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Marilyn Monroe posing with a monkey in a promotional photo for How To Marry a Millionaire in 1952.

Photo by John Florea.

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Love’s Complicated (2016) Rated TV-G

Love’s Complicated (2016) Rated TV-G

Leah’s been a pushover all her life, but when a disagreement with her boyfriend sends her to anger management classes, she strikes up a friendship, learns to love, and develops inner strength. Starring Holly Marie Combs, Ben Bass, and Corbin Bernsen.
This film is a typical Hallmark romance with its typical problems. The chemistry between the two characters is nonexistent. Although, both actors do…


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Ok, what is happening? I woke up this morning with the image of him leaning into the back seat of the car I was in, relief on his eyes, and quickly getting in having to speak to me, still lingering in my mind. I vaguely remember he was attracted to me for some reason according to the behaviors he displayed across the fading dream. I wonder what was he gonna tell me.

I just read a couple of articles on celebrity dreams, and among the explanations the ones that stood out for me and therefore seem more logical is that it could “signifi[y] your high aspirations, that may be way beyond your reach at the present moment” and “it could mean that you are so much in awe of that person’s calibre, personality and charisma that you wish to imbibe his/her traits, look and behave like him/her.” Hell yeah, I wish I had Pedro Pascal’s people skills and easiness to make friends. He should share some tips.

On the other hand, does this mean I want the guy? Why waste my time since I know I’ll never meet the dude. And let me tell you, it’s upsetting how much content I’ve searched on Mark Strong for a whole year and haven’t dreamed of him after all this time. And this guy arrives on my radar out of nowhere and appears in my subconscious after less than a month. What the fuck is that all about? LOL

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I just can’t

I want to cry

Please let me go away.

I want to live in a fic. Like, Merlin.

It saved my life. In the worst period. And I just- I want to live there. Life is too real and it just fucking hurts.

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I don’t want to wake up anymore. I’ve just came back to school, this is the first week after online lessons, and I have 4 fucking tests and probably an oral test. And I come back from school at 15pm. And I’m supposed to study after 6 fucking hours of lessons. I’m so fucking tired. Plus my fucking friends are stressing me. Yeah, ahaha, “friends”. Fuck them. Leave me alone I swear.

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