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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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        I was back in my world. I was standing in the park, looking up at the sky and I had a moment of lucidity. I pulled out my cellphone and saw that it had been five hours since I had been sitting in my bedroom. I felt grounded, with the grass in between my toes and the little roots that sprouted from my heels, digging into the soil, keeping me solid and still.

        “Here we go!” I said with an Italian accent as I broke away from my roots and launched into the sky. The air rushed by me as my body hurled into the ocean of air and clouds. I thought I would get soaked once I cannoned balled into the sky but I remained dry. I was not swimming in the sky ocean as I had thought. I was in the Mushroom Kingdom.

         As I looked at my hands, white gloves appeared with a little “pop,” making my hands look huge. I felt tight fitting overalls cover my long sleeve red t-shirt, and a red cap drooping down obscuring my vision. I ran forwards, jumping and flipping along as I felt the wind of the sky rush past me. I figured I would run into some goombas or koopa troopers but I suppose this was a peaceful time in the kingdom. Little toads of various colors waved at me as I went by. I smiled and waved back, giving them a resounding, “yahoo!” as I passed. I jumped up on top of a block to get a fire flower but before I could reach it, gravity had reversed, and I was hurtling back down to Earth. I swam through the clouds as my descent slowed, lowering me gently back down to the soil.

        I decided that it would be best if I headed back home. I revisited the elephants that had let me cross so graciously before and they gently lifted me to the other side of the ravine. This time I noticed that there were cars zipping by in the ravine below and I was happy that the elephants gave me such safe passage.

        Little wooden animals and tribes’ men looked down at me from the trees, eyeing me curiously. I smiled and waved at them as I passed by, but they would always disappear back into their brushes when I noticed them. I could tell they meant well though, so I named them my little tree friends.

        When I got home, reality had slowly started to come back. The walls didn’t talk as much, time seemed to move at a more normal pace, and while I still felt my connection to everything, I no longer saw the tether that bound me to each individual thing. I got a snack and sat and watched some tv with my family, even if all the characters sounded like they were underwater. After about an hour I decided to head back outside and lay in the grass. It was nighttime now and all my tree friends looked down at me with glowing eyes. I took a couple of deep breath and shut my eyes.

        I was in a dark chamber with a big red object that pulsed loudly with a “thud thud.” It was a giant heart. Not one of those cartoon hearts but a big beating vain filled heart. It looked faint as it thudded away, even if it did make my ears hurt from how loudly it beat. I cautiously walked up to it and placed my hand on it. A red glow rippled out from where I touched it, like a single raindrop falling in a lake. The heart began to glow and drum like an engine. It was as if I had kick started it and I could feel its energy deep in my chest. I opened my eyes and noticed that my cheeks had become wet. I had been crying even though a smile was plastered on my face.

         I got up, said goodnight to my tree friends, and headed inside. I could no longer hear the underwater people on the television or understand the whisperings of the walls. I drifted upstairs and climbed into my bed, feeling absolutely exhausted from the events of the day. I reflected back on all the wonderful places that I had gone and visited; The Shire, The Mushroom Kingdom, Wonderland. I had always thought of these places as imaginary, I never imagined that they were actually real. These magical places have always been there, we just need someone to guide us and show us that they exist. I chose to live for a moment longer in these magical worlds as I closed my eyes and fell into a heavy, dream filled sleep.


Yay! The first draft of my first short story finished. I know it’s kind of a mess but I’m planning to polish everything up and put it together in a nice neat package in a later post. This was fun and really helpful though. Going to keep heading in this direction with the blog. I think for my next story I’ll actually take a little time to plan out what I want to write rather than pantsing the whole thing. This was just a great way to force me to practice writing before I try to tackle something bigger. Awesome! :)

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