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Elain has kept her training

Cassian must be killing her but she hasnt complained one bit

I think she likes it, something else to do besides the gardening

To keep her mind occupied, as we all do

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After I got my Nesta x Azriel and Nesta x Eris brotp teasers I’m getting greedy

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I made quite a lot of these already, but I’m so sure Emerie and Nesta won’t have the relationship I made up in my head and she won’t be half the comedic genius I pretend she is, that I wanted to share a few more detailed scenarios and add them to this other two: 1, 2. You know, just in case I don’t like ACOSF after 3 years of waiting and I have to prettend it doesn’t exsist.

The thing is, Nesta lives in the tiny one bedroom “apartment” above Emerie’s shop. They both live there, so Nesta doesn’t have to stay in Cassian’s house or in a canvas tent. Whenever Cassian wants to talk to Nesta and goes to the store looking for her, Emerie pretends she is busy and packes him off with an excuse. So Cassian says he needs to talk to her, it’s important, and even if they were just having tea, Emerie tells him Nesta can’t talk to him right now, she is having wild sex upstairs. “I can’t here a thing” he says. He knows Emerie is lying to him. “Maybe her mouth is bussy right now. You know ” she winks “ Wel… you don’t” she dares to touch his arm in consolation “But I’m sure you imagine”.

Mor doesn’t like Emerie. She thought they were sending Nesta to Illyria to get rid of her, not to double the trouble once she came back. So she straight up asks Emerie “Why do you feel the urge to be bitter all the time?” Because she is, she never misses the oportunity of adding a subtle insult.  “It’s a natural response to balance Nesta’s sweetnes”.

Once, Cassian was telling Nesta and Emerie “his brother” would come the next morning to do some paperwork in the camps and both Nesta and her were invited to have lunch with them in one of the houses. “The shadowy one or the sparkly one” Emerie asks. Cassian is taken by surprise becuase she is usully more hostil towards him and he thought she would say something like “fuck off” or “We would rather die”, and the finds the nicknames they have given to his brothers to be a little funny and absolutely fitting. He is intrigued and feels invited to go on the conversation “What do you call me?” He looks at Nesta, but she gives a quick look at her friend. That’s what Emerie wanted, she had intended to laugh at him all along, when she simply goes back to her book and all she says is “guess”.

And finally, whenever Feyre tries to get closer to Emerie by buying something from her store, Emerie will tell her the prize is “excacly the same amount the jewelry you are wearing is worth”. The first time she did, Feyre actually gave her the ruby necklace she was wearing, to prove she didn’t care how much money it would cost her to get to know her. But then she realized it was not a test, Emerie was simply making fun of her and about to make huge amounts of money.

Here are the other headcanons for ACOSF  Part 1 || Part 2

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Friendly reminder:

If Nesta (or literally any character) was treated “how she deserves to be treated” by everyone there would be no conflict and none of us would care about these books.

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I think one of the reasons why I can’t be really ready to get on the Elriel bandwagon is because we don’t know if those two see their relationship as anything more than friends. Most of us have already established that Feyre likes to assume things. Elain said it herself “I don’t want a male” Until I get an Azriel or Elain pov talking about how they feel about each other I really can’t decipher the sences they have together as them being romantically interested in each other. For all we know it could be a sibling relationship. I’m just really not seeing the chemistry between these two. But idk I may be open to it but just not yet

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Nesta finally feeling everything and then having her emotional breakdown and confessing everything to Cassian… it’s going to destroy my heart as if Bryce Quinlan shot, butchered, torched and hoovered its ashes and I’m excited about it!

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“My head is saying: Fool, forget him

My heart is saying: Don’t let go

Hold on to the end

That’s what I intend to do

I’m hopelessly devoted to you…”


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I just realised something. In Acofas Cassian mentioned the

I don’t want Cassian to know I am reading smut look.

Does that mean that everytime she reads smut, she just looks at Cassian , as in daydreaming that when will they do it ? Or you know when will she kiss him ( pre war oc) ?

And when they have eyes contact, she quickly composes herself that she is just reading a normal book and that he is annoying her.

When infact she is simping for him?

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Thinking of all the things I could do if I spent 20% of the time I spend thinking about ACOSF on them like I could probs figure out how to cure cancer????

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Everyone’s like: Uuu Nesta and Eris uuuu. And my brain is like: Elain and Jurian? Hmmm how did that idea come to my mind? Well, Jurian is in The band of Exiles, and he is not a fae. But at the same time it has nothing to do with the painted drawer of flowers. But not everything has to do with that drawer. OR YES. HELP. MY BRAIN IS OVERTHINKING.

How the hell did I get here?????


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Manon Blackbeak’s story/character arc from Heir of Fire to Kindgom of Ash is the BEST I have ever read and I feel it in my bones, Nesta Archeron’s from ACOTAR to ACOSF is going to be just as epic and beautiful if not more so!

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Y'all better not spam the live with questions about the three some. I’m trying to get some information! The three some has been cut, now can we please stop asking about it.

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things i want in acosf

- to know who is the “she” azriel is going to see in acofas (or do we know and im not aware?)

- who the bone carver appears as to cassian

- see a vulnerable nesta. yes our girl is strong and a bad bitch, but i want her to heal and be vulnerable for a min. i want her to express everything that she feels.

- a feyre and nesta real talk. for them to fucking communicate. and i’ll like for feyre to sort of apologize or sort of explain her motives for sending her to illyria.

- nesta or nessian doing the rite? another account put that in my mind and im !!!!

- nessian adressing the mor situation (i think its time). it would also be intersting if cassian finally talks to mor???

- more archeron sisters moments

- and honestly i wouldnt mind some angst to go with all this cause i’m just trash

okay so up until now those are the things i want, i hope we get to see at least some of them le sigh

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Sooooo what’s the plan for the book hangover after ACOSF??

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