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#achievement hunter

-geoff gets stressed a lot and a common conversation is:
geoff: i’m so fucking tired of this man
ryan: want me to kill him?
geoff: no we need him for some stupid reason
ryan: want a kiss, then?
geoff: yes please

-they started dating before the crew officially formed, but after the main six all knew each other

-there were absolutely rumors spread that geoff was only sleeping with ryan to get the vagabond’s reputation working for him. it caused a lot of strife between them in the early days when ryan heard the rumors. geoff went full kingpin for the first time when he heard someone idiotically repeating that story within earshot of him, and to this day, that bar has bloodstains on its floor from where he beat that person up

-geoff and ryan absolutely had a date where they went up chilliad with a truckful of weird weapons and just tested them out

-there’s no way to tell which of these bitches is cuddlier, because ryan will drape himself over geoff’s back while geoff is cooking but then geoff will literally force ryan to completely change how he’s sitting so geoff can curl up against him and fall asleep with his head on his chest

-they nearly broke up when the crew formed - well, ryan thought they were gonna have to break up, because work and personal life and the risks of their lifestyle and all that, but geoff went completely the other way with his offer of the crew membership and asked ryan to move in with him

-they met in, like, a totally normal way like at a cafe or something, and three dates later both confessed to each other what their real job was and it was absolutely the moment they both individually decided to ride this out as long as possible

-geoff knows the names of all of ryan’s knives

-geoff is also such a fucking softie for ryan and has caved and bought him so many motorcycles and guns. trevor literally has an intervention with him about finances at one point because you can’t keep buying amphibious turreted cars for your boyfriend, geoff, we still have to budget. geoff gets all pouty about it to ryan, and ryan thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever that geoff’s sad he can’t buy ryan more gifts

-ryan is also a softie for geoff, but in smaller ways, like giving him the last diet coke or learning how to make his favorite dish from back home in alabama to surprise him with it for lunch, that kind of thing

-ryan is delighted to learn geoff’s gotten rid of his beard because it makes kissing much less scratchy. he’s less delighted to learn about geoff’s ridiculous new mustache. geoff thinks his grumbling is the funniest thing and can’t stop smiling, and ryan comes around to the mustache very quickly because of that smile.

-t-shirt switching! these two men are basically the same size shirt!!! they!!!! wear!!!!! each other’s!!!!!!!! clothes!!!!!!!!!

-they’re absolutely the dads of the crew even if ryan is more like the morally ambiguous uncle and they love that status

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sometimes in the morning, before he’s had coffee, geoff will walk in on them arguing about… something. lots of jargon involved. he doesn’t pay attention, he just wants his fucking coffee. it takes about eight of these argument-filled mornings for him to realize they’re not arguing about hacker/tech/science stuff, they’re arguing about halo strategies

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the hahahas: geoff’s laugh is one of unbridled and infectious joy; michael’s is one of astonished delight; ryan’s is one of mischievous mirth and satisfaction, a laugh of a successful prank and smugness

the wheezes: gavin’s is one of happiness overriding any inhibitions so he makes strange sounds and forgets words; jeremy’s is a wheeze of being absolutely blindsided by hilarity and physically reeling from it; fiona’s is one of ‘what the fuck’ and friendship and inside jokes and camaraderie

and then there’s jack, whose laugh is just warmth and solidity and joy wrapped up in a single boom of pure happiness, the kind of laugh that no one is left feeling unhappy for hearing

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(And a Happy late birthday to my favorite Brit @officialah)

Now that I’m done with AP art, I can finally show the drawing I worked 10+ hours on non stop!

I wanted to draw MC Gavin, mermaids and some popping colors, which of course led to the creation of a new au I’ve dubbed the Mobmaid AU. A world were Minecraft mobs have somehow been turned to mermaids. The ocean update Microsoft wish they thought of.
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