achillean-culture-is · a day ago
transmasc achillean culture is thinking you're a lesbian, then ultimate confusion, then fuguring out yourself!
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fella-lovin-fella · a month ago
Tumblr media
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thetransmascbadass · 8 months ago
Absolutely no one:
Not a soul:
Companies at 12 am on June 1st:
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the-one-i-wanted-is-taken · 7 months ago
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archer bf and artist bf makes almost 1 whole glove send tweet
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cozycreaturescorner · 10 months ago
too much love inside me disorder
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hozier-mlm · 11 days ago
I'm a proud men enjoyer. Fuck the mindset where you're constantly saying you're ashamed of liking men. No one's gonna make me feel bad for it!
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dinoboulder · 11 months ago
adore is such a soft word...
I adore you. I adore the way your eyes light up when you're excited. I adore everything about you. I look upon you in adoration. I adore your affection and what it does to me. I adore you
so yeah, anyways...adore
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mlmpigeon · a year ago
*puts the sticker i’ve been saving for a special occasion on your forehead*
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mlm-thoughts-go-brrrrr · 2 months ago
The masculine urge to be gay and have a boyfriend
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justlgbtthings · 15 days ago
Asexual gay people are not "gay lite". Gay aces are whole in their identity and their attraction to the same gender is not a "watered down" version of allosexual gay people. Gay asexual experiences are just as important and valid as gay allosexual experiences.
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gay-himbo · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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clerks-mlm · 2 months ago
TRANS BEARS !!!!!!!! TRANS BEARS💘💗💘💓💘💕💖💝💝💖💘💘💕💗💓💗💗💘💖💝💘💕💓💓💘💗💖💝💝💝💖💘💘💗💗💖💝💕💗💖💝
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fella-lovin-fella · 2 months ago
the masculine urge to call your boyfriend gay after he says anything nice to you
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queerism1969 · 4 days ago
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ryegarden · 5 months ago
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totally just platonic best friends, nothing to see here !! on redbubble!! both gal pals and boy best friends  tumblr likes to eat posts with links so pls reblog if u enjoy it
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rbright · a month ago
Oriented aroaces are very cool
Shout out to:
Gay oriented aroaces
Lesbian oriented aroaces
Bi oriented aroaces
Ply oriented aroaces
Pan oriented aroaces
Achillean oriented aroaces
Sapphic oriented aroaces
And anyone else who I missed. Oriented aroaces are awesome!
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chaosgodssaucychild · 2 months ago
"He is a slave"
Okay Pyrrhus, first of all he did it with your mom while you were still in her womb and was kind enough to comfort her when your own father wouldn't even look at her
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heart-break-beat-mlm · a year ago
the intimacy of being tired together. a head on a chest while falling asleep to the thump thump thump of your love’s heart. those delirious giggles you get directed at nothing in particular. to be wrapped in a cocoon of blankets on a cold winter’s night, bodies as close and intertwined as humanly possible to keep warm. there’s nothing i want more than to drift off in the arms of the one i love.
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queerthoughtsandfeelings · 2 months ago
She/her pronouns in the gay(gay nblm/mlm) community have been so normalized to the point that you all have no idea how prominent it is and say dumb stuff like “how come I see he/him lesbians and not she/her gays, must be misogyny”. I swear if y’all see ballroom culture for the first time, your minds would be blown.
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thyesteann · a year ago
what if we held hands at spirit halloween
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