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Nessian appreciation week - day four:

Most underrated scene

Mor sagged a bit, jewelry glinting with the movement, and went to take Cassian’s arm.

But he’d at last approached Nesta. And as the world began to turn to shadows and wind, I saw Cassian tower over my sister, saw her chin lift defiantly, and heard him growl, “Hello, Nesta.”

Rhys seemed to halt his winnowing as my sister said, “So you’re alive.”

Cassian bared his teeth in a feral grin, wings flaring slightly. “Were you hoping otherwise?”

Mor was watching—watching so closely, every muscle tense. She again reached for his arm, but Cassian angled out of reach, not tearing his eyes from Nesta’s blazing gaze.

Nesta blurted, “You didn’t come to—” She stopped herself.

The world seemed to go utterly still at that interrupted sentence, nothing and no one more so than Cassian. He scanned her face as if furiously reading some battle report.

Mor just watched as Cassian took Nesta’s slim hand in his own, interlacing their fingers. As he folded in his wings and blindly reached his other hand back toward Mor in a silent order to transport them.

Cassian’s eyes did not leave Nesta’s; nor did hers leave his. There was no warmth, no tenderness on either of their faces. Only that raging intensity, that blend of contempt and understanding and fire.

Rhys began to winnow us again, and just as the dark wind swept in, I heard Cassian say to Nesta, his voice low and rough, “The next time, Emissary, I’ll come say hello.”

This. This really melts my heart ❤

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Nessian appreciation week - day three:

Favorite quote(s)


“I’m a warrior. I’ve walked beside Death my entire life. I would be more afraid for her, to have that power. But not afraid of her.” He considered, and added after a heartbeat, “Nothing about Nesta could frighten me.”

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Nessian appreciation week - day two

Favorite book

I am gonna say ACOWAR is my favorite (when we talk about Nessian). I actually have started the series, because of it, I knew what was happening with Nessian at that battlefield, and they pretty much reminded me of Elorcan (which is my favorite ToG ship), so yeah…

Also, that masochistic part of me loved how much pain this book caused me in multiple occasions :’)

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Nessian appreciation week - day one

Favorite scene/moment


“Dresses aren’t good for flying, ladies.”
Nesta didn’t reply.
He lifted a brow. “No barking and biting today?”
But Nesta didn’t rise to meet him, her face still drained and sallow. “I’ve never worn pants,” was all she said.
I could have sworn concern flashed across Cassian’s features. But he brushed it aside and drawled, “I have no doubt you’d start a riot if you did.”

So… I know it was supposed to start at 17th, but I totally forgot it was then, because it’s Sunday, and I guess I’m delying it with a day… 🤷‍♀️

I still am pretty late, but still on time (10 minutes before the end of the day, yay 😁)

Also, don’t ask about the scene, I don’t know why I love it so much either 🤷‍♀️

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“She didn’t know what to do with it, that rage. It still burned and hunted her, still made her want to rip and roar and rend the world into pieces. She felt it all—too keenly, too sharply. Hated and cared and loved and dreaded, more than other people, she sometimes thought.”

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Thinking about how it would have made much more sense if Azriel had killed The King Of Hybern.

He was on the battlefield, instead of Elaine who appeared out of nowhere.

Cassian had almost lost his wings protecting Azriel from The King so it would be a revenge for his brother .

He is known to be extremely silent so it would also make sense that he sneaked up to the King. (You can not tell me that the king was so irresponsible as to not even know someone was standing behind him. Elaine must have been in her skirts (at least to my knowledge), she was not wearing any sort of armour. Skirts on a forest ground make a lot of noise. Even if she was not wearing a skirt, she can not be half as silent as Azriel.)

Can you imagine Azriel smiling down at Cassian and pulling him up after the king is dead?

Can you imagine the grin on their faces?

Can you imagine Cassian pulling Azriel into a bone crushing hug and Azriel sighing because he’s grateful that he gets to hug Cass again?

Can you imagine the relief of seeing each other breathing when in the last war they had to check the list of dead people to make sure the other one was alive every. single. day. ?

It was such a great opportunity to show how much the boys loved each other and I can not believe we didn’t get to read it.

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Let’s agree for a while that Cassian does a 180 when he’s interacting with nesta and becomes an asshole, shall we? Because that actually happens.

Nesta stans use it as this argument like, “Oh, he’s horrible and doesn’t deserve Nesta.”

On the contrary, I think how blatantly horrible SJM has to make Cassian to make Nesta the superior one.

She never wrote Tamlin as blatantly abusive to show us that Feyre deserved better.

Take it whatever way you want but it doesn’t look good as a defensive argument for Nesta. Just saying.

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First off, this post is not supposed to be a anti-nesta or pro-nesta argument.

If you are here to defend your fave, kindly move along. This post is not for you.

Another thing- I dislike nesta. You can not change my opinion.

This post is an attempt by me, an Nesta anti, to understand why people like her. A lot of reasons have been discussed like, they have not been a victim of one or, that they are simply looking for justification for their own action.

In simple words, people who love Nesta, are either abusers or they have never been abused.

I want to talk about another reason why people might like her, which, as far as I know, has not been discussed.

Actually being a victim to a Nesta, i.e., they have been abused the same way nesta abuses Feyre.

We can see throughout the series, no matter how harsh and cruel nesta gets, Feyre hardly ever speaks up against her. Except for once when she asked nesta for help at the dinner and at the end of the last book, Feyre has been empathetic towards her.

Saying things like, “This is just the way nesta is.” Or “She has a mind/ spirit of steel. ”

She glorifies Nesta’s toxic traits. Turns them into something to be admired and because we are reading the book from her point of view, this is what the readers is supposed to think.

Which primarily stems from the abuse itself. Feyre, although having survived under the mountain, a war, her own death, her mates death, abuse from Tamlin and, not to mention, her time hunting, because of Nesta’s constant verbal attacks, thinks that she’s weak. She thinks that Nesta is better than her because she has drilled it into Feyre’s head that she is beneath her. She had years to do that.

There are different ways in which victims react to abuse. Some hate their abuser, some get angry, some get scared.

And some love their abuser. That is valid. That is not wrong.

Maybe, just maybe, some of the people who defend Nesta so fiercely, are in fact the victims of one.

Nesta antis react to her abuse the way Rhys and Mor do.

Some Nesta stans react to her abuse the way Feyre does (or did).

When they see SJM present Nesta in such a glorifying way, they find comfort in it. They relate to it because they love their abuser the same way Feyre loves nesta.

And now, that Feyre is distancing herself from Nesta, they think she is bad because they used to see someone they love in Nesta.

According to them, she must continue to love and care for Nesta.

Same with Rhys and Mor. These stans would hate anyone who retaliates to Nesta’s abuse.

They see their abuser in Nesta . An abuser they love.

That brings us to another important fault in SJM’s writing.

Her bias towards an abusive character can potentially put people in harm’s way. Everyone is affected by the books they read. Her using words like “queenly ” for Nesta is (in my opinion) very, very wrong.

I myself use Morrigan as a comfort character. We have all found characters that we use for coping between pages of a book and we can not judge others for doing that.

People who may be getting abused the same way as Feyre will start Glorifying and loving their abusers more and get hurt if they do not distance themselves from their abuser.

Again, these are speculations on why so many people would defend a character so toxic and abusive. I can not say if this is true or not.

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- He’s dying inside

- You know that picture of the emoji that’s emotionally empty? Him.

- “Well then.  This was unexpected.”
- Poor Azirel’s having to shoulder a fair amount of Cassian’s depression.  

- Yes, he quite likes Nesta.  She’s fiery, amusing and vengeful all in one big mashup.  But y o u.

- You’re everything else.

- You make his heart thunder like raging horses.  And he has no idea how to handle it.

- His advances are subtle at first, waiting for you when you stop to tie your shoe.

- Or offering you the last snack on the plate.

- If you are reacting negatively to these advances he’ll tone it down even further.

- Making conversation at the most.

- But if you react positively

- Oh boy, he could talk to you for hours.  Sometimes he does.

- Eventually he’s not even thinking about Nesta anymore, too stupidly in love with you for anyone else to cross his mind.

- Maybe it’s the mating bond, or maybe its just you

- But you’re perfect 

- Eventually it all comes out in one big rush.

- “You’re my mate.”

- plz love him

- He grew up in a place where females were limited in their life choices

- Alone

- Or a lesser being

- He wants you to know that you can do anything you put your mind too.

- Teaches you to wield small blades, daggers and the like.

- You could teach him to sew or knit

- He’d be bad at it but thats ok

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So, I had this idea for Nesta finding out about the mating bond, and I wanted to share it with you 😊:

  • Nesta have been into the Illyrian mountains for a few months now and even if she doesn’t want to admit it, she have started to like it here.
  • She wouldn’t admit that neither, but it’s because of Cassian. She isn’t really allowed to walk too far away from the house, because of the lords and the rumors they spread of her being a witch, but Cassian really made the place comfortable for her and even stocked her with books, so it wasn’t like she’s having nothing to do.
  • However, she still misses interacting with people, so she’s really happy when late at night, after dinner, Cassiansits with her on the sofa and tells her different stories.
  • Sadly, this doesn’t happen often those days.
  • Cassian is really busy at the war camps, arguing over females training; the rebellions, and other war things that Nesta wasn’t familiar with.
  • On top of that, he’s the one doing everything in the house (except for Nesta’s room - she would never let him close to it)
  • Not that Nesta haven’t offered to help him a few times, he just denied it. Maybe he didn’t believed she could do any housework… ‘Or him, being stubborn as a mule, wants to show that he’s capable of doing everything by himself…’
  • But Cassian seems to be more and more tired with every passing day, not able to show Nesta as much attention as before and she’s starting to get… jealous?
  • So, she decides to ignore his words and help him anyway.
  • Nesta starts doing work all around the house - cleaning, washing dishes… she almost died laughing at Cassian’s reaction when he find out that she had chopped woods.

  • Although Nesta didn’t feel like she was helping much, Cassian seemed to really appreciate it and staying once again with her for small talks after dinner shows her that maybe she’s really making it easier for him.
  • “It’s just because here is accepted women to do all the work, while their male relatives are fighting.” - He had told her - “I wanted to break that stereotype.”
  • Nesta doesn’t know what to say about it. She doesn’t think housework is all that women should do, but she have started to understand why is that way, but somehow…
  • “That’s different” - she answers at the end - “I’m doing it, because I want to spend time with you, not because you’re forcing me”
  • Cassian smiles, walks over to her and takes her in his arms. “Thank you, sweetheart, for everything”
  • Nesta is so thrilled by the hug, she almost forgets to ask him, when he’s away from her and ready to go to bed
  • “Hey, would you mind giving me the recipe for the stew that you’re always cooking?” Nesta asks and place the wast dish onto the dryer. “I know you wouldn’t be in mood to cook it tomorrow, but I feel like you would need a proper dinner after coming back from Velaris”
  • Cassian seems surprised by her question . “I-I don’t think it’s a good idea”
  • Nesta is not really happy with his answer. She thought he had enough trust in her by this point.
  • So she starts arguing with him about it.
  • Cassian managed to cut her off after several times, but now that he have the word, he finds it hard to say anything.
  • “Well?” Nesta asks him
  • He finds it hard to lie to her… “You’re my mate” - he says at last and he can see how shocked she is to hear it.
  • “You’re my mate, Nesta, and cooking for me, letting me eat it, would mean that you’ll accept the bond between us”… “I’m, I’m sorry you have to find it like that”, he says at the end, after seeing that Nesta remains silent.
  • She doesn’t respond, instead, she goes to her room and closes the door behind her.

  • Cassian’s day in Velaris really is a rough one with his mind going back to Nesta all of the time.
  • She really had an amazing progress and now he feels like he have ruined everything.
  • So Cassian is really happy when his work in the city is done and he can go back home in Illyria for a rest.
  • But of course, he’ll have to speak with Nesta first.
  • And he thinks of what to say her all the way home.
  • When Cassian lands in front of the house and opens the door, he is surprised to see that Nesta is reading on the sofa, instead being in her room.
  • “You came early than I expected”, she tells him and continues, without giving him the chance to say anything, “I have made sandwiches, if you’re hungry, they’re on the counter.”
  • Cassian needs a second to release her words…
  • “You refused to give me the recipe for the stew, so now-”
  • “Why?” Cassian cuts her off, “you know what would happen and yet-” he can’t find the strength to finish the sentence.
  • “Because I’ll never find someone as good as you”, she answers. “Because I had the whole night to think about it I decided I would be really happy to be bounded to you”- she hesitates then, sensing how still he is. “Unless if you don’t want to…”
  • Cassian smiles at her: “I can’t think of anything more to want, Sweetheart. It would be a real honor for me to be your mate”
  • He goes to her then, takes her face in his arms and kisses her. When he pulls away there’s a silver lining Nesta’s eyes
  • Cassian smiles at her.
  • “Come on”, he says and takes her in his arms. “Let’s have some dinner”

Sorry for all the mistakes 😅

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A conception: Nesta and Cassian sharing care hair routines with one another while they’re in the Illyrian mountains

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Can we take a moment to appreciate Nesta’s curiosity?

I think that’s one of my favorite scenes - Nesta seems so innocent and childish in it, so brave, but in a different way from her usual bravery, like a child, who just started to explore the world (which she truly is).

Now imagine her in the war camps, rising hell over Cassian by asking all the right questions and showing him how wrong he is about many things

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This is regarding to the fanart I come across

Rhysand is hot hot, sure no one can deny that, but oh s**t Cassian is a different level of hotness that it deserves it’s own category.


Thank you for reading my PSA.

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I’m not looking forward to the nessian book. I just, I can’t seem to like nesta. I mean, she has some good qualities that I think are interesting. Especially being so different from the cohesive IC. I kinda like that. But I cant get behind someone who treats people the way she does. I would get it if she was just emotionally distant or something, but she’s done right rude. It’s like she looking to wound you. Every conversation with her seems to exhausting. You shouldn’t have to be walking on eggshells around someone all the time, its draining and unhealthy. And I get it, she’s had a rough time. Im not expecting her to be sunshine and butterflies and friendly. But I cant ship her with cassian and I cant tolerate her behavior towards feyre.

Maybe its personal. I’m the oldest, I have a younger sister. I know I wouldn’t ever, under any circumstances, allow my sister to do what feyre did while I sat on my ass. Feyre provided her entire life for nesta, and nesta never helped her. Never cared. Never was grateful. Never showed remorse. She instead favored the other sister, who also did nothing. She was rude to feyre constantly. I get it, she went looking to the wall after - and thats great. But its like the “don’t know what you’ve got til its gone” scenario. And even after she fears she lost feyre, when feyre comes back there is no happy reunion. Nesta doesn’t seem relieved or loving. She doesn’t take the second chance with her sister - she snarks at her and is standoffish- again. All of this is to say, I get it. Sisters fight. They don’t always like each other. But nesta had a second chance with feyre and blew most of it. The small moments of affection she had were extremely few and far between, subtle. They shouldve been direct - i was a horrible sister, I dont deserve your protection, im sorry. But I’m supposed to think what little she did give was enough? Feyre spent her life sacrificing for nesta, and nesta always threw it back in her face. So no, I dont think feyre shouldve been gentle with nesta. I think she was in the right to kick her out - nesta has always been like this. I get she’s going through it rn, but she can’t expect to continuously be given handouts and consideration by feyre while treating her with hostility and defiance. It isn’t healthy for either of them. Nesta isn’t the victim here. She needs to own up to her shit, fully and clearly and make active changes or she needs to leave.

Which is why I cant ship nessian. Cassian is as honorable as they come. Nesta has only ever been distant and aggressive to him and yet he swore to die defending her people. He mouthed off to her in defense of feyre - which i loved because feyre was his family before nesta and nesta treated her awful. Cassian knows what it is to grow up with nothing, to starve and struggle and be looked down on. And yet nesta gets a pass because she was rich and then became destitute and couldn’t handle it? Cassian lived it, worse than her, and it didn’t make him cruel. It made him kind. He spends his life helping others. Hes the general who mourns every life on the battlefield, who would consider it an honor to die fighting for a woman who can’t give him the time of day, who would lose his very pride (his wings) to save his family. And he gets mated with…nesta? They are, fundamentally, morally, contradicting individuals. The fact that cassian can apparrently over look everything he has been through and want her? I find it insulting to his character, tbh.

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Listen up y’all

Y’all can fight me but I feel like Cassian would dead on be into old school rock or even pop rock I’d dare say!! He would totally be jamming out to bands like Fall out boys for example.

Low key he would totally be into training listening to calmer more classic music or depending on his mood high key he would totally train to Green Day or Foo Fighters.

I feel like he would also be open to listening to a variety of genres but won’t admit to liking some of them, like he would totally be a fan of the Jonas Brothers lol but won’t admit it at first and then after some teasing from Feyre or even Mor he would reluctantly admit it and get over it and just blast the music High Key while bopping his head.

And he would totally get some lyrics that mean a lot to him tattooed, I’d say on his ribs

Anyways let me know what you think, I was just bored right now and kept thinking about it so decided to write it!! If you have any suggestions please let me know!! I’m gonna try to start writing a lot more so if you have like a said suggestions or prompts please let me know

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In honour of my friend’s birthday, I drew a sassy Cassie about to strut through the doors to a waiting audience like the model he is. Happy Birthday Chloe!

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