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#acotar crack
highladyofdreamcourt · 3 hours ago
Elain: Be careful when you go outside, it's ass eating season!
Lucien: What??
Elain: There's ice everywhere. If you're not careful, you'll slip and eat ass!
Lucien: Who told you that?
Elain: Jurian.
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highladyofdreamcourt · 4 hours ago
Elain: I love knitting needles. I can make a scarf. I can make a hat. I can stab your eyes out. I can make mittens.
Cassian: What was the middle part??
Elain: I can make a hat!
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juusworld5728 · 10 hours ago
Unless SJM explicitly states that there is a psychologist in Velaris that can diagnose a fae with certain things and that the characters in this city will be getting a full on diagnosis by said psychologist in the book, please refrain from diagnosing characters.
Bonus for people that diagnose shit that isn’t even there or doesn’t pertain to what you are “diagnosing.”😀
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unhealthyfanobsession · 11 days ago
ACOSF is such an interesting book to me in that I think there’s really just 3 reactions to reading it:
1. Ultimate Nesta/Nessian Stan who says UGH stop trying to get me to like fucking Rhysand (but secretly has moments of like hmm ok that was genuinely cute...).
2. Ultimate Rhys/ Feysand Stan who says UGH stop trying to get me like fucking Nesta (but secretly has moments of like hmmm ok that was some bad bitch energy...).
Tumblr media
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highladyofdreamcourt · 12 days ago
Cassian: What do you crave more than anything else?
Emerie: Stability.
Gwyn: Peace of mind.
Nesta: Chocolate chip pancakes.
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ratabrasileira · 14 days ago
The Evil!Lucien theory.
It would work if it'd make me horny.
Tho it's interesting what the person apoints about Elain saying "you betrayed us"
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