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Tumblr media
The measure done, I'll watch her place of stand,
And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand.
Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight!
For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.
⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⤞ art by Luxury Banshee
⤞ commissioned by me
Characters belong to Sarah J. Maas.
Please do not repost.
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Tumblr media
Sjm never wastes an opportunity to put Elain and Azriel‘s name in the same sentence, and antis still think it all means nothing.
This phrase was so unnecessary, like why bother with that, if it means nothing? Why describe the steam of the food Elain is holding, and compare it to Azriel’s shadows?
Except it actually means something, and it’s just another hint for Elriel.
Acofas is full of Feysand fluff and Elriel hints, no wonder the antis hate it so much👀
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nesta archeron is the best acotar character and nessian is the best ship
no one can tell me otherwise
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i know it’s already been said. multiple times too.
but i cannot stop thinking about the possibility of sjm giving cassian a glock in cc3
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Azriel: *sneezes*
Nesta: bless you
Nesta: are you okay? do you need tissues?
Cassian: *snezees*
Nesta: oh would you just shut up already
Cassian: ???
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The last 200 pages in a SJM book be like:
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
This latest commission of Gwyn and Azriel fnally getting some restful sleep done by the amazing lucielart is for you, my gwynriel fam. I know those last days have been hard so I hope this brings happiness to you all! ❤️
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Revenge (Azriel x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary// Cassian and Nesta had used every surface of the House of Wind for their pleasure, not even considering that other people live with them. Azriel thinks it’s time the two of you give them a taste of their own medicine.
(I know this isn’t the Feysand x Bat Boys fic I promised but I hit a MAJOR slump in writing and decided to work on some smaller fics to get myself back in the mindset! It will be here soon though but for now, enjoy this smutty apology gift.)
WARNINGS// 18+ ONLY, Smut, Semi-Public sex, p in v, oral (female & male receiving), established relationship, table fucking, revenge fucking, choking, multiple orgasms, light dom/sub dynamic, shadow restraints, finger fucking, just filth. Enjoy!
Taglist: @whor-3-crux , @mystic-scripture , @lovelynesta
You were laying in bed with Azriel, windows open to let in the cool night air when the noises started. Azriel let out a frustrated sigh and ran a hand over his face which made you chuckle. 
“Do they not have anything better to do?” He grumbled while pulling you closer. You took in a deep breath, enjoying the smell of his freshly bathed body. 
“They’re newly mated, Az. I’m sure it’ll calm down.” You said as you trailed your fingertips over his chest. “Besides you know how they are. I’m sure the thrill of being caught is half of the fun for them.”
He raised up on his elbows to stare down at you, eyebrows raised in disbelief. “Angel we are also newly mated. But unlike my brother, I have respect for others and don’t need an audience to enhance our pleasure.” The last words had his lips curving up in a smirk that sent butterflies to your stomach.
When you went to respond a loud moan echoed throughout the house that had your mate rolling his eyes. If you were being honest, it did slightly get on your nerves for the simple fact that you ate off of the very table they were fucking on right now. You were sure that if they caught the two of you tangled together somewhere they frequented they would-
A dangerous idea stopped your train of thought immediately. Azriel immediately noticed the spark in your eyes and sat up straighter. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”
“Azriel, would you say you believe in revenge?”
“We’re terrible.” You purred as Azriel kissed his way down your neck in the library. He mumbled something you couldn’t make out before coming back up to your lips, tangling his scarred hands in your hair as he took control of this kiss. Both of your tongues danced around each other while small jolts of pleasure went down to your sex.
One of your hands curled into his hair and tugged so you could attack his throat, biting gently on his pulse which had him growling lowly. “You’re playing dirty, Y/N.”
You couldn’t stop the grin as you kissed back up to his face. “Isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing, my love?” You teased before letting out a gasp as he rutted into you, feeling how hard he was. 
The bookshelf behind you creaked when you were pressed further into it. Cassian and Nesta had arrived at home about an hour ago and if they followed their routine, they would be in the study directly across from the library.
“If this plan of yours is going to work I’m going to need you to be louder.” Azriel said as he began to undo the ties of your dress. 
You turned around so that you were facing the books, pushing your ass out teasingly, to give him better access. “I suppose you’re going to have to give me a reason to be loud then.” 
Azriel was not one to be teased or challenged…especially during sex. As soon as the words left your mouth you knew you were in for it. The room was quiet for a few moments until a loud rip reverberated around the room. 
Your dress, or the scraps of it, fell to the floor at the same moment that his large hand covered your throat and yanked you to his body. He choked you just enough to make your eyes widen while his other hand splayed out on your stomach. 
“How about I give you three?”
Suddenly the hand on your stomach went to your bare pussy and began to rub fast circles on your clit, making your back arch in pleasure. You tried to grip his arm but found your arms restrained at your sides, his shadows softly caressing your skin. 
Fuck you were really in for it.
Azriel was unrelenting in his motions as he wound your body up in minutes. He was still dressed in his leathers and you could feel him grind into your ass as your whimpers grew louder. “Does that feel good? Are you going to cum on my fingers? Make those pretty little cries for me?”
Your thighs were starting to shake from just how good he was making you feel. He had wasted no time in bringing you to the peak and just as you were ready to fall over the edge, he moved those fingers into your hole. 
The hand around your throat moved up until you were tilted back to stare up at him, those hazel eyes dark with arousal as he fucked you with his fingers. His thumb began to rub your clit once more and you swore loudly, feeling your walls start to flutter around him.
“Fuck, Az, fuck, please!” You panted while trying to keep eye contact with him. “I can’t, I can’t hold it.”
“Let go, angel. Take what I’m giving you.” Azriel purred before curling his fingers, hitting your spot with expert precision. You cried out his name as you came around his hand, hips desperately grinding down in an attempt to prolong your pleasure. He kissed you passionately as you started to come down, hips still grinding into you.
When you opened your eyes again you whined at the empty feeling of your cunt, turning back to press your body up against his. Azriel’s eyes lit up with wicked seduction as he pried your lips apart with his thumb and made you lick your juices off his fingers.
You fluttered your eyelashes at the Spymaster while swirling your tongue around and around, giving a gentle suck before he pulled them out. 
“Good girl.” He praised as he stroked your cheek affectionately before gesturing to the table by the window. “Now go sit on the edge and spread those beautiful legs for me.”
You didn’t need to be told twice, practically sprinting over to it and hopping up to do as he ordered. Both of your thighs were slick with your orgasm and you could see them glisten in the late rays of the sun. 
Azriel began to stalk towards you slowly while untying the strings of his pants. The light coming from the windows framed him perfectly, his wings casting a large shadow over the rest of the library that made it seem like you were the only two in the world. 
He stopped in front of you, placing both hands on your thighs, and sunk to his knees. Your hands were gripping onto the edge of the tablewhile your chest heaved in anticipation. 
“Are you ready to cry for me again, Y/N?” Azriel mused as he peppered kisses on the inside of your legs. When you didn’t reply immediately he nipped your skin, making you yelp. “I expect an answer when I ask a question.”
“I-” You started to say before a shuffling sound outside the door made you still. Azriel heard it as well, smirking as one of his shadows curled up to his ear to whisper secrets only he could hear. 
“We have an audience. Let’s not keep them waiting.” He rumbled before shoving you backwards and wrapping your legs around his shoulders. You had no time to recover as he began to devour your cunt, flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth over your already sensitive clit before going down to dip into you.
You hadn’t even realized the moan you had let out until you heard your mate chuckle. Both of your hands were gripping the table until your knuckles were white while your eyes rolled back in ecstasy.
Azriel was a man of many talents but you always thought the best was how well he could eat you out. He greedily sucked all you had for him down and then took more, that long tongue being able to reach all the places you never knew existed.
He hummed around your clit and you clamped your thighs against his arms, crying out his name as wave after wave of pleasure washed over you. “Ooooh Az…” You whined, not being able to focus on anything other than the pleasure he was giving to you.
Until you heard a schlik sound underneath you that sounded like skin against skin. It didn’t take long for your lust hazed mind to realize that he was touching himself while tongue fucking you.
It was the most erotic thing and you started to roll your hips into his face, nails scrapping against the wood as you praised him loudly. “Are you touching yourself for me, Az? Fuck, such a…a good boy.”
Both of you liked to switch roles when it came to sex and this was no different. Although he had you pinned to the table you could hear his moan at your words, speeding up the hand around his cock while also focusing all his attention on your clit.
Your second orgasm creeped up on you and was just as violent as the first. It had your voice going hoarse as you wailed for your mate, feeling your juices sliding down your ass. Azriel drank it all down like a man starved and when he pulled away you could see the wetness that coated his lips and chin.
The second he stood up you hurriedly scooted off of the table to fall on your knees, drooling at the sight of his cock. He had denied you for too long. You wasted no time in grasping it and pulling him to your mouth, taking him all the way down in one swoop.
“Shit, Y/N.” He sighed as he gathered your hair in his hand and pulled it tight. 
You gave a gentle kiss to the tip when you came back up, staring up at him with adoration. “Let me take care of you.” You crooned before going back down, cupping his balls and setting a steady pace.
Azriel’s wings flared in pleasure as he helped guide your head. He was already close to the edge from earlier and you wanted him to cum down your throat, to hear him growl out your name in euphoria.
He tasted of pure male musk and it made your head spin, your spit coating his dick. You felt him start to tense up and when you went to swallow him down again he roughly pulled you back.
“No.” Azriel huffed, chest rising and falling in quick pants. “I want to cum inside you, fill you up.”
You didn’t get a say because he hoisted you up and flipped you back around until you were stomach down on the table. He wasted no time in lining up with your entrance and, without warning, filled you with one thrust.
“Fuck!” You cried out as he set a brutal pace, wrapping your hair around his hand again and yanking until you were looking up at the ceiling. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room as did the smell of sex. 
You were so sensitive already and with the stretch of his cock inside you knew he would make you cum again quickly. Your tits bounced earnestly as the table creaked underneath you, moaning at the heat of him inside of you.
Tears began to form in the corner of your eyes from the pain and pleasure, moans and curses freely flying out of your mouth. Azriel noticed and chuckled darkly, giving your hair a harsh tug that had you seeing stars.
“Look at you, angel. You’re taking me So. Fucking. Well.” He groaned before pulling out completely. You immediately started to protest until he hoisted you up and reentered you in seconds, fucking into you while standing.
The new angle allowed him to hit a spot that only he could reach, your arms wrapping around his neck immediately as you sobbed into his neck. You were so close, the fire inside your belly turning into an inferno, you just needed a little extra push.
Azriel knew what you needed and as he bounced you on his cock he let his shadows curl around your throat while cooing into your ear.
“Cum on my cock like a good girl, Y/N. Scream out for all of Velaris so they know who owns you.”
All you could see was white as your last orgasm shuttered through your body. Your body went limp in Azriel’s hold as he followed you in pleasure, both of you calling out for each other. You felt his cum fill you until it gushed out and you could’ve sworn you soaked the carpets from how hard he had made you cum.
Your entire body was shaking as Azriel slowly pulled out of you, admiring the way he dripped out of your used cunt while you came back to the present. He gave you a soft kiss on your temple and told you to sleep, smiling tenderly as you didn’t even hesitate to listen.
He cradled you in his arms and walked towards the door, opening it with one hand swiftly to reveal Cassian and Nesta leaning on the doorframe. They both turned red and sputtered out apologies, looking everywhere but them as Azriel walked you both back to your room.
It seemed like nobody learned their lesson.
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Tumblr media
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ofelia-writesxox · 5 months ago
hiii could you do a lil blurb of how each of the batboys would be during the readers first time?
Bat Boys + Your First Time
𓆩♡𓆪M a s t e r l i s t 𓆩♡𓆪
Hello my angel! None of these are "lil blurbs", I just couldn't help myself. Check the warnings 💋
C A S S I A N ⚔
Warnings: Mentions of virginity, virginity loss, smut, swearing, pet names: "princess", and f/m sex.
Cassian knew that you were a virgin. It's like a sixth sense that the ✨Bat Boys✨ have. Because he knew, he never made the first move in fears of scaring you away. However, that did not stop the vulgar teases or boasts that he'd openly say about you and your body:
"I can smell your sweet cunt dripping all the way from Illyria,"
"Thank the Mother for that wicked ass of yours,"
"You should wear leathers more often,"
The teasing would go on back and forth until one of you gave in (which would probably be you since he is a consent king).
After learning the hard way with the Mor incident, Cassian won't pop your cherry unless the two of you were mates or already in a committed relationship.
Once you give him permission to pleasure you, he will go absolutely feral.
Cassian will make you say the words, none of this "speaking-through-touching/moaning" bullshit.
"Say it. Say what you want y/n,"
Once you've gotten past the consent stage, Cassian will pick you up from wherever the two of you are and carry/fly you to his bed.
Normally he'd just fuck you against the closest surface, but since this was your first time, he wanted to fuck you properly.
Once at his bedroom, Cassian finally slows down, taking his time with you. He'd place you on the middle of his vast bed, suit for an Illyrian, while you greedily watch him undress himself.
You can't help but gasp at the sight of his cock, causing him to flare his wings in male pride. You imagined before that it would be big, but your imagination certainly gave him less credit than deserved.
He was long, yes, but he was unbelievably thick as well. So much so that it looked like his was red from pain of how thick it was; but little did you know that Cassian's cock wasn't in pain from the size, but rather from not being you.
"Your turn, princess. Go on, let me see that Cauldron-blessed body of yours,"
Once you undress yourself, Cassian can't help but pounce on you.
He sucks at everything. Your lips, neck, throat, stomach, and thighs.
At this point your cunt is already needy and dripping, just perfect enough for Cassian to slide it right in.
He takes you in the Missionary position, gently holding your body while slowly thrusting into you, pressing a kiss to your forehead, nose and lips. Once you're ready, he takes no time in speeding up, pulling out pleasured screams and whimpers from you that only stirs him up even more.
It takes you only 60 seconds to cum, making him groan and laugh at the same time, amused at how needy your tiny, little, cunt really is.
But Cassian doesn't stop until he's finished. Which by then you have came two more times.
Cassian collapses next to you, pulling you into his chest as his wings close you in tight. He doesn't pull out just yet, neither of you ready to disconnect from the other.
You fall asleep before him, not without thanking him, and telling him how much you love him.
Cassian returns the compliments.
"I love you too, y/n,"
"You were so perfect. I couldn't ask for anything more,"
He wakes you up in the morning with a hard thrust, causing you to giggle as he smiles down at you.
"Ready for round two? It's time for Azriel to wake up anyways."
R H Y S A N D✨
Warnings: Mentions of virginity, virginity loss, smut, pet names: "darling", f/m sex, and small swearing.
Teasing. Praising. Teasing. Praising.
Rhysand knew that you were a virgin. It's like a sixth sense that the ✨Bat Boys✨ have. Because of this, he couldn't help but shamelessly tease you at the most inappropriate times in the most innocent ways, always with that sly, High Lord smirk of his.
"What is causing you to blush this much, y/n?"
"If you're going to run your mouth, mind as well make it useful,"
"Do I make you nervous?"
Whether you were in a relationship with the High Lord or not, Rhysand would have no problem with making it known to you that he was interested.
He would slowly, unbashfully check you out, smirking once meeting your eyes, then looking away as if he was disinterested. It drove you mad. Everyday he'd flirt, stare, then act as if you were paint drying on a wall.
It wasn't until he pulled that little stunt again when the both of you had enough. Pouncing on the other in an intense battle of kissing, groping, and rubbing.
Rhys, ever the impatient, would winnow the both of you onto his bed.
He'd hover over you, foreheads pressed together as he'd stare you down.
"Tell me what you want,"
After giving yourself up to him, Rhysand finally, slips his cock into your tight, wet cunt; taking his sweet time.
You on the other hand would be a moaning, withering mess; barely able to complete a sentence as he continued to gently thrust deeper.
Rhysand's cock was impossibly long and was slightly curved, making it hit the perfect spot of sensitive flesh, sending thrills down your spine.
Your first time with him was slow, passionate, and teasing.
It was as if you were in a trance.
Rhysand would chuckle at how cock-drunk you were, teasing you the whole time.
"Yeah? Like that?"
"You look so pretty like this, darling,"
"So responsive,"
Within minutes, your breathing increased as you started reaching your high. Rhysand kept his head in your neck, continuing to whisper and coo sweet nothings into your ear.
He came seconds after you did, pulling out and cumming onto your stomach as you still continued to moan and cry from your own release.
Rhysand would laugh at how blissed-out you'd look.
He wouldn't mind laying with you afterwards if you asked; and that's IF the two of you get any sleep.
After the first round with Rhysand you'd still want more, which he would happily oblige to. After the third round is when he insists that you take a break on your body, as it's still your first time.
Rhysand doesn't let you leave the next morning, a sly smirk placed on his sophisticated features.
"I'm starving,"
He devours you all the way till noon, making you late for training; and earning a shit-eating grin from Cassian and Az.
A Z R I E L🎶
Warnings: Mentions of virginity, virginity loss, smut, light shadow play, fingering (female receiving), orgasm denial, oral sex (female receiving), f/m sex, pet names: "little one" & "bunny", and light swearing.
Azriel knew that you were a virgin. It's like a sixth sense that the ✨Bat Boys✨ have. Because of this, your innocence turned him on.
Unlike his brother Rhysand, Azriel takes much pleasure training and teaching his lovers in the bedroom.
However, Azriel feels that it's too intimate to deflower someone he's having a one nightstand with; therefore, he will refuse to take your virginity unless you guys were mates or in a committed relationship.
Because you were a virgin, Azriel would be very gentle and patient with you. Like I said before, he enjoys teaching and training.
Even though Azriel is the most polite out of his brothers, he is also the freakiest:
Smirking at you when scenting your arousal, not saying anything, purposefully making the silence embarrassing for you.
Gently stroking your inner thigh at the family dinners.
Having his shadows tightly pull your hair whenever it's in a ponytail.
Azriel is extremely possessive though. After the whole Mor and Cassian situation, Azriel had always longed for someone to be his and only his. Loyal, innocent, unconditional love.
Because of this, you best believe that he'll be marking his territory all over you:
When you have nothing to wear, Azriel will have you wear one of his shirts.
He'll possessively hold your hand in public, making it known to any and every male that you're his.
When Azriel is away on a trip, he'll have some of his shadows stay behind to not only keep you company; but to also keep away any unwanted males.
Hickeys. Hickeys. Hickeys.
Your first time having sex is actually caused by the shadows themselves.
After hearing your erotic thoughts and scenting your arousal, the shadows inform their master, demanding that Azriel does something to please you.
"Let me help you, little one,"
Azriel's VERY SKILLED, rough, fingers would help warm your sweet pussy up while his shadows gripped and nipped at your breasts.
Right when you were about to hit your climax, Azriel would growl, stopping his motions as well as the shadow's.
"Hold it,"
His shadows would then take the both of you to his bedroom. When you arrive, the both of you are already completely naked.
Azriel takes his time in worshiping your body before actually making love to you:
Marking up your beautiful body with endless hickeys.
Sucking your breasts till they were sore.
Eating you out like a starved male. Licking, sucking, and biting.
Shadow's moving your hair out of your face and wiping away your pleasured tears.
After what seemed like an hour of Azriel warming you up, he finally stroked himself in, praising you the whole time:
"Shh, you're okay, bunny,"
"You're doing so good,"
"Such a good girl. Taking my cock so well,"
"Fuck, bunny. You feel so good,"
Azriel is painfully long and thick. So much so, that you had a tummy bulge from his huge cock.
You guys go on for hours, I'm not kidding.
Azriel goes slow the first round, making it solely dedicated to your release and pleasure. After that he'll begin to speed up, cumming with you. This is all done in the missionary position.
By the third and fourth round, you guys would've switched it up. Changing positions, not able to keep away from one other.
It isn't until your eyes begin to droop when the two of you finally stop.
Azriel is the King of Aftercare. Getting a warm, wet, cloth to clean you off before taking you to the bathroom to pee.
Azriel will fall asleep with you afterwards, holding you in his arms while his shadows and wings caress your skin and back.
You'll wake up to him making you breakfast in the morning, only to fuel you up before the two of you continue what you started the night before.
"Eat up, little one. I'm still not finished with you,"
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leiaamidala · a month ago
Tumblr media
“𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙜𝙖𝙯𝙚 𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙛𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙤 𝙀𝙡𝙖𝙞𝙣, 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝 𝙞𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙪𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙮 𝙣𝙚𝙪𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙡, 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙜𝙚𝙙 𝙬𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝 𝙞𝙩. 𝘽𝙚𝙩𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙢.”
⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⤞ art by Rutisfree
⤞ commissioned by me 
Week Three: The Garden
Do not repost, please.
Characters belong to Sarah J. Maas
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oliviajdjarin · 5 months ago
Azriel Shadowsinger: Good Morning
Pairing: Azriel x fem!reader
Summary: one look at Azriel’s sculpted, faultless face deep in slumber, leads you to act on one of your deepest, most concealed desires.
Warnings: SMUTTT, oral (male receiving), a lot of moaning, consent is discussed in previous conversations, allusions to more sex, Az is just heavenly, dirty talk, please practice consent and safety!!
A/N: This one is really smutty, so please proceed with caution. I have been in a huge Azriel mood lately and I have been loving writing for him. My requests and asks are open, so please feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have. Thank you all so much for everything, and I hope you enjoy this one :)
If you’d like to leave a like, comment, reblog, or ask, it would be greatly appreciated <3
Azriel Masterlist
Tumblr media
The first tangible pieces of consciousness began to form behind you eyes, and your weak, heavy muscles still felt melted into the bed sheets.
The dizzying high from the night spent with your mate had finally worn off, and a warm bliss was all that remained.
You finally opened your eyes, blinking at the sudden harsh lights, and rolled over on to your side. You were met with a warm, clean chest, and you could feel his deep breaths underneath your palm.
Azriel. Your mate.
Your sleep-filled eyes were still blurry, but his toned chest and sharp jawline were crystal clear. He was laying on his back, and his wings were stretched out completely underneath your bare body, holding you close to him.
They were snug and comfortable, and they completely encapsulated you in the scent and feel of him.
Once your eyes finally cleared, you got to take in the full view.
His mouth was open just enough to have his long breaths escape, and his gorgeous features were completely at rest. There was not a crease on his forehead, nor a frown on his lips. He was completely at ease, and it was so rare for you to see him that way.
His hair looked frizzy and soft, and his broad chest up to his neck was covered with your love bites. They stretched down to his chiseled abdomen as well, and his tattoos looked glorious in the rising sun.
If beauty was a being, it was Azriel. It had to be.
A drowsy smile came to your lips, and you continued to trace and memorize his body in this state. The shadowsinger had once been a deity to you, something that you’d never be able to touch and hold. He was intimidating and brooding, using his skills everywhere he went. It felt as if he was branding every secret and mistake you had ever made when your eyes would connect.
It took years for the gift of his trust to finally be given to you. Years. And when that mating bond finally snapped into place, the way he looked at you and the truths he spilled to you were all you had ever wanted from him.
Every tear, every heartache, every twinge of jealousy was worth it. The way he kissed, worshiped, and made love to you that night was decadent. The things he mumbled in your ear liquified you to the floor.
And last night felt just as special.
There was just something about when Az was slow, and focused on taking his time. There were no responsibilities to worry about, or threats he had to watch out for.
It was only you.
He would stare into your eyes as you came, and coax you through two or three more releases. He would hold you close to him, hitting you as deeply and forcefully as he could. Your hands would scrape down his back and pull through his hair, and he would let himself become completely undone under your touch.
No barriers. No hiding. Fully Azriel.
All sex with him was good, but that was your favorite, and he knew it.
And last night, he made sure to make it even better than you ever remembered it being.
As you continued to watch him sleep, you allowed those memories to wash over you. You could feel his own love bites on your skin, and the pit in your stomach started to yearn for more.
More groans, more gasps, more pleads for you and only you. More scratches through your hair, more kisses down your spine. More tastes of him in your mouth.
Your body was simmering, and an idea popped into your head that fully lit it on fire.
You had talked about it with him before. He had given total permission for you to try it, and the tease in his eyes made you think that he wanted it more than you did.
You took one more look at his angelic face, and decided that it looked too empty of pleasure.
It was time you fixed that.
You grinned sinfully, and pulled the covers off of you. The cool air hit your naked body, making chills erupt over your skin, but you barely felt it. The decadence of arousal was already beginning to make your skin hot and sweaty.
You then, as gently as you could, swung your leg over Az’s, and settled yourself over his bulge. You pulled the covers back over your lower half, and you were now face to face with his already rising shaft.
You looked up at him one more time, seeing if he showed any signs of waking, but the deep breaths of his stomach were proof enough.
You smiled one more time, letting the endorphins take over, and you kissed the head of his cock.
No twitch. No sharp intake of air. Nothing.
You kissed it again, longer this time, and swiped your tongue along it as well. The heat from your tongue made his cock twitch ever so slightly against it, and your eyes sprang back up to his face.
He looked exactly the same, except that his barely opened mouth had opened only a little bit more.
This was exactly what you wanted.
You wanted to move so slowly and so delicately, that the feeling of his cock in your mouth would feel like a dream to him. He would wake up when it was becoming too much, and he would realize that it had never been a dream.
That devilish smile came to your face one more time, and you licked all the way along his cock, closing your eyes to concentrate.
You then kissed and licked some more, only bringing the tip into your mouth, and slowly increased your passion. Your firm grip against the sheets was the only thing keeping your own moans at bay.
This teasing went on for a minute or two, before your eyes popped open at the groan released from Az’s throat.
It was deep and faint, but you heard it. It rippled through you like a drug, and your confidence only increased.
You took more and more of him into your mouth, letting the heat of your breath surround it, and his eyes began to flutter.
You quickly pulled away, and his hips shot up to follow you.
“Y/N,” he mumbled. You couldn’t tell if he was asleep or awake.
“Yes?” you whispered, but released a breath when he didn’t respond. Sweat had began to coat your back and your thighs, and you could feel it dripping from your hair as well.
Slower than you did before, you licked and kissed his shaft for a few moments. The last thing you wanted to do was rush, but the taste of him was becoming addicting. The gnawing in your core for his hands in your hair and your name from his lips was becoming unbearable.
You placed your hands on his hips, and licked the vein stretching from his base to his tip, and the startled gasp from above you made you moan against him.
“Y/N?” Azriel said, breathless. Your eyes connected.
“Good morning, Azriel,” you took his tip completely in your mouth, and his back arched in pleasure.
“Fuck,” he moaned. His voice was still groggy from sleep. “Fuck Y/N, you’re so—gods.”
“I’m what?” you said, releasing him. “I’m so what? Say it.”
You met his eyes again, hovering your mouth over his thoroughly hard dick, and the desperation in his hazel eyes caused you to squeeze his hips harder.
“You’re so fucking perfect,” he said, and you smiled.
“Keep talking,” you mumbled, and you put as much of his dick in your mouth as you could. He let out a high pitched moan, and scraped his large hands against your scalp, burying them in your hair.
“I—I thought I was dreaming,” he said. “You had your pretty mouth wrapped around me, just like this, and I could feel you breathing.”
You moaned against him, and his breaths became shakier.
“Gods look at you,” he said. “You knew I wanted this last night, didn’t you? Pretty girl. Too fucking good to me.”
You pumped the top of his dick with your right hand, and thrusted the rest of it into your mouth with your left. Az’s eyes rolled back, and he began to meet your thrusts with his hips.
“Just like that. Just like that.”
The two of you moved in sync, and his thrusts moved faster and faster.
“Where do you—where do you want it—” but he cut himself off with his own moan when you took him almost completely into your mouth. He pushed your head down, trying to keep it steady, and he almost hit the back of your throat.
He moaned your name one last time before you tasted his release, and you finally pulled away with a pop when you swallowed the last drops.
You let your droopy eyes meet Az’s once more, and you laughed at his shocked and blissed out expression.
You kissed up his sweaty body from his hips, to his stomach, to his lips. He pulled you in from the back of your head, and instantly his tongue met yours. He tasted himself in your mouth, and he moaned hopelessly into it.
You pulled his mouth away from yours, and kissed his nose delicately before connecting your foreheads. His hands held you firmly at your waist.
“You didn’t say good morning back,” you teased, and the darkness in Az’s eyes finally won their fight against the gold.
“Mmm…you’re right,” he said slyly, dragging his knuckles against your cheekbone.
“Why don’t I just keep fucking you in my bed until tomorrow, and I’ll say it then.”
The surprise in your eyes was blatant, and Az smiled up at you.
“You’re not leaving until I return the favor,” he whispered, and his lips collided with yours.
It was definitely a good morning.
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kayla-2 · 6 months ago
Nyx, the most protected fae in Prythian
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s horrible to think of the childhood of the inner circle and the Archeron sisters as they barely have parents or grandparents alive. But it’s greater to think of the love they’ll give nyx and other inner circle children.. (this include amren and Morrigan)
Shout out to @madschofield for the beautiful work, it’s been keeping me sane this year. If you go on the artist Instagram (same name) you can buy prints of the artwork and support on tik tok, twitter and here.
Which is your favorite?? The Rhysand and Azriel one always gets me 😭
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starswhogaze · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cerridwen & Nuala
Our favourite half wraith spy twins 🖤 They steal information from empires and bake in their spare time. Who wouldn't love them? A lot of my excitement for the next book is also for more of them. I seriously can't wait.
I drew thiiiisss, so please give credit when reposting. 🖤
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nestaswhore · a month ago
next time anyone calls nesta weak kindly remember she laughed in the cauldron’s face as she beat it’s ass and stole death powers from it
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shadowsingerofnight · 12 hours ago
currently sad because nobody will ever fold a wing around me in comfort and that’s devastating tbh
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whor-3-crux · a month ago
Cold mornings, warm welcomes
Azriel x reader
Summary: Rhysand and his inner circle have their annual dinner with their friends of the Winter Court. Unlike the previous years, there is someone new attending much to their surprise.
Warnings: A little angst, slight smut: attempted masturbation (f)
I did refer to the reader being short so keep that in mind before you read.
Author’s note: This is my first time writing and my native language isn’t English so please bear with me. If you find any mistakes or misspellings,.. please kindly correct me. I hope this isn’t too horrible and that y’all can enjoy it!
All the characters, except y/n, belong to SJM. I am only creating this story for entertainment purposes.
One of the biggest perks of living in the Winter Court was waking up and looking out over the most beautiful landscape. 
A horizon filled with distant icy mountains, small rivers, and creeks flowing through the misty forest, glowing almost blindingly bright in the upcoming glory of sunset.
One of the biggest cons, however, was the bitterly cold weather. Even though it was summer the sun barely gave any warmth and you were happy to be able to spend your day inside of your home.
Today your parents, Kallias and Viviane, had their annual dinner with the Night Court. In all the years you’ve lived, you’ve never once attended and you’re not planning on changing that.
You’ve always had trouble being around large groups of people. Especially when they were people you didn’t know. Of course, you knew that Rhysand and his inner circle were trustworthy and while the unknown was exciting it also made you feel very nervous. Because of this, the only reaction you could muster was to chicken out every time your parents suggested you finally attend the dinner with them.
You were content to spend so much time alone but lately, you did have a feeling like you were missing something, almost like there was a missing piece to the puzzle that was you.
You’ve never had a romantic relationship before and you supposed it could take a very long time before you finally found the one. This didn’t stop you from desperately wanting to find what you knew would make you complete. The mating bond.
You wanted to feel wanted and loved. To feel safe and secure.
You wanted to belong.
Sensing the loneliness growing, you knew you had to distract your mind. Seeing the new book you bought a few days prior you decided it was time to begin the new story that was certainly going to sweep you off your feet.
The townhouse was as busy as ever. While Rhys, Cassian, and Azriel were calmly sitting in the living room, the upstairs was bustling with laughter and yelling. Mor, who was so excited to see Viviane again, managed to convince everyone to start getting ready so that they would be perfect.
Even though Azriel wasn’t much of a people person he did like the annual dinners. It made him happy to see his family enjoying the company of their old friends. For him, that was enough reason to go with.
For some reason, he was more nervous than in the previous years. What he thought was excitement this morning was turning into something completely different. It was a nagging feeling in his chest like he was forgetting something he shouldn’t, and it was becoming difficult to shake.
Feeling someone eying him he pulled himself out of his thoughts finding his brothers carefully watching him.
"Something wrong?", asked Rhys.
Not wanting to concern him Azriel denied it. Neither Rhys nor Cassion seemed convinced but Azriel couldn’t bring himself to care all too much when all that was on his mind was the growing feeling in his chest.
Hearing a knock on your door you avert your eyes from your book and hum a quiet reply.
Seeing your mother come in you already knew what she was about to say.
"Rhysand and Feyre are about to arrive. You know I’m not going to force you but it wouldn’t be a crime if you came and said hi."
Not waiting for your reply your mother closed the door leaving you alone in your room with your thoughts to occupy you.
The more you thought about it the more you felt the need to go downstairs. You supposed you did want to meet them but your social anxiety was still a worry in the back of your mind.
More and more you began to feel a compelling feeling of longing. It felt almost like a guiding hand commanding you to go otherwise you would miss something of great importance.
Feeling confused by this sudden urge and the growing frequency of the thoughts like the ones you had this morning, you didn’t hear the noise coming from the floor below you, telling you that the guests had arrived.
The moment Azriel set a foot inside the house he heard a high squeal and saw Mor happily jumping into Viviane’s arms while Kallias went up to Rhys to greet him more quietly.
Walking into the living room Azriel was again amazed at the space in front of him.
The floor was made out of the clearest white and grey marble while the walls were adorned with windows reaching the ceiling. The Winter Court Mountain home was, similar to the House Of Wind, built on the peak of a mountain giving a beautiful view of the terrain below.
While everyone took a seat in one of the light-coloured couches Azriel walked up to the window, wanting to see the Winter Court in all its glory. Even though it was summer the view was still astounding and Azriel wondered how it would look when it was winter.
"Beautiful isn’t it?", he heard a female voice stating rather than questioning beside him. Looking to his right he saw the voice belonged to Viviane.
Azriel didn’t quite know how to answer so he just nodded. Viviane didn’t seem to mind and she went on looking out the window.
"My daughter loves the view. She constantly sits in front of hers reading or drinking tea", Viviane said with a chuckle and this spiked Azriel’s interest. He wasn’t aware that she had any children.
"You have a daughter?", he asked.
Viviane was now the one who simply nodded, albeit with a smile on her face.
Normally Azriel would have ended the conversation here but he felt the need to ask more. He thought about what he wanted to know but the same question kept popping up in his head. How come he has never seen her?
So he asked and the answer was one he could relate to.
"She’s never been much of a people person. She prefers to be alone most of the time but I do hope she finds the courage to join us tonight."
After one last look at the view, he followed Viviane back to the group and sat down next to Cassian while she went to sit by Mor.
Soon the conversation flowed back to normal and the feeling inside Azriel’s chest was bubbling back up with no intention to stop.
Needing to relax you had taken a bath and were now looking at your wardrobe. While in the bath you had decided you needed to quieten the roaring fire inside you and make an appearance downstairs, even if it was just a small one.
Wanting to look presentable you chose your favourite dress hoping that it might give you the confidence boost you so desperately wanted. Keeping your hair down and putting on some mascara and lip gloss you deemed yourself ready to go.
With slight trembling legs, you made the descent downstairs already hearing the booming voices of the Night Court guests. Pushing down the unfamiliar feeling inside, you round the corner and stood completely still in silence secretly hoping not to be noticed.
Of course, the Mother decided otherwise and you were immediately noticed by none other than Rhysand. You could see by his facial expressions that he was surprised to see you but not in the slightest disappointed.
"Well hello there", you heard his deep voice say and you mentally cursed him for not staying quiet because now you were noticed by almost everyone.
From the moment Azriel sat down the unfamiliar feeling overwhelmed him and he became consumed by his thoughts. The at first nagging feeling was now more of an itch he couldn’t scratch. He was craving something which he knew was within reach but he just couldn’t figure out what.
Being completely zoned out he hadn’t noticed the conversation dying down and everyone being suddenly quiet.
Until he heard a soft "Hello".
That voice pulled him straight from his thoughts and looking up he saw you. Your small frame was standing in the doorway looking nervous. He quickly put two and two together and figured out that you were the daughter Viviane was talking about. He also remembered what she had said earlier and felt a smile tugging at his lips.
You had found the courage to come.
The feeling of euphoria vanished as fast as it came when your eyes met his. That’s when everything fell into place.
The nagging feeling when he woke up, the itch he couldn’t scratch. It was you. He couldn't believe he finally found you. His mate.
He looked, really looked, at you and felt the blood immediately pumping to his groin. The way your hair fell perfectly around your beautiful face and the way your dress hung to your curves like snow to the icy mountain tops.
He couldn’t help noticing how short you were, which wasn’t much help for his growing erection.
Looking back into your eyes he saw you already looking at him with your brows slightly furrowed, evidence of your confusion. He must have been too obvious in assessing you.
Someone’s voice gathered your attention and made you break eye contact, much to Azriel’s relief. He knew if had lasted mere seconds longer he would have lost his patience. He was already having trouble with controlling his shadows who were suddenly extremely eager to go explore and play with you.
Looking down he saw the evident bulge in his trousers and was mentally cursing himself. How could he have been so nonchalant? Apparently, Cassian was thinking the same because he shoved a pillow right into Az’s lap and whispered "Enjoying yourself are you?" and threw him a wink.
Letting out a chuckle Az repositioned himself and tried to focus on anything but you who was now sitting beside a very excited Mor.
Mor was introducing everyone to you which you were grateful for because you knew asking everyone for their names would’ve been a little bit of a struggle.
Coming downstairs your eyes immediately fell on the Illyrian male sitting on the farthest couch. He was truly a sight for sore eyes and the most handsome man you had ever seen. The moment your eyes connected the fire that had been blazing inside of you for the entirety of the day was begging to be let out.
You were confused about the way your body was reacting to being near him and you knew you had to stay a safe distance away otherwise you wouldn’t be able to make it through the evening.
So sitting next to the gorgeous blonde woman who was conveniently sitting far away from the handsome male seemed like the best option.
The male’s name was Azriel and when she introduced him you couldn’t stop your eyes from lingering. You felt so drawn to him and he hasn’t even said a word.
You were praying that dinner would soon be ready so that your mind would be filled with anything but him.
Azriel hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of you since the moment you sat down. It was starting to become obvious but he didn’t care because the need he felt towards you was overpowering any rational thought in his head.
He wants to protect you.
He wants to make you his.
"What’s got you so entranced brother?", Cassian asked.
Before Azriel could reply Viviane announced that dinner was ready. Cassian whispered a quick "You should talk to her" and went to follow everyone else to the table.
Dinner went by tragically slow and you tried to keep your longing glances toward Azriel to a minimum but of course, the Cauldron decided this would be impossible. By now you were so turned on that you were constantly pressing your thighs together, searching for the slightest friction to please the burning need inside you.
This didn’t go unnoticed by Azriel who was now having the biggest hard-on he has ever had in his entire life. They needed each other but were both too shy to make the first move.
No longer being able to handle the tension hanging in the air you announced you were going to go upstairs to sleep. Arriving in your bedroom you immediately shed all of your clothes and let yourself fall on your bed wishing for sleep to take you as soon as possible.
After 10 minutes of tossing and turning in your bed, you decided you needed to do something about the throbbing in between your legs.
Laying on your back you let your hands drift over your body touching your neck, and collarbones and stopping at your breasts. You started playing with your nipples and immediately felt a sense of pleasure course through your body. You couldn’t stop the sigh leaving your mouth when you tugged on your now sensitive bud. Slowly going down your body you stopped right above the apex of your legs. Making sure no one was around you let your hands finally drift to the place where you needed them the most.
Gliding your fingers through your folds you felt how wet you were and let out a small gasp. You were dripping. Taking some of your arousal you started circling your clit and a shiver went right up your spine from the long-awaited pleasure. With your free hand, you continued playing with your tits, and being so lost in the pleasure you unconsciously moaned out a name.
Rhysand proposed to sleep here because it was already getting late. Azriel had no remarks on that matter because he couldn’t wait to be alone in his room to finally be able to get rid of his painfully hard erection.
On his way to his room, he heard a small gasp, barely audible but he still heard it. Following the sound he found himself standing in front of what he assumed was your bedroom. He knew he shouldn’t linger, that it was wrong.
He was about to leave when he suddenly heard it. His name. Being moaned by you.
Images of you laying on your bed, sweaty with your hand between your thighs began to invade Az’s mind and he could no longer contain his curiosity. He had to see what you looked like.
So he slowly opened your door making sure to be as quiet as possible to not disturb you. And he could have come right then and there from the sight in front of him.
You were even sexier than he imagined. Your hair was sticking to your neck and face on which your pleasure was evident, your nipples hard and begging to be touched and your fingers franticly moving over your clit. He could see you dripping from his place at the door and he knew he needed to get a taste.
So he spoke, his voice low and raspy, filled with desire:
"Do you need any help with that?"
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the-bookish-valkyrie · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello guys! Super happy and honored to share my latest commission done by the amazing @luxurybanshee (IG). Inspired by classical paintings, this piece represents the girls hanging out at the house of wind. ♥️
[Do not repost, crop or edit]
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honeybeefae · 2 months ago
Desperate Times (Azriel x Archeron!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary// While tending to Elain's garden you come across a mysterious flower with an even more mysterious pollen. As the effects of it start to hit you, you have to fend for yourself to get the edge off...or do you?
K!inktober Prompt: SEX POLLEN // Creampie // Sexting
(HERE IT IS!! 5,423 words and we have arrived. This story is obviously 18+ and contains LOADS OF SMUT!! So minors, DNI! However, I basically wrote a mini story so it also contains some major fluff and minor angst! I hope everyone enjoys it, thank you so much for reading!)
WARNINGS: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT! Dubcon (the sex pollen kind but they talk it out), pinv, eating out, bjs, no safe sex here, wing touching, mutual pining, minors DNI!
Tag List: @marimorena06 , @mystic-scripture
(If you'd like to join my tag list for future works, feel free to comment or message!)
Elain had given you a simple task while she was away with Lucien. Tend the garden. It wasn’t hard to do and if you were being honest, you loved watering the flowers and trimming the plants. That was one of the few things you had in common with your older sister.
Being the youngest Archeron sister had its many, many downfalls. You were only seventeen when Feyre had been taken by Tamlin, fulfilling her destiny while you desperately searched for yours. During that time you tried your best to look for her, learning what little Nesta and Elain were able to teach so that you could find a way for your family.
However, it wouldn’t have ever been enough to stop Hybern’s soldiers from finding your family and dragging you to the Cauldron as a sacrifice. That day will forever live in your mind, the looks on everyone’s face as the three of you were thrown into the brutally cold water.
You survived despite the odds, as did your sisters. It was a cruel twist of fate when Nesta and Elain got gifts bestowed on them while you were left the short end of the stick. As always.
It didn’t hurt you too much though, you were used to being in the shadows. They kept you company when it got to be too much and you were grateful for it, for them. You didn’t need nor want to be seen as Feyre, Nesta, and Elain were.
But there were a pair of eyes on you that you could never shake off. Rhysand’s notorious Shadowsinger.
Ever since you had been pulled from the Cauldron he had watched you. At first, it unnerved you, this Illyrian spy hovering over you while his shadows whispered into his ear, but now it just feels like you’ve pissed him off in some way.
A small part of you had wondered if you were mates, especially since when Nesta and Elain were Made, the bond for their mates snapped in place. The bigger part of you knew though that if you were mates he would’ve revealed it by now.
Unless he didn’t want you.
Something sharp started to hurt in the middle of your chest at the thought. You were already lonely enough, not wanting to bother your sisters with your troubles as it seemed everyone was finally happy. Except for you.
“You’ve been washing that dish for five minutes now.” A low voice stated behind you, making you drop it back into the sink. You knew who it was before you even turned around.
“Lost in thought I guess.” You replied, shrugging half-heartedly while turning to face Azriel. He was dressed in his typical Illyrian leathers, wings tucked in and arms crossed. 
Those hazel eyes were holding some kind of emotion that made you shrink back and as you did, the shadows around him seemed to flinch as well.
“Why are you-” Azriel began.
“I’m gonna-” You started.
A blush crept up your cheeks from embarrassment. You licked your lips, not noticing how his eyes followed the movement, before leaning to grab the watering can. “I’m going to go tend to the garden. If you need anything, I’ll be out here.”
You pushed through the back door before Azriel could reply, taking a deep breath when the fresh air hit your nose. The sun felt warm against your skin and it helped ease your worries about what was surely watching you from the kitchen window.
After filling the watering can you make your way to the gate, pushing it open with a creak and letting it shut behind you. This garden was Elain’s pride and joy and for good reason.
Flowers and plants of all shapes and sizes were in bloom, trimmed, and cared for to perfection. She spent most of her time here and has been in a mood since she realized she’d have to start all over again at her and Lucien’s new house. You were still stuck at the townhouse so you had promised her to take care of it as best as you could.
It was actually doing pretty well. You were very proud that you hadn’t killed a single one. Elain still technically lived here but she was letting you handle the reigns at the moment.
The wind lightly blew your hair back as you got to the last section of the garden, shadows dancing in the sun. As you bent down to get the ones in the back you noticed a new flower that hadn’t been there before. 
It was a beautiful shade of pink and white, the colors swirling like marble. There was also golden dust on the edges of its petals that seemed to twinkle in the sun. You were almost positive that it wasn’t a weed but at the same time you had never seen this type of plant, even back in the mortal lands.
A sweet smell hit your nose and before you could blink you had reached out to pet the petals. As you touched them, the golden pollen stuck to your fingers. It caused a strange buzz to fill your head and body which had you almost falling onto your ass.
You felt extremely lightheaded and placed a hand across your forehead to take your temperature. That was a mistake though because the pollen traveled with you and fell across your face and nose, making your skin sweat and burn much faster.
“What the hell was on that flower?” You questioned slowly, heart thumping in your chest. The light and sounds around you were almost too much for your senses and something clicked in the back of your foggy mind.
Have I been poisoned?
It would make sense. A strange flower shows up, the pollen is making you dizzy and hot, it could’ve been anyone that put it there. Were you the target? Or was it Elain?
A sharp cramp twisted your lower stomach and you dropped the can, spilling the water across the stones. “No, no, no…” You gasped, looking around frantically. No one was here or else they would’ve heard you, would’ve noticed your pain. You were pretty sure Azriel had gone on some errand as well, leaving you completely alone. 
You needed to get inside and find something to cure you. The clock was ticking yet you didn’t even know when it would be up. The Mother seemed to hate you.
The feeling was mutual.
Your skin was practically on fire, sweat soaking your face and clothes. The second you made it to the back door was when a new symptom hit you, drawing a new reaction out of you.
Azriel’s scent was still lingering in the kitchen and when the smell of cedar and mist hit your nose a huge gush of arousal went immediately to your sex. It had you clenching your thighs together from the force of it, drool collecting in your mouth.
Using all the strength you could muster you practically crawled to your room on the bottom floor, slamming the door shut with more force than necessary. You stood on wobbly legs and immediately stripped yourself down to get at least a little relief.
All of your thoughts started to turn to mush as you swayed side to side, falling back onto your large bed. Images of Azriel started to flicker behind your closed eyelids and you moaned again.
His bare chest while he trained, the shadows curling around his arms, the way his wings stretched after a long flight. Each picture made you wetter and wetter until you couldn’t take it anymore.
Whatever was in the flower had turned you into a mindless whore, sex was the only thing on your mind at the moment. You had never felt so tightly wound in your life. Hell, your only sexual experience was with a local boy when you were sixteen.
Realization hit you like a ton of bricks, momentarily stopping your inappropriate thoughts. It wasn’t a poisonous flower at all…it was a fertility flower. You had read about them in books from the continent where it explained that pollen was used in wedding gifts and mating rituals.
The next thing you realized was that there wasn’t a cure for this. You would have to ride this out for however long it stayed in your body. If you remembered correctly, the fastest way to fix this was to have your mate help. 
Unfortunately for you, you didn’t have one. This was something you needed to fix by yourself. 
So, with shaky fingers, you ran two fingers down your pussy, your juices easily lathering them completely. It seemed so dirty to be doing this to yourself, in the middle of the day when anyone could walk in.
When Azriel could walk in.
You groaned at the thought and plunged those two fingers into your waiting hole, hips rising off the bed at the euphoria. A small trickle of guilt went down your spine about imagining him when he clearly didn’t care for you, but, when an image of him between your thighs flashed across your head, it went out the window. 
“Fuck me.” You gasped out as you raised up to your knees, riding your hand while your other one went to paw at your breast. “Please, Az, please…” You whimpered, trying to keep your voice down.
Hair was sticking to your face and neck and you could’ve sworn that a puddle was forming underneath you but you were too busy chasing your orgasm. It was growing inside you like a storm, your walls clenching around your fingers as you cried out again.
It was too much and not enough. You felt as if you were being swallowed by giant waves, pleasure turning to pain when you couldn’t reach that peak. Tears started to gather in your eyes from how much your stomach was cramping and how flushed you felt. 
Soft cries tumbled from your lips a few moments later as you still rode your hand, begging the Mother above to help you take this pain away. 
And gods did she have a funny sense of humor.
Three sharp knocks echoed in your room, your head shooting up as you scrambled to cover yourself. “Y/N? Are you okay?” Azriel asked through the door, his tone short. 
Mother save me, please tell me he didn’t hear me.
It took a minute for you to collect yourself enough to answer, two fingers still stuffed inside of you. “Y-yes Azriel. I’m okay, go back to whatever you were doing.”
He stayed at the door, shuffling his feet before clearing his throat. “Are you sure? I felt a tug on…” He trailed off. It seemed like he had heard you, his voice low. 
“Leave. Please.” You begged though your voice held no edge of authority. A sick part of you wanted him to bust down the door, see you, and claim you. You regretted the line of thought as another cramp hit you. “I’m fine. Just go.”
Azriel didn’t listen. Your scent was suffocating him and he had to know what was happening. The doorknob turned before you could stop it and he stepped inside, eyes widening at the sight of you. You were probably the last person he wanted to see like this and it was made so much worse by your tear-stained cheeks and disheveled hair.
“Gods, Y/N, I can see you dripping from here.” He growled, eyes hooded and voice dripping with desire. “What happened?”
You didn’t have time to register his tone because the scent of him wafted over you again. And again. And again. It felt like your heart was going to give out at any second if you didn’t get him closer.
“Stupid flower, pollen, I just need-” You ground out right before you felt your eyelashes flutter, the overwhelming feeling you were about to faint creeping in. 
He was quick to get to you, reaching out and grabbing both of your arms to sit you upright. His hands almost seared into your skin and you moaned, reaching up to cup his face and pull him towards you. 
Azriel was so caught off guard that he couldn’t stop your lips from joining, one of your hands grasping his hair to tug him closer. He tasted like shadows and secrets, lips plush and soft as you held onto him for dear life. You couldn’t think clearly anymore as the aphrodisiac had now fully absorbed into your skin. The kiss had your head spinning and cunt throbbing ten times harder than before, causing you to groan into his mouth.
“I want you, Azriel. I need you.” You panted, looking into his eyes for the first time in months. He could feel your chest heaving against his, see the wild look in your eyes. “Please help me.”
He took a very deep breath and shook his head slowly. “I can’t Y/N. You aren’t yourself and I don’t know what you did but-”
You cut him off by palming his growing erection in his pants, almost drooling from how long and thick it felt. The other hand left his hair and grabbed his left hand to put it over your bare breast, biting on your lower lip at the sensation. 
Azriel’s self-control was on a razor-thin line. You were too drugged out of your mind to notice but his jaw was tight and his eyes were memorizing every curve of your body. This was everything he ever wanted, you squirming and begging underneath him, but not like this.
Not when you wouldn’t remember it.
The mating bond had formed between the two of you the second you were Made. A strong, primal feeling settled into his blood when you were dragged out and thrown to the floor. You hadn’t noticed, not that you would have any idea what it was, and Azriel thought it was better that way. 
He had seen how well Elain had taken it when Lucien stupidly blurted it out that day, or even Nesta. Azriel wasn’t going to subject you to that unless you expressed interest in him as well, no matter how many times he dreamt of your touch or kiss.
His mind was made up but you weren’t about to be so easily swayed. Just as Azriel went to pull away you used all of your strength and flipped your positions so that he was the one sitting on the bed. You swiftly straddled his thigh and began to grind down, throwing your head back in pleasure as your clit rubbed against the thick muscles in his leg.
“Oooh, Az.” You keened while wrapping your hands around his neck. His pupils were blown wide with lust, so much so that you could barely see the hazel in them. The two of you were quickly approaching the point of no return but he just needed one more push.
A devious thought popped into your lustful mind. 
When you ground down again you let the pads of your fingers graze against the top of his wings. It was a featherlight touch but the moment you did, Azriel let out a growl that could’ve shook the house. Two scarred hands gripped your wrists and yanked you off of him before he shoved you onto the bed.
You watched in awe as his wings spread out while pinning you beneath him. It brought you back into the moment for just a minute, enough to savor his hand coming down to circle around your neck.
“You’re playing a very, very dangerous game. I don’t want to hurt you.”
But the mere thought of stopping made tears spring to your eyes, raising your hips in a desperate attempt to show him where you needed him. Azriel briefly glanced down at your throbbing cunt and took a shuddering breath. 
“I don’t want you to hurt me.” You whispered, licking your lips while gazing up at him through your lashes. His hand was still wrapped around your throat, holding you there. “I want you to ruin me.”
And just like that…you opened Pandora’s Box.
Azriel snarled and claimed your lips in a passionate kiss, immediately thrusting his tongue into your mouth and dominating every space in your mind. His shadows curled around your arms and legs so that you couldn’t move at all. You struggled against the bonds for a second but when he bit down on your pulse point you went right back to him.
“Ah!” You cried out, staring at his face that held a sinful grin. Another wave of wetness hit you and fuck, he could smell it.
“Look at me, princess.” He purred, licking a line up from your neck to the shell of your ear. Azriel bit down on it before chuckling. “I want to taste you.”
A frustrated cry slipped out of your mouth when he trailed a single digit down your pussy, collecting the juices and bringing them to his lips. He groaned at the taste and couldn’t even bear to tease you anymore, needing to devour you at that moment.
He nipped and sucked his way down your body, his shadows still keeping you spread wide and still for his pleasure. His tongue lazily sucked in each of your nipples, rolling the bud around before releasing it with a loud pop. 
You were shaking in anticipation and when Azriel finally got to your core, looking up at you with those dark eyes and sadistic grin, something clicked in you. It was like a thread connecting the two of you and everything got much more intense. 
Before you could say anything he went straight to business, giving your clit a harsh suck that made you try to clamp your thighs around his head. You were still restrained though and all you could do was grab fistfuls of your sheets and cry out his name, your previous thoughts scattering to the wind. 
His tongue felt heavenly but when he started to moan at your enthusiasm it sent an entirely new wave of pleasure through your body. He flicked it over your clit rapidly before going down to thrust the hot, wet muscle into your cunt. 
Azriel knew you were dangerously close to the edge already and wanted you to fill his mouth with your sweet nectar. He doubled his efforts and let his shadows dissipate so that he could snake an arm under your hips to lift them off of the bed.
The second you were free your fingers locked onto his black locks while your thighs went around his ears. This new angle made the pleasure increase and you could feel yourself falling over the edge, the only safety net being him.
“Azriel…I can’t. I need it-I need-” You were a blubbering mess. He took pity on you and thrust a single finger into you, curling it to hit that spot deep inside. 
“Take it. It’s yours, Y/N.” Azriel urged, closing his eyes as the first gush hit his tongue.
A gasp was the only warning you gave before you came on his face. Your body went rigid before completely melting into the mattress, riding his face as best as you could from the angle he had you in. Azriel kept licking and sucking until you gently pushed his head away, memorizing his face that was now coated in your wetness.
You could feel the edge of the pollen fading away, your body not feeling quite as hot and sweaty. The ache to be filled was still there, however, and it was quite obvious from the bulge in Azriel’s pants that he would do the job perfectly.
“That was…wow.” You said breathlessly, looking up at him. He was glad you sounded more like yourself but the guilt was now crawling up his back. Azriel could hardly even look at you. And you noticed.
The gravity of the situation hit you like a ton of bricks. You were fully naked, with the hottest Illyrian soldier between your legs, after having just begged him to fuck you without even having dinner first. He didn’t even like you, couldn’t see you without shooting a glare or turning away. 
A small sniffle had him turning to look at you. You sneakily tried to wipe at your face and grabbed a pillow from behind you to try to cover up your body. “Azriel…I am so, so sorry.” Your voice was low and your head bowed.
“I watered Elain’s garden and found this flower. I thought I was being poisoned but it was a fertility flower used on the continent.” You explained before he could yell or curse you. That would break you entirely. “It’s used in mating ceremonies and such. I thought I was by myself and I was in so much pain…”
He cupped your face with one hand, brushing away a stray tear. “Why did you say my name?” 
Blood filled your cheeks at his question, your face and neck turning red. He wasn’t giving anything away that would tell you what he was thinking. You tried to look down but he held you steady. “Why?”
“I don’t know. I must have been just out of my mind.” A lie was the best thing you could think to do to try and save face. Azriel didn’t need to know about your feelings for him. “Are you mad?”
There was a minute of silence between you, his eyes unnerving you as they searched desperately for something. You could tell he was still very much aroused and tried to ignore the cramping that was ramping up once again in your lower abdomen. 
“You’re lying.”
It wasn’t a question or accusation, it was just a statement. He knew you were lying and you would rather suffer for the rest of your immortal life than tell him why you called out for him. 
“I don’t know what you’re-” You began but he cut you off, nostrils flaring. It was like he knew some secret that you didn’t but he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, tell you.
“Tell me the truth, Y/N.” He ordered you but you closed your eyes, trying to find some peace in the darkness. You couldn’t do this, couldn’t face him.
Until you saw something in that darkness, something that kept fading in and out. You felt yourself reaching out for it and when you got closer, it was a shimmering silver thread. It was beautiful and pure and…familiar. 
Without hesitation you wrapped a hand around it and plucked it, gasping at the sensation. It felt like your entire body had been pulled with it but that’s not what made you open your eyes.
It was Azriel’s matching breath that made you stare at him in amazement. 
Hazel eyes stared into yours with the exact same emotion while his lips were parted just as yours were. A matching pair. Two sides of the same coin. It felt as if the entire world had been condensed to just the two of you, breathing in each other.
“What is this?” You murmured.
“Our bond.” Azriel hesitated as you furrowed your eyebrows. “You finally felt it.”
“Are you…are you my mate, Azriel?” The thread connecting you got impossibly brighter in your head when you said the word. You didn’t need him to answer the question though, already knowing it to be true. 
You were Made for him…and he for you.
Azriel watched with bated breath as you worked through everything in your mind and when you finally, finally, looked at him as he always dreamed you would he didn’t hesitate.
He brought your face to his and kissed you wordlessly, savoring the feeling of your mind through the bond that he had waited five hundred and forty years for. You matched his enthusiasm with passion of your own, biting down on his lower lip while pulling him closer. 
The groan he let out made a new fire ignite in your bones, giggling when he grabbed the pillow and tossed it into the corner of the room. Azriel moved from your lips to your ear, biting down gently.
“Say it again.” He all but pleaded while moving back to look at you again. 
There wasn’t anyone in the world that could stop you from giving him what he wanted. “My mate.” You smiled, pulling him back in for another kiss. “You’re my mate, Az.”
You started to fiddle with the strings of his pants and he all but leaped up to pull them off, watching you with hungry eyes. The aphrodisiac was certainly still in your system but it was nothing compared to what the revelation of your bond was doing to you. 
It was like a primal urge was drawing the two of you to consummate the mating bond as soon as possible. Azriel removed his clothing and when you studied him you swore your pussy throbbed in anticipation.
He was massive and before you could stop yourself, you crawled across the bed to where he stood. You sat on your knees and gazed up at your mate. “May I?” 
Azriel answered by grabbing your hair and tugging you to him, chest rising and falling in quick breaths. You wasted no time in taking him in your mouth. He tasted divine and his musk made you feel drunk. He grunted when you took him in as far as you could, coating his cock in saliva. 
“Good girl, fuck.” He praised you, trying to restrain the urge to fuck your mouth when you looked up at him. 
The praise made a fresh ripple of arousal coat your thighs which had you shifting on your legs. You badly needed him inside you but the urge to get him to cum in your mouth was greater. One of your hands went to the base of his dick to stroke what your mouth couldn’t and he moaned your name.
Your other hand drifted down to your weeping cunt and started to rub circles on your clit. The moan you let out reverberated around him and he suddenly pulled you completely off, lips curled up in a snarl. 
“I’m trying hard to be gentle with you, princess. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Azriel warned. 
The warning went in one ear and out the other, your head swimming with lust. He was being too nice and you needed to be grounded, to be reminded that what was happening was real and you actually had a mate.
So you pushed his hands away and swallowed him whole until he hit the back of your throat, your eyes rolling back as you tried to breathe through your nose. Azriel sucked in a sharp breath and smirked, using both of his hands to grab your hair once more. “You asked for it.”
He didn’t give you time to pull up, starting a brutal pace of fucking your mouth. Both of your hands flew to his thighs to hold onto as you let him use you. The sounds coming from your mouth were sinful but it didn’t matter. You were enjoying the way his face contorted in pleasure and fuck anyone else who had a problem with it.
Azriel’s fingers started to twitch in your hair when you tried to help him, sucking as much as you could while gagging. He had never seen you more beautiful than now, on your knees with tear-stained cheeks choking on his cock. 
A ray of light being corrupted by the shadows.
The image was too much and you greedily drank down his cum when his hips stuttered, roaring out as he held you there until he was done. When he let you go you drew back with a gasp, cum leaking out of your mouth while you caught your breath. It was only a few moments before your mate laid you back and claimed your mouth once more, tasting himself on your tongue.
That inferno that had been building in your body was on the verge of exploding and Azriel could tell by how much you were squirming. He didn’t want to wait anymore and without questioning, lined himself up with your entrance.
You raised up on your elbows to watch him enter you, biting on the inside of your cheek at the first stretch. It felt exquisite. He pulled out slightly before pushing back in again, watching you consume his dick.
“Azriel…you feel so good.” You sighed, falling back onto the bed when he bottomed out. He had stretched you out to the max but it was as if your body craved more of him as it would never be enough. “Please, move.” 
“As my mate wishes.” Azriel purred before pulling out and slamming back in in one fluid motion. The thrust sent fireworks of pleasure throughout your body and you cried out for him, back arching. 
The pace he set was brutal, the two of you chasing a joint release. He bent down and took one of your breasts into his mouth, sucking the hard nub and nibbling on it until you left scratch marks down his arms. 
You opened your eyes to watch him fuck you, seeing the concentration and pleasure in his eyes when you clenched down. The end was coming all too soon but also not soon enough. 
His wings were covering the two of you, casting a warm light that made you feel fuzzy inside. You knew how sensitive Illyrian wings were, especially when you had made the mistake of touching Azriel’s when you had first met, but that was the goal you were going for,
Your finger gingerly reached up as he rutted into you and stroked down the sensitive membrane, your eyes taking in his reaction. He let out a full body tremble and looked down at you in untamed desire.
“Do it again.”
So you did. Over and over you caressed his wings, even letting your nails graze across sometimes. Azriel snarled and let his mouth come down to bite your collarbone, enjoying your cries of pleasure. He could tell you were getting close and if you kept touching him like that, he would be too.
Azriel doubled his efforts, rutting into you with mindless passion while you allowed yourself to be swept up by it. Your orgasm started to build and just as you ran three fingers down the edge of his right wing, you felt him hit that spot inside of you. 
“Shit, fuck! Az!” You squealed as your hands fell to grip onto something, anything, as you came to the crest of pleasure. “Right there! Please, please!”
He gave you a wolfish grin and angled his hips to hit it one, two, three more times until you came with a loud cry and his name falling from your lips like a prayer. Your cunt squeezed him like a vice, causing him to follow your lead and spill inside of you with a roar of his own. 
The bond between the two of you shone brightly as you met your peaks together. Azriel’s cum was hot inside of you and as he kept thrusting, you felt another orgasm ready to follow your first. You didn’t know if you could take it but he knew you could, dipping two of his fingers to your clit to rub quickly.
Your entire body shook in ecstasy when you came again, your mind going foggy. It felt like you were looking down at yourself, at your mate as he stilled inside of you to drink in the moment. You wanted to stay here forever.
His hand pushing back your hair made you come back to reality, your eyes squinting up at him. Azriel’s gaze was tender as you smiled at him. You cupped his face with one of your hands to match him, rubbing his cheek.
“My mate.” You sighed happily.
Azriel chuckled and kissed you softly, pressing his forehead against yours along with his body. The two of you were joined together in every sense of the word and it felt right.
“Yours. Forever.” He replied, breath tickling your face as you kissed once more. 
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Tumblr media
I’ve been wanting an in depth fanart of this Elriel scene from the moment I read it. That iconic coloring book one comes close, but I just knew I wanted to honor the Elriel fandom & Captain Feyre herself with something worthy of the scene...I think this is it. I hope you love this one as it’s my first commission and done by sweetest artist @/carasalexandra on instagram. She listened to every wish I had and honored it beautifully. Give her some love on her page!
I saw the painting in my mind: the lovely fawn, blooming spring vibrant behind her. Standing before Death, shadows and terrors lurking over his shoulder. The only bridge of connection … that knife.
Characters belong to @therealsjmaas 
Feel free to repost with credit!
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