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Rhy’s during ACOWAR: Why don’t we just relax and turn on the radio!?11?! Would you like AM? Or FFFFM?!

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This is regarding to the fanart I come across

Rhysand is hot hot, sure no one can deny that, but oh s**t Cassian is a different level of hotness that it deserves it’s own category.


Thank you for reading my PSA.

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At first I was going to fancast Ian Somerhalder or Henry Cavill as Rhysand but after coming across photos on IG for the ACOTAR fan film.


I cannot imagine anyone else as Rhysand.

He’s just got that look.

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I’m not a Feysand shipper (or at least not yet.

Or not yet. It all depends on what happens in the next few books. I’m keeping my options open. Got a warn you though he’s probably going to have to do a complete 180 in order for me to consider it.

But my photo gallery on my phone says something completely different.

My phone is full of Feysand FanArt because I have this weird compulsion to save pictures on my phone that I think you’re pretty or interesting to me like this one for example.

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Rhysand darling 😘 He’s always so much more glorious in my mind though 😥

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“Only you can decide what breaks you.”–ACOWAR


A myriad of voices and faces faded in and out of darkness—surrounding me as I fought desperately to make sense of it all. Excruciating spasms ebbed in and out, leaving me unable to focus long enough to figure out where the pain was coming from. Perhaps it was all over my body, but during a particularly brutal wave; when I could hear myself crying out, I knew it came from my core. I saw Rhysand’s face in the midst of my agony, his violet eyes like shattered glass and lined with silver—glimmering starlight falling down his face. It was so beautiful, but it seemed the night itself was weighing me down and I couldn’t ask what caused him so much despair.

Twilight continued to envelope me, and I couldn’t discern it from anything else. From the moment it took hold, it felt as if I were floating—images of concerned faces flashing across my vision every so often as my abdomen continued to throb. I knew those faces, knew their voices, but couldn’t recognize anyone but my mate. He was my tether among the stars I drifted along in, until my world went dark once again.


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Trust Falls

*Az is standing on a rock and Cassian and Rhys are behind him*

Cassian: ok Az so you just have to trust us!

Rhys: on the count of three just fall and we’ll catch you

Azriel: ok i guess

Cassian and Rhys: 3… 2… 1…

Azriel: *falls forwards*

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Ahhh I’m SCREAMING…Am I the only one who wants to spend “just two weeks, two teensy, tiny weeks” with Rhysand every month?😱😩🤤😵(But is this really going to happen and omg what will happen. I can’t wait to start acomaf!!)

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Why do I have a feeling Feyre and Rhysand dump the Queens problem on Nesta and Cassian because Feyre is pregnant and pregnancies being so rare and all an overprotective Rhysand doesn’t want to put Feyre in danger?

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“Thank you. For everything—for what you did. Then … and now.”

“Even after the Weaver? After this morning with my trap for the Attor?”

My nostrils flared. “You ruin everything.”

Never in his wildest dreams did he think of a reply when Feyre would show gratitude.

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“I was not a pet, not a doll, not an animal.

I was a survivor, and I was strong.

I would not be weak, or helpless again

I would not, could not be broken. Tamed.”

A Court of Thorns and Roses || Sarah J Maas

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suriel: u will never catch me twice

feyre: *tries to catch the suriel again*



Originally posted by huccimermaidshirts

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Does anyone else’s heart break when they imagine Rhys during the first night he saves Feyre from her wedding? Her sobs flowing out through the open windows of her room into the starry sky. Rhys sitting on his own terrace listening and feeling what she’s going through and silently crying as well.

No? Just me? Ok.

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