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#acotar rhys

This is regarding to the fanart I come across

Rhysand is hot hot, sure no one can deny that, but oh s**t Cassian is a different level of hotness that it deserves it’s own category.


Thank you for reading my PSA.

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At first I was going to fancast Ian Somerhalder or Henry Cavill as Rhysand but after coming across photos on IG for the ACOTAR fan film.


I cannot imagine anyone else as Rhysand.

He’s just got that look.

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I’m not a Feysand shipper (or at least not yet.

Or not yet. It all depends on what happens in the next few books. I’m keeping my options open. Got a warn you though he’s probably going to have to do a complete 180 in order for me to consider it.

But my photo gallery on my phone says something completely different.

My phone is full of Feysand FanArt because I have this weird compulsion to save pictures on my phone that I think you’re pretty or interesting to me like this one for example.

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“Only you can decide what breaks you.”–ACOWAR


A myriad of voices and faces faded in and out of darkness—surrounding me as I fought desperately to make sense of it all. Excruciating spasms ebbed in and out, leaving me unable to focus long enough to figure out where the pain was coming from. Perhaps it was all over my body, but during a particularly brutal wave; when I could hear myself crying out, I knew it came from my core. I saw Rhysand’s face in the midst of my agony, his violet eyes like shattered glass and lined with silver—glimmering starlight falling down his face. It was so beautiful, but it seemed the night itself was weighing me down and I couldn’t ask what caused him so much despair.

Twilight continued to envelope me, and I couldn’t discern it from anything else. From the moment it took hold, it felt as if I were floating—images of concerned faces flashing across my vision every so often as my abdomen continued to throb. I knew those faces, knew their voices, but couldn’t recognize anyone but my mate. He was my tether among the stars I drifted along in, until my world went dark once again.


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“Thank you. For everything—for what you did. Then … and now.”

“Even after the Weaver? After this morning with my trap for the Attor?”

My nostrils flared. “You ruin everything.”

Never in his wildest dreams did he think of a reply when Feyre would show gratitude.

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Does anyone else’s heart break when they imagine Rhys during the first night he saves Feyre from her wedding? Her sobs flowing out through the open windows of her room into the starry sky. Rhys sitting on his own terrace listening and feeling what she’s going through and silently crying as well.

No? Just me? Ok.

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Being best friends with Mor. Going on walks through Velaris, listening to her gossip about whatever conversation she last eavesdropped in. Her stealing your clothes but refusing to admit it.

Cassian teasing you ALL THE TIME. Waking up super early every morning to train with him, because he wants to make sure that you can defend yourself. Him knowing you can handle yourself but also getting super protective over you.

Flying lessons with Azriel, where you slowly get him to start opening up to you. Being the only person he feels comfortable talking to, and him being fiercely loyal to you.

Amren being her usual sour, bossy self, but every one in a while you convince her to share tiny bits about her life before she came to Prythain. Knowing that you can count on her to give it to you straight while others might try to sugar coat it.

Rhys being AN OVERBEARING MOTHER HEN, but you know it’s because he would do anything for his family. Flying with him through the Night Court as he points out places he spent time in with his sister as a kid. Him being vulnerable and talking to you about his mom and Under the Mountain.

Having family dinners in the House of Wind and watching Mor and Cassian bicker while Azriel tries to hide his smile. Trying to ignore the fact that Amren is drinking blood one seat away from you. Laughing as Rhys makes jokes about his brothers. Feeling so so happy and loved, because you’re with your family.

I would simply DIE. My life would be so complete.

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Am I the only one that wants rhys and nesta to actually be friends? I hate that he hates her (it’s one of the things I hate about him bc he doesn’t hate elain for the same reason and that’s weird) but they are genuinly so similar they could be good friends man.. sigh

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How much Azriel Content can we expect in ACOSF?

  • A good amount
  • He’s in the book more than Eris
  • Cassian and Azriel have a close bond and Az has a lot of his own shit going on that you’ll maybe get some hints of
  • Sarah is like kinda obsessed with Az
  • The song “Mr.Brightside by the killers” gives her Azriel Vibes but there’s nothing in common with the Lyrics it’s just the Vibe when she hears this song, she thinks of Az

Who’s your Favorite Character from the Autumn Court and why is it Eris ?

  • He’s in the Book because he actually is her favorite character from the autumn court
  • Sarah loves the like bad characters who have a secret history
  • Sarah says that he’s such a giant asshole most of the time but it’s fun to write about people that are being mean

(Question is related to the teaser of Az talking) Do Nesta and Azriel have like a Brother- Sister Friendship or some kind of relationship?

  • Over the books, Az and Nesta recognize some similarities of each other
  • Nesta can see most of Az secrets
  • Azriel treats Nesta like a relative normal person and that’s like a rarity in nesta’s life
  • So Az and Nesta will not have like a brother - sister vibe like Cassian and Feyre have but there’s just a mutual respect and understanding
  • Azriel and Nesta, both are enjoying to tease Cassian
  • Azriel has like a dry, sneaky sense of humor that came out more in this book than Sarah actually planned/expected

Will we find out what was in the gift box for Nesta ?

  • Yes
  • It’s something that Cassian had a lot of time thinking about
  • It’s a gift that she would have loved
  • It’s something precious
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Queer people: umm what you’re saying sounds insulting, please don’t say that

CisHet people: n-no hhowww couLd you sAy that 😡😭 haterr 🤬😤 aanyone who cri-itises mee iis a-a-a a haterr. ttimee too h-have a tEmp-per tanTrumm 😰😰😰

It has come to my attention that there’s been someone, or plural people, in the anti mor tag, that don’t understand basically how to function as human. So I’m going to leave out some very basic instructions for them.

If a QUEER person tells you, a CISHET person, that you’ve said or done something insulting, be quiet, apologise, and try to do better. Don’t argue with them, or call them a “hater” because then you just look like a fucking idiot. Even queer people themselves can be homophobic/transphobic/etc, and they should also take criticism when it’s directed at them, because everyone can fuck up. Just because some queer ppl don’t find something offensive doesn’t mean we all don’t find it offensive because I sure do after seeing so many bullshit bigoted posts in the tags. I don’t care how many queer friends or relatives you have, you can still be homophobic/transphobic/etc.

This isn’t a death sentence so stop acting like it is. Get your head out of your ass, and at least try to learn to distinguish the difference between hate and criticism. The fact that I need to explain that is mind boggling. Actually, no, it’s hilarious. I feel like I’m talking to a child. As this is directed at the anti mor ppl, I’d like to point out that this isn’t for all of you. If you don’t like her or find some of her actions and SJMs portrayal of her criticism-worthy, then go ahead and do your thing. This isn’t about you. This is about very specific ppl within that tag that “criticise” Mor in a quite CLEARLY lesbophobic/biphobic/etc way.

Disliking Mor doesn’t make you a lesbophobe/biphobe/etc. But some of the criticism I’ve seen directed at her is very much ingrained in lesbophobia/biphobia/etc. Some of you really need to unlearn that behaviour.

The audacity. The ignorance. *chefs kiss* amazing, you hate to see it. And it’s really funny how everyone likes calling themselves a safe space for queer people but when queer people point out the harmful things cishet people say, suddenly it isn’t such a safe space after all. I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt that you’ll learn from your mistakes and do some research to better understand queer people, because right now you just look like a clown. Get your act together. I don’t need to single out who this may apply to, but if you think it does, then get off tumblr for a hot minute, go outside, smell the grass, and get your shit together.

If anyone clowns on this post or makes another post clowning on me for being concerned, they’re getting blocked. I won’t stand for bigotry, and I’m tired of sitting back and not saying anything ❤️

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Am I the only one that still has a bit of whiplash from how Feyre changed her mind so fast about having babies?

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I’m bored so I’m staying with the topic of characters as food that I started but this time… 

ACOTAR characters as various nonalcoholic beverages (from my perspective)

- Feyre: pumpkin spiced latte - basic; hate in theory, but in reality is not as bad as I remember; somehow simultaneously over-hated and overrated

- Rhysand: oat milk - in the words of Jack Whitehall, “we have got enough”; “substitute” “milk” product so it’s pretending to be something it isn’t; trendy, but there’s a portion of people that really hate that it exists

- Cassian: hot chocolate - people are reminded of something warm and welcoming, but forget that it can be very layered; people forget it’s “hot” chocolate and underestimate it’s capacity to injure

- Azriel: black coffee - people love the aesthetic, but forget how bitter and difficult to swallow it can actually be; often, people try to soften it to be a little sweeter and not so dark so it can be palatable, but then it just isn’t black coffee anymore, is it?

- Mor: lemonade - queue “lemons to lemonade”; sweet and bright, but can also have hints of tartness and bitterness; not the most ideal drink for most people, but the people who love it really love it

- Amren: lemon juice - unpalatable in large quantities unless mixed with other drinks; sour

- Nesta: lemon and honey tea - depending on the person, they can either overdo it with the “honey” or the “lemon”; well-loved by certain people, but generally not as much as sweet and trendy coffee drinks

- Elain: orange juice - bright, reminds you of morning and sunshine; generally sweet, but people often ignore the sour aspects

- Lucien: regular coffee with cream and sugar - not as in-your-face as black coffee with aesthetic appeal, but still great; underrated; underappreciated until you realize how essential it was to keep things functioning throughout the day

- Tamlin: Diet Dr. Pepper - most hated drink in existence, questionable value in both drinking experience and nutrition

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I really hope ACOSF helps me fall in love again with characters I used to love but now hate. Like I loved Rhys and Feyre in the beginning but now I just can’t stand them. So I hope after reading ACOSF, and Feyre and Nesta work out their issues I can start to love them again.

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That might sounds strange but I love the fact that Azriel represents Blue and Cassian red because if you mix them you get purple and Rhysand seems to be a purple 👀

I think only people with synesthesia will get it lol

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As much as I hate the new eris and nesta theory, what if the threesome sex scene sarah had to delete was with eris? ☠️☠️

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