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#acosf teaser
—Podrías haber gobernado el mundo con tu poder —dijo con cuidado.
—No quiero gobernar el mundo —Sus ojos estaban desprotegidos de una forma que él nunca había visto. Compañero, la había llamado ella.
—¿Qué quieres? —Cassian logró preguntar, con la voz ronca.
Ella sonrió, y maldita sea si no era la cosa más hermosa que había visto en su vida.
—A ti.
—Me has tenido desde el momento en que me conociste.
Metió un mechón de cabello detrás de una oreja arqueada.
—Lo sé.
Le rozó la boca con un beso. Pero Nesta dijo —Quiero una ceremonia de apareamiento repugnantemente ornamentada.
Él se río, alejándose.
—¿En serio?
—¿Por qué no?
—Porque nunca escucharé el fin de Azriel y Mor —O los ilirianos.
Nesta lo consideró. Luego sacó algo de su bolsillo. Una galleta pequeña, extraída de una bandeja en la sala de partos.
—Entonces ten. Comida. De mí para ti, compañero mío. Ese es el ritual oficial ¿no? ¿Compartir la comida de un compañero a otro?
Él se atragantó.
—¿Estas son mis dos opciones? ¿Una ceremonia de apareamiento con volantes o una galleta rancia?
Su rostro se llenó de una luz tan verdadera que casi le quitó el aliento.
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credito en la imagen
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grabthemonets · 8 days ago
Topic: ACOTAR rant about the hate it gets over the smut. But before I launch into that. Yes, I am openly admitting I cracked open the fantasy smut that is ACOTAR. I know, bold. The Fae finally got me okay? Tik tok seducing me into reading it finally got me. RIP my pious soul. Alright a one, a two, a one, two, three go!
Guys. I don't normally read the reviews for books but I decided to for ACOMAF just for the hell of it. The amount of people complaining about the smut and sexy scenes. Honey, please. Just give it a break before I have to grab you by the string of your fake pearls and yap at you. If you got through ACOTAR and thought ACOMAF wasn't going to be sexual, you need to reassess your life decisions. In all honesty, the smut wasn't that graphic (or maybe my idea of graphic is very, very disorientated in which case I should go repent but--) Just let me watch Rhysand and Feyre go mad for one another in peace, okay? Let me watch them piss off Tamlin in peace. Let me watch them break beds and my romantic expectations in PEACE! The Cauldron and the Mother knows ACOTAR wasn't vanilla, my lord you expected book two to be? Makes me cackle.
Thank you for allowing me to scream into the void. I'll be back with the weekly dose of insanity soon. Tah, tah fae and mortals everywhere.
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pageswithoutaplot · 13 days ago
One of the things that bothered me in ACOSF was when Cassian basically told Nesta "you wanna take 10 years? Take 10 years hell take 20" but like...sis yall didnt even give her one
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thelifeoffireheart · a month ago
Why is no one talking about the possibility between Mor and Emerie?? There’s a one liner in ACOSF where Emerie mentions how beautiful Mor is and can’t stop staring at her— did no one else think this maybe a little telling ??
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Rhysand teaching Nyx how to write: *hands Nyx a paper on which he wrote 'Rhysand is my favorite parent'*
Rhysand: copy that down over and over
Rhysand waiting for Feyre to come back from her studio:
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we simply must talk about Helion
tell me I am not the only one with a crush on the High Lord of the Day Court
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iamamren · a month ago
ACOSF Truths the Fandom is to afraid to admit:
Am I the only one weirded out by the characters' personalities? I feel like the characters didn't grow as much as I thought they should have. I felt like there was too much smut that I was disappointed that they were not able to explored Nesta's feelings towards her sisters and she was not gicen the opportunity of explaining why she was treating them like that. We never really got to see their relationship as sisters grow. It was like everything was forgiven in a snap.
Let's all acknowledge how the book plots have become repetitive.
XOXO, Suriel
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herarebels · a month ago
A Court of Silver Flames SPOILERS BELOW
I knew that this was going to happen eventually, but I didn’t know it was going to happen now. If Sarah doesn’t give us a book/novella of Rhys and Feyre finding out that they’re pregnant and the birth and early childhood in their point of views, she will have to catch these hands.
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Cassian: The soreness does get easier.. Though I have plenty of days where I can barely walk in the end, and after a battle I need a week to recover from that alone.
Nesta: I know.
Me: Reliving the war with Nesta
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stephaniearcheron · a month ago
Tumblr media
i finished part 1 of ACOSF and i don’t know how i feel about this book yet..🤔 friendship between nesta and azriel..epic🤤
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mostly-sarahjmaas · a month ago
Don’t read unless you’ve read it yet ...
alright get ready for a rant guys
1. I personally thought Nesta’s redemption arc was BEAUTIFUL. I’m so happy she finally found her own friends/family and she overcame her fears and became a better person all together
2. I did not really like her and Cassian’s relationship thingy. Mostly because they were just having sex 75% of the time. And it felt a little bit all over the place. But honestly the mating part at the end was adorable and I fw that. PLUS the thought that Cassian and Nesta will have their own family is ADORABLE 😌
3.Wtf was this plot? It confused me so much. But of course the book was supposed to be about Nesta’s improvement which makes sense
4. The sex scenes were ummmm... I get why Sarah said this would be her dirtiest book
5. I LOVED all the Feysand scenes. I cried so hard at the end when everyone thought Feyre would die. But the icing on the cake was when Rhys had got on his knees to thank her and Nesta got on her knees and gave him a hug 😭
6. the one that made me explode: WTF IS RHYS’S LAST NAME?!!! they mention it in the bonus feysand chapter but THEY NEVER SAID WHAT IT WAS.
But anyways i absolutely loved the book like all SJM books.
That’s all my brain can think about rn. If there’s more to rant maybe I’ll make a part two
Give your opinions in the comments too:)
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scrawlandspirits · a month ago
ACOSF spoiler-ish?
The Dread Trove are the Deathly Hallows of this series. That's my initial thought upon reading of them for the first time.
Oh boy.
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god it was such a relief to read that first "fuck" on acosf ngl
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lettersfromz · 2 months ago
- i personally don’t see what all the fuss is abt when it comes to how sexual az is ?? isn’t this what everyone wanted ?? SJM SAID that he was the LEAST vanilla out of all three, why is everyone SO surprised??
- i’m not mad about him trying to kiss elain, i was (lowkey still am) a elriel shipper HOWEVER it angered me how he gave gwyn, elain’s necklace.
i found that SO disrespectful towards both elain AND gwyn. even if elain left the necklace, giving it to someone else without a second thought was rude imo?? and gwyn deserves SO MUCH MORE than a regifted gift.
- NOW i personally LOVE gwyn and az together and the fact that their minimal amount of scenes together in ONE book make me question a ship (eriel) that’s been happening over the course of 2 ??
- I don’t think az’s shadows DANCING and SINGING around gwyn was purely a coincidence. he definitely thinks of elain solely sexually/physically and wants it to happen bc his brothers are happy and in love. but for GWYN, he’s at ease and comfortable. HE EVEN TUCKS AWAY A PICTURE OF HER IN HIS BODY AND HELPS HIM GO TO SLEEP.
- ALSO i really do think SJM is gonna include so much of elucien and gwynriel just to have it thrown out ?? elucien has SO MUCH potential for healing and gwynriel DESERVES the chance to have more scenes with one another !! why was gwyn blind to azriel’s shadows ?? why do the shadows dance & sing when she’s around ?? I NEED ANSWERS
ANYWAYS this is MY opinion, you absolutely do NOT have to agree, but i’m not gonna hear any hate!
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