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Originally posted by marveladdicts

Daddy!Chris Evans

Daddy!Chris Evans will include:

  • Since he cries at everything, he cried when you announced on being pregnant
  • You announced it a few days after Chris was to everyone
  • Everyone blew up on social media
  • His Avengers cast all being proud finally
  • The ways he would hold you these times
  • Hands on stomach or waist (from behind)
  • Usually when sleeping, his head is just by your chest as his arm drapes over your stomach.
  • He’d panic every time you felt a kick
  • He always talked about you in interviews, including with Scarlet
  • “How’s Y/N?”
  • “She’s good. Hanging there.”
  • “Have you found out the gender?”
  • “Maybe.”
  • “What is it?”
  • The gender reveal was a cute one
  • It was either Captain America or Black Widow for boy or girl
  • Turned out it was Black Widow
  • Your families were happy, screaming mostly
  • Chris whispering nice things towards you and your girl
  • “You’re gonna see your best mom in the world. And your cool dad.”
  • You finally having the baby.
  • Chris almost passing out
  • “Chris, do not pass out on me.”
  • “I’m already getting light-headed.”
  • “Chris!”
  • You finally having your baby girl
  • Chris stole her first, of course
  • Him gently pulling the blanket she was wrapped in to look at her
  • “She’s beautiful.”
  • Him reaching for your hand and he let you hold her
  • Only for 5 minutes before taking her back
  • “Chris, she needs to eat.”
  • “Five more minutes.”
  • She was 1 year
  • Chris and Scarlet on Variety Actors on Actors
  • “Boom!”
  • “Oh my gosh, way to rub it in… I don’t even know what it is.”
  • “You want it, um… how’s your daughter?”
  • “She’s good.”
  • “How old is she?”
  • “Five. How old is she now?” Scarlet mimics him.
  • Chris mumbling back
  • Scarlet laughs, “How’s yours?”
  • “Oh, man. It’s amazing. She’s adorable.”
  • “How old is she?”
  • “She just turned one. It’s crazy, it’s like I just had her for one day and the poof.”
  • Chris is the best dad
  • He reads books to her
  • Sings songs
  • He offered to give her tap dance lessons
  • She reacted by kicking her feet out
  • He randomly takes her in bed with him just to sleep with her
  • You stolen a couple photos
  • Dodger is gentle with your daughter
  • Chris is outgoing with her
  • Mostly cheers her up when she cries
  • He spoils her
  • He always takes your place when you’re exhausted
  • He calls her, sweetheart, baby, sweet girl, mamas
  • You don’t know why but it’s cute
  • Out of all those things throughout the months. Chris would always be a great dad.
  • And he was happy to have you give him his dream of becoming a dad for years.


Crying in the corner, here. I’m okay. These damn cramps though are killing me


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