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Yes Wilbur, I think I do require assistance

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I finally got a 3 star rating on my island and K.K. will be coming tomorrow. I’m excited!! 

Also I am very happy with the villagers I have so far. And I didn’t go villager hunting (except for one time, when a lot was empty for a couple of days so I just went to an island and took the villager that was there, which was Fauna). 

I have Peck, Peanut, Aurora, Plucky, Diana, Fauna, Jeremiah, Kidd and tomorrow Kabuki will move in.

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anybody got apples on their island? my brother and i need some :-)

dm me !

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Me: *Trying to be polite and interact with my Villagers by saying hi.*

Broccolo: *My first ACTUAL interaction with him since he just moved in yesterday* “Wind chimes are THE WORST! I Love summer! I Love Warm Breezes! But I ain’t gonna stand outside YOUR house and YELL about it! Why do I gotta listen to some wind chimes from THREE HOUSES OVER ‘cause folks dig clanging metal?! UGH!!”

No one on my island has Wind chimes so I have no idea where this outburst came from but he was HEATED! He was like growling and jumping up and down. Lolol I thought he was a Lazy type, not a cranky type?

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