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If Haunter gets a season three they should mix it up. Add Matt, Alfredo, and Fiona. And split into two groups for the haunts.

Naughty continues the usual “antagonize the ghost” approach while Nice tries a more positive approach

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Supernatural Achievement Haunter headcannons

Geoff is human so he can’t see the others as they appear to each other (only other monsters or magical people can see each other) so he only sees them as people

The others thought he knew they were monsters cause almost everyone working for him was a monster until he announced a ghost hunting show

Jack is easier to posses because his body is mostly hollow

Jack has a lot of cracks on his right arm because sometimes he’ll hit something to hard a break his arm

Ryan was a normal human until his theatre years were a prop for a play he was in was an actual spell book

Him and Lindsay are very different kinds of witches, she’s better at making potions and is sorta a magic baker. Ryan is better at spells at magic items

Lindsay also has a better time actually seeing ghost

Micheal is a demon of wrath hence his more angry outburst, but in his time on earth has gotten better control of his anger

He doesn’t need souls but he can eat them, he said they taste like chicken nuggets

Matt isn’t just immortal he’s also extremely unlucky, the amount of times he’s been decapitated on sight is ridiculous

Alfredo actually rarely changes faces, he only really changes in to the others for jokes or when ghost scare him

Trevor gets blood from a vampire program and he drinks them from juice boxes,

Jeremy is pissed that he’s somehow still bolding despite being a werewolf

Gavin has very little fae powers, he can fly and do small magic but for the most part he’s harmless, hes more dangerous armed with moonballs than anything else

Fiona won’t tell the others what made her fall but they think it has something to do with how much of a bully she is to the others

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SUP yall a bitch has Too Much Time on her hands and unrestricted access to google sheets and that is now your problem

With the ending of season two of Haunter, I was reminded that I’m often dissatisfied with the crew’s verdicts on how haunted their locations are. So I made a numeric system to rate them in a (relatively) objective sense!

This is the link to the spreadsheet I used to organize this project.

Each of the cells under the location headers represents an event/piece of evidence from the episode. Hovering over one with your mouse/selecting it will show a note summarizing which event it’s addressing. 

For those wondering, this was my process:

  • I rewatched each episode from both seasons
  • I cataloged and summarized every piece of “evidence” and potentially supernatural occurrence from each location
  • I rated each event in terms of substantiality- not whether or not it was scary, but how concrete it was. I.e, a door unlocking and opening itself vs. some spooky noises. (A more specific key can be found on the spreadsheet)
  •  After each episode/investigation, I tallied up the total points for each location. The higher the total, the more “haunted” the location is.

This is a screenshot of the chart for those who don’t want to/can’t open the link:


And now, under the cut- some interesting statistics and observations from my research!

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So this is going to be both a reaction to parts 1 and 2 of the Pennhurst episode, because I didn’t realize that they were both out already. Anyways, as soon as Ryan started talking about the shock therapy and using an actual person I knew it was going to be Gavin..again. The poor guy. 

There was something really sweet to imagine Ryan reading a story surrounded by ghost children who were listening eagerly. (I might have to draw it) I wish that they had gone on longer with that technique, maybe done some spirit box. I feel like those ghosts might have talked.  BUT YES! Battle buddies always get the good stuff. I am really starting to like them as a team. 

There is something hilarious about the amount of utter joy on Jeremy’s face when he pulls out the boxing glove. 

I actually jumped when they went silent and there was clear footsteps down the hallway. I think if he was there, he was standing right there behind Michael on the other side of the door. Just with the footsteps and the level of shock. 

This is why Pennhurst is one of my favorite locations that that investigators go. They almost always come out with some form of really good evidence. It also may be a little bit of bias since I am in/ from Pennsylvania. Which has some seriously good spooky/ haunted locations. Lot’s of Civil war time spirits hanging around here. 

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