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emmaftweed5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We got our 4/20 mystery box 馃槤 super extra but it鈥檚 cute
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voidic3ntitya month ago
people turn to writing poetry because they're in pain, so many individual, so much pain, such similar sources, such similar minds, forever etching such fated reflections, scarred with the innocent of informational fortitude, irregular irrationalities, ties between forms, in such elegant stature, the likeness of space dawns, akin to those great celestial firelights, our essence, our aura, scorching with the great flames of an inferno, so deep with the forgotten dormancy of rejection, above all, a deeply breathing secret, entwined by delicacy, our words, so sharp & so harsh, hardly softening, the tangibility of a transition, lost within such bleak frailness, a messy essence, our dreamy landscape, still so soaked, still so submerged, by such pain; & I, still blinded by the ignorance of such a painful distortion, remain endlessly striding, my head held high, mind to the sky, wading through that darkened domain, my vision, so tiresome, enhanced & enriched by the herbal potions, remedies which, unfounded amongst the clean, are brewed under such opal starlight, slick with sickness & infused with intent, tangible alchemy, as the stone is glimpsed once again, so too, the terrible transitions, brewing such potent mixtures, an art, undisturbed by the deary modern era, takes the finest methodologies of purity & refines them, again, waning, dissolution of solution, far too similar, akin to the luna motions of change, recasting the raw essence into form, auspicious in quality, such solution will bring resolution, emotionally grounding, as to lift oneself far above, & for oneself to see beyond, far beyond the facade of oneself, significance shall shine, for sanity is so very saintly vowed.
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espairecida11 months ago
鈽 tabelinha de quilos perdidos de acordo com as calorias ingeridas:
1200 kcal por dia - 500g por semana e menos 2kg por m锚s
1000 kcal por dia - 1kg por semana e menos 4kg por m锚s.
800 kcal por dia - 2kg por semana e menos 8kg por m锚s.
600 kcal por dia - 3kg por semana e menos 12kg por m锚s.
400 kcal por dia - 4kg por semana e menos 16kg por m锚s.
200 kcal por dia - 5kg por semana e menos 20kg por m锚s.
75 kcal por dia - 6kg por semana e menos 25kg por m锚s.
NF por dia - 5kg por semana e menos 20kg por m锚s.
鈥⑩攢鈹鈹鈹鈹 鈰嗏媴鈽嗏媴鈰 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈥
* cada organismo 茅 diferente, por isso podem haver mudan莽as em rela莽茫o a quantidade de quilos perdidos.
* restri莽茫o abaixo das 800 calorias pode ser extremamente perigoso, cuidado!
* a ideia original do post n茫o 茅 minha.
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junejoestar4 months ago
馃棐 鉂 JJBA x Reader嗉夆р倞藲鉁
Hello JJBA fandom/community. I am June (online name due to me having strict parents), I am a jojo fan and I'd love to start writing x readers. I write for parts 3, and 4. I am currently reading part 5 still. I'd love to mainly write for JJBA but I may start watching other anime so keep that in mind. This is my first post and I'll try my hardest to write for any character, I did not skip any parts, it's just 1-2 aren't my favorite. I'm more passionate about 3-5.
鈹屸攢鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘 路锘 锘 锘柯 鈾 I will write for any character from these parts, any scenario, any pronouns for reader. So if you'd like, send some requests! :)
鉁 I will not write incest.
鉁 Proshippers DNI
鉁 Anti-gay and anti-trans will be blocked.
鉁 I will write angst and fluff
I will write smut/fluff/angst now, for jjba parts 1-5, full metal, gotg and death note.
I鈥檇 prefer it if people would request stuff for MALE or GENDER NEUTRAL readers. As a cisgender male I cannot relate to the sexual desires of a woman as I do not have a vagina.
I鈥檓 okay with aging up characters!
I鈥檒l write anything. Or almost anything. I鈥檝e even written animal x reader stories because of a friend. If you want something weird I鈥檓 your go to! :D
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rinafairy26 days ago
who wants to be mutuals?馃挆//interact with this post if you鈥檙e an active ed blog in september 鈯((銉烩姤銉))鈯
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voidic3ntitya month ago
maybe this is what exactly happens when a species becomes conscious enough to see for themselves, the lack of control, piety & consciousness, entwined delicately like life & death, upon the table at the last supper, wine & sedatives guzzled, as if lost in a land of dry coldness, & as all dissolves, delusion & disillusionment fades, falling deeper into comatose, species gifted choice, lay in ruins upon mountaintops, as mist drifts upon effervescent mind scapes of sacred apes, falling; merely as if all is well, lost in the disassociated haze, the smoggy planetary ecosystem, left rotting in rotation.
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myautumnsoula year ago
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Re-doing my Autumn / Halloween tumblrs list so if you鈥檙e an active Halloween or Autumn blog like or reblog this.
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belladonna-blooms5 months ago
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Be a doer 馃弮鈥嶁檧锔
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ju-ghoula month ago
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Grunge 馃枻
(not mine)
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tasteofoctober15 days ago
like/reblog if you're an active Autumn blog!
Needing more active year round Autumn blogs to follow :)
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