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#acotar fandom
queen-hypaxia · 8 hours ago
I have 100 people blocked from the acotar fandom alone. I'm not kidding when I say idgaf. I only find out about drama through people talking about it. That's it. I was heavily involved in things pre-ACOSF, but that was not good for me. Everyone had me tired then, and they have me tired now.
I don't care about which character you want dead, how Elain is the worst ever for being imperfect like her sisters (heaven forbid she snap), the stupid necklace, the shadow arguments, the one hundred thousand conspiracy theories, who you ship, who you hate, why you hate sjm, etc. I'm DONE. I put up with enough hateful bullshit from this fandom (from ALL sides btw) for too long. Everyone wants to think they're blameless, but they're not. None of us are. I've snapped a time or two on people, and I don't like being that way. I really didn't like what I was saying and the person I was becoming. A stressed out person feeling stress everywhere is not good for that person. I'm not investing all of that energy in that. This is the last time I do that. I'm perfectly content coasting and having fun. That is why I'm part of fandom. Not for the drama. I'm still going to critique things, but not like before. SJM is clearly going to do whatever the fuck she wants to do. Theories are fun, and some of them may be right but SJM ultimately can change her mind. And she probably will once she starts writing the next book and the show. I just want to enjoy and help make this a better place for the unlucky people following my blog. lol I'm going to continue sticking to that and that's on that.
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hellacioushag · 14 hours ago
And when Lucien Vanserra becomes High Lord with his mate High Lady Elain by his side what then?
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coffeepirateknight · 18 hours ago
ACOTAR series *sigh*
This fandom used to be so fun but now ive seen people destroying that fun by being toxic and ruining the good name of this fandom.
You can criticise the series all you want because it doesn't match with the book yadayada, but never go after the actors or anything like that, it is already a difficult thing to adapt a book series to a tv show that is going to please everyone, so please sarah j maas fandom lets not ruin this.
Looking forward to the series and lets hope by the cauldron that nobody will ruin this.
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harperbrynne · 19 hours ago
Feyre: ...Eris’s face emerged from my net of flame, glowing like a new-forged god of wrath...
Me: Yes. Yes, he did.
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shadowsingerswife · a day ago
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but...
Azriel is not toxic. Azriel is not abusive. Azriel is not entitled.
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shadowsingerswife · a day ago
Tumblr media
My life is now complete 😍
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tangledstarlight · a day ago
i did not mean to become an active percipient in a fandom again and yet here i am. incredibly invested in various pieces of drama
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hellacioushag · a day ago
Tumblr media
Kinky Sun Daddy is my mate lol. Lady Autumn who?
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vassathebeautiful · a day ago
omfg YES. I am so sick and tired of this fandom tearing each other apart and bashing characters for no other reason than because they are a threat to their stupid ship? liek, have you seen some of the stuff that are said about Lu and El? ugh. but GOD. making fun of Gwyn and her trauma is a low fckn blow.
It’s crazy. It’s fine to dislike characters because we click with what we click with- but going around and bullying readers for liking certain characters or ships and making jokes about a character’s traumas ain’t cool. I’ve seen people “joking” about pushing Elain off a cliff or hoping she ends up with a certain Illyrian male just so she can die during childbirth. I’ve seen people saying the most vile things about Lucien and warping him into this entirely different person while painting him as a villain so he wouldn’t seem deserving of love or happiness. But mocking Gwyn, making fun of her trauma and calling it “boring” as if her past is supposed to be a form of entertainment, and theorizing that she’s ... evil? That’s fucking crossing the line. It’s disgusting, and shit like that hurts people like me and other victims of sa who sympathize with Gwyn and went through similar experiences as her. Don’t even get me started on the “Gwyn can go back to the library where she belongs ... and can stay away from ... ?” crap. People need to realize how much damage they’re doing to those who’ve went through traumatic events and are still healing from it but might feel invalidated because of these insensitive comments. A lot of us project ourselves into characters we see ourselves in and can relate to the most, so when people say nasty stuff about them ... it feels almost like a personal attack. I know a million people have said this already but seriously- why tf can’t people just all get along.
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vassathebeautiful · a day ago
Damn. How bad is it really? I'm fairly new to this fandom and finished Silver Flames just two months ago so hearing about the infamous cancer faking incident in an attempt to get SjM's attention shocked me.
I said it once but imma say it again: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS FANDOM? 👁👄👁
Pretty bad lmfao. This fandom has a history of blackmailing, threatening, doxing stans into silence, bullying artists until they stop creating fanarts of certain characters and ships, and more. So, yeah. That kind of bad lol.
Honestly? Idfk.
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hellacioushag · a day ago
Can we stop acting like when someone says a character is flawed they must hate that character? Some of my favorite characters are completely damaged assholes. I’m aware of their flaws and that’s why I love them.
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ladyvanserra · 2 days ago
btw, the difference between those fandoms is quite astonishing. when poppy asks questions or using the stab meme we are all think it's cute and funny and we love her for this, but when gwyn being curious and asks questions she's a child and not ready for a relationship with a immortal warrior according to some people in acotar fandom... I wish acotar' was as safe as fbaa fandom :(
Sigh, I feel that. But remember, that is a choice they are actively making to be annoying lol. So. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’m sorry it hasn’t been a safe space in a bit, it’s clear many (most) don’t like it being this way.
My biggest advice is to cater your dash to your liking as much as possible. Block negative tags and negative blogs. You’re not obligated to response to anything or anyone that ruins the experience for you. I have every anti tag blocked I can think of. I see nothing negative when I go into my favorite tags because I am very friendly with my block button. I really advise you to do the same. The mutuals I follow function almost in the same way and we try to keep it positive yes some pettiness comes out at times but it’s well deserved but there are a lot of really nice people in this fandom so please don’t let the buttheads take away your joy from it. The series isn’t the antis!!! There’s so much to love about this series!!! I will always focus on that lol.
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harperbrynne · 2 days ago
How to get the ACOSF threesome:
Nesta needs to get her hands on pen and paper so Azriel and Cassian can get their hands on her so we can get our hands on the threesome scene...
If the only issue with releasing the threesome scene is it being canon, then I don’t see why Nesta couldn’t have just written a little fanfic of her life. We know she reads a lot of romance and therefore obviously a lot of smut, so it would make perfect sense for her to be able to—and want to—write a threesome scene with Azriel and Cassian. I mean, Nesta already imagined a pretty good synopsis/teaser...
SJM can deal with the why and when Nesta decided to write this spicy fanfic of her life. But this way, we would be able to read the scene as is with Nesta having had written it herself and it not having actually happened. We could just dive into it like Nesta wrote it.
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bookofmirth · 3 days ago
What are your thoughts on why Azriel’s shadows disappear around Elain? Cause I see a lot of people claiming it’s romantic that he doesn’t need them with her while others say it hints at something more sinister like Dark!Elain. I can’t see either one tbh cause his shadows are a part of him. He’s had them to protect and guide him so why would they disappear around Elain if she was a threat? And why do they swoon and dance with Gwyn if Az and Elain are possibly romantic? My thought was maybe it’s because Elain and sunshine may be closer than we think which makes shadows disappear, but idk. Like maybe her seer power was tapping into her mate’s power without realizing it cause they’re bound? Is this one of those things where we’re reading too much into it when it’s just SJM just being herself and nothing is that deep? Help me Obi Les Kenobi, you’re my only hope.
I love youuuu I lol’d at the end of this. It got pretty long so part of it is under the cut.
Okay so this is going to be my whole half-assed attempt at talking about his shadows. I’m not going to get too deep with it because we have 3.5 books of his shadows doing their thing and that is TOO MUCH for me to sort through. However, I do have an idea.
(as usual, idfk what other people are saying about this, I’m just basing these ideas off of my reading and my previous thoughts about the characters.)
The first thing that came to mind is that Azriel’s shadows know not only what he needs, but what the people around him need. I know that sjm said that we won’t find out if they are sentient until we get his book story, but I think they are a bit of both - an extension of him, not totally in his control but privy to his needs and thoughts in a way nothing and no one else is. 
In acomaf, Azriel tried right away to make human Elain comfortable, for pragmatic reasons - they needed to use her house, and Nesta would be convinced if Elain could be convinced. “Elain can convince anyone to do anything with a few smiles”, Feyre tells Rhys, Cassian, and Azriel right before they all meet for dinner. Enter handsome, non-threatening Azriel, the nice little bat boy who would never hurt a fly (which we know is a lie, but Elain doesn’t need to know that, ever). He creates a persona for her that he know will be convincing. Elain is convinced. She talks to Nesta. They all get the mortal queen meeting Chez Archeron.
Tl;dr for this whole post if no one wants to click is that Azriel can be himself around Gwyn, to the point of sharing personal secrets. He can’t be himself around Elain, and his shadows are a part of him. But read on for more explanation.
During this meeting, Feyre also notes, and is grateful, that Az’s shadows are nowhere to be found. This would fit the idea of them being an extension of him and knowing what he and the people around him need. Fae shadows? Will be creepy to humans. Best put them away.
Okay, just glancing through acomaf I noticed that Elain is getting married to Graysen five months after Feyre returns. That means that she met Az, and then four months later slept with Graysen, and then months after that was still mourning him. Just saying.
So based on that reading, and the way that Azriel generally fades into the background until he is needed to put on one of his “personas”, the shadows play a big role in which “Azriel” people get to see. Azriel met Elain with his shadows hidden because he needed to appear non-threatening. As best they can, they continue to stay away from her when Az is around. 
In acosf I know that people are hung up on the fact that the shadows seem to want to protect Elain when she and Nesta are fighting. Now we know that Nesta would never truly, mortally hurt Elain. No matter how mad they are at each other, there was no real danger there. It was either a gross overreaction, or Az is actually overstepping his bounds. He acts the same way around Mor, too.
So people have noted that generally, the shadows disappear around Elain, yes? Elain, light personified, who basks in the sun, whose main personality trait is “likes outside and gardens”, wouldn’t be comfortable if Azriel’s shadows were around constantly. It’s kinda what you said, anon, I think it’s to do with Elain thriving in light, and Azriel’s shadows, which are a huge part of him, threatening that light.
Az and the shadows are aware of that. She’s still the sister of his High Lord and High Lady. She deserves respect. She deserves to be at ease, especially given what she has gone through. It’s a perfectly normal thing for us to have a persona around one person, but then to be open and free and our full selves with other people. I notice this difference in myself even among my friends.
While I don’t think this means that anyone, Gwyn or Elain, are evil, I think that Az cannot be his full self around Elain. He told Gwyn, “I AM a shadowsinger”, which means that there is a whole piece of him that does not feel comfortable in Elain’s presence because it would make her uncomfortable. I don’t think that it’s fear, or her being secretly evil, or anything beyond the shadows’ (and by extension Azriel’s) acknowledgement of the fact that he has a persona or role to play with Elain, and he must maintain that.
Re: Elain - Azriel can’t be himself around her. She doesn’t know the full extent of his job or the torture, and he tries to make his shadows less threatening, too.
Now, Gywn! Our little Carynthian Valkyrie. 
I’ve seen an idea that Azriel’s shadows dance to her lure???? Like????? His shadows have done nothing except protect him, and so if there was anything wrong with Gwyn, the shadows would have warned him. 
I see the way that the shadows react around Gwyn as indicating basically the opposite of what it indicates for Elain. Azriel is comfortable around her to the point where his shadows don’t feel the need to observe, to be defensive. They are playful, which is something that we never seen from Azriel himself, and so I am now headcanoning that eventually their playfulness will rub off on him?
And then in this scene Az reveals something intensely private about himself. This is about 130 pages before the end of the book and there is never a change in behavior from him or the shadows. (Sidenote, Elain asking Az if he can fly is NOT the same, I love her but what a stupid fucking question, he has giant ass wings. And that’s not something about himself that he would try to guard from the rest of the world, it’s pretty obvious.)
So anyway, I hope that all makes sense. I’ve never really put thought into his shadows before and I based this on what the book says, rather than trying to created some extended interpretation that relies on interpretations of interpretations of theories etc etc. I might add onto it as I think of more things! I could go more into the whole Az persona thing if people want. I’m kinda enjoying this whole being able to share my thoughts about him! Since for the past four years I knew I’d get hate for it. 
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harperbrynne · 3 days ago
A little about me:
I’m @ acourtofvalkyriesandshadows on Instagram. If you would like to repost my original content to Instagram, please credit me! I’m also the creator and one of the moderators for r/ACOTARHulu on Reddit.
I’m a stan account for all SJM characters. I prefer to appreciate and understand characters than dislike or hate them. I always have a feeling there’s more to them than we might know at the time.
Here for redemption arcs, the morally grey, not being perfect, empathy and understanding, amazing character growth and characters finding the happiness they deserve.
Oh, and soup and PB&J sandwiches are pretty cool.
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faithisilliterate · 4 days ago
Friendly Reminder: You are allowed to dislike characters and ships for no other reason than you “just don’t seem to like them” / “can’t get into them like other can.” You are allowed to have non-harmful opinions on things.
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