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#achievement haunter au

I’m basically going to say how this will work. I’ve never really done anything the way I’m doing this, so it will be a work in progress.

This is a story. Characters, arcs, backstories, and more. Traditionally, there will be chapters within it.

There will also be some backstory stuff or scenes from the antagonists point of views. I’ll probably tell you if it’s backstory, and the antagonist scenes should be kinda obvious.

You all can also ask questions. The questions will be directly transported to the characters, so if you don’t say who you are asking it too, I will just pick a character.

Also, you can ask questions to me!

I won’t post super often, and probably focus on responding to questions if I can. I’ll do my best to get the chapters out, but school needs to be my priority.

– Emmi

(P.S: I will no longer be working on sprites, it’s just taking a while and my art skill is not to great :/)

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Ć̶̡̘̼͉̳̂̾̀́̅͑̃͑̑͜o̷͉̞͚̝̪͐̽̆̀͌̾͂̈́̈́m̷̦̓́̋͊̿̄̍ǐ̴̟͐̐̀̾̋ṋ̷̻̫̽̇̔̐͒͘͝ģ̸͈͔̽̊ ̶̡̛̲͉̭̀̔͐̈́̊̇͠Ŝ̵͎̠̙̭̤̭̪̭́̐̉̌ö̴̯̭̠̳͕́̈̀͜͝ơ̶̧̗̲͉͎̙̓̈́̅̔͝͝ͅͅn̶̹̠̈̄͆̐̾̾́

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For your Haunted Achievement Haunters AU: Imagine if Ryan gets possessed by the little girl who sees that Jeremy is possessed by something big and mean and wants to help Ryan get rid of them.

uuuuh! that could be interesting: a little dad and daughter bonding over freeing  your best friend from evil murder ghosts ! They would probably make traps and try to exorcise him 

There was also an idea to have Lindsay be possessed by little Stacy and then she and jeremy would fight! They’d probably knock each other out…and then get unpossessed! Then Stacy could try to get ryan back in some internal phycological fight with the ghost possessing him.

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Supernatural Achievement Haunter headcannons

Geoff is human so he can’t see the others as they appear to each other (only other monsters or magical people can see each other) so he only sees them as people

The others thought he knew they were monsters cause almost everyone working for him was a monster until he announced a ghost hunting show

Jack is easier to posses because his body is mostly hollow

Jack has a lot of cracks on his right arm because sometimes he’ll hit something to hard a break his arm

Ryan was a normal human until his theatre years were a prop for a play he was in was an actual spell book

Him and Lindsay are very different kinds of witches, she’s better at making potions and is sorta a magic baker. Ryan is better at spells at magic items

Lindsay also has a better time actually seeing ghost

Micheal is a demon of wrath hence his more angry outburst, but in his time on earth has gotten better control of his anger

He doesn’t need souls but he can eat them, he said they taste like chicken nuggets

Matt isn’t just immortal he’s also extremely unlucky, the amount of times he’s been decapitated on sight is ridiculous

Alfredo actually rarely changes faces, he only really changes in to the others for jokes or when ghost scare him

Trevor gets blood from a vampire program and he drinks them from juice boxes,

Jeremy is pissed that he’s somehow still bolding despite being a werewolf

Gavin has very little fae powers, he can fly and do small magic but for the most part he’s harmless, hes more dangerous armed with moonballs than anything else

Fiona won’t tell the others what made her fall but they think it has something to do with how much of a bully she is to the others

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