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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Decided to take a short break from my Among Us comic and doodle two other Imposters, Aelish (Brown) half-sibling to the Twins and one of many children to the Mother (Now named Eewa) and Emshol (Lime), a tiny Imposter who is infatuated with them. They have their own story apart from my current comic and if I find the motivation and time, might work on it. 

The secondary names is their crewmate names. 

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Tick. Tock.

Yayyy I finished a project for once!! I don’t do lineless art so it was pretty interesting and fun doing this. (Heres to hoping the gif works properly and click for better quality)

Transcription of poem (written by yours truly):

You limp back into the lion’s den

Like clockwork

They say experience is the greatest teacher

So what compels you to fight?

Arrogance? Fear?

Though Death does not loom above your head,

Its blade rests upon your neck.

Time’s up

See you soon,


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Petrified, Qrow kneels in the snow, the chill and blood numbing his skin. He squeezes his eyes shut as an unending stream of tears pour down his cheeks, hoping that this was all just a nightmare. Overhead, the airship roars and wind whips around the two bodies. His punishment is imminent.

‘Get up. Go.’ a voice rings in his head. Qrow’s eyes shoot wide open but the only thing that greets him is Clover’s vacant stare. Echoes of the words flit in his ears and the huntsman grits his teeth. Wiping away his tears, he lifts himself up from the ground and hobbles to his bloodied weapon. He picks up Harbinger with a shaking hand and flinches at the way it scrapes against the ice. 'Get up. Go.’

With a final glance at Clover’s body bathed in the light of dawb, as if the man would heave a breath of air, Qrow chokes back a sob and flies away.

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Tired late night doodles. Everyone welcome Clover to the Green Team! And yes to confirm, Glynda is part of the Green Team now. I don’t make the rules.

I’m very tired and I’ve got a ragin headache on so excuse any glaring mistakes lololol

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