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daisybrekker · a month ago
Hiii, so gwynriels have been saying 3 brothers with 3 sisters are unbelievable and will be boring and cliche. There's no way sarah will let that happen. What do you think about that?
Hey anon!
I honestly laugh it off because in this case, it would make perfect sense, especially with SJM's theme of 3s in the series which is clearly something significant.
3 Sisters
3 Brothers
3 Mountains (UTM, Ramiel, and The Prison)
3 Friends (Feyre has Amren + Mor, Nesta has Gwyn + Emerie and Elain has Nuala + Cerridwen)
3 Old Gods (Koschei, Stryga and the Bone Carver)
Also, let's look at the literal definition of 'cliché'
is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.
"Overused" - If it's so overused, then I'd love for the antis to name several, well-known, stories where a group of sisters get together with a group of brothers?
"Betrays a lack of original thought" - So if Elain was to break the bond with Lucien so she'd be able to choose Azriel (and for Lucien to choose Vassa) that wouldn't be original? Last time I checked, every couple with the mating bond in the ACOTAR universe decided to keep the bond and stay together. When we finally get Elain who decides to break it, it'll bring something new to the series and will show us the process, aftermath, etc. instead of just telling us about it, Therefore disputing the "lack of original thought" theory.
Furthermore, even if it was considered a cliché, why does that stop SJM from making Elriel endgame? Before the release of ACOSF, I saw plenty of readers post that if Feysand somehow has a child, they'll hate that arc as they considered it a cliché, and yet SJM made it happen.
In SJM's other series, Throne of Glass, the main character, Aelin, had multiple male characters (Sam, Chaol, Dorian, Rowan, Ilias) who were romantically interested in her AND she was involved in a love triangle (between Chaol and Dorian). Is that not 2 clichés right there?
Trust me when I say that the antis are trying to come up with any excuses why Elriel won't work out because they see that their ships are sinking🤭We have nothing to worry about😌
Also, if you may still be confused about the theme of 3s and how it links together, I touch up on the foreshadowing about the sisters' journeys here if you'd like to check it out!
I also believe that since we've seen Feyre conquer UTM and Nesta conquer Ramiel, we'll most likely see Elain highly involved with The Prison, once again linking back to the theme of 3s!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
Have a lovely day🌹
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123moiaussi · a month ago
Manifesting for us to witness how Elain is went from:
Her right where you left me by Taylor Swift catatonic state -> her in her Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa Era
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sciencebaetch · 2 months ago
Tumblr has 1 video limit so I made one big video with every single video I found. Enjoy!!!
I will add the whole video here and then while I write I will add the time of the video I’m talking about.
1) 04:14-04:07
Sarah says she knows who the first two books are about and at this point I think she also knows who the third (acotar6) book is about.
2) 03:51-02:32
in the aus tour of acosf sarah said these.
not much with initial like the overarching like bigger plot if anything more characters have emerged since even old characters from the first 3 books I got to know that i'm a little better then realized they had stories i want to tell so i wouldn't say things have changed as much as they just expanded.
But the next few books in this series, like I know this is gonna happen, these are the characters are gonna be in it and it’s pretty much the same from my drunken ramblings a few years ago.
so the new characters didn't change the plot they just expanded the story and everything is pretty much the same.
The pink text shows that she wanted to tell the stories from the original trilogy.
3) 02:27-01:58
About the new books and plot etc.
even though each one of these books is a standalone that features it’s own couple, there is that overarching thing, overarching plot that starting to build.
I wanted to tell the story of all these other characters who were in the earlier books as kind of side characters
Again. We know this but the important part is that it matches with the 2. point. The new books are about side characters from the first three book(original trilogy)
We learned the overarchiving plot is about koschei, fourth dread trove, other queens, beron... the only way we can learn more about them is with an elain book.
4) 01:54-01:33
because I knew so early on while I was finishing acomaf and working on acowar because I knew this is where I wanted things to go. It allowed me to plant things for her journey, even Elain’s journey.
This one ties with 1. point and 2. point. She knew she wanted to write elain's journey so she planted things in acowar. (If anybody doesnt know sarah got the book deals in may 2016)
Also in this she said she is doing research for elain's book.
Tumblr media
With that we can say that in 2017 sarah knew who the first two books were about and they were nessian(acosf) and elain book(acotar5). (I’m going to talk about why elriel is next in the last point)
5) 01:27-01:14
she confirms elain is getting a book and she planned thing for her and this one ties with 4. point. She planted things for elain’s book in acowar.
6) 01:11-00:00
Sarah talk about how much she loves foreshadowing.
And again this one ties with 4. point. She planted things for elain’s book in acowar then acofas and then acosf.
You can say all these things can point out to elain and lucien endgame but they are not happening. Because sarah loves foreshadowing, building up her couples.
I made a post about how sarah loves to build-up her couples.
You can read it here > Sarah-couples post.
In that post I talked about how sarah didn’t build up elain-lucien and with acosf she totally sunk that ship.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There is no coming back from these. NO WAY!
who got foreshadowing and build up= Elriel🌹
You can keep on denying it but Elriel is HAPPENING!
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daisybrekker · 2 months ago
ACOSF + Bonus Chapters Foreshadowing ACOTAR5
Archeron Sisters Prophecy Teased
"And do not forget that Nesta herself - and Elain with whatever powers she has - is here. Feyre is here. All three sisters blessed by fate and gifted with powers to match your own. Feyre alone doubles your strength. Nesta makes you unstoppable."
"There are three of them, you know. Sister peaks. This one, the mountain called the Prison, and the one the Illyrian brutes call Ramiel. All bald, barren mountains at odds with those around them."
3 Brothers + 3 Sisters Trope
"What if the Cauldron was wrong?"
"The Cauldron chose three sisters. Tell me how it's possible that my two brothers are with two of those sisters, yet the third was given to another."
Elriel Forbidden Love Trope
Rhys growled. "Allow me to make one thing very clear. You are to stay away from her."
Blood Duel
"If Lucien finds out you're pursuing her, he has every right to defend their bond as he sees fit. Including invoking the Blood Duel."
Consequences of the Blood Duel + Highlighting future key characters
"I'll defeat him with little effort." Pure arrogance laced every word, but it was true.
"I know." Rhys's eyes flickered. "And your doing so will rip apart any fragile peace and alliances we have, not only with the Autumn Court but also with the Spring Court and Jurian and Vassa."
Lightsinger Gwyn
“The words of Gwyn’s merry song were in a language Nesta didn’t know, but for a heartbeat, Nesta allowed herself to listen—to savor the pure, sweet voice that rose and fell with sinuous ease. Gwyn’s hair seemed to glow brighter with her song, skin radiating a beckoning light. Drawing any listener in.”
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feyrevermore · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
emerie and mor moving in together perhaps?
i love these girlies i hope if they’re not acotar6 they get a novella <3
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yazthebookish · 29 days ago
Elain's vision could possibly predict what the next two books could be about because of this:
Tumblr media
ACOSF: Young hands wither with age
Briallyn's death in ACOSF:
“Gnarled hands turned young. A lined face became beautiful and lovely. White hair darkened to raven black. But Nesta bellowed and bellowed, letting her magic rage, unleashing every ember. Erasing the queen beneath her from existence. The young hands turned to ash. The pretty face dissolved into nothing. The dark hair withered into dust. Until all that was left of the queen was the Crown on the ground.”
ACOTAR5: Box of Black Stone
ACOTAR5 possibly?
What does the box mean? Well...
“I can never see him. What he is. There is an onyx box that he possesses, more vital than anything.”
The box of black stone is with Koschei. But... what other important black stone do we know of?
“Snow and pines crusted the smaller peaks around it, but this strange, bald mountain … Only a black stone jutted from its top. A monolith, Nesta realized, stepping closer. Cassian murmured, “I didn’t realize Feyre had painted Ramiel.”
“Our forces were battered and outnumbered, and for some reason, the enemy was desperate to reach the stone at the top of Ramiel. We were never taught the reason why; I think it’s been forgotten.”
The reason why the enemy wanted to reach the stone of Ramiel has been forgotten... didn't the trove items make others forget about its existence?
The fact that Sarah highlighted Azriel is the one that remembers their existence...
“Nesta stiffened. “If they’re all enchanting you to forget, how is it that Azriel was able to remember and bear the information here?” “Perhaps once you learn of it, recognize it, the spell is broken,” Amren said. “Or perhaps the Dread Trove wants us to know of it now, for some dark reason of its own.”
What if the box is connected to the fourth trove and wants Azriel who is a Shadowsinger to find it?
“There was a fourth object in the vision, but it was in shadow—was there ever a fourth part of the Trove? All I could make out was a bit of ancient bone.” Rhys ran a hand through his dark hair. “As far as history has confirmed, there are only three objects in the Trove.” Feyre asked, “What if it’s protected by a spell, like the one to shield all thought of the Trove, to keep people from ever knowing about the fourth object?”
“The last one Made, the great blade Gwydion, vanished around the time the last of the Trove went missing.”
There is something about Gwydion and the last trove disappearing around the same time.
There seems to be a connection between the black stone box with Koschei and whatever is under Ramiel because Ramiel had often been mentioned in the book and I don't think Sarah dropping this line is a coincidence at all:
Eris gave him a mocking smile, but continued, “Unsurprisingly, the Illyrians were never curious enough to see what secrets lie beneath Ramiel. If it, too, was carved up like the others by ancient hands.”
ACOTAR6: A Feather of Fire Land on Snow and Melt It
ACOTAR6 possibly?
The War when Vassa appeared as a Firebird for the first time was in the Summer. So the vision must be in the future or why did Elain see a feather of fire land on snow? It's winter.
Elain is connected the most with the Firebird since she kept mentioning her:
She said, “I can hear the sea. Even at night. Even in my dreams. The crashing sea—and the screams of a bird made of fire.”
Elain shifted her face toward him. Another blink. “They sold her—to … to some darkness, to some … sorcerer-lord …” She shook her head. “I can never see him. What he is. There is an onyx box that he possesses, more vital than anything … save for them. The girls. He keeps other girls—others so like her—but she … By day, she is one form, by night, human again.” “A bird of burning feathers,” I said.
“There is … a lake. Deep in—in the continent, I think. Hidden amongst mountains and ancient forests.” Elain’s throat bobbed. “He keeps them all at the lake.” “Other women like her?” “Yes—and no. Their feathers are white as snow. They glide across the water—while she rages through the skies above it.”
It doesn't make sense for Lucien to find Vassa and rescue her all over again because it's basically ACOWAR 2.0:
“I’ll go.” Lucien was staring at Elain as he spoke. We all looked at him. Lucien shifted his focus to Rhys, to me. “I’ll go,” he repeated, rising to his feet. “To find this sixth queen.”
Anything about the Firebird has to involve Elain. Especially with the mention of those others girls that he turned into swans and Papa Archeron's bargain.
“Yes. But your father, ever the negotiator …” A sad, small smile toward that burnt grass. “He managed to cut a deal with Vassa’s keeper to come here. Temporarily, but … better than nothing. But yes—queen by night, firebird by day.” He blew out a breath. “Nasty curse.”
“I do not have much time left—before I must return to the lake. To him.” To the death-lord who held her leash. “Who is he?” I breathed. Vassa only shook her head, waving a hand as her eyes darkened, and repeated, “Can you break my curse?”
“Both Jurian and Lucien stared at her, the former’s face utterly unreadable, and the latter’s pained. Cassian suppressed his jolt. He should have asked someone before coming here how much time remained before Vassa would be forced to return to the continent—to the sorcerer-lord at a remote lake who held her leash, and had allowed her to leave only temporarily, as part of a bargain Feyre’s father had struck.”
It's still a theory but based on the evidence from the books we can guess this is what the future books will focus on.
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sciencebaetch · a month ago
Sarah in 2016-2017
Knew the who the first two books were about
Knew elain and nesta would get a book
Didn’t know the couple of the last book(acotar6) > now probably knows
Sarah in the new interviews:
The books are going to be about the characters from the first three books
My plans didn’t change and the new characters only expanded the world
The antis: acotar5 is going to be about azriel and gwyn
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daisybrekker · 18 days ago
Why a Gwynriel book is Impossible
Let's say for a crazy second that ACOTAR5 will have the dual POVs of Azriel and Gwyn, right?
As we know SJM, she said that despite each book now being a standalone, they'll still all link together to lead up to the overarching plot of the series.
Therefore, ACOTAR5 needs to ease us into ACOTAR6 and whoever the Main Characters of that book are.
My question is, how on earth would a Gwynriel book lead us into an Elucien book? Let's look at how it'd be if Gwynriel was the ship:
Azriel: Would avoid Elain so he could "realise his feelings for Gwyn" and has nothing to do with Lucien so he wouldn't interact with him.
Gwyn: Has never met Elain and has nothing to do with her or once again, Lucien.
So how would a book where the MCs don't interact at all with the next book's MCs lead us into it, hmm?
On the other hand, if ACOTAR5 is an Elriel book as I hope and suspect, it would perfectly lead us into ACOTAR6 where Lucien & Vassa (+Jurian?) have the POVs.
Elain: The girl who will have to break her bond with Lucien to be with the one she truly wants. To do this, she'll obviously have to interact with him a lot. Since he lives with Vassa, she'd be present a lot too.
Azriel: Due to the same reasons as above, he'd interact with Lucien a lot too which would start developing Lucien's character for him and his LI to have a POV next.
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gojosatorurailmepls · 5 months ago
Spreading false information is NOT OKAY. Stop lying to people just to uplift your ship. This is not funny and in no way respectful when you’re twisting the author’s words.
This is something I’ve seen for the past few days and it’s annoying me so much. First off, ACOSF has been out for only a week. A WEEK. Sarah is not planning on revealing any secrets and plot points for her upcoming book which will probably be out in 2022 or 2023. She’s probably in her drafting stages or maybe not because she’s busy doing edits on CC2.
We had so far two ACOSF TOUR : one UK (here) & one US (here). You can go read these posts written down by actual people who ATTENDED those tours before spreading misinformation. If there’s something you don’t understand in their posts, you can always asks them to clarify.
I’ve read their posts and here’s what I gathered: Sarah knows what she’s planning in her upcoming novels (of course, how would she be able to do her foreshadowing bits otherwise?) and she explicitly said that ACOTAR4 (ACOSF), ACOTAR5 & ACOTAR6 are standalone romance novels. EACH BOOK = ONE COUPLE.
She has been planning EARLY ON to tell Nesta & Elain’s story. Yes she is planning Elain’s book (why wouldn’t she? It’s only fair since her sisters got their own book.) If i remember correctly, it’s not THE FIRST TIME that she’s mentioning that Elain is getting her own book so why are y’all acting like she announced something new? And please, stop assuming that Elain is next just because Sarah said that she is planning a book for her. It could be book5 or it could be book6. BUT STOP SAYING THAT ELAIN IS NEXT. Sarah never said that. She even stated in her UK Tour that she will not REVEAL who she’s writing next.
You know that Elain is her own character? Elain getting her own book doesn’t necessarily mean Elriel book! (I needed to say that because I’ve seen some of your posts and y’all are so quick in jumping to conclusions)
Yes there is two novels left and one novella. Where did you see that the novella is coming up in September? Goodreads? I hope y’all are not basing your knowledge on this app when the last time it said that it will come out in April which is not true if you think about it. At least have the decency to make your research before stating anything as fact especially when Sarah never once said WHEN the novella is coming out. & please if it was coming out in April or September, the publisher would’ve started doing some marketing for it or at least Sarah would’ve said something about it.
& before you start saying that the novella is about Mor, ACOTAR5 is Elriel & ACOTAR6 is about Vucian (or another bull****), please make your research before making a statement. Yes you can PREDICT who you think are next, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s where the fun begins when we start theorizing based on the books and informations we’ve gathered so far. Sarah has never revealed who the Novella was about or who she’s writing about in her novels. She only said that she’s been planning stories (while editing ACOMAF/writing ACOWAR) for Nesta, Elain, Mor, Azriel, etc.
The fact that y’all are stuck on her enumeration of “Elain, Mor, Azriel” and making statements or official announcement on the order of books is REACHING.
It’s been only a week since ACOSF came out, seeing misinformation like this running around is not okay. Take the time to read or make your research before spreading false information or making statements on websites like Wiki Fandom. It’s embarrassing. (For the individual who wrote this down in FANDOM, please take it off unless the actual publisher/or author made an announcement)
Tumblr media
We have a long way to go before ACOTAR5 comes out so please be respectful towards each other because this place is a safe/fun place for people who are actually here to share their theories and discuss with readers around the world. It’s a place where we can have fun and be creative. So please, be kind♥️
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elrielonlyfans · a month ago
“ending the series with a non archeron sister doesn’t make sense”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sjm saying she was already working on acotar5 before acofas even came out & then in the end of acofas she says she has been doing research for elain’s book. coincidence? i think not.
she also said she hasn’t started the third novel but has five possible ships she could choose from. now that really can’t be elucien because she confirmed elain’s book and she wouldn’t have mentioned 5 possible ships if elucien was acotar6.
case closed
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hellacioushag · 2 months ago
LOL Luciem is so gross, Elain would never slum it with him. SJM said ugly people don't deserve rights so that's why Elain isn't choosing Lucien. Sucks to be you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
please come back to my inbox after acotar6 and let me know how it felt reading about lucien eating elain out. 
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daisybrekker · 26 days ago
I’ll just say it, all this talk about Gwyn and Azriel are mates because their power is equal is getting ahead of themselves. Before Nesta got a book, her power hadn’t been developed too. We don't know the extend of Elain’s power yet, like sit down. She’s a cauldron made and a seer for god sake. Not a match for Lucien if those powers are being developed. Elain could be a literal goddess like Nesta, we just don’t know yet. And all this talk of Elain going to be the ACOTAR 6 MC is also getting ahead of themselves. If Elain is ACOTAR 6 MC then why the new side of herself is being highlighted in ACOSF and then again in Feysand bonus? I’mma just say it, it’s premature to assume who’s going to be in ACOTAR 6 without us reading ACOTAR 5 first. BTW, Elain is definitely ACOTAR 5 MC, Sarah’s pitched stories still remain the same and between Elucien and Elriel since ACOWAR one is literally confirmed and their stop is even set up.
Hey anon!
I definitely agree! For example, Rhysand's father, at the time, was the High Lord of the Night Court, meanwhile Rhysand's mother was a seamstress from a low-class Illyrian family. They weren't equals at all and yet they were mates, invalidating that theory.
As for Elain being the MC of ACOTAR6? Highly unlikely. I presume that the final book will feature taking down Koschei and who else would take a major part in taking him down, but the woman who was literally cursed by him? (Therefore ACOTAR6 = Lucien + Vassa POV)
SJM herself said that she started research for Elain's book, but didn't know what the next one would be about + in the Feysand Bonus POV she wrote this:
"Let's focus on helping one sister before we start on the other."
In other words, Nesta's main story is basically finished so SJM can do what Feyre said. Focus on Elain.
(Also, Feysand's Bonus Chapter wasn't solely focused on Elain, however you can't possibly miss all the hints about us seeing Elain's other side soon!)
In conclusion, there is no chance of any new side characters (Gwyn) getting a POV anytime soon before the more significant side characters (Azriel, Elain, Mor, Lucien, Vassa) that we've been waiting on for years.
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mrspettyferr · 3 months ago
Heyy. So i just want to say something. from gwynriel perspectives and i try to understand why they are so convinced the next book is about az and gwyn. Of cos they included unending shadow theories , elain's useless womb, weirdo hobby gardening, a secret lovely beauty quote (dont forget it was to described elain) and so on. So here, they said that yes elain would appear in the next book bcs az would reject her (they said az only want elain just for sex ) and az finally begin to realize he loves gwyn. I know this is kinda funny. And they go on and on that acotar6 is about elain finally accept the mating bond with lucien. I know most of these theories doesnt make sense but i want to know your opinion on these theories. Love y'all ❤
I think it’s fairly obvious many of them (not all, I never like to generalize) frankly don’t understand Elain as a character. They have a perception of her, one they don’t like, and they like Az (and Lucien), so they want to cling to anyone that could possibly sink that ship. Which means trying to fit a narrative around that couple.
Some of those theories are comical. So let me just lay down some facts and common sense.
Looking at this from a plot perspective:
Koschei will be released from the lake, because there’s no way in hell a final battle with the villain will happen with him chained up. 
He needs all four Dread Trove items to be released from his lake, so the fourth has to be found in book 5 so he can be free in book 6.
Only Feyre, Elain, and/or Nesta can find it. Feyre and Nesta have had their main journeys
It’s Elain’s turn, especially considering she already volunteered to go find it. And its veiled in shadows. (hint hint who will help her)
The Feysand bonus scene did not highlight "let's help one sister before we help the other" and "we haven't seen everything Elain can offer" just to say ACTUALLY, let's wait and skip over her for a book.
Looking at this from a romantic subplot perspective:
Elain and Lucien have regressed, not progressed. 
Lucien is now showing discomfort regarding Elain and Elain visibly shrinks into herself and loses her newfound boldness.
Solstice would have been a perfect time to show progression - but nope, SJM did the opposite.
Lucien has a home with Vassa and is said to be so close with her, he can’t even be trusted to do his job. 
Azriel’s pov confirms mutual romantic feelings between Elain and Az.
Az’s moodiness, avoidance of the river house, the reason he won’t sit near the fire, Nesta’s knowledge of his secret, their shared charged look - all point to the advancement of a romantic subplot with Elain
As stated above, Az will be needed to help Elain with the fourth Trove item
Bottom line: Vucien and Elriel continued to progress in ACOSF, and this book needs to lead us to the next romance.
Looking at this from SJM’s actual words:
“I realized at that point I wanted to tell not just this story about Nesta and Cassian, but also I wanted to tell the story of all these other characters who were in the earlier books as kind of side characters.”
“I know what the first two will be about.”
“But I do know that the Cassian and Nesta book is next. And I know what I want to write for the second spinoff novel, but I’m keeping the door open after that.”
“And I remember the entire time I was ripping out ivy, and was trying to get some semblance of order into the garden beds, I went into Elain’s head. Elain is a gardener, and everything I did became research for her book.”
Many of the seeds for this book (ACOSF) are already planted in ACOFAS, along with seeds for some of the other spinoff novels.
“Do you have another book planned for the third sister?” - “Yes--yes to everything. As soon as Nesta and Elain came back onto the page in ACOMAF, I knew that they would have journeys beyond what the readers were seeing.”
I may have hated math classes growing up but I can do some simple addition. If the spinoffs are about characters from the original trilogy, and seeds were planted in ACOFAS (before Gwyn existed), and SJM is researching Elain’s book, and she knows what the next book is about....
Elain is book 5. 
Those theories are wishful thinking and disregard facts and common sense.
(Note: I'm not saying Gwyn won't play a role in the next two books, or that she won't have a novella or something in the future. I'm simply saying she's not getting a full length book before Elain and likely won't be a main pov until after the Koschei story wraps up.)
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yazthebookish · 2 months ago
If we go by order of Elain's vision, we can try and guess the plot of the next two books:
Tumblr media
1. Briallyn < Nesta dealt with her already in ACOSF.
2. A box of black stone < likely Azriel and co will find out what's under Ramiel and since that onyx box is in Koschei's possession already maybe whatever under Ramiel might connect to it and Nesta saw a vision of it but it was in shadow. I think this is why Koschei is keeping an eye on Azriel. Again, the way ACOSF ended and Ramiel's connection to Koschei heavily implies next book will have a good portion of Illyria. (ACOTAR5)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3. A feather of Fire < Elain will free Vassa and the swans from Koschei, shes the one connected to them the most "Lucien going on a rescue mission again would be re:ACOWAR, so it's about time for Elain to no longer be damsel" (ACOTAR6)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you have any theories do not hesitate to share😊
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icedflames · 23 days ago
Hey, so who do you think Acotar 6 will be? I feel like there so much build up for Mor for her to not have a pov in the trilogy. I’m not sold yet that her book will be the novella one because her role is too big (with the Valhalla and Eris situation, and she even got a pov in Acofas where Sarah said she planted seeds for the upcoming books). And also I feel like Koschei targets her based on the shadows that were watching her in Acofas.
That's actually really interesting!
I feel like we'll get a better idea for ACOTAR6 in the next book. I don't think Mor will be a POV character but she'll definitely play a large role in the series. My best guess would be either a Lucien and Vassa romance, maybe with some Feyre and Rhys POVs sprinkled in.
Vassa is the most connected to the final villain (Koschei) and Lucien has probably been through the most at that point. My guess is that Lucien, as a spell cleaver, will break Vassa's curse. Vassa will then kill her captor and Lucien and Vassa will get their happily ever after.
As for Mor's role... I'm not sure. I think she'll have a big role to play in Elain and Azriel's book because I think she has a broken bond with Eris. That will come into play with Elain rejecting Lucien's bond, another autumn court male. Maybe she'll tell Elain how to reject it or what happens. Maybe a blood duel will be called over her, instead of over Elain (doubtful but it's a slight possibility). Or maybe it'll be a way for Mor to get Rhys to sympathize with Elain's plight. Who knows.
That chapter in ACOFAS absolutely hinted that Koschei was watching Mor from the shadows... Maybe Mor gets taken? Like the Valkyries who "disappeared" into a mountain pass and never came back. My guess is that Koschei takes powerful women and traps them at his lakes. The Valkyries are likely the white swans at the lake (white swans are associated with the Valkyries in Norse mythology). Perhaps Mor gets trapped there or plays a role in freeing them. This makes sense as she had spent a lot of time at Valhallan... The Valkyries in Norse Myth basically decided who would go to Valhalla. The two are interconnected.
Mor could also be enslaved or captured by Koschei. The Morrigan did appear as a crow in mythology so her being trapped as a bird wouldn't be too out of this world. She could also be forced to lead a revived Wild Hunt, which is heavily hinted at in ACOSF.
All this is definitely speculation and could absolutely change depending on the next book!
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daisybrekker · a month ago
Rhysand actually acts like a jealous older brother to Elain
Mainly, his biggest concern about Azriel's attraction to Elain was the political consequences it would cause, but I could totally imagine this!
Just think about it:
Feyre: Excluding Rhysand (her lover) the closest bat boy to her is Cassian
Nesta: Excluding Cassian (her lover) the closest bat boy to her is Azriel
Elain: Excluding Azriel (her soon-to-be lover) the bat boy closest to her could be Rhysand!
Additionally, as SJM said she'd love to return to Feysand's POVs before the ACOTAR series finishes, if Elain was to become close friends with Rhys, ACOTAR5 (with Elain being the MC) could perfectly start setting up links for SJM to make this possible!
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genya-berdara · 4 months ago
I think all the theories for acotar5 and acotar6 are pretty damn good and interesting (probably better than all of the books in this series so far ngl) but sjm doesn't exactly care much about the plot. At least not with this series specifically. Like she already said they're more romance books than fantasy books so I wouldn't read much into things regarding the plot.
Which takes me to the fact that it's definitely elriel next because there is literally no way she confirmed they're into each other as more than just friends just to make them end up with other people. Unfortunately there's no way. And Azriel has thought about being with her a lot since he's contemplating the idea of the blood duel and he already seems to have accepted the fact he might not have biological children. Add the fact that there was a hint of breaking the mating bond (which I think it's what will happen with Lucien) with Nesta.
So I think the book is gonna be about them sneaking around and finding a way to break the bond (I don't see the blood duel happening because I just don't know how sjm is gonna make it realistic for az to win against lucien).
As for book 6 I think it's either lucien x vassa and I think it might be sjm's way to expand the world and they're going to be the ones who discover the other court everyone is talking about or it's gonna be about Eris since sjm seems to be obsessed with him.
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yazthebookish · 13 days ago
Yellow: ACOSF
Orange: ACOTAR5
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bookofmirth · 10 days ago
I remember she said the next would be a couple who would have a plot and then a bigger plot, that she was obsessed with Azriel, that Lucien was going to go through a lot and the other thing that when I started writing I forgot
Anon, as I was reading this I was nodding like uh-huh, yes, sounds right, and then I got to the end and just laughed? Because this sounds like something I would say when I just got tired of thinking about fandom or when I'm on a substance because byeeee short-term memory
But yeah she said something about each couple having a mini arc and then them feeding into the bigger plot. So uniting the courts/gathering armies makes sense for acotar5, and then using all of those alliances and stuff in acotar6.
The thing you probably forgot was that Azriel will sing and he will sing with Gwyn and they will create Prythian's first traveling cabaret. Pretty important stuff.
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