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Part 5

The boys looked at me cautiously as they tentatively ate their glorious breakfast. Though, it was more like glances rather than stares; it still sort of irritated me for whatever reason. 

I cleared my throat and set down my fork. “Why are you sneaking looks at me? The Purge is over, you all survived.” 

“Well Kat, love, you’re still covered in blood and other gross things,” Louis answered. 

“I wash my hands,” I remarked, holding them up for a moment before I took another bite of my food. 

Maddy snorted. “This is the first purge I’ve ever eaten with a beaten down Watcher afterwards.”

The boys’ eyes went wide, and I couldn’t help a cocked brow in her direction. 

“What do you mean by that Maddy? Did they never survive or… did they just never have to fight?”

She cleared her throat. “Uhm, nothing…” She stood and took her dirty dishes to the sink. 

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The Cursed Planet (Book 2)
Mature Readers Only

☼ ☼ ☼

Morbid luck helped Adam navigate the havoc within the temple. There were enough humans on the main floor to distract the growing number of rabids lumbering around. The fleeing, hysterical students also kept Jackal’s armed men headed downstairs to follow them instead of back upstairs. Adam headed there now, hurrying up the spiral stairs two and three steps at a time, keeping watch for any more of the figures in black.

Heat flooded his face underneath the mask as he moved quickly between the reanimated threats. He tried not to pay attention to the shrieks around him, both from the infected and the people on the ground. Panic welled in his chest and he had to shove it away. There was nothing he could do against all of them on his own.

The red manual double doors leading to the bishop’s soon came in sight when he reached the third floor. Wide open earlier, both doors were now shut tight. He slowed and stopped when he reached the door, pushing against it and finding firm resistance from within. With fist clenched tight he pounded against the wood, shouting.

“Open up!”

Straggling parasites wandered nearby—former students, judging by the costumes, now mutated into hellish form. Decaying, even, rapidly and right before Adam’s eyes, their flesh mottling purple and black and erupting with oozing blisters. He watched them amble about, at time throwing back their heads to shriek or swivel their heads in rabid search of vulnerable prey.

He banged on the door again, harder. “Hey! Open the door! I’m here to help! Come on—hurry!” He kept pounding until his fist soon swung against air when the door slid open quickly, revealing the red interior within. Adam rushed inside, turning around fast to shut the door behind him. Something solid whacked him in the head instead and reeling, he stumbled backwards, falling to the ground.


He grunted as he reached for his head and guarded when the solid object whacked him again, striking him in his cowered arms and everywhere he was exposed. Adam retreated, shifting over to crawl until he was able to push himself back to stand, and shoved a figure back that darted into his line of vision to attack again. He spotted a flash of red and a lion’s mane of blonde curls—it was Gracie.

Fucking Gracie.

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2D story/ game asset animation - bandit king who likes boomerang .

character design: Kam Cheung.
rigging, animation, VFX: Charles Lee.
VFX asset: RTFX

#indeedesignhk #archiveoftales #characterart #characteranimation #characterrigging #spine2d #esoteric #2danimation #photoshop #aftereffect #RTFX #fighting #action #plantform #gameassets #babyknight #ninja #minions #fantasy #asset #rigging #animation2d #bandit #boomerang #muscleman #scar

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Hello, everyone! My name is Wren, I’m 24 and have been RPing for over 10 years now. I have a few plot cravings that I’m dying to try out, so I decided to make a search for it! I’m looking for someone 20+ who would be interested in original, m/m plots.

As far as writing goes, I write 3rd person past tense. I write at least 4 decent sized paragraphs, usually around 800 – 1,800 words. I can definitely write more or a little less, but most of the time I mirror what I’m given! I’m looking for at least 3-4 decent sized paragraphs from a partner.

I’m an artist and currently work from home, so I’m available at least to chat most of the time. I’m in the CST time zone (US) and will usually get to at least one reply a day. Occasionally it may take a few days. It really depends, but I’ll always let you know if there’s going to be a delay!  

I only write m/m pairings (side characters can be whatever gender/sexuality) and all characters must be 18+. I do enjoy smut, however I prefer more plot to smut, or at least an even 50/50. My only kink limits are the more extreme things (toilet anything, beastiality, bloodplay, incest, underaged characters, Mpreg, ABO dynamics, etc). I’ll always let you know if I’m uncomfortable with something! I prefer to let our characters develop naturally, but I don’t typically like strict top/bottom dynamics. I could be swayed to play a more strict sub in certain plots, if you’re more comfortable with that. We can discuss it! I’m also down for having multiple characters and couples in one RP, if the story calls for it.

Email only for the RP! I also have a Discord I can give you, if you prefer that for chatting~

When you email me, let me know a little about you and any characters or plot ideas you may have. Feel free to ask me any questions, too!

Now, onto the fun!


These are just some basic plot ideas and themes. If you have any of your own ideas, feel free to tell me them!

• MC is a guardian angel originally sent to Earth as a test: make your assigned human’s greatest wish come true, or be cast out from heaven and become a demon. When he realized the test was nearly impossible to complete and that he actually didn’t like being an angel that much, he gave up. Now, while waiting for his time to be up and slowly losing feathers from his wings, he spends most of his days hanging around demons. These demons are fun loving, wild, and sent to Earth to cause chaos. YC is one of these demons, whose taken an interest in MC.

Maybe they already know each other, or not. Maybe MC finds out he has a chance to actually complete his mission and return to heaven, and has to decide whether or not to do it. Maybe YC tries to help with that mission. Or maybe MC starts helping the demons with their chaos spreading. Maybe there’s a bigger conspiracy going on, involving both heaven and hell. There’s a lot of options! I’m also down for having more characters, be they demons, angels, guardian angels, humans, or anything else!

• Enemies to lovers, hate sex, power struggles, awkward moments as genuine feelings start to form. A detective and a criminal? A cop and a prostitute? Rival musicians? Rival students in a dark academia setting?

• A detective (YC) is put undercover in a seedy part of town and meets a surly ex-med student running a shady business (MC). They start up a strange, informant-with-benefits relationship while unravelling a dark mystery in the city.

• A drug addict (MC) looking for a new lease on life ends up striking a deal with a wealthy businessman (YC), who is an ex-addict himself. He’ll help this poor guy get clean and allow him to stay at his place, as long as he does whatever he tells him to along the way. Maybe this charming tycoon isn’t as proper as he seems to be on the surface.

• A futuristic, cyberpunk type world. A futuristic Robin Hood ends up falling for the son of one of the city’s wealthiest men, who he was trying to rob? A delivery driver unwittingly gets pulled into a complex plot to overthrow the government? Two hackers electronically rob big businesses to supply their own wild lifestyle?

• Original superheroes and super villains! Or anti-heroes, anti-villains, vigilantes, etc. Basically, people with superpowers doing cool superpower, action things.

• Original characters in the Star Wars universe! We could do something action oriented with high stakes, an epic space adventure, or a simple slice-of-life story that just so happens to take place in the universe. I’m up for anything!

• Horror/crime. Two friends/a group of friends reunite to solve an old mystery that still haunts them? An elite college is plagued by murder after gruesome murder, which our characters are caught up in and must solve? In a small town, weird things keep happening and our characters try to find out why?  

If any of these ideas sound interesting, shoot me an email! Tell me about yourself, your interests, and any plot or character ideas you may have!

Contact me at:

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Mads lags getting out of bed, even just to put on his watch and port to the roof. He just barely sees the hand slipping away, and wonders why it’s green, but doesn’t wonder long. It’s about to start raining, so he collects the neat-looking little box and takes it back inside, pulling his hoodie up over his head before starting to get the treats together to send back.

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@kutaydizi #kutaydizisi #kutay
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