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powderandclay · 2 days ago
If all of your activism ever amounts ti is arguing abt shit on the internet it will do nothing but make you angry and hopeless. Look up volunteer orgs in your area and go volunteer. Look up the county supervisor's docket and attend meetings to advocate for or against something that needs changing in your community. Help the homeless shelter clean their bathrooms. Join a union, start your union, call the town newspaper when something fucked up happens and no one is paying attention. Seriously, I am begging y'all to do something besides argue about AOCs dress and pretend you read the communist manifesto, you aren't helping yourself or actually anyone else you're just being a bitter armchair activist on twitter
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danneroni · a day ago
Tumblr media
I have a limited quantity available in my shop ✨
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politicsofcanada · 10 hours ago
hi! in light of the upcoming election, I have something to say.
I believe that voting is important. if you can vote, vote. I also believe that our system is oppressive and colonial. if you think that activism starts and ends with voting, you don't know what activism means. if you think that voting will bring about decolonization, you don't know what decolonization is. if you think voting will bring about police abolition or prison abolition, you don't know what those entail. if you think voting can end capitalism, you don't understand how our system works.
voting, however important, brings about incremental change. while that is better than no change, it is not enough. community organizing, mutual aid, protests, blockades, etc. are essential to creating the kind of change that politicians will never do.
voting is not now, nor has it ever been, enough.
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20iqace · 2 days ago
First Donation Made!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just made my first donation to Planned Parenthood! If y’all didn’t know, proceeds from my pro choice stickers are going to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, in order to help combat the state’s recent bill restricting people’s reproductive rights. Stickers are waterproof and made from laminated vinyl, so they’re scratch resistant as well and are perfect for water bottles, laptops, computer cases, ect! They can be found on my Etsy
Tumblr media
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michaelsheenpt · 2 days ago
Michael Sheen talks about how he supports Wales in “The Homeless Four Nations Challenge Cup”.
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nightmare-cubed · 4 months ago
If you support disabled people, please stand with us against Discord’s redesign.
...and do more than reblog this post about it.
Chronic migraines. Dyslexia. ADHD. Autism. Vision impairment. Visual sensory processing disorder. Colorblind. & Neurotypical. Abled.
These are aspects of people that are affected by Discord’s new update to its color scheme and font, and there very well could be more I didn’t mention. Yes, you read it right, abled people and neurotypical people too. You are not immune to eyestrain.
What are the issues?
A font which is both overly uniform and overly squished, with many letters that have essentially the same silhouette as others and could easily be flipped and look the same as another. ▻ This is dyslexic-unfriendly, as well as generally harder to read and an issue for people with visual impairments who may find that letters bleed together or that their eyes ‘skip’ over letters or words at times.
A color scheme that is so highly saturated that it both immediately draws your attention and also makes you want to immediately look away. ▻ This is generally unfriendly, affecting people with sensory issues the most (ADHD/Autism, migraines, processing disorders), but it’s also colorblind-unfriendly. Due to the differences between the colors being exclusively the part that changes the named color (hue; “green” vs “blue”) instead of both that and the colors being different intensities (saturation; “neon green” vs “leaf green”), they look practically identical.
Aren’t there more? No. This is pretty much all that was changed.
Discord changed TWO THINGS and pretty much managed to land every single person possible to genuinely hurt with a visual design change that doesn’t add or remove any elements. Including abled and neurotypical people!!!
Discord is currently a good number of people’s lifeline and way to connect with others. And with this change, they just made using their app hurt. They know that we can’t leave their app without leaving our friends and communities behind. They know that if they can just sweep this under the rug, they won’t have to do a thing.
...So we can’t let them.
Why would Discord do this?
It’s actually fairly simple. Discord was hemorrhaging money from its very conception. Discord only exists because investors think it’ll make money in the future. If Discord doesn’t do as well, investors will push to make it “better” or they’ll drop their funding. Discord was probably forced into this situation, they probably knew exactly what would happen.
We have to show their investors that Discord was right.
What can we do to fix this?
Reply to Discord’s tweet about the design change. ▻ It gives Discord more attention, and if any complaints are acknowledged they are directed to Discord’s accessibility forums.
ONLY post on Discord’s accessibility forums. ▻ It gives Discord stats to work with, but it also means the outcry isn’t public. We need everyone to see this, not just Discord.
Reblog this post. ▻ Spreads the awareness, and all.
Retweet, reply to, and/or like this tweet: ▻ This tweet is part of our and our friends’ initiative to get this big and get this public.
Make your own posts about it on different social medias. ▻ Tumblr, Twitter, Discord servers, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, whatever ground you have, use it. You can help make this change too.
Find other people doing the same thing. ▻ One initiative is never enough. Look for other people making posts like these and boost their posts too.
IF YOU KNOW ANOTHER LANGUAGE, MAKE POSTS OF YOUR OWN BOOSTING IT IN OTHER LANGUAGES. ▻ Please. There are probably a lot of people we haven’t reached because this is an all-English post.
Wait, don’t you have pictures of what’s going on?
We do. They’re under the cut, to prevent causing issues for people reading the post.
This compilation post of the smaller problems:
Images that show some of the changes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Two screenshots of the Discord icon on an IOS device. One is a cool indigo gradient, the other is a solid, brightly saturated indigo.]
Tumblr media
[The words “gaming central” twice in Discord’s new font. One is bold, the other is not.]
Tumblr media
[The words “reddit fart reddit smell” in Discord’s new font. Underneath, the highly saturated indigo as seen in the icons, stretching across the screen to indicate new messages.]
Tumblr media
[Discord’s old indigo, icon, and stylized font displayed above Discord’s new indigo, icon, and stylized font.]
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sky-is-the-limit · a month ago
People post Greece as an aesthetic whether it's our mythology or our beautiful islands. Now we need you more than ever. Our country is literally burning, we have no help, no resources and new fire fronts are developing each hour and heading towards villages. People and animals are in danger. The fires are not going out and it's windy. Please share this, spread awareness. Greece is always first to send help when other European countries are in need of help. Please share.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fanzines · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
An awesome 'What's More Punk Than The Public Library' t-shirt, which you can buy here. Made by the Mount Pleasant Library Friends. [ID: A black t-shirt with white cut-out text in the middle that reads: WHAT'S MORE PUNK THAN THE PUBLIC LIBRARY?]
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powertrains · 4 months ago
I live in India. If any of us needs medical attention if infected, I'm quite sure we won't survive. Delhi is a large capital city, MP's have to tweet and beg to get medical attention for their loved ones. We have the record for highest single day infections.
This video by the BBC India bureau is pretty distressing and summarises the issue quite effectively: supplies, infrastructure, vaccines.
A crowdsourced list of fundraisers to donate (<FF> for campaigns that accept foreign funds, I'm also matching donations upto Rs 20000, DM)
If you have time this weekend: volunteer to collect information of the status of beds
Unfortunately, money will not solve all of India's problems. This is the activism I'd encourage you to pursue if you're not Indian:
1. The United States refuses to lift a export raw material ban on vaccine products even temporarily. Note that India exported 60 million doses of Astra Zeneca abroad before this crisis. Ban lifted, aid offered. Next step: address 3.
2. Angela Merkel threatens future retaliation against India for focusing on domestic vaccines.
3. There's also a WTO bill that would waive patent monopolies *temporarily* in addressing COVID
Tumblr media
I call all of this genocidal colonialism by another name. Please organise. India is the producer of vaccines and pharma that is intended to go to middle and low income countries, as long as the crisis continues here, it will have knock on effects in South America and Africa. The virus mutating through 1 billion people will get deadlier and find you too, so it's probably in your self interest.
Campaign #PeoplesVaccine to support the WTO bill
If you live in the US: find your reps here & email them. Send “sign PRJXNQ“ to ResistBot on Twitter (via DM), Facebook Messenger, or text message at 50409 to send a letter about this to your representatives in Congress! (thanks @absurdlyuseless)
If you live in Australia: find your reps here & email them
If you live in Canada: find your reps here & email them
If you live in the UK: petition to sign (on 500/10000 signatures)
If you are a citizen of the EU: (thanks @kureha-fujishima) Sign this initiative before 1/05/2022, more details here
I'll update with resources for more countries as I find them. Generally calls work better than emails, so do try calling your representative directly if you can.
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killmeimbroke · a year ago
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bauhauz · 10 months ago
trump finalized auctioning off land in the arctic national wildlife refuge to oil and gas companies which would not only damage the ecosystem, negatively impact wildlife, and pollute one of the last environmental regions untouched by human greed but it would also disproportionately affect the Gwich’in who rely on the migration of caribou in that region.
reblog or maybe consider donating to the natural resources defense council on this?
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Please share & sign
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Toronto Tiny Shelters needs our help!
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politijohn · 6 months ago
Not sure who knows this already but 6 months ago, Denver started having mental health professionals respond to mental health incidents instead of police. Some early data:
0 arrests were made among 748 incidents
41% of people were taken to a shelter or hospital
0 incidents were violent
6x a day, police were freed up to work on more serious criminal activity
“Defund the police” materializes through progressive steps like this. We need to pressure more law enforcement agencies to follow suit.
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jeonchemstudy · 6 months ago
some notes on anti-asian racism
look. other people have commented on this before, but it seems like it needs to be said again because some of y’all aren’t getting the message. 
asian people are a marginalized minority. what about this do people not understand. asian people are marginalized because we live in a system of white supremacy and in this system, asian people will never be white and will never have the power of white people. just because a lot of asians are relatively well off financially does not mean we are not marginalized; there are other ways to be excluded and treated as unequal besides in terms of money, and this completely ignores the millions of asian people who are poor and working class, including the women who were killed in atlanta. asian people are not basically white- we look different, so we are treated different, just like any minority. it’s that simple. if asian people were not marginalized, why else would hate crimes against asian people rise dramatically in 2020. why else would we be attacked in the streets. why else would people tell us to go back to where we came from. why else would the chinese exclusion act be passed, japanese american citizens be shipped to the midwest during world war 2, vietnamese people massacred by american soldiers in the 70s. asian people are being killed now. if we are not marginalized, why are there targets on our backs for existing. 
black lives matter and stop asian hate are movements for social justice that have the same root cause: destroying white supremacy. black and asian communities have often been pitted against each other by white institutions seeking to take advantage of sowing discord between minority groups, but there is a rich history of black-asian solidarity during the fight for civil rights in the late 20th century. yes, anti-blackness is a real, endemic issue in asian communities, especially among older asians.  and yes, asians can also experience racism (see this addition on a reblog about why i changed this) hate from black individuals- see these examples of cardi b using an anti-asian slur, this incident that happened yesterday of a black man pouring unknown liquid on an asian woman. neither is acceptable. supporting one movement does not negate your support for the other. you can do both, in fact, you should do both. realize that we all have a common enemy here, and it’s the system of white supremacy that has oppressed us. we are not free from white supremacy until it is all entirely eradicated, for everyone. 
just because i speak in the collective sense about asian people does not mean that all asian people are the same. even though some of us may look similar, with black hair and “small” eyes, that is only a representative image of some east/southeast asian people. asia is vast and incredibly diverse, and each nation has its own culture, language, and traditions. in addition, the asian diaspora is huge. asian people live all over the world, in varying economic, social, and political situations. different asian people in different areas have very different problems, even within the same country. an asian in a small town in nebraska will have a very different experience than an asian in paris. a korean person will have a different experience in a given place from an indian person. i don’t know how many times in my life i’ve been asked, “are you chinese?” the answer is no, i’m not, and a lot of asians aren’t chinese. tied into this is the mistaken belief of some nonasians in the western world that all asians are still allegiant to the country of their heritage and speak the language of that country, which manifests in comments like “oh your english is so good!” or “are you, like, communist?” first off, it ignores the very real possibility that an asian person could be born outside asian countries, and second, being from a certain country by no means determines whether you’re loyal to it and agree with its policies. i just saw this with an anon claiming all chinese people support the government’s reeducation camps for uyghur muslims. this is absolutely preposterous. 
finally, a word on allyship. i have zero faith in people- and by that i mean white people- to continue talking about this and spreading awareness about anti-asian racism. part of it is this model minority myth, that asians are basically as well off as white people, at least financially and academically, so they can figure things out by themselves. no. absolutely not. we cannot get out of the hole white supremacy has put us into without white people making a genuine, legitimate effort to confront their own biases. your white tears, your prayers and thoughts, they mean nothing when the blood of our families and friends runs in the streets. they mean nothing if you haven’t bothered to learn a single thing about your own prejudices. i hope to god that i am wrong about this. i hope for my family, my friends, and myself that y’all will continue to be loud about this, because we are tired of screaming for help in a crowd where we are invisible and no one cares. but i’m a skeptic for a reason, and it took a massacre for people to notice what was happening. i don’t know if i’ll ever be proven wrong. 
here are some links and posts below where you can learn about this issue and donate: 
anti-asian violence resources
61 places to donate to help asian americans
donation links 
microaggressions against asian people
twitter thread of resources
asian therapists in the us and canada
asian hate coping resources (in several different languages)
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