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enamoured-x · a day ago
Why do ppl keep comparing Gwyn in the rite and Elain being kidnapped? Saying Gwyn survived the rite and Elain was useless and had to be rescued… did you even read the books??
First off, the rite was rigged, otherwise all 3 of them wouldn’t have survived that shit after only such a short amount of training. Secondly, Gwyn didn’t survive the rite alone. None of the girls would have survived on their own and wasn’t that the whole point?? The valks making it together? Surviving the rite through friendship and all of that? They had each other. Gwyn also had to be carried up the mountain by Emerie, so yeah she didn’t survive on her own. And that’s not a bad thing, it just shows they survived bc they had each other. So also saying “she didn’t need saving!” Yes, she did. They all saved each other.
If you want to compare, you honestly think any of the 3 valks (well maybe Nesta bc of her powers) would be able to escape Hybern?? Alone?? Absolutely not, training or no training. Just because they had training in combat doesn’t mean they could escape and face all of Hybern’s people alone, especially without powers or weapons (like seriously??). It was mentioned that even Azriel would have died if he went into the camp and he’s been trained in combat for hundreds of years, he’s powerful as fuck and even he could have died.
It’s just funny that you compare the two when any of the valks would be dead if it wasn’t rigged and if they didn’t have each other. That’s not the same as Elain being kidnapped by the literal villain of the book and being placed in the middle of the fucking camp surrounded by Hybern’s people alone.
Please get serious and stop comparing the two.
And if you want to compare, we can compare Azriel’s reactions to both. Because Azriel only reassured Cassian and then said let’s go save Eris! Meanwhile when he found out Elain was taken he signed himself up to save her, despite even Nesta being hesitant about it and despite the chance of him dying. Which is also why you can’t even say “he couldn’t intervene in the rite! He’d be killed!” Yeah his death was also sure when he went to save Elain but that man did not give a fuck so… 🤷🏽‍♀️
And we can take it one step further when y’all say “Azriel believed in Gwyn that’s why he didn’t go to save her or react!” Then wtf was up with Cassian? Cassian no doubt believed in Nesta but that’s his mate, he’s gonna react wildly when his mate is in danger and want to dive head first into danger to save her bc they are mates. Seems to me Azriel’s reaction to Elain being kidnapped was the exact same as Cassian’s reaction to Nesta in the rite… very much mate behavior…
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shitwillnotbegiven · a day ago
Tumblr media
Some people on reddit are really grasping at straws to make people believe Elain is evil.
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softfbangts1 · 10 hours ago
Elain is going to have the Townhouse hint?
After talking with some friends about Acofas scenes, one of them pointed that Elain sat at the head of the table.
Tumblr media
(Acofas, chp 12)
In my country, the person who sits at the head of the table in events like Family Dinner is the owner of the house. When is just the Family's members like: mom, dad, kids,etc.. the one who sits at the head is the one with more "power", the head of the family.
I thought really curious that even though Rhys and Feyre are present at the dinner, at their house, the one who sited at the head of the table was Elain.
The fact that when Bryce arrived at the Townhouse in Hosab she smelled bread and roses - two things associated with Elain - just confirms it to me.
Feysand live in the River house now, and Rhys gifted Nessian the House of Wind, so it just makes sense that the Townhouse it's Elain'.
Tumblr media
(Hosab chp 78)
If someone already posted something like this I'm sorry for speaking it again, and sorry for the bad English writing too.
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emnlln · 2 days ago
I can completely understand how people may not like Elain’s character quite yet. They may not relate to her, question her past actions or decisions, or simply not like her personality. But I just struggle to understand how some people can hate her with such vitriol. How they deny the potential in her story. You don’t want to read about a cauldron-made seer? Get to know more about what her visions are like…how they unfold? How she was able to appear out of the shadows to kill the KoH? Or find out why the cauldron loves her so much? Why it gifted her these powers in the first place? Or see who she chooses to love in the end? If she’ll choose her declared “mate” or the shadowsinger who she gave “offer and permission” to? There are just so many questions and so many possibilities. I just can’t relate to that hate and denial. It doesn’t make sense to me.
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cassianfanclub · 4 hours ago
wait do you believe were getting acotar 5 before CC3?
Oh yes!! I’m 99% sure that ACOTAR5 has to come out before CC3. I’ve written about it before here and I just don’t see how SJM or BB could pull off the crossover without establishing it within the ACOTAR world as well. Casual readers would be so confused. Future readers would be so confused. Are they going to publish a series/book reading order in all future books? It would be one thing if the crossover in CC3 was brief and didn’t have any impact on the ACOTAR characters or story, but SJM said half of CC3 is going to take place in Prythian. That means it’s going to have a major impact on their story and therefore the crossover needs to be set up in ACOTAR5 for it to work, IMO.
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perfectengineertragedy · 2 days ago
Rhys growled, "Allow me to make one thing very clear. You are to stay away from her."  
"You can't order me to do that.”
Art: Siyana__art
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kiresial · 4 months ago
CC2 bonus chapter ruhn
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forest-dreams · 4 months ago
Sarah J Maas fandom for the past week
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lifelessdollinthesea · 4 months ago
Cassian and Azriel coming to the house of wind after angering Nesta and Gwyn
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manonblackbeaksgf · 4 months ago
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yazthebookish · 4 months ago
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enamoured-x · a day ago
Idk why ppl get upset when we say they want Elriel without Elain. Because you literally create hc’s that Elriel have in canon, so like…yeah, you want Elriel without Elain.
-You hc Azriel saving Gwyn from Hybern. That’s a canon Elriel scene.
-You hc Gwyn complimenting or acknowledging Azriel’s scars positively. That’s a canon Elriel scene.
-You hc Gwyn using TT. That’s a canon Elriel scene.
-You think Nesta sees something going on with Gwyn and Azriel. It’s canon that she knows his secret for Elain.
-You want Gwyn being Nyx’s aunt (💀). Elain is literally Nyx’s aunt in canon.
-You want light and dark for Gwyn and Azriel. That’s canon Elriel.
-You want Gwyn and Azriel to choose each other and accept each other?? That’s canon Elriel wanting to choose each other, fates be damned.
So yeah, you do want Elriel without Elain. Elriel has all of this in canon, y’all just love secondhand things, huh?
(Bc that’s what all of this would be, Elriel had it all first so it would all be reused…yikes).
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shitwillnotbegiven · a day ago
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dubishnishshan · a month ago
A quick reminder 
In ACOTAR Nesta was the only one to see past the glamour and decided to go after her and try and safe her. She was a mere human who hated Faes and she was willing to go beyond the wall to save her little sister. So.... yeah shit on her all you want I know she's not the most lovable character but, she was never the villain haters make her up to be.
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highqueenmorrigan · 2 months ago
Very intrigued by the dynamic between Azriel and Rhys, and I really want to see more of it in the next book.
We get this from Azriel's bonus chapter:
Azriel stiffened. Let his cold rage rise to the surface, the rage he only ever let Rhysand see, because he knew his brother could match it
He had never dared speak the words aloud before
It gets lost in the ships, but the bonus chapter tells us so much about Azriel, what he thinks, and his (platonic) relationships with others. What we know from his pov is that Azriel is deeply angry and deeply jealous of his brothers for having mates and being happy. And it's noteworthy that the only person he can express this to, or even show his real (dark) emotions to is Rhys.
Given these lines underscoring how Rhys is the only one that he really feels he can show anything to at all, I do really believe that Rhys' response here is meant to make us think that what Azriel is thinking is wrong. Rhys is the only one at this point who sees the darker side of Azriel that he tries to keep hidden, so he's the only one that can knock sense into him. Azriel throws out all these thoughts that he's never told anyone before, that he feels he can't tell anyone (because he knows they're a little fucked up), and Rhys says "um no".
Before this we'd only seen the bat boys as a unit, where two aren't really closer than the others. But I'm very ready for sjm to explore why Azriel and Rhys have this special bond that makes Azriel feel like he doesn't have to pretend to not be angry and bitter (which he has hidden so far from, yes, Mor, Elain, and Gwyn)
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sapaul · 16 days ago
In Lucien’s POV, he compared Elain to Jesminda.
“She was nothing like Jesminda. Jesminda had been all laughter and mischief, too wild and free to be contained by the country life that she’d been born into. She had teased him, taunted him—seduced him so thoroughly that he hadn’t wanted anything but her. She’d seen him not as a High Lord’s seventh son, but as a male. Had loved him without question, without hesitation. She had chosen him.”
In Azriel’s POV, he compares her to the sun at dawn.
“Soft steps padded from under the stair archway, and there she was. The faelights gilded Elain’s unbound hair, making her glow like the sun at dawn.”
I’m not sure about you, but I would rather have the latter.
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perfectengineertragedy · 19 days ago
Elain stepped out of a shadow behind him, and rammed Truth-Teller to the hilt through the back of the king’s neck as she snarled in his ear, “Don’t you touch my sister.”
Art: theclever.crow
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kiresial · 4 months ago
CC2 bonus scene bryce and hunt pt 1
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littledarkkatg · a month ago
Someone: Do you have any expectations for the next book by acotar?
Me: no...
I'm actually:
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cassianfanclub · a month ago
I’ve seen quite a few posts and arguments that say Azriel and Elain won’t work because they aren’t alike. Az is too dark and Elain too innocent. And, I just kind of have to laugh because that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Is Az a dark, flawed character? 100%. Dude tortures people as a day job. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a soft side, or doesn’t enjoy things outside of being a grumpy, tortured torturer- especially when those things involve Elain.
Even from their first meeting, he makes sure to seem as kind, polite, and non intimidating as possible. He engages with her questions and even spouts a little poetry
Az blushed at the “beautiful” compliment.
He spends time with Elain in the garden, reading his reports while she drinks her tea
After Elain’s rescue (where he absolutely showed how dangerous he can be and to what lengths he will go to protect her) he kept her cradled in his arms, even though she could walk and he was horribly injured.
Azriel suspends his spy duties when it comes to Lucien and Elain so as to not see what they may do together (and side note, what guy who just wants to fuck would do this??)
He grabs the potatoes from Elain, even after everyone else rushed by, to give her the opportunity to eat with everyone else.
He stops Cassian from stuffing his face before Elain is seated and demands respect for her
He stays up till the wee hours of the morning, sitting with Elain on the couch and conversing with her about her garden
He gives a glimpse of his vulnerability to Nesta when it comes to his feelings for Elain
He goes and buys her this beautiful necklace, that represents Elain to a T
We find out that he has been staying away from her because being around her is too painful. And instead of being a toxic, alpha-hole, he gives her space and respects that fact that she had a mate, even though he questions the fate and their bond.
I think it’s important to remember that this is the same dude who’s longest monologue in the series was about how the people who seem the least important, the least capable, the weakest-link, can turn out to be the most important and change the outcome. That sounds pretty soft to me.
And let’s talk about Elain, and how she isn’t some weak little flower.
She accepted newly turned Feyre and her fae companions immediately, invited them into her home, and convinced Nesta to allow their house to act as the meeting space between fae and humans, even though she’d been told fae are violent, dangerous beings
Elain “I hope they all burn in hell” Archeron
She overcame a horrible, life altering trauma that upended her world and threw her into chaos and came out stronger.
She risked her life by going to see Graysen and his father and ask for sanctuary for the humans during the war
She kicked Hybern’s beasts off of Az with her bare feet, saving her, Azriel, and Briar
She accepted Truth-Tellee from Azriel and then shoved it THROUGH the King of Hybern’s neck. Do you have any idea how hard it is to shove a blade through flesh, muscle, fat, bone, etc?? She a bad bitch.
She no longer allows Nesta to walk over her and say harmful and abusive things without pushback.
She volunteers to find the Trove, even at great personal risk to her well-being
She takes charge of her own desires and initiates her and Azriel’s (cockblocked) intimate moment
She gives back the necklace Azriel got for her, showing that she refuses to let a man treat her poorly
If you only look at these characters on a surface level, then yes- Az is some dark, angry guy and Elain is some meek gardener. But the beauty of these characters is that they are so much more than what they seem on the surface and I believe they compliment each other beautifully and will make a wonderful couple.
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