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justseventeen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
October 1979. 'Be sure the boots you buy wear our brand: Acme, for authentic.'
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yyuppys · 9 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh, tell me where could she be?
my actual first post of 2021... (a bit of latepost, i finished it 3 days ago) I'M SO HYPED IT’S D-6 UNTIL SEASON 4!! (yayy!) which is also the final season.. (booo..) i'm gonna miss them so much... it has been such a great comfort series during  my long stay at home 😔👊 
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ladyelainehilfur · a year ago
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He finally connected the dots 💀
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ebayfriends · 3 months ago
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dduane · 4 months ago
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Noticed on Facebook... hunting for credits. :)
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carmen-sandal-eggos · a year ago
Chase normally: La Femme Rouge!
Chase at the charity party: La Femme... Noire?
Chase seeing her in more colors: La Femme Orange!
Chase: La Femme Jaune!
Chase: La Femme Verte!
Chase: La Femme Bleue!
Chase: La Femme Violette!
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thatgirlandyboi · 9 months ago
Don't mind me, just spending the last day of 2020 thinking about the time ACME lab scientists used Brain for another one of their experimental sessions and got him addicted to Nicotine in that one episode... It hurt me
and Pinky getting all worked over seeing his husband engaging in such addictive behaviors because he knows it's hurting him... hurt me more
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yuraimi-lee-bunny · 2 months ago
Shadowsan: And so concludes this year’s Secret Santa drawing.
Everyone gathered in a break room while they see their paper with the name of the person who will give them a gift
Shadowsan: Just a quick reminder of the rules: $40 limit, no perishable items, and no mints, Devineaux.
Chase: Fine, more mints for me then.
Gray smiles
Gray: Oh, Shadowsan. I would like a $40 gift card to any restaurant that serves nachos. 
Shadowsan: I don’t have you, Calloway.
Gray: Not only do I know that you do indeed have me, but I also know who eveybody else has.
Ivy: That’s not possible.
Gray: Perhaps not for an ordinary person such as yourself, Ivy.
Ivy looking at him with angry eyes and Chief reassures her by putting a hand on her shoulder.
Gray: But for the brilliant mind of Detective Sherlock Calloway --I legally changed my name-- it’s quite simply...
Gray rises from his place, standing in front of everyone, next to Shadowsan.
Gray:  ...elementary. 
Everyone is confused
Gray: For, you see, Carmen made a face I only recognized from our bedroom, which means that she has Shadowsan.
Carmen holds her cup of coffee avoiding her gaze.
Gray: Zach has Ivy. His eyes keep shifting over to her.
Zach: No, I don’t *Look quickly at Ivy as he eats his cereal*
Gray: Ivy looked disgusted, which means she has Chase.
*Ivy is surprised at the correct deduction*
Gray: Chief didn’t draw a name, nor did she put one in. She doesn’t wanna participate.
Chief: Never do. *drink her coffee*
Gray: Chase moves his mouth when he reads and he quite clearly said Zach.
Chase: I did get Zach!
Gray: Julia has Carmen. She’s hold her paper name-side out.
Julia: Oh, He’s good *she notices her action, blushing a little at her little mistake*
Gray: And I have Julia, which means Shadowsan has me. I’ll be taking that gift card. Daddy loves nachos.
Gray clasps his hands as he smiles and bites his lip victoriously. The entire room goes silent as Shadowsan looks at Gray, thus reaching a conclusion in his mind.
Shadowsan: Should we draw the names again and leave Gray out?
All: Yeah!
Gray: No! Sherlock wants a present!
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