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#actually adhd

the psychiatrist and behavioral health counselor at my doctor both want me to get a neuropsych evaluation and sleep study done before i get put on new medication because lexapro stopped working for me :/

neurodivergent peeps, i have a couple questions

1. have you had a neuropsych eval done for ADHD? if so what was it like? do you get your results back immediately?

2. when they test for ADHD, can they also see if you have autism as well in the same test?

and in the off chance someone here has had a sleep study for sleep apnea….

1. was it hard to sleep during the study? i already can barely get to sleep in a timely manner

2. did you get your results back quickly?

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I’ve always had an odd interest in blood, I just find it fascinating and cool and bro??? When I tell you how exCITED I was to find out that’s a big part of one of my other hyperfixations fjdhd

To become a piercer you have to know about cross contamination and blood-borne pathogens I’m just,,,,, so happy (I’m also taking an online course :0 )

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Heres how I would explain ADHD logic to someone.

On my Pokemon Gold save file, I have a Female Zubat named Jordan. Simple, no meaning, right? Wrong.

Zubat is commonly used in the meme Zubatman.

Batman has a sidekick/character named Batgirl.

Batgirl’s civilian identity is Barbara Gordan.

Gordan is a primarily male name

Change the ‘G’ in Gordon to 'J"

Jordan is a gender neutral name.

Jordan the Zubat.

That is ADHD logic explained with pokemon nicknames.

To outsiders, just a fun name. To me, a name with depth.

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I sometimes really really really hate having ADHD because my brain is desperately trying to get me away from the boring thing and then I’ll put down my good pencil and have absolutely no idea where it goes, then I’ll try to do the boring thing before realizing that the entire lesson went in one ear and out the other, but at that point I’m hyperfocusing on it and then have a mental breakdown because I just can’t do it because I don’t know how

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I made some Sensory Overload Cards that you guys can use - sometimes everything can become too much for us to cope with, and we can feel overwhelmed and want to go somewhere quiet to calm down. 

I’ve walked out of class a couple of times because I was experiencing sensory overload, and I thought it would be a good idea to have some cards that we can show teachers/friends/whoever if we need to leave the situation but can’t bring ourselves to talk.

Here’s a link to the PDF that you can print out and cut up - there’s eight identical, small cards so that there’s enough for you to put one in each bag/jacket pocket so that you always have one with you.

I hope this helps!

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ADHD is coming back to bite me. I’ve watched four hours of majora’s mask gameplay so far. I cannot stop it’s like thirty hours help

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