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Elain has kept her training

Cassian must be killing her but she hasnt complained one bit

I think she likes it, something else to do besides the gardening

To keep her mind occupied, as we all do

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Nesta finally feeling everything and then having her emotional breakdown and confessing everything to Cassian… it’s going to destroy my heart as if Bryce Quinlan shot, butchered, torched and hoovered its ashes and I’m excited about it!

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“My head is saying: Fool, forget him

My heart is saying: Don’t let go

Hold on to the end

That’s what I intend to do

I’m hopelessly devoted to you…”


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I just realised something. In Acofas Cassian mentioned the

I don’t want Cassian to know I am reading smut look.

Does that mean that everytime she reads smut, she just looks at Cassian , as in daydreaming that when will they do it ? Or you know when will she kiss him ( pre war oc) ?

And when they have eyes contact, she quickly composes herself that she is just reading a normal book and that he is annoying her.

When infact she is simping for him?

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Manon Blackbeak’s story/character arc from Heir of Fire to Kindgom of Ash is the BEST I have ever read and I feel it in my bones, Nesta Archeron’s from ACOTAR to ACOSF is going to be just as epic and beautiful if not more so!

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I was talking to a friend earlier and she said that the throne of glass series was better written and less problematic in her opinion than the acotar series and to be honest looking at the two series now I find myself agreeing with her. No throne of glass isn’t perfect either but when she said it’s like throne of glass should have been her second series because it would have shown how she grew as an author I was like wow I didn’t think of it like that. I’m not dissing Sarah or either series I like both does anyone else agree with us? I’m curious!

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im a real whore for some mating bond jealousy

pls… pls if you have any fic recs with mating bond jealousy. and i mean male-going-absolutely-feral over his jealousy over his mate PLEASE suggest them.

need i even request for them to be smutty

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I don’t like cassian calling nesta sweetheart. I think that’s so damn basic. Bc hunt does the same shit and it’s like…can we not? Fireheart is one of the most iconic nicknames a guy had ever had and I want that kind of energy for nessian pls

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A random thought I often have is when feyre has a baby rhys could legit just take her pain away (like he did with Clare in acotar when she was getting tortured) and she can just pop that baby out like it an average Tuesday. Or during a bad period he can just say oop no more pain… just imagine a husband that can do that for you. Amazing.

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I love Mor but I can’t wait for her to finally tell everyone that she is only attracted to females. I’m pretty sure they know she’s attracted to females but not exclusively which is why Az still holds a candle. Like let’s be honest Mor is not a subtle person, they all have heightened senses, and Azriel is the spymaster.

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So I know the big point of hate or a big stance is that Nesta shouldn’t have let Feyre go into the woods. But 1) That was to make her story work, and 2) (the bigger point) what do you think the girls did when she left for days? You think Nesta AND Elain just sat around and smiled? No. I’m sure they didn’t. I’m sure Nesta had to do bills, or try to find suiters so her sisters could be taken care of in the future. (I say that because it seems like they are in ‘older times’ like with the dresses and main society ideals are from like the 1900’s and under? Roughly; plus the world is a different one than ours.) I’m sure they tried to help their father, continue their studies. Elain gardening for pleasure but also maybe had to harvest vegtables. Maybe they had to go into town for supplies. They cut their wood. There was literally hundreds of things to do. Feyre was poorly treated but don’t act like she did EVERYTHING. Yes, she hunted and supported them but food wasn’t their only worry. And also as soon as Nesta was worried about Feyre she went after her. She cared, don’t act like she didn’t. My main point is that we’ve only heard Feyre’s opinion. Be careful where you lay the axe, sometimes it’s sharper than it looks. In the end their Father should have been better, not the kids.

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ACOTAR Characters as things I have said:

Feyre: I feel bad for my life. Poor thing is useless.

Rhysand: I’m bringing sexy back *starts to dance a little*

Cass: *in online school with mute button malfunctioning* Well I’m going to say poop and let’s see if she hears me.

Az: *glares at everyone while playing a sport/game* *subtly slides back into the shadows*

Mor: Of course. OF COURSE you’d make this about some boy.

Amren: oh I wouldn’t die for you. I’d kill for you- but then again I want to kill regardless so really no I don’t care about you.

Elain: (all alone) Cheers *chugs down bottle of water*

Nesta: Now you will question how I turned into such a demon. And the answer is the world. (Also: if you touch me with that one more time- I WILL SHOVE IT RIGHT UP YOUR-)

Lucien: please note the sarcasm.

(Bonus!) Tamlin: Wow, I’m an asshole.

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Will we find out what the bone carver appeared like to Cassian in ACOSF???????? I need to know

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I was painfully rereading ACOFAS and this just… ugh, I just can’t wait for ACOSF to come out and maybe find some redemption for the IC after I truly read it and not only for pleasure.

Nesta deserves so so much better. The fact that she dealt with her trauma alone is just such a statement of her persona on its own, that I just can’t adore her even more for it and hope that ACOSF will truly grant her what she deserves and is owed.

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Me: I don’t care who Nesta ends up with, I just want her to heal and find happiness

Also me: If Nesta and Cassian don’t end up together I’m going to D I E

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Rhysand: Do you have feelings for Elain?

Azriel, internally: Quick, play dumb!

Azriel: Who’s Elain?

Azriel, internally: Not that dumb!

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Of fuckin course they care more about Cassian than Nesta

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