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#actually autsitic

“Don’t romanticize mental illness” is a sentiment that should be applied to conditions like depression and eating disorders that do nothing good for the sufferer and have a significant mortality rate, not neurodivergences like autism that are literally differences in brain chemistry that will last the rest of your life and are more of a mixed bag in terms of effects than anything else. You aren’t obligated to spend your entire life hating something fundamental about you.

Also autism isn’t a mental illness please do five seconds of research

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That moment when you want to do all your special interests at the same time but can’t choose one.. cuz same!

I finally got into one of my special interests again.. i’m currently watching a thai tv show for the second time. The first one i watched the gifted and the gifted: graduation… now i’m watching blacklist. Does anybody have any recommendations for any thai tv shows? I would appreciate it.
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Adhd bullshit #1

Did I just, ya know, bullshit my way through a 1,000 word essay? Yes. Did I just complete a months worth of school work in two days because the deadline is in three days? Yes. Am I about to keel over and die? Probably. Goodnight my eyes are burning

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It’s hard to not be nervous about dating when you don’t feel worthy of being dated.

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Hey Autistics,

When you’re overstimulated, do you normally get neauseated as well?

(I do pretty much every time, I can feel the sheath of nerves that go around my stomach and that’s what gets me. Paired with the intense headache and sensitivity to light it’s a nightmare trying to eat, though once I do I almost always feel better. I wonder if it’s the nausea itself that can sometimes trigger it?

But then again I remember working closing shifts, and almost without fail around 7 pm my stomach started killing me regardless of if I had eaten. That’s what makes me think it has something to do with my sensory issues.)

Edit- How long does your overstimulation typically last? What’s the longest it’s ever lasted? Feel free to have a discussion in the comments.

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I was born with Autism and I was diagnosed at 2-3 years old, Autism is a genetic neurological disorder, and is a lifelong disability. If You think that there  are vaccines to remove Autism then you need to rethink and get educated. #ActuallyAutistic

Autism is not not a (disease) or a bug that can be removed with treatments, its the brain and the brains understanding on how things work, and its different to someone who does not have Autism. Get yourself educated before making judgmental comments and learn the facts 

  Also, with bullying people on the spectrum, how about you be put in our shoes and see how it really feels to live in this world and society, maybe then you would think twice.

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Semi-verbal episodes

I know exactly what I want to say but my mouth refuses to get the memo. I know the words I want to use but my mouth won’t cooperate.

It’s difficult to breathe because my speech is hitched, disjointed, and not flowing like it should. I’m frustrated.

I sound stupid. The people around me assure me that I don’t sound stupid.

I try speaking slowly. It helps, but I’m still frustrated by my inability to communicate quickly and effectively. I can write just fine. I can write almost faster than I can speak, but people don’t want to wait to read what I have to say.

So I withdraw from conversations. I do something else. Mom asks me a question and I’ve forgotten that I can’t speak, so my words come out like a choke or a bad zoom connection.

Other days I have a different type of problem. I know what I want to say but I can’t remember the words! I can’t even type out what I want to say because I simply can’t find my words. The concept is there, but the translation into something others can understand is missing.

I feel even more stupid. I still have complex thoughts, but I sound like a toddler.

Is this how other autistics feel all the time? The one’s that allistics label as “Low Functioning”?

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Is loving cats an autistic thing or have I been around cats too long? Could you please reblog and let me know if you’re autistic and love cats, or if I’m just weird?

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I’m about to come to the conclusion that the constant “your mental illness/autism/whatever isn’t an excuse to hurt people” posts I’m seeing are ableist in the sense that they imply that there are scores of the mentally ill/neurodivergent who deliberately use their mental illness as a shield to be horrible. I’m sure there’s a few people like that (there’s a few dickwads in every demographic) but this is not an especially common occurrence.

There are, however, plenty of mentally ill and neurodivergent people who are being frustrating or inconvenient but they don’t mean to be and they’re really trying, and they’re explaining themselves to you so that maybe you can understand they aren’t being difficult on purpose and give them a little grace. They significantly outweigh the number of people using “I’m autistic uwu” as a reason to be a shitmuffin and assuming malice on their part is significantly more harmful than being slightly more patient than you should be with an asshole.

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I was looking up a documentary on Helen Keller and just found out that there are Helen Keller conspiracy videos where people take hours out of their fucking day trying to disprove Helen Keller’s intelligence because they cannot possibly fathom that a disabled person can experience complex thought.

I can’t even explain to you in words how pissed off I am. It’s not just Hellen Keller either, there are people who do this shit with any disabled person that they don’t don’t believe could POSSIBLY be as competent as they are. Neurotypicals will jump through fucking hoops, they will contort themselves through rivers of bullshit logic just to assure themselves that no disabled person could possibly have thoughts and feelings like they do. It makes me sick.


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Apparently its late night neurodivergent talks with Annie.


I’ve always known in the back of my head that people viewed stimming negatively, that people shamed autistic kids for how they interacted with the world, but in my mind it was always like…something that only really *bad* people did, or only with autistic children with high support needs. Not that it made it any better, i was still horrified by that. But like. I didn’t realize? How much people…dont get our brains?

I think it took me finally realizing why people always laugh at me (good naturedly) or think I’m quirky or odd to realize that…damn. It’s kids like me.

I saw a comic the other day of an adult watching a little autistic child happy stim while floating around a yard and the adult was like “its such a shame they can’t play normally” and like…that hit me so, so hard. Because I was (and am) that child. And like…i don’t think you can fathom the sheer amount of joy and the depth of connection to the world that (some) of us feel when we happy stim like that. Thats…its so much more than normal. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I don’t really have a point, other than I really want to try and help people understand. I know what I felt when I happy stimmed as a child. I now know what I lost when I masked. Happy stimming is a beautiful thing.

And you know what? So is upset stimming. Its our built in coping mechanism. Yeah sometimes we need redirected from harmful behavior and such, but even upset stimming is…its not bad. Its our way of processing the world around us. Why….why is that seen as less than whatever the hell everyone else does (what does everyone else do?)

As I’m writing this, I am both baffled by the fact that NTs don’t intuitively get this and then also remembering all the posts where people are like if you understand how an autistic brain works then you are autistic and….*slaps forehead* yeah, bitch, shoulda seen this coming.

Anyhow. That was a lot of rambles with little point. Pls don’t come at me for anything that I’m writing at 12:15 am with a low-grade migraine. Im just processing stuff.

We struggle. We have difficulties in this world. We should not be romanticized or infantilized (i will come at you for that). We mess up.

But we are not trapped by some hellish illness that needs to be cured. Our minds our beautiful.

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