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#acotar elain

Just curious, has anyone watched ther 2014 Beauty and the Beast?

That’s how I imagine the Archeron’s sisters’ dad to look.

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My ACOTAR headcanons: who I picture in my head when reading the books

Nicole Fox as Feyre


Melrose Bickerstaff as Mor


Michelle Trachtenburg as Elain

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✨Day 14th of the #inktober : Overgrown

Since I take a break yesterday from #inktober, I post the inktober of yesterday, TODAY. 👏

With our cute Elain and her flowers.🌸🌺

You can find (if I draw it correctely) on her : cornflower, cosmos flowers, althaea officinalis (marshmallow flowers) and sunflowers.

If you speak flower language, you know what it’s mean.

For others, all these flowers means quiet, calm, innoncence, softbess, kindness, etc…

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“My head is saying: Fool, forget him

My heart is saying: Don’t let go

Hold on to the end

That’s what I intend to do

I’m hopelessly devoted to you…”


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Everyone’s like: Uuu Nesta and Eris uuuu. And my brain is like: Elain and Jurian? Hmmm how did that idea come to my mind? Well, Jurian is in The band of Exiles, and he is not a fae. But at the same time it has nothing to do with the painted drawer of flowers. But not everything has to do with that drawer. OR YES. HELP. MY BRAIN IS OVERTHINKING.

How the hell did I get here?????


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A random thought I often have is when feyre has a baby rhys could legit just take her pain away (like he did with Clare in acotar when she was getting tortured) and she can just pop that baby out like it an average Tuesday. Or during a bad period he can just say oop no more pain… just imagine a husband that can do that for you. Amazing.

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So I know the big point of hate or a big stance is that Nesta shouldn’t have let Feyre go into the woods. But 1) That was to make her story work, and 2) (the bigger point) what do you think the girls did when she left for days? You think Nesta AND Elain just sat around and smiled? No. I’m sure they didn’t. I’m sure Nesta had to do bills, or try to find suiters so her sisters could be taken care of in the future. (I say that because it seems like they are in ‘older times’ like with the dresses and main society ideals are from like the 1900’s and under? Roughly; plus the world is a different one than ours.) I’m sure they tried to help their father, continue their studies. Elain gardening for pleasure but also maybe had to harvest vegtables. Maybe they had to go into town for supplies. They cut their wood. There was literally hundreds of things to do. Feyre was poorly treated but don’t act like she did EVERYTHING. Yes, she hunted and supported them but food wasn’t their only worry. And also as soon as Nesta was worried about Feyre she went after her. She cared, don’t act like she didn’t. My main point is that we’ve only heard Feyre’s opinion. Be careful where you lay the axe, sometimes it’s sharper than it looks. In the end their Father should have been better, not the kids.

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Don’t hate me but…

Elucien would be considered a crack ship if they were not mates. Their entire “relationship” is based off of a bond neither of them had a say in.

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Elain stepped out of a shadow behind him, and rammed Truth-Teller to the hilt through the back of the king’s neck as she snarled in his ear, “Don’t you touch my sister.

- A Court of Wings and Ruin, Sarah J. Maas

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ACOTAR Characters as things I have said:

Feyre: I feel bad for my life. Poor thing is useless.

Rhysand: I’m bringing sexy back *starts to dance a little*

Cass: *in online school with mute button malfunctioning* Well I’m going to say poop and let’s see if she hears me.

Az: *glares at everyone while playing a sport/game* *subtly slides back into the shadows*

Mor: Of course. OF COURSE you’d make this about some boy.

Amren: oh I wouldn’t die for you. I’d kill for you- but then again I want to kill regardless so really no I don’t care about you.

Elain: (all alone) Cheers *chugs down bottle of water*

Nesta: Now you will question how I turned into such a demon. And the answer is the world. (Also: if you touch me with that one more time- I WILL SHOVE IT RIGHT UP YOUR-)

Lucien: please note the sarcasm.

(Bonus!) Tamlin: Wow, I’m an asshole.

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Anyways Uh here’s my rendition of Lucien and jesminda. I’m sure everyone views her differently but here’s my take

Move always wanted to know more about jesminda and who she was as a person I know she’s a lesser fae and is supposed to be non humanoid features but I took artistic liberties. And I used the vines up her arm as a parallel to elain.

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Rhysand: Do you have feelings for Elain?

Azriel, internally: Quick, play dumb!

Azriel: Who’s Elain?

Azriel, internally: Not that dumb!

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imagine Elriel doing this 😫❤️

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing on that face, on his scent. The shadows, whatever the hell they were, hid too well. Too much. Azriel only said coldly, “If Lucien kills Graysen, then good riddance.”

R.I.P Graysen

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“Do you think he can handle being around Graysen?”

Az’s expressionless face was precisely the reason he’d never lost to us at cards.

“Why should I be the judge of that?”

Someone better remind Azriel that he’s a spy. 💀

Interesting that he has such a blind spot in Elain. Especially if a common theory is that he has brother/sister feelings.

If that’s the case, why does he spend most of his time on the defensive? Shouldn’t he answer as a spymaster should?

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I’ve noticed that it’s really popular to hate on other characters and pairings in this fandom. Now, I am relatively new to being in a fandom so maybe this is just how it works, but the amount of “slander” and “anti” posts I see with ACOTAR is crazy compared to other series I follow. 

I understand not liking a certain character or ship (I have my own notps and unfavs too dw) but the fact that someone will go out of their way to make a hate post over a character or ship rather than just share content on the ones they love is shocking to me. 

I also understand having really strong opinions about a series, but choosing to post something hateful about a character/ship that someone else could love can be really hurtful and mean. Many people could relate to these characters or see a part of themselves in them, so what you say about a character or a ship that character is in can feel like a personal attack. 

The worst part is that seeing these posts can trigger another person to create their own hate post in retaliation (I am definitely guilty of this) which then can trigger someone else to make one and then it’s just this unending cycle of negativity. 

There are many other ways to express your dislike without bringing it to a toxic level. If you don’t like a character/ship, just say “they’re not my favorite but I’m open to my opinion changing” or better yet JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

And I know that if you think a particular ship or character is problematic you want to share this so you can enlighten or educate people, but please keep it to that: EDUCATING. Don’t write about how they suck or that you hate them and they are lame/gross/disgusting/etc. because those are all emotionally triggering words that can upset people who really love those characters/ships. 

And I have all these tags on this post because I’m not just talking about the people who speak against the characters and ships I love but also the people who speak against the ones I don’t. Everyone should be allowed to stan who they want to stan without feeling attacked or discouraged. 

Please, just think about how what you’re saying could make another person feel before you post it. 

And please share this post around because I’d really love to see this fandom become as empowering and uplifting as it is capable of being because everyone in it is so talented and amazing. ❤️

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Elain: Feyre?

Feyre: Yes?

Elain: Have you seen Nesta?

Feyre: No… why…

Elain: Um well she walked into her room and Cassian somehow rigged a wire to drop confetti.


Elain: I think he forgot that the bucket would drop on her as well.

Elain: So, Nesta?

Feyre: It’s too late by now…

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