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Gwyn: I don't know how to tell you this, Az, but you're in love with me.
Azriel: Wha—
Azriel: Bro, I am!
Nesta: What kind of confession did I just witness?!
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unhealthyfanobsession · 2 days ago
Cassian: Nesta and I have this great relationship where we finish each other’s…
Nesta: Murders.
Feyre: …..
Mor: …..
Azriel: Goals.
Gwyn: you finish MY murder and you’d be my next murder.
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nessiandaily · 2 days ago
nesta & cassian
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
art: t_kadoura [instagram]
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hellogoodbye14 · a day ago
Stay with me - Gwynriel (One shot)
Hehe sorry not sorry for the pain this might cause you.
Highly inspired by the phoenix pack series - Suzanne Wright
Tumblr media
Despite Koschei’s barrier spell, they had managed to defeat his seconds Tryianna’s army near the foothills of Autumn court.
The screech had everyone spinning to face a hysterical Tryianna. She fired an ash arrow, and something slammed into Azriel. It was like there was an explosion in the left side of his stomach.
The impact made him grunt and he put a hand to his stomach. Distantly aware that Mor had disarmed and gutted Triyanna. Azriel pulled away his hand. And frowned. There was no blood.
Beside him, Gwyn fell to her knees and he reached for her. “Gwyn?”
She blinked up at him, her expression one of utter shock. Then he saw the red blooming across her leathers. Panic raced through him.
He dropped to his knees and cupped her face. “Gwyn, it’s okay.”
She nodded. But she didn’t feel okay. She hurt. God, it was like she was burning from the inside out. Shock gave way to panic, and she clung to Azriels arms as if he could anchor her.
“This will hurt a bit babe.”
Azriel snapped the arrow and took it out.
“Lay her down, put pressure on the wound,” Cassian told him, all business.
Azriel gently eased her onto her back and pressed his hand over the fucking hole in her stomach. She winced.
“Shit, I’m sorry.”
He shoved strength down the bond he knew with all his heart was there.
He listened as Rhys and Feyre tried to break through the magical barrier and get to them.
“Feyre will fix you, she can heal.”
“You’ll be okay Gwyn”, said Emerie but her voice sounded worried.
She didn’t need to worry. His mate would be fine.
Azriel looked into eyes swirling with the pain, fear echoing through him. “It’s okay. You’re going to be fine. Say it.”
Gwyn swallowed. “I’m going to be fine.” She wasn’t certain she believed that. Her stomach burned and throbbed. She could feel warm blood on her skin and pooling beneath her.
She’d already lost some in her fight with one of Koschei’s men. As fingers linked with hers, she looked to see Nesta and Emerie kneeling close by.
“Don’t you die,” Nesta hissed, eyes wet and fierce.
“She’s not going to die,” snapped Azriel.
“That’s right,” agreed Emerie, voice breaking. “Gwyn’s strong.”
Azriel kissed her gently, brushing a thumb over her cheekbone. Her eyes fluttered closed. He tapped her cheek.
“No, Gwyneth . Look at me.”
She forced her eyes open. “I’m tired,” she whispered.
She was pretty sure the only thing keeping her conscious was the strength Azriel was feeding her. She clung to it. She didn’t want to die, didn’t want to leave him or miss the life they could have together.
But it was so hard to stay awake, no matter how hard she fought the urge to sleep. Everything seemed to be darkening. Like she was sinking.
“It’s okay,” said Azriel, his pulse beating frantically.
“The wound’s not that bad.”
Her mouth kicked up into a small smile. “Liar.”
He was a liar. No matter how much pressure he put, her blood kept seeping through his fingers.
“Gwyn.” The vibrant bond between them flickered slightly. And he knew what that meant.
“No,” he yelled out. “No, no, no, no.” She couldn’t die. He wouldn’t fucking allow it. He glared at Cassian. “Where the fuck are they?”
“Almost there” Mor choked out, eyes shiny. She wasn’t the only one crying.
Azriel dropped his forehead to Gwyns.
“Did you hear that? She’s coming.”
Gwyn gave the tiniest nod. And closed her eyes. “No. Eyes open. Look at me. Good girl.”
She coughed, and he saw blood in her mouth. His chest tightened. “No.” This was not fucking happening. It just wasn’t. “Feyre is coming. Just hold on a little longer.”
Gwyn forced a smile. They both knew Feyre could never make it in time. “Don’t die with me.”
Rage flared through him.
“Don’t you dare fucking give up! You stay with me.”
She coughed again, tasting more blood. “They need you.”
“And I fucking need you. If you want me to live, you have to stay alive. You fight.”
She tried to, she did, but she was so tired and . . . “Cold.”
Azriel forced more strength down the fading bond. It made no difference. Her heartbeat kept slowing, their connection kept weakening.
“It doesn’t hurt anymore,” she murmured.
“That’s good.” No, it wasn’t good. He knew it; she knew it.
“I love you, super shit timing, haven’t I?” She heard Nesta and Emerie sniffling, wanted to tell them to take care of Azriel. But she was sinking again.
Her eyes closed again. “Gwyn, look at me.” She didn’t. He shook her. “Open your eyes!”
Her heartbeat stuttered and the bond began to wink out. Azriel heard a roar in the distance and wasn’t sure if it was someone else or if it was his own.
Hands yanked at him. “Get the fuck off me!” They didn’t. They pulled at him, ignoring his efforts to fight them off, and dragged him away.
He couldn’t get back to her, couldn’t fight them; he’d pumped most of his strength into Gwyn and wasn’t able to—
“Easy, Azriel! Just give her some room! If you want your mate to live, give her some room!”
He stilled, only then noticing Feyre squatting beside his mate. Rhys and Cassian released him, and his knees nearly buckled.
Azriel went back to his mate and held her hand, trying to push what little strength he had left into her, whether it knocked him unconscious or not.
Feyre’s eyes stayed closed as she healed, the wound began to glow. He couldn’t tell what the fuck was happening. It was only when Gwyn’s heartbeat steadied that hope trickled through him. He tightened his grip on her hand as her pulse quickened and their bond strengthened.
Pale as a ghost Feyre sat back leaning against an even paler Rhysand. Both of whom had used almost ever drop of power they had to break the barrier and heal Gwyn.
Azriel scooped Gwyn and craddled her against him.
He was shaking. It actually hurt to breathe. His lungs burned. It didn’t matter that he could feel that she was alive; fear still had him in it’s clenched grip, and it wasn’t letting go anytime soon.
He kissed her forehead and tucked her face into the crook of his neck.
He gave Rhys and Feyre a nod of thanks, unable to speak while a knot of emotion was lodged in his throat. He owed them more than he could ever repay.
Gwyn’s eyes fluttered open, dazed and confused.
“Hey there red”, he said as he kissed her cheek.
She smiled at him and cupped his cheek with her blood stained hand.
“Never do that to me again.”
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anyoneseenadam · 2 days ago
I need more Dad! Az 🥺
i adore a good dilf so here ya go
so i imagine azriel is probably like one of those strict but sweet dads
so while he is an amazing protective and loving father - he is making sure that his kids are safe at all times
to the point that you sometimes have to remind him that children should be allowed to have friends over without a literal spymaster looking into their backgrounds they’re 6 ffs
and as soon as you have teenagers - if they bring any dates home - those dates are sitting down with him just as he decides to multitask and sharpen his beautiful knives
Az also is obsessed with ensuring his children are getting outside as much as possible
he is taking your small family on walks and picnics, eating outside as often as possible
he wants to make sure they are having better childhoods than him - and he knows they are without a doubt, having the perfect mother - but he still likes to be sure
he also wants to make sure that he is setting a good example for his children through you
he needs to make sure that his perfect children end up in perfect relationships like the one he found himself in
he would constantly ensure he never disrespected you, treating you like the queen he believed you were, always bringing you flowers and helping you around the house
and going back to his strict nature - if the kids dare to disrespect you, they are instantly sent to their room
and that’s totally not because he had to watch you give birth and remembers the bloody murder in your eyes as you squeezed his hand so tight he thought you might pop it off
but at the end of the day he loves his children more than anything and while he may be strict sometimes, he would go above and beyond to ensure their happiness and good prospects
anyway can someone find me a dilf i’m not asking for much 😌
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angelic-voice-1997 · 2 days ago
The Origin of the Cauldron and Mother
Tumblr media
Synopsis: This is the beginning of my "Theory Series". Here we will explore the idea of Nesta being the Mother's reincarnation. Focusing in their powers and how it relates with the Cauldron. It won't be deepen in the full story yet. However, you can read more on my Nessian Reincarnation one-shot. 😉
In fairy tales it's always "the Witch who owns the magical Cauldron". Thinking about that, in ACOTAR if the Mother and the Cauldron are connected with the creation of the world, it wouldn't make sense if in she is "the Witch who owns the Cauldron?"
Today we will explore this thought 🌟
Tumblr media
So sit down my babies and listen to mommy Gabizinha 🤍 (it's my nickname in portuguese 💚💛🇧🇷) And yes, if Nesta is the Mother reincarnation, I'm certainly the reincarnation of Elizabeth Montgomery. 🤣🤣
Tumblr media
First let's talk about how the Cauldron and the Mother are connected...
“A mighty black cauldron held by glowing, slender female hands in a starry, endless night. Those hands tipped it over, golden sparkling liquid pouring out over the lip." ACOTAR - CHAPTER 13
No matter how powerful it is, we have to remember that the Cauldron still is an object and it didn't come from nothing. It was created by someone, and used with a purpose.
“When the Cauldron was made,” (...) “its dark maker used the last of the molten ore to forge a book. The Book of Breathings. In it, written between the carved words, are the spells to negate the Cauldron’s power—or control it wholly." (...)"The Book was believed harmless, because like calls to like— and only that which was Made can speak those spells and summon its power. No creature born of the earth may wield it, (...) "but, if the Book were in the hands of something reforged...” ACOMAF - CHAPTER 62
As we see here, not only the Cauldron, but also The Book of Breathings were created by someone, for the purpose of controlling the Cauldron.
Imagining a scenario where a "witch" (the Mother on my theory), creates a magical object so powerful, that it becomes an independent entity, it's very logical to create a control mechanism. Otherwise, if the Cauldron falls into the wrong hands, the purposes for which it was created will be distorted, and over the millennia that's exactly what happened...
No one can claim that the Cauldron is the incarnation of evil, it's a source of power and this magic can be used for both good and bad.
The Cauldron, The Book of Breathings and The Dead Trove, all these "creatures" can be alive by magic, but they are still objects, created with a goal that will change according with who use it.
And considering the fact that the Book, like the Cauldron and all the other magical objects I mentioned, are alive and have an independent consciousness. This is further proof that all of them were created by the same magic source.
With that, if I'm theorizing that the Mother, "the original witch", was the one who created these objects. Do you know who is "the other witch", who uses this same magic, to create the "New Dead Trove"? EXACTLY, NESTA!!!
When it's said "No creature born of the earth may wield it, but in the hands of something reforged...”. The word "reforged", it's about a new version of the person who once created and controlled these objects. A REINCARNATION!!!
And from what happened to Nesta at the end of ACOSF, it's not like the Mother's magic is incompatible with the Cauldron. Quite the contrary, she was able to stop it's power and save Nesta from death.
Tumblr media
So if the Mother is "the Witch who owns the Cauldron", and you all know that Nesta is our favorite little witch. My theories about the Mother and Nesta having a soul connection becomes even more obvious...
Just think, if this power that Nesta has was so "easy" to access. It wouldn'd make sense for the Cauldron to protect and hide it.
Tumblr media
And it wouldnd't explain why other people who fell into the cauldron didn't get even half the scale of the powers that Nesta has. This is no coincidence!!! There is a reason to Nesta, OF ALL PEOPLE, was the only one to have access to this "Goddess Power".
And I know that inside of her body it lives a Goddess:
Tumblr media
The being who looked through the mask with silver eyes and talked to Nesta is the Mother. The entity that guided her through the ENTIRE BOOK!!
Tumblr media
This passage is the greatest proof of the connection between them. And this phrase: "In the beginning, and in the end, there was darkness and nothing more." Nesta said that these words were whispered to her a long time ago, this may very well be a memory of her past life or a memory of when she found these powers inside of the Cauldron... In either case, it proves that the Mother guided to Nesta and watched her FOR ALL THIS TIME!!Just imagine the reasons that would lead her to do this... I certainly have some ideas...
In some point the Mother could have been one of the Death Gods. Lanthys said there was more than one.
Tumblr media
Lanthys saw who was under Nesta's skin, and he saw a being so powerful, that he called her Queen of Queens. And do you know who else called her that? Yes, Nesta's mother!! Coincidence? Of course not!! He recognized her, and in case you wonder from where... Well some of you may remember of the "Dark Mother":
"The Mother also has a dark counterpart called the Dark Mother. The Suriel and the naga worship this goddess."
This might be the mention of the old version of the Mother, and she became what she is today, because her "death powers" were taken away by the Cauldron in a "bargain"...
And just as Nesta creates magical objects with it's own conscience. Of course, that the Mother, who made the Cauldron, the magical object that creat all life in the world, did the same!! It's obvious that the Cauldron always had it's own will, that it can bargain with the Mother no matter how powerful she is.
It's not like Mother is absolutely omnipotent, this it doesn't exist!!! Magic always has a price!!
If all ACOSF problems could be solved with just a "magic intervention". It wouldn't make sense for the Mother had guided Nesta on a ENTIRE journey in which she would willingly surrender her powers and make this bargain herself. If it was so "easy", the Mother could have just snapped her fingers and solved everything, but that's not how it works!!!
Literally the only direct intervention that the Mother did, was saving Nesta's life. Other than that, all she did was guide the characters, including Cassian!!
Tumblr media
The Mother was present in this book, from beginning to end, just look closely and you will see!!!
And more, in the story, we don't know, how the High King saved the world from the Daglan. He really did that without the help of someone as powerful as those Gods? I do think that the Mother was one of these Death Gods, and she betray them to help the High King and save the Faries. We don't know her reasons, but in a moment of despair she sacrificed herself, EXACTLY as Nesta did for Feyre, Rhys and Nyx.
With her sacrifice the "death powers" went to the Cauldron and she was transformed from the Goddess of Death, to the Mother that we know.
And this change makes A LOT of sense, when we realize why Mother and Nesta identify with each other... Both have darkness inside their hearts, they probably did things they regretted and they also sought surrender and inner peace...
That name it must have come from somewhere, and if it was the Cauldron created life, but it was Mother who "saved", her name takes much more meaning.
So Nesta, the Mother reincarnation, reencounter the powers of her past life inside of the Cauldron. That's the the reason for Nesta to be able to hold SO MUCH power. And yet, she suffered a lot from it. Because it doesn't matter how powerful, a fairy's body is not able to contain the power of a Goddess.
That's why I believe that the sacrifice was logical.
Now Nesta has an amount of power wich will make possible for her to winnow, do spells and generally applying her magic. Because as we saw in ACOSF, Nesta can't use fairy magic in her daily life.
Tumblr media
Well, I'm open for questions and discussions, I hope you enjoyed it. I will bring more soon!! And I would like to thank @champanheandluxxury, minha linda princesa 💖💖 for her help with the post.
Comments and reblogs are welcome and GIF’s are the best way to show me love. 😍
✍🏻 My Full Materlist
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ataraxianne · 2 days ago
Hi, I was having a Nessian breakdown and then the twitter page @/mondlergif came up in my tl, so-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[You're free to repost but pls tag me, I'm @ataraxiann_ on all socials]
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imsointobooks · 2 days ago
I know everyone headcanons Azriel with black coffee and Gwyn is the excess cream and sugar one, and its prolly true but imagine this:
Gwyn with a black coffee because she has to write 200+ pages everyday and shelve books and train and deal with Merril, she needs the caffeine.
Azriel, our touched starved bat boy can replicate the feeling of a warm hug with a cup of coffee. And its just how his mom allows him to drink when he's with her because "not too much caffeine Azzy its not good for your body" "I am 500 years old I am allowed black coffee", EXCEPT he has a serious sweet tooth. And now he likes that Frappuccino taste.
And imagine Gwyn finding this out because he assumes she would like that style of coffee and absolutely losing it!
And Azriel is blushing and stammering through his reasons of why its better and "oh c'mon Gwyn don't you dare tell this too anyone I HAVE A REPUTATION" and being adorable as hell because he's still drinking that coffee with the cutest puppy dog eyes and flustered cheeks she's ever seen <3<3<3
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duskandstarlight · a day ago
Nesta Pregnant please :)
Sure! Here’s a snippet…
Without any prompting, Cassian had lifted his arm and Nesta had immediately curled into him. It had taken ten minutes for her to fall asleep, despite the low murmuring of conversation and the soft laughter. And it said a lot that Nesta was so tired she’d fall asleep in front of others. That she’d bare herself so vulnerably.
“You should pick her up and fly her home,” Amren commented, eyeing Nesta as she turned in her sleep and curled into his chest.
“And risk waking her?” Cassian said, arching an eyebrow. “Do you know my mate?”
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arinbelle · 21 hours ago
Nesta recounting embarrassing stories of Feyre when they were younger to Rhys, with Rhys egging her on to tell more and Feyre screeching at Nesta to stop.
Rhys telling embarrassing stories of young and reckless Cassian to Nesta with Cassian trying to physically cover Rhys' mouth but the stories still get out and Nesta never lets Cassian live it down.
Idk. Lately I've been feeling the Rhys Nesta brotp for some reason.
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daisybrekker · 23 hours ago
Feyre: Elain is in danger!
Azriel: *risks his life with no hesitation*
Cassian: Gwyn is in danger!
Azriel: ...
Azriel: Who?
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likeiwishiknew · a day ago
Azriel: Gwyn, cover me
Gwyn: In kisses? Gladly 
Azriel: Gwyn we are in BATTLE being SHOT AT, COVER ME
Gwyn: But kisses later? 
Azriel: Yes, later
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elriell · 2 days ago
The funniest back track (and there is a few) in all years in the ACOTAR fandom has got to be people going from screaming from the rooftops “elriel are like siblings/only platonic” to suddenly “he only sees her as a sex object and wants her for sex”
Are yall not embarrazzzeeed 🤣 make it make sense 🐸☕️
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hellogoodbye14 · a day ago
Inner Circle/ Valkyries like role play (inspired by phoenix pack series)
“You’re not coming”, Azriel said giving his best glare.
Gwyn just gave it back and scoffed.
“Don’t make me hit you.”
Rhys gave him a mockingly sympathetic look.
“Mates will always find a way to play you.”
Azriel just scowled at him. “I’m glad you find this amusing, Sailor Joe.”
It seemed to take a few seconds for the words to sink in, but when they did, Rhys spun to snarl at Feyre, “You told him?”
She laughed awkwardly.
“Of course I didn’t tell him.” In a low voice, she added, “I told Gwyn.”
While everyone else was doing their best to hide their amusement, Cassian was outright laughing his ass off. “A sailor, huh? Didn’t think that role-play was your thing.”
Rhys glowered at him. “Something funny, Fireman Sam?”
The laughing abruptly stopped, and Cassian rounded on his mate. “You told him?”
Nesta spluttered. “No!” She cleared her throat.
“Although I did tell Feyre. And Gwyn. And Emerie. But I didn’t tell them about the time you—” A large hand clapped over her mouth.
“About the time you . . . ?” prodded Azriel, grinning.
Wincing as Nesta bit into his palm, Cassian shook his head. “Nothing.”
Gwyn snorted at Azriel. “You’re not really one to judge Doctor, considering you—” Her words were cut off as he kissed her hard.
Emerie laughed, “you all are weird.”
Elain gave her an amused look, “You sure they’re the only one’s weird chef?”
Emerie rounded on a panicked Mor.
“You told her?!”
Mor gave a nervous laugh and then just yelled out, “Elain calls Luciens penis fire dick!”
Elain blushed from her head to her toes while Lucien just snickered.
Feyre cocked her head in intrigue, “fire dick? Why?”
Lucien was about to answer but Elain smacked her hand on his mouth.
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incorrect-random-fandom · 18 hours ago
Mor: I saw a really cute girl outside today.
Azriel: That's not possible, Gwyn was with me the whole day.
Mor: Gwyn isn't the only cute girl around.
Azriel: Sounds fake, but okay.
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unhealthyfanobsession · 9 hours ago
How the fandom acts like this scene went:
Nesta: I hate Feyre specifically and have never loved her. I should ruin her life by screaming that her baby will kill her.
Cassian: Nesta is garbage I must punish her! Why am I shackled to such a trash person. I should push her off this cliff.
Feyre: Rhys did nothing wrong and is perfect. I love him. Once again the only problem is Nesta. This pregnancy wouldn’t even be dangerous except that she told me it is so now a problem is created.
How this scene actually, canonically went in the book:
Nesta: Feyre that baby will kill you. Rhys lied and doesn’t respect you.
Cassian: I am mad but must protect Nesta. She is hurt and trying to avenge herself through Feyre but going through with it the wrong way.
Feyre: I’m fucking pissed at you all. What? No not Nesta. She told me the truth. Ya’ll we’re just going to lie to me forever??? Was that the plan? Whatever do what Nesta needs to heal but I’m still pissed at YOU the MEN who kept this secret from me!
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powerfulredheads · 22 hours ago
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