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#acosf memes
oversizedbats · 9 hours ago
me talking about cassian to my roommate: yeah idk there’s just something so sexy about him when he gets angry like he’s just such an emotional person and he feels everything so intensely and I love to see that come out even if it is in a moment of anger and like he’s just so passionate even in the middle of a fight and he would never physically hurt someone he loves and even verbally he usually realizes he went too far right away and apologizes and ugh I love him
me when a real life man raises his voice slightly and it’s not even directed at me:
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lordsaturnmoon · a day ago
Nessian Fanart of 10 Things I Hate About You
Tumblr media
I came back, I decided to make this fanart based on my Favorite enemies lovers and I think it suits a lot with nessian. like on reblog
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lordsaturnmoon · 6 days ago
Gwynriel Fanart Cute*.✧
Tumblr media
My new gwynriel fanart
I am very happy to have finished, it was so good to do that, I was lovely with all of it. my fanart was inspired by a very cute korean drama. People ignore the lack of wings in the az, I ended up forgetting and I couldn't put it on.
Reblog or like🤭
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imakeangelscry · 7 days ago
That one scene from ACOSF...
Amren: Don't touch it. It's too dangerous.
Rhysand: You're right. It's too dangerous. We won't touch it.
Cass and Az: *nodding wildly in agreement*
Amren: *leaves*
Cassian: But what if we like... touched it?
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helion-ism · 7 days ago
acotar men as the energy they‘d give off on twitter
rhys, acomaf chapter 54
Tumblr media
azriel, probably
Tumblr media
you can‘t tell me this isn‘t cassian
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Death watched him. But Death had walked beside him every day of his life. So Cassian stroked his thumb along her palm and said, “Hello, Nes.”
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Cassian: I just wanna take your clothes off
Nesta: oh... please fold them neatly.
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unhealthyfanobsession · 10 days ago
ACOSF is such an interesting book to me in that I think there’s really just 3 reactions to reading it:
1. Ultimate Nesta/Nessian Stan who says UGH stop trying to get me to like fucking Rhysand (but secretly has moments of like hmm ok that was genuinely cute...).
2. Ultimate Rhys/ Feysand Stan who says UGH stop trying to get me like fucking Nesta (but secretly has moments of like hmmm ok that was some bad bitch energy...).
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lordsaturnmoon · 11 days ago
Nestha Archeron
Tumblr media
I returned! a little too fast, but the inspiration hit.
This time I decided to do an edition of Nestha, the model had a lot of her vibe. And here to be tan tan
(the background image is from the milky way of Mt. hood mountain
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imakeangelscry · 14 days ago
Cassian's allergies
“And what are we gonna do about it?” Cassian scratched his head, throwing a glance at the painting of his High Lady behind Rhys.
“You are gonna do exactly what you did the last time,” Rhys said, seemingly unbothered by the now worried expression on his general’s face. He turned around in his chair to follow the direction of Cassian’s glance.
“I didn’t see her all day. She didn’t even come to greet me in the hall. Is she busy?” Cassian asked in response to the smirk that had appeared on his High Lord’s face.
“You could say so,” Rhys sighed, turning back to his brother. “Her and Mor brought something home from their walk this morning, but they won’t tell me what it is. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”
Cassian nodded, scratching his neck. He’d noticed the new smell upon entering the hall but coudn’t quite put his finger on what it was.
“Are you alright?” Rhysand asked, pointing at the red marks the scratching had left on Cassian’s neck.
The warrior looked at his High Lord, confused as he rubbed one of his eyes. “Sure, I’m just a bit itchy today,” he uttered under his breath as the door to the study flung open. The two males turned in surprise, Cassian’s eye now slightly reddened from the harsh impact.
A mysterious smile lingered on the High Lady’s face who now entered the study, covering something with her coat. Morrigan trailing behind her.
Rhys opened his mouth but was cut off before he could say even a word, “You have to promise not to be mad. We found him and he was all alone,” Feyre looked at Morrigan who now stepped up.
“I will feed him regularily and clean the litter,” Mor clarified as Feyre lifted her coat, revealing a tiny grey kitten, merely bigger than her hand, “Can we keep him?”
A smirk lightened Rhysand’s face, “You bring home another man and expect me not to get mad?”
Feyre and Mor both rolled their eyes at him as the little kitten let out a sqeaky “meow”. Cassian sniffled and sneezed in response. Mor was the first to laugh, then Feyre and Rhys joined in.
“This is not funny,” Cassian growled as he started clawing at his neck again.
“So, it’s not only seasonal allergies, huh?” Rhys leaned back in his seat with a big grin. Mor picked up on it, “The feared general of the Night Court’s armies brought to his knees by pollen and little kittens!”
Cassian sneezed again, the noise so loud, it frightened the kitten enough to claw its way out of Feyre’s grip, now roaming free in the study.
“Get that damned thing away from me,” Cassian got up, bringing as much distance as possible between him and the cause of his itchiness.
Both Feyre and Mor giggled as they followed the kitten trying to make grand escape by climbing one of the giant bookshelves in the back.
“We can only hope that your next battlefield isn’t a spring meadow near a shelter,” Rhys chuckled, throwing his brother a tissue.
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