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The Post Team

The support crew of the Fake AH Crew, the people behind the scenes, managing heists from the safehouse. Far less well known than the field crew, but no less important.

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Due to recent events, I’ll likely remove the Vagabond from the Fake AH Sims. I will still continue playing with the crew though and hopefully will get a Halloween picset up.

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As a followup to my FAHC Sims, should I make just normal AH Sims?

Lindsay and Fiona’s Sims videos got me wanting to make AH in the Sims as well. I’ll probably make ‘em anyways, but should I share them on here?

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Kings and Queens - Medieval-ish, Minecraft Kings AU

Pirates - 1700s, Sea of Thieves

Outlaws - Old West, late 1800s

Gangsters - 1920s-1930s, Prohibition Era

??? - 50s

??? - 60s

??? - 70s

??? - 80s

??? - 90s

??? - modern day

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Swimmy Tim or Mer-Vagabond?

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