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#acosf theory


I just realized Azriel watched Nesta give Cassian head in the kitchen and only made his presence known once they were gonna do it on the table, and then DRANK AND ATE off that same table with no hesitation.

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Tagging both Gwynriel and Elriel because I want to hear different opinions! Promise I’m not trying to clog the tags :) full disclosure though I do ship Elriel (respectfully, and still full of love for Gwyn)

I’ve been thinking about what it would mean if Azriel was rejected by not one, but two great loves of his life. I feel like he’s already very much done the tortured, it’s not meant to be, passionate and obsessive love thing with Mor. It doesn’t make sense to me that SJM would have essentially the same thing happen to him again with Elain - why bother to do that when she could have just maintained his torch for Mor to continue to tell his story? There’s CERTAINLY plenty of love, emotion, and feeling between them for that to be interesting.

Why bother creating something between Az and Elain at all, then? Narratively, it would be so much more satisfying for him to let Mor go, find someone else who DOES want him (and Elain clearly wants him) and who is willing to fight for their relationship alongside Azriel. Of course this is just conjecture, but it really doesn’t make sense (to me) for someone as loyal and devoted as Az to switch from Mor to Elain after 500 years and THEN give up on Elain pretty immediately. As for Elain, I think her former fiancé, Vassa, and Elain’s clear discomfort and distrust of Lucien offer plenty of conflict in that area of the story as well. SJM’s characters suffer, but never JUST for the sake of drama and discord.

Because of all the harm and nastiness going around about these couples right now, I want to add this disclaimer that I love Gwyn and and all other characters involved in this love word cloud, and I am really confident that SJM will make me love whatever she decides to do. But as a writer and a reader it’s really fun to think critically about this stuff, and I’ve definitely missed literary analysis 😂

Elriel forever, but also so glad that so many other people are passionate about these books and have different opinions that we can discuss. I love being respectfully and safely challenged to reflect on my opinions, and that’s what all you respectful and safe theorizers have been doing for me.

So - Gwynriel and Elriel shippers - lay it on me! What do you think? Does it make sense to replace Azriel’s love for Mor with love for Elain, only to move on even more quickly to someone else?

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Ok, so y’all.

I’m on page 533 of ACOSF, and Cassian said something about how the prison island may have been an 8th court a long time ago, which fits in with a theory of mine.

Y’all know how there’s 4 courts for the 4 seasons, right? Summer, winter, autumn, spring.

But what about the daytime cycle? Day, dawn, night. Y’all know what’s missing?


Earlier in ACOSF, it was mentioned how Beron could take over the Spring Court, and add it to the Autumn Court, which confirms that courts can be destroyed.

What I think happened was that the Night Court and Sunset Court were next to each other, but then a war or something broke out, and during the war, the Night Court took over the Sunset Court, essentially destroying it and wiping it from history, which is why the prison island is now in Night Court territory.

It also could tie in to the suns being on the inside of the front and back covers of the book.

It’s just a theory, but me what y’all think.

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Okay so everyone’s been going on about how Gwyn could be Lucien’s daughter but wait

“But Rhys said ‘Anything I want, whether it be armies from the autumn court or your firstborn […]

Eris glared. “Not as far as the firstborn, but yes”

Wait a damn minute, wait a damn minute.

I don’t know if the timeline works out exactly because of UtM and everything. But right here we have a ginger, autumn court character explicitly referencing a child he may have.

Bro. Bro. Bro I think it’s Gwyn. I think Eris’ firstborn is Gwyn, hence he couldn’t trade her. His redemption arc could be through fucking fatherhood.

It would also explain his willingness to work with Night Court of all people. He hated them and yet he’s willing to risk everything because his daughter is literally living below Rhys’ (and now Nessian’s) house.

Also idk if it’s relevant but we only know 3 major family names in this series; the Archerons, the Vanserras and now Gwyneth Berdara

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Do you think Madja should have been the one to tell Feyre she will die from childbirth?

I personally do since if it was in modern days doctors would have to say there is a great chance of that. I feel like she should have since leaving something like that to any family member is the worst thing you can do. I don’t think I would do it, I would try to find the alternative but there is a great chance I wouldn’t be able to do it ever. If you think you could, I say congratulations, you really are either one hell of a person or heartless.

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Okay but hear me out.

I think Elain likes Azriel. But Azriel, I mean he’s clearly attracted to her, but I think his feelings stem from 2 reasons

1. Elain’s sisters are mated to his brothers. And he wants what they have. Her sisters chose his brothers! Mating bond or no mating bond, This male has been alone and aloof for 500 years, he just wants someone to want him forever. That brings me to my second point

2. Elain shows interest in him. This added to the first point makes him think she’s the one.

But. BUT.

I do not think Az’s shadows disappearing infront of Mor or Elain is a good thing. They are a part of him. And these 2 females are someone their master has feelings for but (I think) they make the shadows uncomfortable.

And that’s nooott a good thing. When we read the parts with Gwyn, there’s just soo much chemistry there.

Point number 1. Az is hella competitive and so is Gwyn. Her challenging him is something he finds amusing.

2. Say what you want but I think unknowingly Az is comfortable around Gwyn. His humour comes out around her. She makes him feel lighter.

3. Shadows! His shadows literally touch her breath. And when he leaves her, they’re singing. Singing!

On a side note. It’s been repeatedly mentioned how Elain doesn’t fit well in the Night Court. She’s literally described as a Ray of sunshine. Sunshine belongs in the day court!!

Okay. Rant over.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Gwydion is a name of welsh origin that means God of Magic

Narben is a german word that apparently has multiple meanings? (got it off the collins dictionary website) i

Narben could mean scar, to leave a scar, deep down, still ear the scars

The origin story of Gwydion is very interesting and so is Narben’s:


Gwydion and Narben are basically the Good and Evil Blades

Gwydion was given the powers by the cauldron and has been missing fot a millennia, as told by Amren

And Narben was eveything but “the holy, savior’s light of Gwydion, but ones far darker” and is older that Gwydion. And Lanthys was surprised that Nesta’s sword wasn’t Narben.

Narben is a death-sword. It’s lost and possibly destoryed. But stories say it can even slay monsters like Lanthys.

It’s just so cool and I KNOW for a FACT that Gwydion and Narben are going to show up in the future books because why else bring it up? 

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⚠️ ACoSF Spoiler Warning ⚠️

Anyone else notice in the Azriel chapter how similar the necklace he gave to Gwyn for Solstice is to the necklace Bryce has in House of Earth and Blood? And Azriel hinted that it may be more than it seems (which makes me think it has some sort of protective elements- just like Bryce’s)

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If feyre’s paintings on the dresser predicted both her ending up with Rhys and Nesta with Cassian, then what does that mean about Elain’s drawer with the flowers

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Alright so this is my hot take, (maybe slightly galaxy-brain take) on the incredibly tense and fraught relationship between Eris and Mor, Mor’s standoffish/stressed/aloof attitude and relative absence in ACOSF, the secret Eris is clearly keeping for Mor, and how it’s all related to Elriel and will maybe be a significant component of the next book. 

I’ll just start off by saying that I don’t really like this direction. But I just cannot get this out of my head, and this is where I think Maas is going with this story based on the new information we have from ACOSF, the Az POV, and the kind of characters she likes to write.  All ACOTAR Spoilers below… prepare for a jump scare

Keep reading

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*Acosf spoiler*Nesta saying that Az is the new ribbon like why I am thinking that the determination that Gwyn will have is helping Az and Elain BREAK the bond in two JUST LIKE THE RIBBON. LEAVE ME ALONE

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Thoughts on Gwynriel

When Azriel complains that both Rhysand and Cassian fell in love/mated two Archeron sisters and asked why couldn’t he be with Elain, it made me think. Az, Rhys and Cass’s bond isn’t a brotherhood even though they call themselves brothers.

On the other hand, Gwyn isn’t Nesta’s blood sister, but Nesta has expressed a few times how Gwyn is her sister. A sister she chose.

See my point? In all of these books, all I’ve seen between Elriel is lust, and pretty much one sided. But maybe it’s real love between Gwynriel. Maybe Azriel is so focused on getting Elain’s attention just because he thinks he has to get her that he won’t realise it’s actually Gwyn he loves.

Of course this is just a theory based on just a few sentences and scenes, but I would love for it to become real. Also, by this I am not reducing Gwyn to a love interest. I loved her way before the ship started to become a thing and I still want to know more about her romance aside. But not gonna lie, I would love to see how this evolves.

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Honestly, the biggest argument against El/riel endgame is the fact that, despite the potential of Lucien x Vassa, no way in HELL SJM will write an ACOTAR book that doesn’t have either an IC member or an Archeron sister as a main character.

Like, this is the woman who literally refused to acknowledge any of the criticisms Nesta Stans had against the IC as valid and made Nesta grovel for them. It really is either Lucien gets with Elain or he won’t get a PoV at all.

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So Azriel had won the annual snowball fight 199 times in a row.

Imagine how pissed he must have been to loose and break that winning streak, right before reaching 200.

I bet he’s still quietly fuming about it.

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PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE: my tinfoil hat conspiracy theory on the next book

apparently in acofas, rhys asked azriel if he’s getting “her” (probably his mom) a gift for solstice who happens to live in rosehall

did some research, the girls are saying rosehall is in SPRING?!?

and everyone on here already deduced that gwyn is tam-tam’s daughter since he was the only high lord who wasn’t chilling UTM during the Great Rite. And they’re probably mates, (argue with someone else’s mom about that part idc)

so yeah i was wondering how could az leave the night court, he has too many ties there… but his mom is spring!! gwyn might be the first female rightfully inheriting the title of high lady spring.. so both his leading ladies be chilling there now

sooo we about to get shadow azzy, mr serial killer with the scarred hands be the first husband of spring🌺🌸🌼🌻, the irony😂


Originally posted by chickenfarmersan

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I have this possible idea for the “azriel almost losing it” and it has to do with Azriel’s mom

here me out,

In Chapter 24, page 277. Cassian says when he goes to the library,

“He wondered if Azriel’s mother had ever considered coming here, or if he’d ever pushed her to.”

We know she’s alive. Don’t deny it. 

But what calls to me on this little snippet is that the Library is the Priestesses sancuary. Where the females have endured very BAD STUFF

Soooo… Azriel’s mother went through something bad enough for Cassian to consider this thought.

And I’m linking this to the scene with Rhys and Azriel in ACOFAS, Chapter 7, page 67, where Rhys says

“I’d seen what he’d done to his half brothers centuries ago. Still dreamed of it. The act itself wasn’t what lingered. Every bit had been deserved. Every damn bit.”

Az’s half brothers did something horrible I just know it. And I think (my personal opinion) that whatever act they had done and had been deserved was regarding Azriels mother…

And then- In ACOSF, Chapter 60, page 643, when the girls get the OK for the Blood Rite Qualifier he is telling the girls about why the other priestesses weren’t there that day 

“Azriel answered, his eyes full of cicce and death as he stared down Devlon. The male looked away from the shadowsinger before grunting to his crony and flying eastward toward Illyria. Azriel went on, watching them vanish–”


Something bad had to happen I know it, why else would Sarah put that in??

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Theory: Mor and Eris are mates.

That’s the part she never told anyone about. That’s the part Eris keeps alluding to. That’s why she is willing to take Feyre and even Nesta away when they first discover their own mates. She rejects the bond, and she never told anyone about it. That’s part of why she avoids Eris through ACOSF, she doesn’t want anyone to scent the bond if they’re together. That’s part of why she’s so on edge anytime they’re near each other. Maybe Azriel could tell during the high lord meeting and that was why she was so scared when he attacked Eris.

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