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Enough that I only need 25 continuing education points in the next four years for renewal. And I’ve been doing BMT for the past three years. Which is more blood cancers than solid tumors. But, my BMTCN comes up in 2022. I feel good :)

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not a request but your wife stopping by to give you a virtual hug 馃挄馃挄 ilysm and ik that when that quiz finally comes around you'll ace it!!

AAAAAAA WIFE THANK YOU SO MUCH 😭😭😭💞💞 I LOVE YOU 💗💗💗 and for our two consecutive long quizzes, I actually aced it and I’m so happyyyy!! My hard work paid off! Also, thank you for motivating me and comforting me, wife 😳😳💘💘 YOU ARE THE BEST! I LOVE YOU 💓💓

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Day 3 of Asexual Awareness Week!

“Do you remember when we first met?”

Rumi and Kai are laying on their bed facing each other. They’ve got several inches of space between each other with the exception of Rumi having one foot draped over Kai’s leg. Kai’s got his plague mask off, but still dons his black mask and gloves.

“How could I not? I got kicked through the wall by a pro hero.”

“I thought you were going to kill Miss Fluffy-froo!”

Kai rolls his eyes. “What kind of veterinarian kills animals?”

“Hey!” Rumi pouts, her ears starting to droop. “I was stressed! You were wearing your plague mask spouting,” she holds up a finger and drops her voice, “’You have an illness. Illnesses need to be cured’ and then grabbed her head! What else was I supposed to do?”

“Not kick a doctor through a wall?”

Read it here on AO3!

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Day 2 of Asexual Awareness Week! (Posting here late cause I forgot)

“Are you?” Monk leaves the question in the air, hopeful even though Jirou didn’t know not liking sex was a thing.

“No. It’s just not that important to me. Sex in relationships is never guaranteed. If we end up dating seriously, I’d just take care of my own sexual pleasure.” She shrugs.

A bright red blush spreads across Momo’s face. The pretty girl she’d just met a few hours ago was talking about masturbating while they were at a café.

“Oh. Too much?” Jirou giggles and looks around to see if anyone else had heard.

“Just surprising.”

“I’m serious. We could try dating and see if we’re compatible. Though, I get the feeling we are.”

“You’re sure?”

“Absolutely. What do you say?”

There’s screaming at the end of the street. They both look at each other before hopping up.

“This counts as our first date!” Jirou yells before grabbing Momo’s hand.

Read the full work here on AO3!

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Day 1 of Asexual Awareness Week

“‘m broken.”

“No, no you’re not. I bet handy dandy google could help us out.”

“Google doesn’t know everything, Kuro.”

“Bet.” Kuroo fishes his phone from his pocket. “Okay. Let’s try doesn’t want sex.”

Kenma wrinkles his nose again. “Kuro. You’re not going to figure it out that way.”

Kuroo frowns as he scrolls down the first link. Performance anxiety, low testosterone, affairs. None of it fit Kenma.

“What about doesn’t feel need for sex?”

Results of emotional distance, bad performance, stress, and low libido.

“Kenma, you don’t feel emotionally distant from me, do you?” Kuroo worries his lip.

Kenma pulls his game back out. “Only intellectually distant.”

Read the full work on AO3.

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To anyone who follows the blog, I’m reducing the prompt number per day to 2 instead of 5. My apologies, but we can’t keep up with 35 prompts per week. There will be a few more days of 5 per day and then it will change. 

- Ace

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