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Hello lovelies. I’m in the middle of finishing off my school work for this year and I’ll be finished in a week or so. I have something planned for y’all around December sometime 👀👀 got any ideas what it may be?

hope you guys are safe, happy and healthy.

(Tag me in any fanfics you recommend I don’t read enough of them and I wanna support my fellow writers cause it’s not always easy)

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Cassian, decorating a tree: Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree-

Cassian: [drops to the floor]

Cassian, while laughing: It’s so funny, me, decorating a tree for solstice, while saying it’s a Christmas tree-

Nesta: And you find this amusing how?

Cassian: I’m losing brain cells from laughing so hard-

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The ACOTAR fandom is very toxic. It’s always everyone’s entitled to their opinion unless its an opinion that’s different from theirs. Then they will stomp down and brutally attack anyone who sees different from them to the point where they don’t even share their opinion in fear of being harassed by people.

The series is nice. There are some really problematic aspects and lack of inconsistency in the books but overall the series is really good. But when people ask if reading the series is worth it, maybe the books are in my opinion but the constant nagging to change your opinion and the verbal sparring that goes on here by some people in the fandom is not worth it. It just had to be said.

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I was going through some Nessian art today (because I have no life) and I have NO artistic skill whatsoever so this is not a critique of skills, but does anyone else just kinda roll their eyes when they see a depiction of Cassian as this like smooth graceful thin faced pretty man??

Like excuse me, my boy has a face like a sexy BRICK and an ass that won’t QUIT!!

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🎶🕺💃It’s time to put your dancing shoes on and move to beat! 💃🕺🎶

The Cadre is overly excited for the release of A Court Of Silver Flames. Not only are we hosting a reread (which you can find here). We have one more surprise for you. Introducing our very first fest:

A Court of Song of Dance

Vol.1: The Nessian edition

What is it?

  • A fest where you will create a fic, graphic, or art based on a song. The song can be used in any way you’d like as long it’s represented in some form.
  • Dec 2nd, we will make a post with a form. All you have to do is submit 3-5 songs you feel capture Nessian. This form will be open until Dec 9th
  • Dec 11-18th, we will release a list of the songs submitted. As well as a new form where you choose the song and what you decide to do with it. You may begin creating once your song choice has been secured.
  • Every Wednesday in January we’ll have a check in.
  • Feb 5-7 Submissions are due.

Do I have to participate to submit songs?

  • No. However you may only submit the form once. Make it count!

I finished my edit, fic, art. Can I do another?

  • Absolutely! Just get in contact with one of us and we will be happy to help.

If you have any questions feel free to drop an ask either to IllyriaNet or one of the Cadre individually. See you all in two days!

-The Cadre

@illyrianwitchling @starborn-faerie-queen @chococannolii @theoceanfaewriter

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should i change my theme back to the starry night one or keep it this way?

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