justfeysand · 2 days ago
A family 🤍
Tumblr media
🎨: llibiarts (instagram)
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nestaapologist · a day ago
Your honor, Nesta Archeron has been one of the funniest characters:
“But, not one month ago, a friend of my cousin went to the border as our offering to Prythian- and she had not been sent back. Now she dwells in riches and comfort as a High Fae’s bride, and so might you, if you were to take a moment to-“
“She was likely eaten,” Nesta said. “That’s why she hadn’t returned.”
“Have you ever been with a male, Nesta?”
“Have you?”
“Is it some Faerie magic of yours, to do such things?”
“No. though I’m flattered you think so.”
“Well. If that’s what a bastard born fae warrior can do, no wonder my sister has become so entangled with the High Lords.”
“I don’t think we were introduced earlier I’m-”
“I don’t care.”
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incorrect-random-fandom · 2 days ago
Gwyn: I just saw Rhys and Nesta hugging.
Gwyn: But when I looked closer, they were actually strangling each other, which makes more sense.
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shadowsxgwynriel · a day ago
Azriel and Cassian: *sparring shirtless*
Gwyn, Emerie, & Nesta:
Tumblr media
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positivewitch · a day ago
ACOTAR - Picrew
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nesta Archeron Cassian
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gwyneth Berdara Azriel
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Emerie Morrigan
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champanheandluxxury · 2 days ago
All in all I'm thankful that Nesta, Emerie and Gwyn have eachother
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sirendeepity · 2 days ago
It's always "wyd babygirl" and never "I have no regrets in my life, but this. That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta. I will find you again in the next world—the next life. And we will have that time. I promise." Romance really is dead.
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silverflameataraxia · a day ago
SJM fandom will excuse Rowan abusing Aelin and Rhys sexually assaulting Feyre, but somehow think Nesta is the problem because she's mean.
Tumblr media
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Everyone hates you
Chapter 5-
‘’Why the hell was she so frightened?’’ Feyre demanded. She whirled on her mate, who wouldn’t look her in the eye.
Mor had winnowed Nesta back to the house of wind after she silently finished her cup of tea. The group continued to make small talk after the discussion of scrying, but Nesta had hardly spoke unless asked a direct question. It wasn’t highly unusual for her sister to avoid social situations like this, and whilst it was common knowledge that Nesta didn’t like any of the inner circle, something had felt very off.
‘’What did you do Rhys? She was close to tears when she came in here,’’ Feyre was seething. Her pale faced, frightened sister had set her teeth on edge. She had never seen Nesta like that, not even during the war.
Her mate was still casually leaning against his desk, but his shoulders were stiff.
‘’What makes you think I’ve done something? Nesta being unpleasant is hardly shocking.’’ He said it lightly, an attempt to be funny.
‘’That wasn’t unpleasant. She was scared.’’ Feyre was trying to keep her voice low, calm. She took a step towards him. ‘’Why is she scared Rhysand?’’
The high lord stilled. She knew he would. She never called him that.
Rhys reached for her, but she stepped back.
Panic was beginning to show on his face now
He sighed with defeat and showed her everything. Cassians reaction at training, then he showed her what Cassian showed him- of Nesta and her behaviour the last month.
Feyre stumbled. Her face white, she put her hands over her mouth and began to cry.
What had she done. What had they done.
It was almost finished.
Cassian had been working for multiple days straight with barley any sleep. Barley any food or drink. He still couldn’t get that broken look on her face out of his head. It made him violent.
So he had began to build a cabin.
It was small, but it had two bedrooms. A bathroom, a reading room, living area and a kitchen.
He would make sure it was warded so that only she could enter and whoever else she gave permission too.
She’ll never gave you permission. She’ll never want to see you again.
He ignored the cruel voice in his head. He would make this right. And someday, even if it was centuries from now, she might invite him inside. And the wait would be worth it.
She’s going to reject the bond you fool. Dont give her even more of an excuse to avoid you.
He had been ignoring Rhys and Feyre for the last four days or so. He didn’t care.
He hadn’t seen Nesta either. She’d probably been relieved that she hasn’t had to see him. Who would blame her.
His heart sunk at the thought.
He went back to working on the inside of her reading room. Painting it a duck egg blue, a large soft grey chair sat in the corner facing the large window, with a small table in front of it, where she could rest her tea. Shelves upon shelves lined the walls.
He hoped she would love it, that it would make her smile. He couldn’t wait to see her smile again.
The thought of it spurred him on with his work.
Soon. She would be happy and free soon.
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aqueerincrisis · a day ago
feyre can leave velaris at any time.
feyre and rhys sat down and agreed to him shielding her to hide her pregnancy and grow his abilities.
can't believe that needs to be said, but that's not the same as feyre being locked up against her will.
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bi-carli · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
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books-and-draws-eclectic · 2 days ago
Az: Should I---
Shadows: Gwyn
Az: Elai---
Shadows: GWYN
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ladyelain · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Just a little reminder that Night Court black is not a fandom-made thing, it’s literally in the books.
Black is being associated with the Night Court like Illyrian leathers are. Rhys claimed it as his signature colour (not a colour, ik), I didn’t come up with this.
Mor preferring to wear red or whatever doesn’t change the fact black is the it-colour of Night and Elain looks ill in it.
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Azriel: That’s my way of doing things. When life gives me pain, I take that pain and push it down. And if that pain starts to come up again, I push more pain on top of it.
Azriel: Why confront something when you can avoid it, right?
Gwyn: Do you need a hug?
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shadowsxgwynriel · 2 days ago
Cassian: You can do this. Just remember what I taught you.
Azriel: I don’t know about this . . .
Cassian: Trust me, I have a mate, I know what I’m talking about.
Azriel: If you’re sure.
Cassian: Here she comes. Wow her.
Gwyn: Azriel . . . what are you doing?
Cassian: He’s wowing you.
Tumblr media
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clarxmor · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Sorry. I've run away enough in my life. And I finally have something to protect: you."
(scene from my fanfic)
Art made by: _ink.eyes
Commissioned by me.
Link to Instagram post | Link to Twitter post
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suckerpunchfemale · 10 hours ago
I've seen a lot of responses lately about Nestas feelings about the IC locking her up and I fully disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but personally Nesta deserves better.
Nesta saying that she deserved what they did to her is a trauma response. Nesta saying that they were right to lock her up because she was drinking and having casual sex is a trauma response.
She was clawing at her own body looking for a way to negate the pain and loneliness she felt. And maybe I read her Healing arc completely differently but she didn't heal when they forced her to train, or they forced her to train with Cassian or when they locked her up in a house ten thousand steps into the sky.
Nesta began to heal when she met Gwyn and Emerie and the other priestesses and the House became her friend.
So again, Nesta saying she deserves what they did to her is a trauma response because what the IC did to was traumatic too. There's no soft skill way to relocate someone to a prison without warning and then demolishing their home, aside from the body altering physical training (good in the long run but she was aching plenty along the way) and being told that everyone hates her (again, whether it's true or not is another story) is abusive.
Nesta was cut and shaped until she fit into the mould. And THAT is traumatic. The only difference is, If you hit an already broken person long enough, they'll start to believe they deserve it.
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