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Nesta finally feeling everything and then having her emotional breakdown and confessing everything to Cassian… it’s going to destroy my heart as if Bryce Quinlan shot, butchered, torched and hoovered its ashes and I’m excited about it!

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“My head is saying: Fool, forget him

My heart is saying: Don’t let go

Hold on to the end

That’s what I intend to do

I’m hopelessly devoted to you…”


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I just realised something. In Acofas Cassian mentioned the

I don’t want Cassian to know I am reading smut look.

Does that mean that everytime she reads smut, she just looks at Cassian , as in daydreaming that when will they do it ? Or you know when will she kiss him ( pre war oc) ?

And when they have eyes contact, she quickly composes herself that she is just reading a normal book and that he is annoying her.

When infact she is simping for him?

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Manon Blackbeak’s story/character arc from Heir of Fire to Kindgom of Ash is the BEST I have ever read and I feel it in my bones, Nesta Archeron’s from ACOTAR to ACOSF is going to be just as epic and beautiful if not more so!

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I was talking to a friend earlier and she said that the throne of glass series was better written and less problematic in her opinion than the acotar series and to be honest looking at the two series now I find myself agreeing with her. No throne of glass isn’t perfect either but when she said it’s like throne of glass should have been her second series because it would have shown how she grew as an author I was like wow I didn’t think of it like that. I’m not dissing Sarah or either series I like both does anyone else agree with us? I’m curious!

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im a real whore for some mating bond jealousy

pls… pls if you have any fic recs with mating bond jealousy. and i mean male-going-absolutely-feral over his jealousy over his mate PLEASE suggest them.

need i even request for them to be smutty

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A random thought I often have is when feyre has a baby rhys could legit just take her pain away (like he did with Clare in acotar when she was getting tortured) and she can just pop that baby out like it an average Tuesday. Or during a bad period he can just say oop no more pain… just imagine a husband that can do that for you. Amazing.

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I love Mor but I can’t wait for her to finally tell everyone that she is only attracted to females. I’m pretty sure they know she’s attracted to females but not exclusively which is why Az still holds a candle. Like let’s be honest Mor is not a subtle person, they all have heightened senses, and Azriel is the spymaster.

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So I know the big point of hate or a big stance is that Nesta shouldn’t have let Feyre go into the woods. But 1) That was to make her story work, and 2) (the bigger point) what do you think the girls did when she left for days? You think Nesta AND Elain just sat around and smiled? No. I’m sure they didn’t. I’m sure Nesta had to do bills, or try to find suiters so her sisters could be taken care of in the future. (I say that because it seems like they are in ‘older times’ like with the dresses and main society ideals are from like the 1900’s and under? Roughly; plus the world is a different one than ours.) I’m sure they tried to help their father, continue their studies. Elain gardening for pleasure but also maybe had to harvest vegtables. Maybe they had to go into town for supplies. They cut their wood. There was literally hundreds of things to do. Feyre was poorly treated but don’t act like she did EVERYTHING. Yes, she hunted and supported them but food wasn’t their only worry. And also as soon as Nesta was worried about Feyre she went after her. She cared, don’t act like she didn’t. My main point is that we’ve only heard Feyre’s opinion. Be careful where you lay the axe, sometimes it’s sharper than it looks. In the end their Father should have been better, not the kids.

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ACOTAR Characters as things I have said:

Feyre: I feel bad for my life. Poor thing is useless.

Rhysand: I’m bringing sexy back *starts to dance a little*

Cass: *in online school with mute button malfunctioning* Well I’m going to say poop and let’s see if she hears me.

Az: *glares at everyone while playing a sport/game* *subtly slides back into the shadows*

Mor: Of course. OF COURSE you’d make this about some boy.

Amren: oh I wouldn’t die for you. I’d kill for you- but then again I want to kill regardless so really no I don’t care about you.

Elain: (all alone) Cheers *chugs down bottle of water*

Nesta: Now you will question how I turned into such a demon. And the answer is the world. (Also: if you touch me with that one more time- I WILL SHOVE IT RIGHT UP YOUR-)

Lucien: please note the sarcasm.

(Bonus!) Tamlin: Wow, I’m an asshole.

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Okay so I just had a random thought. We know that in ACOWAR Cassian stills and seems horrified when meeting the Bone Carver. My first thought was that he appeared to him as Nesta, but what if Cassian saw his mom and that’s why Feyre said: “I wasn’t sure Cassian was breathing.”

Or maybe even the kid he would have with Nesta, just like feyre did when it came to her and Rhys. Maybe it was a little girl with blue-grey eyes, illyrian wings and black hair?

Or maybe just Nesta🤷‍♀️

But then again I find it weird that when he first saw whoever it was he growled? So i really don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see!

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I was painfully rereading ACOFAS and this just… ugh, I just can’t wait for ACOSF to come out and maybe find some redemption for the IC after I truly read it and not only for pleasure.

Nesta deserves so so much better. The fact that she dealt with her trauma alone is just such a statement of her persona on its own, that I just can’t adore her even more for it and hope that ACOSF will truly grant her what she deserves and is owed.

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The recent excerpt from ACOSF has got this fandom spinning on it’s head because it includes a feral-smiling Eris waltzing with Nesta. As a result, people have now delved deeper into his character and whether or not he deserves a redemption arc (or an arc of any kind). 

So naturally, he has been compared to Rhys, because Rhys also appeared to us in the beginning as a cruel, cunning person, who was eventually revealed to have a bigger heart, and a valid excuse (at least amongst the IC) for his behavior.

I made this post to mainly catalogue all that Eris has done, analyze his actions, see if he indeed can be compared to Rhys, and to determine whether or not he should have a redemption arc. 

What We Know So Far

Our first mention of Eris is in ACOMAF, when Rhysand is explaining to Feyre what happened to Mor. I could put the quotes here, but just to save some time I’m gonna make a long story short.

Mor’s father, Keir, declared that she was to be sold in marriage to Eris. Eris is known for being cruel, and Mor begged Rhys to stop it. Rhys brought her to the Illyrian camp for a few days, and she decided to sleep with Cassian in order to ruin her “pure” image. Because she slept with Cassian, Eris refused to marry her. Said, “she’d been sullied by a bastard-born lesser faerie, and he’d now sooner fuck a sow.” Her family, although it’s not said explicitly, basically beat her, and then dumped her body on the Autumn court border with a note nailed to her body that said she was Eris’s problem now. Eris left her for dead in the middle of their woods.

Now, we’re going to look at what he exactly said during this event, given to us from Mor’s POV in ACOFAS:

“Don’t touch her.” Those steps stopped. It was not a warning to protect her. Defend her.

“No one touches her,” he said. Eris. “The moment we do, she’s our responsibility.” 

Cold, unfeeling words. “But—but they nailed a—” 

“No one touches her.”

A pale, beautiful face appeared above her, blocking out the jewel-like leaves above. Unmoved. Impassive. “I take it you do not wish to live here, Morrigan.”

He must have read it in her eyes. A small smile curved his lips. “I thought so.”

Eris took a step away. Someone behind him blurted, “We can’t just leave her to—” 

“We can, and we will,” Eris said simply, his pace unfaltering as he strode away. 

“She chose to sully herself; her family chose to deal with her like garbage. I have already told them my decision in this matter.” A long pause, crueler than the rest. “And I am not in the habit of fucking Illyrian leftovers.”

Now that we have Mor’s side of the story, we’re going to look at what Eris has said about that fateful day during a discussion with the IC in ACOWAR:

Mor snarled, rattling the glasses. “You never gave any evidence to the contrary. Certainly not when you left me in those woods.”

“There were forces at work that you have never considered,” Eris said coldly. “And I am not going to waste my breath explaining them to you. Believe what you want about me.”

… .

A frown at Mor as he drained his wine and set down the goblet. “I’m surprised you still can’t control yourself around him. You had every emotion written right on that pretty face of yours.”

“Watch it,” Azriel warned.

Eris looked between them, smiling faintly. Secretly. As if he knew something that Azriel didn’t. “I wouldn’t have touched you,” he said to Mor, who blanched again. “But when you fucked that other bastard—” A snarl ripped from Rhys’s throat at that. And my own. “I knew why you did it.” Again that secret smile that had Mor shrinking. Shrinking. “So I gave you your freedom, ending the betrothal in no uncertain terms.”

“And what happened next,” Azriel growled.

A shadow crossed Eris’s face. “There are few things I regret. That is one of them. But … perhaps one day, now that we are allies, I shall tell you why. What it cost me.”

A main takeaway from this is that there seems to be much more to story of what happened between Eris and Mor.

Does that mean him leaving her in the woods is excusable? No. Absolutely not. He didn’t try to take the nail out of her (which would’ve been the bare minimum), he didn’t alert Rhys that she was there, he didn’t do anything to help her. He started to make the situation even more traumatic by saying vile things to her. Whatever reason he gives for not helping her will be just that: a reason. But not an excuse. Those are two very different things.

Eris say’s that leaving her there is one of the few things he regrets. There’s something in that. I’m not saying under any circumstance that he should be forgiven because he feels guilty, thats stupid as hell, but it is showing that he’s not some apathetic, other-worldy evil person. There’s some semblance of a conscious in him. 

He also say’s that one day he’ll tell them why he did it and what it cost him. By what it cost him, I’m guessing he’s talking about the cost of ending his betrothal to Mor, because I can’t think of what he lost by leaving her there. 

I don’t think there’s been any mention of someone getting revenge on Eris because A.) Rhys told Feyre that, “Azriel found her a day later. It was all I could do to keep him from going to either court and slaughtering them all.” and B) her family was obviously going to do nothing cause they’re the ones who hurt her.

I’m not going to try and theorize what cost Eris had to pay. It obviously is something (or someone) important to him.

But to me, one of the biggest things we got from this discussion is that it seems Eris knows Mor is gay. That secret smile of his that had Mor shrinking, the way he says he knows why she slept with Cassian, and that he gave Mor her freedom by ending the betrothal without giving a reason … he knows.

He knew she was gay, so he ended their engagement, no questions asked. And then Mor was dumped in his woods, and he did nothing to help. 

Morally grey, indeed.

(P.S. To the person that posted something along the lines of, “I can’t wait to see Mor’s face when she see’s Eris dancing with Nesta,” … get help)

Another excerpt I wanna look at also happens during the recent discussion we’ve just seen, but it has to do with Feyre and Lucien.

“You hunted me down like an animal,” I cut in. “I think we’ll choose to believe the worst.”

Eris’s pale face flushed. “I was given an order. And sent to do it with two of my … brothers.”

That little hesitation before he says ‘brothers’… sus. That’s all imma say. (maybe there’s more than one illegitimate son in that family …)

“And what of the brother you hunted down alongside me? The one whose lover you helped to execute before his eyes?”

Eris laid a hand flat on the table. “You know nothing about what happened that day. Nothing.”


“Indulge me,” was all I said.

Eris stared me down. I stared right back.

“How do you think he made it to the Spring border,” he said quietly. “I wasn’t there— when they did it. Ask him. I refused. It was the first and only time I have denied my father anything. He punished me. And by the time I got free … They were going to kill him, too. I made sure they didn’t. Made sure Tamlin got word—anonymously—to get the hell over to his own border.”

Where two of Eris’s brothers had been killed. By Lucien and Tamlin.

Eris picked at a stray thread on his jacket. “Not all of us were so lucky in our friends and family as you, Rhysand.”

We see another semblance of conscious here when Eris refuses to take part in the slaughtering of Jesminda. To even be in the same room as it. He then made sure that Lucien wasn’t going to die by making sure Tamlin was at his border. 

I’m not putting these quotes here to say, “Look, he cares about stuff , so let’s excuse everything he’s done.” No. There is no excusing any of his actions. Just like we can’t excuse Rhysand’s behavior in the first two books, or Cassian’s, or Nesta’s, or even Feyre’s, etc. But what we can do is see the reasons for their actions, and try and understand why they acted the way they did. They have their reasons, and Eris has his. (P.S. I’m not trying to compare what they’ve done, I’m just noting that they all had reasons to do what they’ve done, and they all deserve to be heard out.)

Comparison To Rhys

As I said earlier, Eris has drawn a lot of comparisons to Rhys. I agree with most of them.

This fandom has catalogued all of Rhys’s questionable actions like …

*TRIGGER WARNING: words like sexually assaulted*

Rhys sexually assaulting Feyre three times in the first book by drugging her, and then compelling her to give him lap dances in front of the folks Under The Mountain. He then displayed Feyre again in a sexual manner in the second book in front of The Court of Nightmares as, and I quote, “The High Lords Whore.” 

In both situations he could’ve done things so much differently. In the first book, he could’ve just, oh I don’t know, kept her in her cell? Or maybe brought her upstairs as a normal person?

And in the second one she literally could have been ANYTHING else. Everyone thinks she’s his prisoner, so why didn’t they go with that? Why couldn’t he have just dressed her in some raggedy-ass clothing, messed up her hair, and then tell her to act super stoic or frightened? Really Rhys, she just had to be your whore? (I know it was consensual but that doesn’t make her persona okay. He could’ve picked literally anything else)

Did he have his reasons for doing this? Yes. Does his reasons excuse what he did? No. You don’t have to make everyone else around you act a part just because you do.

So while we may not excuse Rhys’s actions, we can understand his reasons even if we don’t agree with them. Same with Eris. We know Eris has his reasons, and I doubt we’ll all agree with them, but he still has them.

Let’s also not forget that Rhysand made a deal with Eris and Keir that he would support Eris’s claim to the Autumn Court throne when Eris decides to kill his father for it. He also allowed Keir and his court to come into Velaris, and even though they’ll be turned away by every vendor, he still allowed them in. While he had his reasons for doing this (the Darkling army for ACOWAR) he still did it. It still hurt Mor.

Redemption Arc 

My biggest hesitation in thinking Eris will get a redemption arc is wondering where it would fit in the books for him to have one. We don’t know how if his waltz with Nesta is just a one-time thing or if it’s a result of a friendship between the two. The second book is supposed to be centered around Elain, Azriel, and Lucien, so that could also be a spot where he get’s an arc, maybe through a relationship with Lucian or Azriel. 

Either way, I’m not gonna bring down the hammer and say that he shouldn’t get a redemption arc. Tbh, the term ‘redemption arc’ kinda annoys me because it shouldn’t be about redeeming what was done in the past, but more about learning from past mistakes and taking the initiative to grow into a better person. That’s what I want for Eris. He’s not going to magically be revealed to be this super sweet fun-loving guy like Rhys. I don’t want him to be revealed like that either. 

I just want to see more of his character, see why he is the way he is, and, like i’ve said a million times in this post, know his reasons for acting the way he does. 

One last thing before I go. I’m not interested in seeing any relationship blossom between Eris and the IC, or Nesta, and I think it’s unlikely anyways. There’s a possibility for them to have an understanding, sure, but no friendship. I know there are some people who automatically adore Eris because they hate Mor and that’s just stupid. Mor isn’t my fav either, but I won’t cheer Eris on just because he hurt her. 

That’s all I’ve got. If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you. Really.

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Me: I don’t care who Nesta ends up with, I just want her to heal and find happiness

Also me: If Nesta and Cassian don’t end up together I’m going to D I E

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What if instead of Rhys sacrificing himself to secure the cauldron he sacrificed himself and gave a bit of his power to the humans, so that they could have a kernel of power

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