ha! Well! 

A piece of worldbuilding that my DM and I came up with for the elves in our setting – expanding off of some lore that’s in the handbook already – is that elves, who come of age at 100, choose their adult names at the same time, having previously gone by childhood nicknames. That much is already D&D  “canon,” but the part we emphasized/added is that, since we use Quenya for Elvish in our setting, adult names all have actual meanings in Elvish, chosen to represent something the elf feels is important about themselves, whereas childhood names are all nonsense syllables. Culturally it’s a nod to the fact that the elves are still pretty fae – they believe names have a lot of power, and that it would be inappropriate for a parent to give their child a “real” name, since no one else should determine something that important about you.

All that to say, Erwyn’s name isn’t Elvish! I haven’t delved into his motivations much in-campaign so I won’t share them here either, but he’s still going by his childhood name, even though he’s 123 and came of age a while ago. There are assorted reasons in-universe an elf might not have an adult name in Elvish, but needless to say, it’s pretty unusual.

(And out of universe, people always laugh when I make this confession because it’s not obvious at first, but: Erwyn’s name, childhood or not, is an homage/nod to Steve Irwin, because I thought it would be appropriate for a ranger character)

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thank you <3

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Shrike and Sunlight :)

Shrike- What’s your favorite bird?

Ravens/crows.  Love me a corvid.  Not only are they the most goth birds, but they are also incredibly smart, probably the smartest things that aren’t primates.  If they had opposable thumbs, they could take over the world.

Sunlight- Do you prefer sunny or rainy weather, or somewhere in between?

I like overcast weather where it’s dark and it looks like it’s gonna rain, but it hasn’t done it yet.

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sun and daydream? :)

thanks!!! :D

sun; favorite season

humm, early/late summer tbh

daydream; best memory?

probably some relaxing times I’ve had during summer vacations when there were no worries ;p

send me some pretty asks

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5, 9, 10, and 23 for the music asks! i hope you have a nice day :)

5: A song that needs to be played LOUD

Time Bomb by Hollowick

I may or may not have danced around an empty study room with this on full blast in my earbuds a couple of times.

9: A song that makes you happy

These Are Days by 10,000 Maniacs

This song is distilled hope.

10: A song that makes you sad

Understanding by Evanescence

I have a playlist in iTunes titled “Low” that’s basically my major depressive episode mix.  This is the first song on it.

23: A song that you think everybody should listen to

Mulholland by Blue Judy

I mean. What an absolute banger.

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aceascake replied to your photo “42monkeys: comp w ps finally died, it’s paint from now on lads”


it led a good life…. farewell coma computer i will miss u

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