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#achievement haunter

is it stupid that im putting these pictures here? Because welp ye i need to vent and those pics are making me feel safe.
For me and many others ah (and rt) used to be a safe place, something i could watch to smile,at least for like a second. When the whole thing about the T individual started i didn’t want to believe it, i didn’t want my safe corner to be ruined. The rt as a company have been rubbing me the wrong way for two years now maybe more. And now ah too? It was heartbreaking to the point where i just stopped following anything regarding them. Nothing was funny or made me a little bit happy. Then the real life caught up to me and i just didn’t have the time nor energy to actually see what was happening with their content.

i would still watch the cut shorts but with each episode it felt.. wrong? Like i could feel the frustration from all three parties: ah,hembo and myself. Is it weird? I guess.

and now this. God this man was a father figure and a role model for me. There were too many instances where i would find myself relating to him. And now it feels so dumb that i trusted some dude on the internet. 

I hate that this blog was made specifically to make content about him and jeremy, even in a joking way. of course i guess i’m not the one to blame that i found him cool but. it still feels shitty that this is what i started from. 

Regardless i hope all of you are doing ok. I’m sorry but i had to get it off my chest. Everything seems to just come crushing down around me rn. 

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Michael Haunter Headers

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Gavin Haunter Headers

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Jack Haunter Headers

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Season 3 of Haunter should have Matt Bragg in an episode where in the middle of the investigation he runs in like “I got one!!” and everybody’s like “you got a ghost??” and he just holds up pokemon go on his phone like “no I caught a haunter, is that not what we’re looking for?”

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Haunter in fahc where Matt keeps going to the kitchen for snacks in the night, accidentally making noise and managing to be out of sight by the time somebody comes to investigate. After a few nights of this Gavin is convinced they have a ghost and when Geoff hears about it he flips and sets up a bunch of cameras to find out what’s going on.

By this point Matt has figured out it’s him that they’ve been hearing, but where’s the fun in revealing the truth when he can use the cameras to fuck with them a little first? All it takes is a few invisible strings to knock stuff off the counter and some spooky whispers next to the camera and Geoff has assembled the crew for a full paranormal investigation with gadgets and everything.

Matt can’t steal chips from the kitchen for at least a week while they’re all freaking out about it but at least he gets to watch Jeremy and Michael stand in there before bed and threaten to fight the air.

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Some Freewood Haunter Headcanon’s Coming Up! 

-Every time they go to a new haunt, Gavin does his best to act tough and unafraid. He puffs out his chest, stands a bit taller, volunteers to do isolation etc. He does all of this to try and impress Ryan and/or make him proud because of course he does. Ryan finds this super cute but he also takes it as an opportunity to tease Gav, noticing when his guard is falling just a bit to scare him. Gavin will jump 10 ft into the air with a screech but as Ryan bursts into laughter, Gavin will recompose himself instantly, a deep blush spreading across his face. “I wasn’t scared! I knew it was you! Your hands are cold and i’m ticklish!”
- Gavin likes to try his hand at scaring the statue that is Ryan Haywood.  Rarely does he succeed but sometimes he will get a jump or a sharp inhale out of Ryan, which he counts as an absolute win. He uses that to tease Ryan the rest of the night.
-A lot of what they do on haunts is just relentlessly tease each other. Poking and prodding and spooking the other for some laughs.  It’s all in good fun, of course.
- Sometimes it goes a bit too far but it is instantly remedied in a private moment between the two after its spotted. I’m talkin’ forehead kisses and whispered apologies and tight hugs with promises that everything is okay. 
-After, its back to teasing each other and having fun (as much as possible) on the haunt. 

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