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#acosf headcannon
imakeangelscry · 4 days ago
I honestly don't care who Azriel ends up with as long as he is finally allowed to be happy. He's had so much shit coming his way, that everytime a character talks about him or his past I'm just here like: "Poor Az."
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imakeangelscry · 5 days ago
That one scene from ACOSF...
Amren: Don't touch it. It's too dangerous.
Rhysand: You're right. It's too dangerous. We won't touch it.
Cass and Az: *nodding wildly in agreement*
Amren: *leaves*
Cassian: But what if we like... touched it?
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You cannot tell me that you don’t think Gwyn and Cassian would team up and prank Nesta and Azriel.
Even if Gwynriel does not happen, you cannot seriously look somebody in the eyes and believe wholeheartedly that they wouldn’t spend any spare moment they had plotting pranks and annoying the fuck out of their best friends.
Nesta and Azriel get them back too.
Emerie is the one who tries to stop them because with each new prank it gets more dangerous.
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shansenfan · 8 days ago
Overly excited 7-8 year old Nyx waking up Feyre and Rhys at the crack of dawn is an overdose of serotonin for me:
Tumblr media
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shansenfan · 13 days ago
Pegasus Taming HC
Okay so when Gwyn was cutting the ribbon and Emerie and Nesta were hyping her up?
“Do it for the miniature pegasus,” Emerie said, Cassian had no idea what it meant, but Gwyn’s lips twitched upwards.
Nesta laughed.
The sound might as well have been a lightning strike to his head for how much it rocked him, that laugh. Free and light and so unlike anything he’d ever heard from her that even Azriel blinked. A true laugh.
“The minatuire pegasus,” Nesta said, “was an illusion. And is now back in his make-believe meadow.”
“He loved Gwyn the most,” Emerei teased. “Despite your efforts to woo him.”
Silence fell again as Gwyn shifted her feet, angling the blade. The wind waggled the ribbon again, as if taunting her.
I might just be imagining things but, I think this is foreshadowing something...
I think Gwyn will be the first to have- or at least ride a pegasus.
I know in the book, that it’s said that Helion has seven breeding pairs of pegasi and are the only ones left. And that during Amarantha’s reign she had butchered three dozen other pegasi. 
I have this idea/hc/ff about Gwyn and a large stallion with a very tragic past.
this pegasus, lets call him Arion (he is called after an extremly fast/swift horse in mythology -- and I know this horse is in Percy Jackson but it’s whatever we’ll just roll with this)
had a mate- and she was killed when Amarantha’s cronies came to the Day Court to burn Helion’s libraries and slaughter the pegasi
Arion has never been the same. He distrusts the faeries- even Helion and roams the wilderness for years
Helion can’t even catch, ride or tame him
then Gwyn comes in a situation where she goes to the Day Court to help find more information about the fourth Tread Trove item
she sees the wild stallion flying above and Helion tells her what had happened and how broken and sad Arion was
then Gwyn is basically like- “I want to help you. You will be my new challenge.” 
(Azriel is still her ribbon ribbon though)
so, Gwyn somehow meets Arion face to face (he is not happy when he meets her and tries to scare her off)
she doesn’t run, she is patient and respectful to his personal space
it’s basically like Hiccup and Toothless’s forbidden friendship scene in HTTYD
anyway, fast forward
the IC and her sisters know what Gwyn is doing. Helion does too but he doubts her wishes to help and tame Arion, but lets her carry on because he has a soft spot for Gwyn and obviously is attracted to her
after many attempts and creating a small bond with Arion, Gwyn manages to get on his back and he is still very wild and takes to the skies and tries to throw her off
Gwyn does not let go, refusing to give up and manages to settle Arion enough to fly steadily against the headwinds
they fly back to the Helion’s palace and shock everyone
Rhysand, Cassian, Azriel, Nesta, Emerie are there as well
they land a fair distance away and Helion gapes at her as she carefully hops off.
Arion’s nostrils flare and he looks at Azriel
everyone is frozen
the shadowsinger stares back, his shadows looming over his shoulders. Curious and watchful.
the pegasus cautiously goes towards Azriel, who is still as dead, and snorts in his face, flares it’s wings slightly and piviots back to Gwyn for one last pet before taking back to the skies.
if you understand what just happened... you know Arion knows something O-O
So yeah. Anyway. I thin Gwyn will ride a pegasus in the next book hopefully.
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sisididis · 15 days ago
Post-ACOSF Prediction (The Weaver's Abandoned Treasure Trove)
Am I the only one who’s genuinely concerned that the Weaver’s cottage in the Middle, Prythian’s most savage and obscure parcel of land, has been abandoned since ACOWAR?
Didn’t we learn our lesson from the aftermath of Feyre’s trials?
After She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was killed and the Courts had been liberated, her book of spells and Jurian’s remnants were retrieved by the King of Hybern. At the height of celebrations, Amarantha’s most prized possessions went missing and no one thought twice about it.
The spell book was later on used to startle the Cauldron into wakefulness and wield it during the war against Rhys and his allies.
Her cottage, one of Prythian’s most inestimable troves of treasure and secret knowledge, has not only been abandoned, but it has also been left unprotected.
And the Weaver’s oldest brother, the fearsome death god Koschei, knows of its existence!?
Please, SJM, let this be a coincidence!
N.B: Imagine what collection of artefacts, magical or otherwise, she had accumulated throughout the centuries! I know that robbing the dead is worse than robbing the living, but does it still count if she wasn’t human?
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shansenfan · 17 days ago
I was looking up Firebird mythology and I’d found a ballet that premiered in 1910. It’s about a Russian Folklore. It follows the story of Prince Ivan who works with the mythical Firebird to defeat the evil sorcerer Koschei the Deathless and rescue captured princesses, one of whom he marries.
Behind the ballet: Firebird
The story of Firebird
Firebird, a story finding its roots in Russian folktales is full of love and magic. It tells the story of Prince Ivan, lost in the forest of the evil and immortal Koschei. Prince Ivan spots a magnificent creature picking golden apples and he captures her. The creature is the Firebird. Desperate for her release, the Firebird gives him a magic feather in exchange for her freedom.
Leaving Prince Ivan alone in the forest he discovers an old castle belonging to Koschei where 13 enchanted princesses must stay under his spell as his captives. Ivan falls in love with one of the princesses and promises to find a way to break the spell. Following them back to the castle as dawn breaks a bell rings out and Koschei and his evil servants appear.
Koschei tries to turn Prince Ivan into stone but just in time he remembers the magic feather and summons the Firebird. Instantly she appears and casts a spell on Koschei forcing them into a deep sleep. As they sleep, Firebird tells Ivan that there is a great egg that holds Koschei’s soul, if it’s not broken he will remain immortal forever. Finding the egg, Ivan throws it to the ground and breaks the spell. The princesses celebrate their freedom and Prince Ivan and Tsarevna realize their love for one another and the two marry.
Sarah said she likes the Firebird mythology (obviously) and apparently the Little Mermaid has things in common with it?
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Nessian head canon:
Nesta and Cassian have a bunch of daughters.
Like, imagine Cassian teaching his Illyrian girls!
They would be adorable badasses!!!
And you just know Cassian would totally be that dad that takes his kid to work.
Imagine Rhys calling in his Inner Circle for important war strategies and Cassian just rolls on in with three daughters in tow. 😂🤣
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daneer · 19 days ago
i think we didn't talk enough about how cassian feels so much. when nesta collapsed and cried a lot, cassian helped her with words but he was crying too. in the solstice when nesta talked about her feelings to cassian, she was crying, and cassian so.
we've got you cassian, our lovely boy.
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daneer · 20 days ago
nesta stans can I have your attention!!
as we already now we will have ACOTAR as a TV show, but the cast isn't defined yet, actually, we know nothing about who's gonna be the actors.
y'all must know Gina Vaia (babyg), cause many of us use her as Nesta's fancast, and good news!!
my friend talked to her today and she is really interested for a chance to play Nesta. she also said for us tagging her so much in sjm's posts (a lot) to get her attention.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so, i now it's a bit earlier but i think that many of us would love to see her as Nesta. me and my friends get the idea of raise hashtag (#GinaOurNesta) on twitter, instagram, tumblr and whatever more
for those who makes Nesta edits and uses Gina as a fancast: tag her and sarah j. mass in the posts, and use the hashtag. it will helps so much!! (and instagram seems to be the social media that sjmaas more uses.)
second: ask for Gina as Nesta on sarah j. maas posts, especially the last one, who's about the ACOTAR adaptation. here. the more the better. we need sarah to see it!
for those who didn't know her, there she is:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my nesta archeron omg!!
#GinaOurNesta. ♡
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daneer · 27 days ago
i just want to say that i love that theory of gwynriel and the little mermaid
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vangoghs-lost-ear · 27 days ago
I can’t decide if I like imagining Azriel’s Shadows as being like a sassy Blackjack from Percy Jackson, like “hello boss” “don’t call me that”
or if I imagie them more as toddlers like “daaaaaaad i wanna play with gwynnnnnn.”
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nestaswife · 27 days ago
i need more of azriel and nesta’s friendship. please sarah. i beg.
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shansenfan · a month ago
Merrill could be off Importance
Of course I was stalking Sarah’s Pinterest Stroy Kernal board and I found these.
This mermaid/siren or whatever has white hair. WHITE HAIR. And do you know who had white hair in ACOSF? And is connected to Gwyn, who I’m pretty sure we all know, is the Ariel from Little Mermaid.
The priestess’s description is that she is surprisingly young and stunningly beautiful. And Nesta notes that her beauty makes Mor look drab in comparison. Merrill has white hair that is the same colour as fresh snow. Her skin is light brown and eyes the colour of a twilight sky.
Hair as the same colour as fresh snow? Eye’s the colour of a twilight sky? That’s... unusually different and exotic to me.
Tumblr media
I’m probably fooling myself and Sarah might just be imagining this mermaid to have red/coppery hair. But this seems too prominant to not give us a hint that it could be someone else. 
So my question is... is Merrill as nymph or a siren?
And I was of course, watching the Little Mermaid (and yes I am obsessed with it now!) and when Ursula casts her spell it goes:
Beluga sevruga Come winds of the Caspian Sea Larengix glaucitis Et max laryngitis La voce to me
Merrill is descended from Rabath, Lord of the Western Winds and she also has some magical abilities over wind...
Tumblr media
I love this piece below but... I’m kind of creeped out by it. 
The man could be Azriel getting drowned by Merrill who tf knows!
Tumblr media
Oh an this other crackhead theory. Azriel can obviously hear things others can’t. And I believe that if he were to get lured by a siren or nymph or even a LIGHTSINGER, he’d be fucked because the song would effect him more. 
I’m thinking about this way too much!!!!
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ii-arabianight-ii · a month ago
Tumblr media
Some Nessian fan sketch. Mainly because I can’t resist and also they’re SO cute!
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nestaswife · a month ago
okay another song that reminds me of nesta
you say by lauren daigle. nesta. that song was meant for NESTA. i don’t even have to explain myself just listen to it. or read the lyrics.
“I keep fighting voices in my mind that say I'm not enough. Every single lie that tells me I will never measure up”
You say I am loved when I can't feel a thing. You say I am strong when I think I am weak. And you say I am held when I am falling short. When I don't belong, oh You say I am Yours. And I believe (I). Oh, I believe (I). What You say of me (I). Oh, I believe
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vangoghs-lost-ear · a month ago
I need a scene of Azriel and Gwyn’s first date, because imagine:
- Nesta and Emerie dressed as men at another table in the same restaurant spying on them
- Cassian is there too, wearing a fake mustache (no other disguise—just the mustache)
- cassian getting excited, his wings flare and he knocks over a waiter
-Az and Gwyn already knew they were there but they look over and Cassian pretends not to look at them.
- “what gave it away? Was it my eyes I knew I should have worn sunglasses” “How about the bat wings, dumbass”
- Nesta’s just in the corner shaking her head and cursing them all out
- Azriel and Gwyn just sigh at their dumb family
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