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#acosf spoiler
cassianstattoo · 21 hours ago
I just realized that I made you love Gwynriel in some way even before the book's official release and I can't help but patting on my back 'CAUSE I DID GOD'S WORK. THEY DESERVE THE HYPE.
And I'm happy you loved them.
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nessiantrashh · 9 days ago
lol sometimes i’m fine until i remember ricecake told nesta to her face that she’ll always have a choice in his court... as if he didn’t destroy her sanctuary, threaten to kill her and pre-plan her public lashing and then used it as foreplay.... who thought he’d make a good high king again??
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vxlarhys-insta · 10 days ago
If Rowan had been there, I'm pretty sure this is how it would've gone down:
Rowan: Hello, Feyre.
Rhys: *glaring at the not ugly Fae male talking to his pregnant mate*
Feyre: *smiles* Long time no see bro!
Rowan: And what's this I smell!
Rhys: *waving at him madly from the background and giving him death threats*
Rowan: The winged boy in your stomach doesn't match your... anatomy you know. You didn't even tell me you were pregnant, bae!
Rowan: *slurps tea loudly*
[side note my keyboard auto corrected Rowan to Titan like Titan Whitethorn lmfao]
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rosereview · 11 days ago
Book of the Month (Mar): A Court of Silver Flames
Okay that was a crazy ride… holy mother sh*t. I don’t even know where to start and I have so many thoughts it feels like my heart and head will explode. Just like my Chain of Gold review (which you can find on my post page) this will probably be long and full of spoilers so sorry in advance, but I just need to get it out. Also these are the other books I read in March (it was a crazy month with a SJM and Cassie Clare book!):
A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas (5 stars)
Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare (5 stars)
Siren’s Lament Season 2 by instantmiso (5 stars)
Frankenstein 1818 edition by Mary Shelley (unrated)
So to start I of course need to talk about Nesta, her being one of the main characters, but also because it’s NESTA. Like many people, I hated Nesta for all of the previous books. Like actually hated. She just made me so mad. The only time and reason I didn’t totally hate her was during the war in ACOWAR and mostly because I wanted Cassian to be happy and I could tell they were mates. But after that, especially in ACOFAS, I disliked Nesta so much it hurt. For her whole life she (and Elain, but I’ll get to her later) just let and expected Feyre to do everything for them and keep them alive. And after all of that, she blamed Feyre for being Made into a Fae, when Feyre was literally the only reason she was alive. As an older sibling myself, that made me so mad. I would never rely on my younger sibling because I would do everything in my power to keep them safe and provided for (like what Nesta did for Elain, which also riled me up because Feyre never got the same treatment). Going into this book I was worried that this whole thing was going to be about Nesta being a whiny bitch, but instead, the redeeming feature of Nesta, was her knowledge and acknowledgment of how shitty of a sister she’s been. I know that it took her a long time to actually be nice again, but I was happy that she actually knew that she was being terrible and deep down wanted to be better. She wasn’t just being terrible because she felt entitled which was the vibe I got from her before, but instead was terrible because she thought it was too late to get better. After that I thought her journey was very relatable and heart wrenching. While I still was mad every time she got mad and was mean to Feyre or any of the Night Court group, I could still sympathize how she felt like she was intruding on their family and that she didn’t fit in. 
Now let’s talk about Cassian— I love him. That’s about it. JK… Okay, I have always loved Cassian, but this book made me appreciate him in a more emotional way. All of his insecurities had me crying for him while relating to him so well too, and when we heard more about his mother and how when he was younger he didn’t get physical touch which is why now he always needs physical touch… MY HEART COULDN’T HANDLE IT! God, that was such a precious moment when he needed to hug and kiss Feyre’s forehead, because that’s how he best shows affection and needs affection warmed my heart in so many ways, but also made me cry. And although it hurt me when Cassian would doubt himself and feel lesser because he was born a bastard, I still felt that pain brought Nesta and him closer in more ways. It wasn’t just him helping her, but she helped him too, and both allowed each other to grow on their own but also together. I fucking loved that. 
Now I’m just going to jump right into relationships, because I feel like individual characters besides Nesta and Cassian can only really be talked about through their relationships with other characters since it was only Nesta and Cassian’s povs in the book.
So first let’s talk about (obviously) Nesta and Cassian— I mean I already started to talk about them together above, but this book was so powerful for me because of the way the two of them worked together to heal themselves. That was beautiful. But also it is a tiny bit annoying how both Feyre and Nesta were unaware of their frickin mate bonds! I know, I know… neither were born Fae so they don’t have the same knowledge of the mate bonds that everyone else does, but come on! I knew Nesta and Cassian were mates since they first met! And I know that it definitely wouldn’t have been smart or healthy for Nesta to accept the mate bond at the beginning, but at the end when she still has to talk to Cassian like he isn’t her mate, after they literally consummated the mate bond on several occasions, I was kind of annoyed. I know it was still part of her growth, but also wild that she still was playing dumb like that. But I’m happy they finally admitted everything at the end.
Next let’s discuss the Archeron sisters— So really their relationship at the start just made me sad, seeing none of them get along (except Feyre and Elain). Especially since I still kind of felt like everyone should just be falling at Feyre’s feet and apologizing about how terrible they were for mostly her whole life (even Elain, since she also never helped keep them alive in the human world. Really she was just as bad as Nesta but wasn’t an outright bitch about it). But even though Nesta was encouraging nasty behaviour from them (because she was also being mean) Feyre and Elain both were just as mean to her sometimes. I mean, when Elain went to the house and Nesta and her got in an argument, Elain was just as harsh as Nesta was to her. But I guess Elain has just never been my favourite person. I’m still a little pissed how both Feyre and Nesta do everything for her and she just sits still and looks pretty, but I’m betting that will change in future books. Anyways, I was very happy at the end of the book that all three sisters got on good terms and even went to visit their father’s grave together. That last scene got me pretty emotional. 
Nesta & Emerie & Gwyn— In contrast with the Archeron sisters’ relationship, I loved this new friendship that Nesta found with Emerie and Gwyn. I think now that Nesta found those two, she really appreciates the relationship between family that isn’t blood, because they are now like her sisters too. I loved both Emerie and Gwyn so much in this book and I was so happy that Nesta found them and let them into her life. Feyre found a family in the Inner Night Court, and Nesta found her own people with her Valkyries, and that felt very poetic to me. The family you choose is the family that sticks with you forever (although you can choose blood family too, and I’m glad Nesta found her way back to Feyre and Elain, but I’m glad she found more family too). 
Nesta & Amren— Okay, this relationship had me very mad for most of the book because I just wanted to scream at Nesta so bad! I can’t believe that Nesta got mad for “choosing” Feyre’s side, when literally Feyre and Amren were family first! Amren and Feyre were close and part of the Night Court family before Nesta came in, and even though I was happy that Nesta was making friends with Amren, she can’t get mad at Amren for being friends with Feyre too! Especially since she was friends with Feyre first! Again, not saying that Amren and Nesta being friends was a bad thing, I just got mad that Nesta was being so weird about it when she has no claim on Amren to be just her friend. Sorry I just had to get that off my chest, but I am happy that both of them seem to be friends again now :)
Nesta & Rhysand— Throughout the book I totally understood both Nesta and Rhysand being unfriendly to each other, but boy was I in tears when Rhysand fell to his knees before Nesta because of what he did for Feyre. That was the most beautiful brother-in-law/sister-in-law moment in the entire world. Really I don’t want to even talk about Nesta and Rhys’s relationship in most of this book because I feel like that’s now in the past, I just want to focus on their amazing family relationship going forward, because now they will be in-laws from both sides (Feyre and Nesta being sisters, and Rhys and Cassian being brothers). 
Nesta & the House— This was a beautiful relationship and I was beyond happy that Nesta became best friends with the House. Super heart-warming and those are honestly my only thoughts. I can’t wait to see more of Nesta and the House in the future!
Cassian & Rhys & Azriel— Again, I just love the three of them! Their brotherly bond is adorable, but it also makes my heart break when they all take on each other's pain, because it’s just so beautiful and sad at the same time. I don’t know how else to explain it. When Cass and Az still feel hurt about not being able to help Rhys when he was underneath the mountain, and the pain Rhys and Az feels for Cass’s past, and the same for Az’s past. It’s beautiful but sad because I can just feel the love they have for each other and the true pain they feel and it hurts me too. 
The Night Court Inner Circle— This is also just a short pop in to say how much I love this whole family together: Rhys, Az, Cass, Feyre, Mor, Amren, and now Nesta, Elain, and Nyx. They are all a big beautiful family that makes my heart ache just thinking about them. I can’t wait for more scenes about all of them interacting with baby Nyx, because that will kill me and give my life again in the best way possible (again not sure if that made sense, but that’s the only way to explain it).
And for the big finale in relationships… my Elain/Azriel/Lucien/Gwyn thoughts— to start off, I’m not dissing any ship anyone makes and I think all thoughts are valid. But I don’t know, for some reason I just don’t think Az and Elain are meant for each other. I just think it’s too obvious and cliché (for lack of a better word) to have all three brothers fall in love with all three sisters. BUT I also see how it is obvious and cliché to have mates end up together too. So I really don’t know what to expect. But one thing is for sure— and again no hate please— but I totally understand why Elain and Lucien are mates and “equals”. Throughout this book it is mentioned multiple times that Elain doesn’t belong in the Night Court while Nesta definitely does (like the scene where they visit the Court of Nightmares but I do remember it being mentioned other times as well). This also explains why Azriel’s shadows don’t go close to Elain, because she literally represents light. Lucien on the other hand, is literally the son and heir to Helion, High Lord of the Day Court (even if he is unaware at the moment), the ambassador to the Spring Court (full of light and flowers), and ambassador to the human lands, somewhere Elain misses very much. I know none of this should mean he has any claim to her, but it definitely makes sense why they would be considered mates and “equals”, because Lucien’s birth and life matches the light that Elain represents. Just some food for thought. And concerning Gwyn and Az, I just think they would be really cute together, honestly. I think that Az being the first one to rescue Gwyn on the most traumatic day of her life is significant, and will have something to do with Gwyn’s own healing in some way, but of course that doesn’t have to mean sexual or romantic. I thought both of the extra bonus scenes at the end of ACOSF (yes I’ve read both) are really setting up for the next book which will cover Elain and Az’s journeys, but I don’t think that means they will get together. I thought Rhys’s comment about Elain in the Feysand one was very true, and Elain isn’t the innocent helpless girl we’ve been made to believe. I think she has a lot to share from her own story, and I think that Az needs to have his moment in the spotlight too. 
Lastly, let’s talk about plot, which is essentially the next war that may be gearing up to happen. I hope for all of my babies’ sakes it won’t happen and it’ll just be a little negotiation and everything will be well, but I have a feeling that won’t happen. This dude in this lake is very intriguing though (sorry, can’t remember his name) and I’m excited to see what will happen next. But most importantly, I think in the future a lot of shit will happen with Mor too, because since she was gone so much in this book I think that’s SJM getting us ready for a big Mor moment. I have a feeling there was more to her negotiating on the other continent than we know about yet, and also I feel like there's something more about what happened with her and Eris that I’m excited to find out about. 
I just feel like this was more of a character driven book (which are my favourite books) than a plot driven book, and a lot of the information we learned in ACOSF will be more important in the future books. So for now, I’m okay with not talking about it (although side note, I’m really happy that crone queen bitch is dead. I did not like her!)
So thanks for reading till the end if you did. Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors; I’m too tired to read over this. 
Until next time!
~Rose Reviews
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pageswithoutaplot · 15 days ago
One of the things that bothered me in ACOSF was when Cassian basically told Nesta "you wanna take 10 years? Take 10 years hell take 20" but like...sis yall didnt even give her one
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imthewintergirl · 16 days ago
Nesta 🤝 Poppy
Being in a relationship with someone named Cas and wanting to have a threesome with him and his bestfriend
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nessiantrashh · 17 days ago
i’ll be the first to admit, that scene where riceman breaks down when telling feyre she’s pregnant was cute🥺
sucks that’s rhys is annoying though
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silver-majesty · 18 days ago
not me getting excited thinking I’ve found new gwynriel fanart but turns out it’s actually hawke x poppy 😭😭
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nessiantrashh · 19 days ago
lol remember in acowar when rhys blindsided mor when he schemed with eris. how do you respect this woman to be your third in command and let her PUBLICALLY be humiliated.
rhysoup has always been that character. it didn’t suddenly magically change with nesta’s POV, but finally isn’t being brushed under the rug like feyre did. to riceman his ends will always justify his means. He planned nesta’s public lashing at the riverside manner since acofas, because regardless of the how, nesta would conform to the emissary he needs to serve in his court — i mean family.
little princeling needs to be bullied. i’m sorry it’s the only way to build character. since being self righteous is the only personality trait this guy knows
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pageswithoutaplot · 24 days ago
Let's make one thing clear. Bullying and harassment are NEVER OKAY. The fact that "fans" actually attacked Danielle Rose Russell and body-shamed her is not okay. She's brilliant and beautiful and if she is cast as Feyre we'd be LUCKY to have her. So shut tf if you have nothing well meaning to say, take all that negativity into an email to your therapist and work your issues out there. Not at her or the internet.
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nessiantrashh · 24 days ago
this show is going to be a trainwreck and i’m SO EXCITED!!! nothing is going to make me laugh more when they describe mor’s power in season 2
“the great morrigan... her power is TRUTH” — lol what?!?😂😂
not the same great morrigan who couldn’t see nesta was using sex and alcohol to drown out the noise, and didn’t know how to accept the love she was receiving because she felt so unworthy of it. how she too was SA survivor. but nooooppppe: send that bitch to the CON!! let her be amongst the other abusers!!!
loll apparently she was instrumental in the great war. i believe she’s a bad ass warrior, but what is her gift? did she beat hybern the first time in a game of 2 truths and a lie??
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nessiantrashh · 25 days ago
people who like nesta only after acosf scare me. is gaslighting the new kink?? one-sided and mostly unwarranted apologies constitutes a healing arc?? are inconsistent character developments the new trope now?? i’m very much confused.. but we move i guess
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shadowsingwyn · 26 days ago
I’m just wondering how Elain is going to react when she finds out that the necklace which was supposed to be hers is now with Gwyn... Do y’all think she is gonna overreacting or something like that?? Honestly, I don’t think she is about to do it, however, I believe she is gonna get upset.
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carlieg20 · 27 days ago
the post-acosf depression rlly hits when I remember that we won’t get nesta/Cassian pov again in god knows how long (if ever). Even tho I was rlly disappointed with acosf at least it was nessian. I’d literally read anything if it was in nestas POV so I’m actually so upset we may not ever see it again.
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