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ghoulsonparade · a day ago
happy ace week to all my fellow ace-specs
you’re all beautiful and valid
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thegyusorcerer · 2 days ago
To all my asexuals, demisexuals, graysexuals, acefluxs, alloaces, aroaces, non sam aces; everyone in the asexual community: you deserve only happiness 🥂. Keep thriving and being unapologetically yourself. You're wonderful just the way you are! ⭐🥰
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Happy asexual spectrum awareness week to:
Black acespecs
Asian acespecs
African acespecs
Latin American acespecs
Male/masc aligned acespecs
Androgynous aligned acespecs
Female/fem aligned acespecs
Acespecs who are alloro
Acespecs who are arospec
Acespecs who are sex repulsed
Acespecs who are sex neutral
Acespecs who are sex favorable
Acespecs who are polyamorous
Acespecs who are cis
Acespecs who are trans
Acespecs who are nonbinary
Acespecs who are out and proud
Acespecs still in the closet
Acespecs who have internalized acephobia
Acespecs who are still questioning
And so many others
All of you are amazing, beautiful, and so so strong!! Happy asexual spectrum awareness week!!!!
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snowyavis · a day ago
Tumblr media
Happy Ace Week 2021!
This is the little painting I did for this year.
Bellow is the one I made for last year. I remember being so nervous to post it, in fact on Instagram (where I am followed by irl friends and family) I only posted it in my stories and made sure to make my stories invisible to certain accounts before doing so. This year I am very happy to show both, although the reason why I am comfortable with that is because of both good but also very very bad reasons.
Tumblr media
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kaz-cain · a day ago
Happy ace awareness week <3
Be aware of all of us aces before we steal your cake and garlic bread :)
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still-a-valid-ace · 13 hours ago
This Ace Week I want to make sure it's stated that acespec folks are allowed to have messy feelings:
We're allowed to be frustrated about our lack of representation, even if other identities also experience this issue.
We're allowed to be angry about how we're treated by exclusionists and others in the queer community who belittle our identities and treat us like invaders in our own spaces.
We're allowed to be ashamed, saddened, or disappointed by our identities and the conflict they create in our lives (though hopefully we overcome that one day).
We're allowed to be LOUD, to take up space, to be vocal about who we are and what we deserve.
Just like every other queer identity, acespec people are not a monolith. We're individuals with complex individual experiences, needs, and desires and we're allowed to acknowledge those parts that aren't considered socially acceptable. Respectability politics will be the death of the queer community and that includes our community too.
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avenpt · a day ago
Tumblr media
Today is the start of Ace Awareness Week! Happy Ace Week!
[image description: a black background with shapes in the other colors of the asexual flag (purple, gray, white) with text that reads "Oct. 24-30, 2021 Happy Ace Week from AVEN" and then the AVEN logo at the bottom]
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acespec-ed · a day ago
Attention all acespecs!
Have you ever wondered what acespec labels apply to you? Are you curious to know if there are any specific ones already coined for the way you experience sexual attraction and/or feel about sex? Have you come across websites that have lists of different labels and terms, but it’s all a disorganized mess? Or you have to click links just to read definitions? Are you a blog wishing for a cheat sheet to help those confused anons? Do you simply wish to know the meaning of an ace term you see thrown around a lot? 
Then I’ve got the glossary for you!
I put in just about every acespec label I’ve found and every ace-related term I could think of, all neatly categorized to quickly find what you’re looking for! (And almost all the identities have an aro version, so if you’re wishing for an aro version, just replace romantic attraction with sexual attraction. Or get someone else to make one- I’m not doing this again!)
I made this as a resource for everyone to use for whatever reason, as long as you’re not being an asshole with it! (But if you’re going to do any straight copy/pasting from it, or take screenshots, please add a link to the website.)
Hopefully this helps someone out there!
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spooky-queer-frog · a day ago
alright ace spec people!
don’t plan any heists or robberies for right now
the rest of the world can see us this week.
postpone your plans until next week
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running-withkn1ves · 2 days ago
Uhh so sorry that this isn’t our usual writer broadcasting but I just wanted to say??? Im so happy so many fanfic writers are ace?? or on the aro/ace spectrum?? I never realized how many of us there were in the community until I joined on here. It makes me SO INCREDIBLY happy. I always thought It was weird to enjoy romance or smut content without wanting it at the moment or at all. 
It makes me feel so secure knowing that we all just enjoy weird horny shit but can have like... a universal experience of being aro/ace. I’m obsessed with romantic/smut content, but have never actually *been* in love or sexually attracted to a person, and I always felt like a weirdo. But!!! my fellas!! this is bonkers!! I just wanted to give a little appreciation post bc the aro/ace community is so heavily criticized upon. 
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shmaroace · a day ago
it's ace week! remember the definition of asexuality: a lack of sexual attraction
acespec identities encompass any identity that experience sexual attraction differently from the norm, like experiencing only secondary attraction (demisexuality) or experiencing very little attraction (greyasexuality).
it is not based in whether or not a person likes sex or has had sex. it's based in attraction.
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whiterabbitweirdo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Happy Ace Week to my fellow asexuals!
May it be bountiful with cake, garlic bread, dragons, and spooky themed fun
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thegyusorcerer · a day ago
friendly reminder that if you're arospec & acespec you can absolutely use the label "aroace." anyone that belongs in both aro and ace spectrums can use "aroace" 🎉💚💜
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mushroomjar · a day ago
Happy asexual awareness week, be aware
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blackveilromance · a day ago
Happy Ace Week to all aces. Wishing everyone all the love and happiness. Don't forget to drink water, eat your favorite cake, that you are enough and valid, no matter what people say. And if someone hurt you, ace community and Yelena Belova got your back 🖤💜🖤💜🖤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And to all aphobes out there: she will find you and you won't like that
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ladyofrebirth · a day ago
Its Ace week meaning that as someone that is ace, im allowed to say the Sansa, Arya, and Jon are on the ace spectrum. Grrm told me himself.
No I don't take criticism. Kiss my ass.
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