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Official Viz English translation of the author comments featured in Weekly Shonen Jump 2020 issue #26.

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  • Chainsaw Man chapter 71 - Tatsuki Fujimoto
  • Act-Age chapter 114 - Shiro Usazaki
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  • Black Clover chapter 252 - Yuki Tabata
  • Mitama Security: Spirit Busters chapter 38 - Tsurun Hatomune
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  • Agravity Boys chapter 22 - Atsushi Nakamura
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Bye guys 😭

Sadly due to personal issues I have rn I won’t be able to update this blog in the future T.T

I know this comes really suddenly but for the past few months my health has gotten really worse.

I won’t delete this blog but feel free to unfollow because there won’t be new posts anymore…

Lastly I want to thank every follower of this blog for making the Act-Age! Fandom bigger. I had a great time finding new friends on this platform ☺

Oh and I forgot to mention that i will delete the Act Age entertainment group chat but I hope someonelse is going to start a new one soon^^

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Kei : Chiyoko, do you have a crush? *shy*

Chiyoko : *smile* Yes, why do you ask?

Kei : Can you tell me who is it?

Chiyoko :

Okay, but only the hint though.

*stare at her with loving look*

Middle-length hair, has curvy ahoge ( dummy hair ), deep black eyes, average figure, fair skin, can use method acting, kind, has siblings, has daddy issues, a little bit weird, innocent, cute, and dense.

Kei :

Wow, Chiyoko.

*surprised look*

I don’t know you have detailed preferences and he just like me, except for innocent and cute.


Maybe, we can be friend after you date him?

Chiyoko :

*dumbfounded but didn’t show it*

Did I forgot to add ‘dense’?

Kei :


Oh, right!

It was hard if he is so dense, but don’t worry.


You are beautiful and I will help you to catch his heart, it’s matter of time he will falling to you.

Chiyoko :


Thank you, Kei.

Then, how to flirt with a dense girl?

Kei :

Your love is a girl? *naive*

Chiyoko :

*a little bit red cheeks*


Kei :

How about confess your love straight to her?

Chiyoko :

I love you.

Kei :

Yes, like that.

*smile innocently*

Chiyoko :

I already do that, but it wasn’t work.


Kei :


Hmm… Maybe…

First, you kabedon (wall slamming)her. Second, kiss her.

Third, said you love her while said her name.

Finally, ask her to be your girlfriend.

Chiyoko :

Okay, I do it.

*kabedon Kei with determined look*

Kei :



Chiyoko : *kiss Kei gently*

Kei :

*still confused but accepted it*

Chiyoko :

*stop the kiss and look Kei with grin*

I love you, Yonagi Kei.

Kei : *realized and blushed madly*

Chiyoko :

*Hug her with smile*

Would you be my girlfriend?

Kei : … *shutdown*

Chiyoko :

*look Kei with amused face*

Geez… You said it yourself, didn’t you?

*kiss Kei’s cheek while still hug her*

But, thank you.

Your advice really work this time.


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Chiyoko :

*Literally calling their hangout is date*

*Come to her house when it was rained*

*Called her ‘my campanella’*

*Pinch her cheek only to call it her affection toward her*

*Sit beside her when party after their rivalry stage*

*Mimic her partner at their first meet confidently (but why do you choose it, Chiyoko?)*

*Cried when Kei get swamped by water and broke her acting*

*Ask her out when firework started*

*Had obsessive toward her when acting*

*Protective look when Ogami touched Kei*

*Jealous when knew that Akira visited Kei too*

*Wanted to beat Kei when she at her best*

*Acknowledge that Kei is a genius*

*Used their role names at their first movie together when hangout*

*Triggered when Kei said that nobody can mimic Ogami*

*Said that they will be actresss even if they had wrinkled faces*

*She knew that if she didn’t tell Kei that she only joking, Kei will be believed her*

*Joking side when Kei was around*

*Always watch her on stage ( except when Kei did a commercial )*

*She sent Akira only to made sure that Kei wasn’t alone when she can’t come to their supposed to be first hangout*

*Give her Line id to Kei after shooting movie*

*Bonus: In the cover chapter, she has white lily in her hand*

Kei :

*At first, she only saw Chiyoko on screen but already wanted to meet her in real life*

*Wanted to be her friend ( for acting )*

*Hug her with affection ( even for acting )*

*Sacrificed herself when Chiyoko in danger*

*Invited her to see Araya’s play ( unfortunately, she was busy )*

*Gushing about how pretty Chiyoko is to her siblings*

*Cried when she knew that Chiyoko’s acting hatred was about her*

*Cried when she knew behind Chiyoko’s mask looked like*

*Edited her article with 'good friend with Chiyoko’*

*When Sumiji asks her who is the better actress, at first she wanted to say Chiyoko*

*The only one who broke Chiyoko’s mask*

*Said that Chiyoko is her campanella*

*Believed everything Chiyoko had said to her ( adorable )*

*Really happy when meet her at their hangout*

*Kei only see her as Chiyoko, not popular actress. Still admire her for acting*

*Almost called her real name when it supposed to be their last role names together ( hint that she was honest with their hangout )*

*Always called Chiyoko 'beautiful’*

*Bonus: She dreamed about Chiyoko being a sheep at cover chapter*

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Reporter :

Yonagi Kei, tell me about your relationship with Hoshi Akira?

Kei : *dejected*

No, we aren’t like that!

We only know each other because of work!

Reporter :

Then, how about Momoshiro Chiyoko?

Kei : *happy*

Yes, we are friend!

Do you know that she always gorgeous and beautiful when acting?

*rumbled about Chiyoko*

At stars agency…

*Akira and Chiyoko watch the interview*

Chiyoko : *stare at Akira with smug*

Akira : I know you won, but don’t made me feel like I lose to you.

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