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#actually adhd
autistic-af · 2 days ago
Important note: A self-reported 70% of those with ADHD take over an hour to fall asleep.
The average time for non-ADHD?
15 minutes.
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ndcultureis · a day ago
adhd culture is wanting to shrivel up like a grape whenever someone tells you you're "more capable" and that they want you to "take some initiative" because nobody ever seems to get that your executive dysfunction isn't Simple Laziness or Easy To Overcome, and they always want to get angry at you personally like you slighted them because you mentally and physically CANNOT operate at 110% capacity 110% of the time
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sleeping-satan · 2 days ago
I’m on Tumblr in my universities public library in the good year of 2021 but anyway
I was doing research on ADHD in regards to how it’s a disability and came across the social construction theory of ADHD. I knew this existed, but I never really got into the depths of it because it pissed me off.
This is for a class that’s basically a disability studies class though, and I came across the theory while looking for ADHDs connection to the social theory of disability. Which looking more into it, I realized that while the social theory of disability and the social construct theory of ADHD are similar, but they aren’t the same.
Which is important, because shit that recites the social construct theory of ADHD made me defensive towards the social theory of disability.
I think I just realized that the social construct theory of ADHD, and why I hate it so fucking much, is basically taking the stereotypes of ADHD and blaming ADHD itself for those stereotypes. It’s diagnosed in children who are all hyperactive and inattentive naturally, you grow out of it, it’s a personality thing, more boys are diagnosed than girls, different countries diagnose it at different rates, etc.
Instead of saying that ADHD is still distressing to many and that distress needs to be recognized in the diagnosis, while looking to see where that distress comes from, it argues that ADHD is simply normal and not distressing at all. Which a lot of us with ADHD would know that’s a huge fucking lie.
The social model of disability argues that most (not all) of the distress from disability is due to how society treats those with disability. It argues that those with disabilities are natural variations. It doesn’t argue that we can’t struggle or that we shouldn’t ever need any medical intervention.
Social Construction of ADHD: The individual has the diagnosis from not fitting a societal norm, the human behavior itself is normal and should not be adjusted. The diagnosis is subjective, meaning that the existence of ADHD is more or less unproven by scientists. Even the perceived differences can be caused by the environment, such as too much sugar. People with ADHD do not perform well within society because ADHD is the medicalization of unfavorable traits in society and nothing more.
Social Theory of Disability with ADHD: While sometimes the diagnosis of ADHD can be from societal norms, plenty of those with ADHD struggle and show prominent differences from those without ADHD. ADHD should have methods to cope with if the individual chooses to use them, but the individual deserves the right in denying that treatment. Life with ADHD would be made easier with letting the person work in a low distraction environment, giving them a stimulating but not over stimulating workload, allowing them to move around, having a more relaxed schedule that doesn’t penalize them for being late, and giving them more time for projects. Society fails ADHD, ADHD is not a diagnosis for people failing society.
Both have the message that ADHD isn’t something to be “othered” or shamed by but they have them in very different ways. The difference is that one acknowledges ADHD as a variation and the other doesn’t see it as much of a variation at all.
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canwespeakinflowers · 9 hours ago
something that made me feel a little bit good about myself.
Follow him on tiktok:
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xxx-stim-xxx · 19 hours ago
do any other adhd + autistics find it hard to to tell the difference between special interest and just really strong reoccurring hyperfixations?
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I just realized that the reason I can't handle adult life is because I'm used to other people setting my schedule, and now that I'm expected to do it on my own I have no clue how to do it.
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kingscrown666 · 15 hours ago
My mom and I were getting ready to watch Mars Attacks! (1996) on Netflix right? And during the opening credits we were reading all of these really big name celebrities! Now we've seen this movie before but it's been a couple of decades so we don't really remember much
ANYWAYS we get to Jack Black and I get excited and I pause (cuz we like to talk during movies/shows, so we always pause when we wanna say something, then get back to the movie when we've had our side convo. That way we don't miss anything)
SO I remember I'd just seen a video on Tumblr again, the one where he plays that toy sax and is, of course, AWESOME! So, naturally, I have to find that video on YouTube so she can see, so I tell her and she's like yeah let's see!
We get to YouTube and watch Jackie boi rock out on Jimmy Fallon, then after that, one of the recommended videos caught our attention, but we didn't realize it was a freaking PLAYLIST. Luckily we figured it out before we got passed the 1st vid
ANYWAY the 1st video was him recording Tribute on Tenacious D and I'm like oh we've DEFINITELY gotta watch this one
So we watch it and I'm rocking out and when it's over I look over at my mom and she's got this dumbfounded expressing on her face and I'm like "what?"
And she says "I've heard this song before, but I didn't realize it was Jack Black! I LOVE this song!!"
And I'm like😃😃😃😃😃😃
But then we snapped out of it and realized WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE WATCHING A MOVIE
So yeah, I've pretty much confirmed we both have ADHD at this point 🤦🏽‍♂️
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ptsd-culture-is · a day ago
undiagnosed ptsd with adhd culture is wanting to ask your threapist about being diagnosed but forgetting for two weeks :')
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autistic-af · a day ago
┃┃╱╲ in
┃╱╱╲╲ this
▔▏┗┛▕▔ we
Accept self-diagnosis and diagnosis curious people
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲
Cuz we are not invalidating people's experiences, concerns, pain, fears, and trauma.
Cuz diagnosis is a privilege in many places
Cuz asking for help takes bravery
Cuz this house is built on love
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ndcultureis · a day ago
ADHD culture is needing music when you write but NO NOT THAT MUSIC THAT'S THE WRONG VIBE and then spending forever trying to find music that vibes with what you're writing
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error-404-code9 · 19 hours ago
I just realized I like dialouge prompts because I have adhd and can’t read big blocks of text. When reading my brain automatically skips to the dialogue.
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thatautisticadhdfeel · 2 days ago
Hii, im the anon that wanted to ask about what I believe are intrusive thoughts, (i wasnt sure if it would be considered triggering so wanted to ask for permission first)
Anyways so I've been researching ADHD the past few months and i believe that I relate to it in many aspects but there is this thing that happens that I havent seen others mention
So when I spill water on the floor or when I think of like climbing something to reach the cupboard, my brain imagines the "bad scenarios" that could possibly happen .
For example, ill be washing the dishes and spill water on the floor and Ill imagine my slipping on it and hitting my head. Or I will be holding my phone/laptop etc and Ill imagine it falling from my hands and breaking.
Im not sure if this is an ADHD symptom or if its considered like intrustive thoughts,
Do you happen to know/experience this?
Thanks !!! Hope u have a great day~
Hi! I do sometimes experience this, and I think it mostly comes from my anxiety rather than my ADHD, because while my ADHD makes me think a million miles a minute, it’s my anxiety causes me to overthink on everything/ think of worst possible scenarios on things.
Definitely could be Intrusive thoughts, but maybe you’ve got a bit of anxiety too?
Hope this helps!
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luvalwayslanora · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Me and my grandpa both have adhd ! He’s my best friend and we always have good time together. We talk about everything, joke around, stim and fidget acceptingly. Before I even knew I was Neurodivergent my grandpa always understood me. Not knowing he was Neurodivergent himself because back in his day especially growing up in Jamaica it wasn’t acknowledged the way it is now. I love everyone one in my family dearly, but my grandpa and I are two peas in a pod !
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justlgbtthings · 11 days ago
me, an autonomous adult in college: *looks up tips for managing adhd on a deadline*
every single result: AS A PARENT to help YOUR CHILD WITH ADHD monitor YOUR CHILD'S behavior and reward HIM for doing work because CHILDREN WITH ADHD need constant support-
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adhdconfusion · 6 months ago
Person: “What’s your favorite song?”
Me with no object permanence: “UhHhHhh, it’s hard to choose.”
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