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gwyns10 minutes ago
i think that emerie deserves more appreciation and ever since we met her in acofas i knew she was going to serve so i thought it'd be fun for each of us to talk about our favorite emerie moment in acosf and make a kind of appreciation thread for her.
mine is when she and nesta find gwyn and gwyn is surprised they even bothered looking for her and so emerie takes both of their hands, squeezes them and says "of course we did, it's what sisters do" 馃槶鉂わ笍
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azrielshands19 minutes ago
I have had a terrible thought.
What if the way that Lucien finds out he is Helion鈥檚 son is when/if Helion dies and he gains the high lord of the day court powers? And he has no idea why he gained the power and then it hits him that Helion was his father and he never got to talk to him.
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tealnymph2439 minutes ago
An amazing artist, Fera Ilustra, (Here's their Instagram) created this beautiful piece of artwork inspired by my one shot Control.
This was totally unexpected, and it absolutely made my day, so I wanted everyone to see their beautiful work. Check it out on Instagram and give them some love!
Tumblr media
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darklove9314-blog51 minutes ago
Symphonia Chapter 15 Sneak Peak
鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you tell us any of this as soon as you knew???鈥 Feyre inquired looking at both Lucien and Elain.
鈥淏ecause I knew you wouldn鈥檛 let me do it. Knew that you two would try to protect me when all I was trying to do was protect you.鈥 Elain answered.
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thebookisalsobad58 minutes ago
All of the important characterization for rhys and the inner circle came in the form of a sloppy exposition dump.
That goddamn dinner scene took years off of my life. I was just trying to slog through it. And Rhys鈥 whole cabin confession鈥攊t鈥檚 all telling. He just sits there and tells the reader everything. And it鈥檚 not an engaging conversation that鈥檚 supposed to make you think about the characters鈥 philosophy or decisions. No he just reads his own wiki article. Nothing is dropped in organically, and it鈥檚 mind-numbing.
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thron3ofbooks2 hours ago
TIKTOK ELRIELS MAKE ME SO MADDDD. I saw this gal saying gwynriels steal elriel aesthetics of them baking and being in the garden. Ok first off why would we want to read about gwyn and az baking or planting flowers when we can imagine them training, stargazing, bantering and singing. Why would we ever steal the most boring aesthetic ever 馃槀
Also them calling us gleeriels in the comments, Um didn鈥檛 you want elain and az to sing a second ago? So why are you making fun of them singing? Also they鈥檙e making fun of az singing and hating it, but az is half of the elriel ship so supposedly they should love him, not make fun of him right?
And when they be so mean?! I鈥檓 thinking they have no faith in their ship, if they had confidence they were endgame why fight us?
Ok rant over 馃槀
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helion-ism2 hours ago
emerie appreciation post 馃挏
"I could order it and let you pay it off as you鈥榬e able." It was a generous offer. Far beyond the kindness anyone had ever shown Nesta in the human realm, when her father had been trying to sell his wood carvings for a few pitiful coppers.
"I live alone, up in the mountains. I have nothing to do you with my spare time except work in my garden and read whatever books I order through the mail service. And in the winter, I don鈥榯 even have the distraction of my gardening. So, yes. I like to read. I cannot survive without reading."
"Have you read Sellyn Drake鈥榮 novels?" Nesta shook her head. Emerie gasped, so dramatically that Cassian muttered something about sparing him from smut-obsessed females before heading farther into the ring.
"And then you had Cassian deliver the spices and tea and I realized that there is a world out there. A vast, vibrant world. Maybe these lessons will make me less scared of it."
"You took him to your bed, didn鈥榯 you?"
"You think you鈥榬e ready to handle a sword?" Emerie let out a fizzing noise, but kept working.
"Who鈥榮 first?" Again, the three of them swapped glances. Nesta frowned. Whoever went first would get the brunt of the humiliation. Gwyn shook her head. No way in hell. Emerie鈥榮 mouth popped open. "Why me?" she demanded. "What?" Cassian asked, and Nesta realized they hadn鈥榯 been speaking.
"Of course we did [come looking for you]," Emerie said, interlacing her hand with Gwyn鈥榮, then Nesta鈥榮, and squeezing tightly. "It鈥榮 what sisters do."
"We would live," Emerie said carefully. "I鈥榙 love nothing more than to wipe the smirks off the lips of the males in my village, but not at this cost. Not if it costs us you, Gwyn. We need you to live."
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unhealthyfanobsession2 hours ago
Today on: The IC鈥檚 double standard is fucking INSANE-
Tumblr media
Cassian, the General Commander of the Night Court鈥檚 Armies, who was at this time (while Rhys was UTM) one of 4 people who were basically keeping the court together and he can HAVE SEX OUTSIDE OF A BAR ON THE STREET WITH A RANDOM PERSON HE JUST MET, but Nesta taking males back to her own apartment and ordering herself some expensive wine is an embarrassment to the entire Night Court that requires public humiliation and the threat of being sent to the human lands?
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gwyn-from-middle-earth2 hours ago
i can鈥檛 be silent so i鈥檒l tell my thoughts...
1). nesta archeron and jude duarte would be VERY good friends;
2). nesta is one of the most realistic and beautiful characters in acotar and i hate when she gets slut-shamed because, firstly, a woman can sleep with anyone the wants to and shouldn鈥檛 blame herself for that, and secondly, why men can sleep around and be cool and hot and women can鈥檛?
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izzycontou2 hours ago
azriel's a switch. he really enjoys dominating but, when he meets a stubborn and dominant female, he's more than happy to submit to her.
tell me I'm wrong.
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nesemryn2 hours ago
That dreaming in velaris chick is at it again? A Nesta anti with gwyn as her profile picture? Saying gwyn would like that she hates Nesta? Nesta antis make my head hurt honestly. Please we know Ms. Bad bitch would not tolerate the slander of Queen Nesta. If you think any differently you didn't read acosf.
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izzyhavilliard3 hours ago
A friendly reminder that
鈥zriel would beg on his knees for a chance to taste Elain
鈥lain called his scars beautiful
鈥zriel was the first person who noticed Elain was missing and the first to volunteer to get her back, before either of her sisters
鈥zriel was willing to die to assure her safery
鈥zriel needed Elain coming on his tongue
鈥eyre is the biggest elriel shipper out there
鈥lain made Azriel laugh in a way no one had ever seen him do
鈥zriel gave Elain Truth-Teller, a blade he had never lent to anyone in 500 years
鈥zriel got over Mor, whom he loved for 500 years (even though he had other lovers) for Elain
鈥zriel was more concerned with getting the chains of Elain then the fact that he was heavily injured
鈥t鈥檚 canon that Azriel is in love with Elain
鈥t鈥檚 canon that Elain (at the very least) has a crush on Azriel, is very attracted to him and cares about him deeply
鈥zriel鈥檚 shadows protect Elain
鈥zriel鈥檚 shadows played wingman when he was giving his gift to Elain
鈥zriel looked at the headache powder every night before bed
鈥ven though Azriel was in love with Mor and he didn鈥檛 think he had a chance with her he could still be around her and the IC. But with Elain he had to move to another house and stop spending time with them because it hurt too much
鈥zriel and Elain had an instant connection the first time they met
鈥zriel always found a reason to be around Elain
鈥lain was wearing cobalt the first time they met, a color no one has worn sense
鈥zriel noticed Elain鈥檚 laugh and had to see it, similar to how Rhys noticed Feyre鈥檚 laugh in acofas
鈥or, who鈥檚 power is truth, definitely knows something is going on between them
鈥he first time they met, Elain asked 鈥漜an you truly fly鈥 and Azriel basically answered with poetry
鈥he first time they met, Elain only relaxed once she saw that Azriel was at ease, even though they didn鈥檛 even know eachother
鈥zriel was nervous about getting Elain a gift in acofas
鈥adja said that a mate would know what was wrong with Elain and Azriel was the one who figured it out
鈥zriel never thought Elain was crazy, even though everyone else, including her sisters and her mate
鈥zriel was so mad after solstice that he put rocks in his snowballs
鈥assian and Azriel had the same reaction to seeing Nesta and Elain
鈥lain devoured the sight of him
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sisididis3 hours ago
I have a question for you all:
Who would you have gone Under the Mountain for?
(Real people and / or otherwise)
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vanserrasvalkyrie4 hours ago
Let's talk about something fun!
Sarah said there will be Azriel singing in the future. What do you think his singing voice sounds like? And while we're at it. What about Gwyn's?
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colorlesschristmastree4 hours ago
Forever wishing I was Nesta or Elain so I could have the privilege and the honor of saying I鈥檓 related to the High Lady of The Night Court, Feyre Archeron. 馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煂
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ladyelain4 hours ago
U know that one scene where Feyre asks Rhys why Elain鈥榮 mate is Lucien & not Azriel?
I 鉁╨ove 鉁╤ow this is being taken out of context, just to use it against Elucien. 馃
So where exactly does Feyre imply that she thinks Azriel should be Elain鈥榮 mate?? Pls show me lol.
She generally questions how the cauldron makes its decisions. She does not question Lucien鈥榮 qualities as partner for Elain. Put yourself in Feyre鈥榮 situation. The chance that her sister & Lucien who have never met are mates is so unlikely and the least she鈥檇 expected to happen. She throws in Azriel as a random counter-example bc at first glance him & Elain might seem like a suitable match.
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colorlesschristmastree4 hours ago
Ok why were people upset about the dress Mor arranged for Nesta during the solstice scene? Like it had full skirts, covered her breasts, sides, and hips. The part that went down to her naval wasn鈥檛 really all that revealing??
Like Nesta expressed that she didn鈥檛 want to wear something as raunchy as what Mor and Feyre wore because she鈥檚 not comfortable with that and that鈥檚 what they gave her?? Nesta鈥檚 dress is extremely modest compared to what Mor and Feyre wore and almost looks like something a ballerina would wear. They weren鈥檛 disrespecting her wishes by giving her that dress and if Nesta genuinely didn鈥檛 like it she wouldn鈥檛 have worn it.
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